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A Species In DenialThe Demysticification of Religion

The Trinity demystified

As is fully explained in Beyond, the story of the development of matter on Earth involves a ‘trinity’ of ‘characters’. They are the theme or purpose of existence, which is the integration or the development of order of matter, and the two great tools that have emerged for achieving it, namely the gene-based learning or information processing system (historically referred to as ‘natural selection’), and the nerve-based learning or information processing system (the intellect).

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Humans have long been aware of the existence of a trinity of fundamental ‘characters’ or forces at work in their world. Most of the great religions recognise a trinity.

Hinduism for example, recognises a trinity or ‘Trimurti’ of three powers or gods at work in the world. They are Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer. These equate with negative entropy, the creator of order in the universe; the gene-based learning system which produced humans’ perfect instinctive orientation to that order, and persists in us as its preserver; and the nerve-based learning system which gave rise to humans’ corrupted divisive state.

In Christian doctrine the trinity is described as comprising God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost or Spirit. Again God the Father is integrative meaning, and God the Son and God the Holy Ghost or Spirit are, respectively, the two great tools for developing integration or order, the gene-based and nerve-based learning systems.

Christ is associated with God the Son because he was a pure, uncorrupted expression of the gene-based or genetic learning system’s achievement of the development of order in the human species, humans’ instinctive orientation to cooperative or integrative meaning. He was a human in which humans’ original cooperatively orientated instinctive self or soul was uncorrupted. The common dictionary definition of a ‘prophet’ is ‘someone who speaks for God’. Since in biological terms God is the cooperative ideals of life, then, being free of alienation, a prophet does speak for God. Christ was an instinctive expression of the image of God. As Bruce Chatwin said in a moment of remarkable honesty in his 1989 book What Am I Doing Here, ‘There is no contradiction between the Theory of Evolution and belief in God and His Son on earth. If Christ were the perfect instinctual specimenand we have every reason to believe He wasHe must be the Son of God. By the same token the First man was also Christ’ (p.65 of 367). As Chatwin points out, and as has been fully explained, there was a time when all humans were innocent, were prophets, uncorrupted expressions of our species’ cooperatively orientated original instinctive self or soul.

The Holy Ghost or Spirit is the nerve-based learning system, our conscious mind, which had to overcome the impasse of the dilemma of the human condition that occurred in the development of conscious thought. As was explained in ‘The demystification of God’ Page 428 of
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section, the ‘Spirit of truth’ is the human intellect of which science is the ultimate expression. It is science that finds sufficient understanding of the mechanisms of the workings of our world to make clarification of the human condition possible. Science was the messiah of the human journey.