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Freedom: Expanded Book 1The Solution to Exposure

Part 6:6 Our libraries are all going to become museums but the same ‘let’s get out of here’ solution applies

There are so many unconfrontable truths for humans who weren’t able to grow up with the reconciling understanding of the human condition and who are therefore deeply attached to their almost infinite number of denials that they have been using to cope, but thankfully this doesn’t mean they can’t take up support of the denial-free new world. The examples are endless of the shock of exposure day or so-called ‘judgment day’, but thank goodness there is a way to cope without retreating to denying the truthful paradigm that the human race is now dependent upon if it is to continuethe Sunshine Highway, TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE WAY OF LIVING. We mustn’t, and thankfully don’t have to, let our alienation prevent the emergence of a human-condition-free world for all future humans to live in.

With understanding of the human condition, and the ability to be truthful that it makes possible, all the books on psychology are going to have to be re-written. What particularly changes everything in psychology is the truth about the cooperatively-orientated, all-loving instinctive expectations we humans are born with, and therefore how easily children in their trusting naivety blamed themselves for any shortfall in love, and therefore how devastatingly hurtful such conclusions that they are a bad, unworthy person were for children, and therefore how much children had to block out any thinking about that terrible conclusion, and therefore how alienated they became from their true self, and therefore how that lack of access to their true self compromised their ability to nurture the next generation with real love when they in turn became parents. It is our all-loving and thus all-trusting soul that has not been acknowledged in psychologyin fact, it has not been acknowledged in thinking across all aspects of human life.

Indeed, there are so many truths that can and now must be revealed that nearly all academic books will have to be re-writtenwhich is yet another unbearably confronting truth to have to face. Science, for instance, as it has been practiced, will be faced with changing from complying with the practice of denial to having to be honest, which will mean its whole evasive, intellectualism-emphasising-instinctualism-denying structure, including its traditional universities and academic departments and millions of denial-drenched research papers (as has been described and evidenced, the human condition is such that humans have been incapable of being objective), will be faced with obsolescence.

A stark indication of the immense change that comes with the arrival of understanding of the human condition is that with the exception of just a handful of titles (the main ones being the great religious texts), virtually all the world’s books have been deeply denial-compliant in their content and will therefore be largely obsoleted by the new denial-free paradigm.

So, all our libraries will become museumsindeed, if it wasn’t for the new TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE that allows everyone to fully participate in the human-condition-understood new world, the whole, current, denial-saturated human race itself would be a museum piece.

While phenomenal change occurs with the ending of the denial-based existence, this change can be managed. People are afraid of change almost as much as they are afraid of self-confrontation, but the same, let’s-get-out-of-here solution applies. Let’s take the Sunshine Highway to the TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE and end this effectively dead existence we humans have been enduring for so long. We can procrastinate and try to stay in the old, essentially dead, hell-on-earth world, or we can join the new all-exciting world that will be opening up right across the planet. There is now so much to do in support of the liberated existence that the range of new opportunities, needs, positions, industries, services, etc, etc, will be endlessand the best part of it all is the new world for humans will be filled with immense excitement, happiness and fellowship. With understanding of the human condition found there is no longer any justification for staying in the old, effectively dead world. Before long everyone will be going to work for the fabulously exciting human-condition-understood new world.

The rapid increase of power addict dysfunctionality in society and the epidemic of autism and ADHD provide powerful examples of the end play, terminal levels of alienation situation that humanity was fast arriving at. The rate of increase of alienation is exponential and we had reached that part of the curve where it was rising at a vertical rate. Thankfully, the threat of terminal alienation can now be averted through understanding of the human condition and the adoption of the TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE that it makes possible. As Richard Neville said, it was ‘a race between self destruction and self discovery’.

What I am going to say now is no exaggeration: we humans are currently living in a place of such pain and deathly alienation it is equivalent to living in a cesspit of excrementit’s dark, it stinks, it’s revolting, it’s awfulbut now there is a ladder up out of it through the man-hole at the top to complete FREEDOM, sunshine and amazing beauty everywhere. All we have to do is climb up and out of the cesspit forever. There is nothing stopping every human now from escaping the horror of the human condition except their habituation to living in the excrement of it all. Our FREEDOM comes as such a shock we don’t quite know how to take it initially, but the truth is there is absolutely nothing that justifies not taking it.

In Part 7 we will see further descriptions of just how upset the human race now is and therefore just how precious the Sunshine Highway TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE solution is.