WTM FAQ 3.11  Why has the WTM received responses of derision and hate, and even been persecuted for its work? / Why is there such determined opposition from some quarters to the work of the WTM?



By definition all new ideas threaten the status quo and are therefore typically resisted. However, no new idea is as revolutionising and thus threatening of the status quo as analysis and explanation of the human condition. This is because the status quo, or prevailing attitude, has been to cope with the until now unexplained and thus unbearably depressing issue of our species’ seemingly horribly flawed, even ‘corrupted’ or ‘fallen’, ‘good and evil’-stricken human condition by living in almost complete denial of it. It follows that analysis of the human condition will attract resistance, sometimes vehement resistance. In fact, the WTM, and those associated with it, have been forced to take legal action in order to counter some of the more extreme resistance it has encounteredin 2010 successfully defeating such persecution by winning the then biggest defamation action in Australia’s history (see the Persecution of the WTM essay).

In Freedom Essay 40 biologist Jeremy Griffith, whose work the WTM promotes, explains that when understanding of the human condition emerges a great battlethe long anticipated ‘Battle of Armageddon’ in factwill occur between those who feel that the human race can’t survive facing the truth about its corrupted condition, and those who are more secure and know we most certainly can and must face that truth in order to survive as a species. It is a battle that simply must be won by those supporting this reconciling and redeeming understanding of the human condition, hence the WTM’s tenacity in defending its work.


The complete answer

Please see Freedom Essay 56: Why there have been ferocious attacks on the WTM for the complete answer to this important question of why the WTM has had to endure vilification, even extreme persecution.


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For more description of the persecution that the WTM’s work has faced, and the reasons for it, see WTM FAQ 3.12: Is the World Transformation Movement a cυlt? and read chapter 6:12 of Jeremy’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.