Beyond The Human Condition


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This book is dedicated to the vision of Sir Laurens van der Post:


‘... for I had a private hope of the utmost importance to me. The Bushman’s physical shape combined those of a child and a man: I surmised that examination of his inner life might reveal a pattern which reconciled the spiritual opposites in the human being and made him whole ... it might start the first movement towards a reconciliation.’

Laurens van der Post, The Heart of the Hunter, 1961.




And that of Sir James Darling who acknowledged that:


‘…the future lies not with the predatory and the immune but with the sensitive who live dangerously…the truly sensitive mind is both susceptible and penetrating: it is open to new ideas, and it seeks truth at the bottom of the well. It is the development of this sort of mind which it should be the object of the educational process to cultivate.’

James Darling, The Education of a Civilized Man, 1962.




And that of Dr Louis Leakey who believed:


‘... that knowledge of the past would help us to understand and possibly control the future.’

Mentioned by Dr Mary Leakey in her book Disclosing the Past, 1984.