Freedom Expanded: Book 1—The Old Biology

Part 4:4 Six Unconfrontable Truths blocking access to understanding of the
human condition

Anyone wanting to think truthfully about the human conditionspecifically about the two elements involved in the human condition of our instinct and intellectand, by so doing, try to explain the human condition, had to be able to confront certain truths that have been so unbearably depressing for the upset human race that they have been almost universally denied: firstly, the truth of the issue of the human condition itself, the issue of why aren’t humans cooperative, selfless and loving?; secondly, the truth of Integrative Meaning; thirdly, the true nature of consciousness; fourthly, the truth that our species’ instinctive orientation is to behaving in an utterly cooperative, harmonious, gentle loving way; fifthly, the differences in alienation between human individuals, races, genders, generations, countries, civilisations and cultures; and sixthly, the truth of the importance of nurturing in human life. Looking at these truths we can see why they have been so unbearably confronting and therefore why the upset human race and its vehicle for inquiry into the nature of our worldmechanistic sciencehas lived in denial of them.