Beyond The Human Condition

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11. Adjusting to The Truth



The Activities of the New World



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Now that psychological repair can begin, there are many adjustments to make. The most difficult will be confronting and accepting the extent of our upset and the great differences in upset between us.

When we realise this exposure, our first reaction will be to try to deny it. But this ‘old world’ evasive tactic won’t work in the presence of full truth. We’ll discover we can’t ‘old world’ the ‘new world’. Evasion has lost its power.

How are we to cope with exposure? How are we to adjust to the new world? The answer is, by choosing a way of participating in the new world that gives us time to adjust to the truth. There are four ways; while equally important, they differ in the degree of confrontation with the truth that they require. We each choose a way of participating that suits our level of upset. If we don’t confront the truth personally we will still be evading it to a degree, but the important point is we won’t be denying it as in evasive old world practices. In the old world we had to learn how to hide the truth. Now we have to learn how to live with the truth present. With the full truth of our goodness found this can be done, but it is an entirely new way of living for us.

Essentially all we have to do now is support the unevasive truth (hold the key aloft). It is not necessary to confront it. This is the way to cope with judgement day (exposure day confrontation day revelation day truth day).

Of course in reality we will each participate in all the ways although to varying degrees. Each day will be a mix of the four activities that will vary from person to person according to our level of alienation. To begin with most of us will only be able to confront the truth (activity 1) a little, but as our alienation heals our strength will increase. While it may take a generation or two, eventually we will all absorb the truth fully and not be false any longer.

(1) Investigate and add to the unevasive understanding and teach it to others, especially the young. (It’s far easier for young people to adopt unevasive understanding than for people who grew up in the old resigned/evasive paradigm.Page 170 of
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Youth does not have to change a practised way of thinking and justifying itself. The young are the real beneficiaries of the truth. Those who have grown up in the old, evasive paradigm are the ‘lost generation’ that we have long intuitively known would result when the truth arrived. While they can fully support and participate in the new world they will have difficulty adopting its thinking. Physicist Max Planck succinctly described the difficulty adults have adopting new ideas when he said that science progresses funeral by funeral [see his Scientific Autobiography, 1948]. Often the only way adults, especially males, could adopt new ideas was by re-working them to appear as their own findings. This is a measure of how embattled our egos became. In any case, using new world unevasive understandings to bolster the ego instead of to abandon it would be self-defeating because it would only serve to bring the truth of our falseness to light. Further, when exposure arrives those without true vision will be found wanting in their ability to guide us in the new world and to add to the unevasive understandings. We will soon learn that self-deception is futile in the new world and that what works and works incredibly well is honesty.)

The difficulty of this way of participating where we investigate, add to and teach the unevasive truth is that it requires a great deal of confrontation with unevasive truth. Because of this it is the more innocent, or least alienated among us, who have little upset to confront, who will be most suited to this activity. Since the reality on Earth at present is that most people are extremely exhausted (in intellect and soul) very few will be able to participate in this way initially.

(2) Help disseminate and promote the unevasive understandings. This requires some indirect confrontation with the unevasive truth, but nowhere near as much as having to study and teach the understandings.

(3) and (4) (below) require little direct confrontation with the truth and are for the most upset or battle weary.

We must now call a moratorium on our upset. Until it is healed through understanding we have to restrain it andPage 171 of
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contain its outward effect on the world. We must buy the time we need to confront and absorb the unevasive truth, to ensure that we have a world to live in when our upset does eventually subside.

(3) Restrain our upset. One way of doing this is to learn from the many techniques now available for quietening it and restoring the soul, such as meditation, prayer, yoga, chanting of mantras and communion with nature. (Nature revitalises our soul because our species grew up with it. We are instinctively adapted to it. It’s our natural environment. The word ‘natural’ is our evasive code word for ‘soul compliant’. The Environment Movement has rarely acknowledged the real value of nature, saying for example that we need the forests for new drugs and to maintain the climate. Nature’s real importance to us is as our soul’s companion.)

Another way of restraining our upset is to rise above or transcend it so it doesn’t break out. What is required here is that we choose ways to transcend our upset that don’t deny its existence.

Again it must be emphasised that while techniques for restraining our upset relieve and even temporarily heal it, they are not the final solution to upset. That depends on confronting it and dissolving it with understanding. Since confrontation takes time we have to rest and deny our upset to contain it in the interim. We need people who can teach resting and transcending upset. This work will suit those who find confronting the unevasive truth hurtful and who know what it is like to be exhausted.

We can see now that by promoting resting and transcendence the New Age Movement anticipated the time when we could go to work for the new world. We can also see that it was false to claim that resting from the battle and transcending its effects would bring about the new age as its title implied. Abandoning the battle was not going to win it. With the battle now won this self-deception is removed and New Age techniques for resting and transcending upset become most valuable.

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(4) Contain and repair the expressions and effects of our upset. The Environment or Green or Conservation Movement anticipated this way of participating in the new world. The Environment Movement was token idealism dealing with the symptoms, not the cause of the problem, the human condition. With the human condition solved The Environment Movement also loses its falseness. It too can now take its proper place in the new world.

The maintenance and repair of our environment requires the least confrontation with self. (This has been its appeal. To quote Time magazine [December 31, 1990] The environment became the last best cause, the ultimate guilt-free issue.) This is clearly the way for the most exhausted or upset among us to participate in the new world.

We can see that these four new world activities are ordered according to our level of innocence. In the old world we had to evade the whole concept of innocence because of its unjust criticism of those who were no longer innocent. In the old world the innocent were never acknowledged. They were anonymous people, unwanted and alone. (To say we don’t know who is innocent is untrue; to ignore, deny, repress and in the extreme crucify it, as we have done, we had to recognise it.)


Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.

The Bible, Matt. 8:20.


Samuel Taylor Coleridge described our soul in agony:

Alone, alone, all, all alone,

Alone on a wide wide sea!

The Rime of The Ancient Mariner, 1797.


Generally, the only identity afforded the innocent was as fools; it was unsafe (foolish) to present dangerous partial truths without the defence for our divisiveness. The real fools, however, in the sense of being the least sound or mostPage 173 of
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alienated from the truth and thus the least able to think straight and effectively investigate the truth, were those who were sophisticated in the art of evasion, the so-called wise.


Do not deceive yourselves. If any one of you thinks he is wise by the standards of this age, he should become a ‘fool’ so that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: ‘He catches the wise in their craftiness’; and again, ‘The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile’.

The Bible, I Corinthians 3:18,19,20.


When I saw [Shakespeare’s] Lear here, I asked myself how it was possible that the unbearably tragic character of these fools had not been obvious long ago to everyone, including myself. The tragedy is not the sentimental one it is sometimes thought to be; it is this:

There is a class of people in this world who have fallen into the lowest degree of humiliation, far below beggary, and who are deprived not only of all social consideration but also, in everybody’s opinion, of the specific human dignity, reason itself and these are the only people who, in fact, are able to tell the truth. All the others lie.

In Lear it is striking. Even Kent and Cordelia attenuate, mitigate, soften, and veil the truth; and unless they are forced to choose between telling it and telling a downright lie, they manoeuvre to evade it.

Simone Weil, An Anthology, edited and introduced by Sian Miles, 1986.


The intellectual, the clever, the self-deceiving, the wealthy, the powerful, the aggressive and the egocentric dominated the old world. Now that our loss of innocence is defended, there’s no reason to repress innocence and deny its soundness, or to be evasive.


The meek . . . will inherit the earth.

The Bible, Matt. 5:5.


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. . . many who are first will be last.

The Bible, Matt. 19:30,20:16; Mark 10:31; Luke 13:30.


The order is rapidly fadin’

and the first one now will later be last

For the times they are a-changin

From Bob Dylan’s song The Times They Are A-Changin, 1964.


The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone . . .

The Bible, Ps. 118:22; Matt. 21:42; Mark 12:10; Luke 20:17; Acts 4:11; 1 Pet. 2:7.


It is part of the great secret which Christ tried to pass on to us when He spoke of the ‘stone which the builders rejected’ becoming the cornerstone of the building to come. The cornerstone of this new building of a war-less, non-racial world, too, I believe, must be . . . those aspects of life which we have despised and rejected for so long.

Laurens van der Post, The Dark Eye in Africa, 1955.


After 2 million years of having to repress innocence we now bring it forward both in ourselves and in the world. We let innocence live now. Resurrecting innocence is the new direction for humanity. We have to bring our innocent, sound, soulful side back to life in ourself and in exactly the same spirit we have to bring innocent people to the fore in our development. We have to acknowledge soundness now. Those who can see most clearly should be out in front. An automatic and inescapable consequence of the basic revelation that our conscious mind was upset by the ignorance of our conscience, is that some will have experienced more of this upset than others, and that the least upset lead the way home to a state of no upset. While the least upset lead the way they will help the others and regulate their pace so everyone keeps up (like Tiger did for Kweli) because no one is free until we are all free.

At first we will strenuously resist acknowledging our exhaustion and accepting leadership from the innocent.Page 175 of
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Admitting and subordinating our upset goes against all our evasive power-and-glory-seeking old world practices. The truth is humans can’t always achieve anything they want to achieve, being limited by our degree of alienation. In the old world we couldn’t accept this truth because it implied we were bad and led to mental depression and to prejudice against the exhausted. Now we can accept it because we know it doesn’t mean we are bad. We can be honest now. It is honesty that will free the world from upset.

Because the more exhausted, with more upset to be exposed, will resist the truth the most, the new world has to be brought to light by the less exhausted and by the young, who have yet to adopt evasion. Then they have to help the exhausted overcome their fear of the truth by showing them the love that this understanding brings. At present it is, in the main, the exhausted who are talking about the new world. They call it the New Age but the truth is the honesty required to bring it about means they will be the last to face the truth of our exhaustions and enter the new age.


Everyone who does evil [becomes upset] hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. [We could become so exhausted we could reach a situation where we preferred to stay in the dark; where we] loved darkness instead of light. [We could become] a slave to sin.

The Bible, John 3:20,3:19,8:34.


Initially, many of us will see recognition of innocence as just a new form of prejudice of elitism of put-down of the less fortunate. After thinking about it however, we’ll realise it’s an essential and quite acceptable arrangement. Our freedom from upset depends on abandoning evasion, and now there is every reason to abandon it. Prejudice against upset and innocence has been removed; we differ in our degree of upset but we are all good.

The essential difference between the old world and the new is that in the new world we admit and subordinate ourPage 176 of
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alienation. It is the honesty that is now possible and nothing else that can clear up and finally eliminate the suffering, the wars, the anger, the greed, the destruction of the environment and all the other manifestations of our upset and save the world.

Now that we know exhaustion or upset is not bad, we don’t have to be ashamed of it in ourselves or critical of it in others. We can all see now that exhaustion developed from fighting for humanity. Our loss of innocence will now attract the heroic recognition it deserves, not the criticism it has for so long unjustly received.

We needn’t fear leadership by the innocent: If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all. (The Bible, Mark 9:35.) The innocent are the least likely to want to wear crowns or to oppress or to exploit others. They will be the ‘servant of all’. This is why they are the true leaders now. They know the way.

The innocent will grapple with the truth at close quarters, but won’t hold that against the exhausted who clean up the environment. The exhausted won’t envy, or feel any need to compete with the innocent. Everyone will know that their contribution to establishing the new world is as important as anyone else’s. We will all be together in our different degrees of exhaustion. Understanding that we are equally good and being able to see what we have been through will bring great compassion and fellowship to our species. Fellowship is the answer to the problem of exposure. Adjusting to the new world is not only possible, it will be the most wonderful experience many of us have ever had. It simply requires a little patience for us to see and accept how it works.

The six stages most people and in fact humanity as a whole will go through in adjusting to the truth are:

First: accepting the explanations, initially because they make so much sense, then through experiencing their truth.

Second: rediscovering depressions that these ideas lead our mind back to: Gerard Manley Hopkins’s O the mind, mindPage 177 of
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has mountains; cliffs of fall Frightful, sheer, no-man fathomed. (From his sonnet No worst, there is none, 1885.) A typical response at this stage is ‘Gee, I can see now why we hid from these ideas’.

Third: rejecting the explanations, trying to avoid those depressions. It is during this procrastination stage that the symbol of the Foundation For Humanity’s Adulthood (now the World Transformation Movement) the key held aloft becomes vitally important. Those who can must support the explanations even though others try to ignore, deny and even attack them.

Fourth: realising that our denial is perpetuating suffering on Earth and standing between humanity and its freedom, and that denying the truth is not necessary now that upset is defended.

Fifth: choosing one of the ways we can support the truth without confronting it, that allows us to avoid depression without denying the truth. We decide to let the truth through past our upsets that want to deny it. This is our moment of conversion to the new world.

Sixth: discovering the optimism, enthusiasm and fellowship that comes once these adjustments to the new world have been made.

Essentially, the shock of being confronted with the truth wears off and then we benefit enormously from being able to understand ourselves and be honest about ourselves at last. Being honest is the opposite of being alienated. We never enjoyed having to be false, having to live in mystery and confusion. Procrastination is a passing stage. Relief, excitement, fellowship and happiness is the real outcome of learning the truth about ourselves. Nevertheless these initial adjustments will not be easy and everyone making them should have supportive counselling which has already proved valuable to many people who are in turn now counselling others. Without supportive counselling it’s all too easy to misinterpret the many new unevasive understandings, become slightly lost again and start seeing ourselves as worthless again, whichPage 178 of
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could lead us back into depression. If we feel worthless we have necessarily misunderstood because we are in no way bad or worthless. To deal with a more superficial example of the misunderstanding that is possible: no, we don’t now revert to hunter-gatherers and we don’t ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ and reject all our technological advances.

There is a lot to explain and understand about our new world. The World Transformation Movement is urgently doing everything possible to provide support and help. Videos showing people having their questions, concerns and predicaments explained unevasively are proving especially useful. It is as if we have to go back to school; a whole new unevasive interpretation of ourselves and our world is now available. It is no exaggeration to say that our old world libraries of evasively presented understandings have become museums overnight. The evasion in everything from the old world has to be exposed and altered to fit the unevasive new world.

There is a lot of work to do but most importantly a great fellowship will soon appear on Earth. Every face will be a face of support and comfort. This is why the people shown symbolising the four activities of the new world on page 168 are touching each other. Rather than putting their arms around each other in an old world show of affection, they’re together almost unconsciously as all humanity lived before.


I repeat these lines because as well as being my favourite quote lines used in this book, they reveal much about what freedom from upset was once like and will be like again.

Matata and Kanzi are housed in a large six-room indoor-outdoor enclosure. Even though Matata was wild-born, both she and Kanzi continually seek out and appear to enjoy and depend upon human companionship. Consequently, human teachers and caretakers are with them throughout the day. Mild distress is evidenced by Matata, even though she is an adult, at the departure of human teachers with whom she has formed close relationships. She seeks to maintain close proximity to thesePage 179 of
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teachers as they work with her, often simply sitting with an arm or leg draped across them. When they stay until evening she pulls them into the large nest that she builds and goes to sleep next to them.


Note again that while we will come to specialise in one of the four activities of the new world, we will all participate in all the activities to some degree. Even the exceptionally sound will find they can only confront the truth for a certain time each day before needing to do something less confronting (such as posting some books or videos about the understandings to friends) and after that something non-confronting like meditating, helping repair the environment or helping with relief work for the starving in third-world countries.

Apart from the four activities that introduce the new world, another concern is for all those left impoverished and enervated by the egocentric greed and falseness of the old world. We must now all help those who can’t begin to think or to contribute towards the moratorium because they are starving or otherwise physically incapacitated.

The four ways of introducing the new world will become the new industries. They will replace the old world’s escapist, consumerist, artificially glorifying and egotistical practices. (The truth is, despite all our old world ways of trying to be ideal by containing and concealing our upset, everything we touched inevitably became an expression of our upset. If we walk along any street and look at the houses we see that this is true. For our world to change we have to change. Better forms of management of our upset was not a real solution.) Gradually as our upset subsides so will our old-world practices. The emphasis will swing towards more selfless pursuits.

On the table in front of me is a silver teaspoon with an ornately engraved handle. It is very much an old world teaspoon. The bright silver and the embellishment glorified us when the world unjustly condemned us. It ‘said’ we were wonderful when the world in its ignorance wouldn’t.Page 180 of
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Without such materialistic reinforcement we could not have sustained our effort to find understanding. Materialism wasn’t bad, in fact it was most necessary, but now it will gradually become unnecessary. The time and money spent digging up the silver and embellishing the spoon can now be spent helping others. We deserved to be glorified but the time and energy spent seeking glory impoverished others. The human condition made us self-preoccupied or selfish. We can now look at that teaspoon and recognise that it is a two or even three starving Ethiopians extravagance.

Everything about us from the old world is saturated with our greed, with our mind’s hunger for relief from criticism. Our egocentric or embattled conscious thinking self can now be satisfied with understanding of its goodness. We no longer have to prove we’re not bad by meeting challenges and by creating and winning competitions. Our egos have been satisfied at the most fundamental level. The source ‘dragon’ of all dragons is slain. The ‘devil’ who/which, when we were innocent, was the coercion from the upset world to compromise our ideals, or, when we were exhausted, was the false implication from the ideals that we were bad, is overcome.

Until now we have had to assert our ego or individuality. We have had to try to find understanding of our goodness and when we failed it was inevitable that we would try to satisfy our egos artificially through power, glory, fame, wealth and physical luxury. With our ego satisfied our needs aren’t great.

We haven’t been able to access the real enjoyment that our world has to offer, which is its great beauty and integrativeness, but now we can. In the not too distant future instead of making embellished silver spoons we will each carve from a piece of wood and carry our own simple spoon. One person can show another how to experience the beauty of sunlight and share the other’s home-grown vegetables. They can then help build their community’s simple communal mud-brick dwelling amongst the trees. The truth is cities were not functional centres as we evasively claimed, they werePage 181 of
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hide-outs for alienation and places that perpetuated/bred alienation. We will begin to close our cities down now.


[Cain was the one who became upset/alienated and sure enough] Cain was then building a city . . .

The Bible, Genesis 4:17.


The bush [wilderness] is our source of innocence; the town is where the devil prowls around.

Australian historian Manning Clark, Sydney Morning Herald, February 18, 1985.


‘Do you see all these great buildings?’ replied Jesus. ‘Not one stone here will be left on another; everyone will be thrown down.’

The Bible, Matt. 24:2; Mark 13:2; Luke 19:44,21:6.


We have to rediscover the ability to feel. In The Lost World of the Kalahari Laurens van der Post says of the Bushmen, He and they all participated so deeply of one another’s being that the experience could almost be called mystical. For instance, he seemed to know what it actually felt like to be an elephant . . . a lizard . . . a baobab tree . . . As has been mentioned, while the Bushmen are relatively innocent they are still members of modern, highly embattled Sophisticatedman, so if we are capable of this sensitivity while living naturally (in the environment our soul is familiar with) today, how much more sensitive must Childman, who had not even engaged in the battle, have been! Their sensitivity would have been so great it might appear to us as supernatural.


I might say that many people who are born again to the soul’s world are awestruck by the magnificence of this other world within us that they discover. Unfamiliar with it, they do see it as supernatural when in fact it’s ultranatural. It’s not paranormal, something aside from the normal but the most normal of places. Our current upset state is the abnormal, distorted one. Superstition and talk of our soul’s world as being some remote realm of mystical spirituality is what I call ‘exhaustionspeak’.

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Sometimes when people became extremely exhausted their alienation (mental blocks) became disorganised and through this ‘shattered defence’ the soul occasionally emerged. They became ‘mediums’ or ‘psychics’ or ‘channellers’ or ‘visionaries’ or ‘oracles’ or ‘people possessed’ or ‘people experiencing divine visitations’ but it is a weird, disjointed expression of the truth that comes from access to the soul through a shattered defence. Christ for example was innocent not exhausted and he was not superstitious, nor did his knowledge of our soul’s world appear in any way weird. The way the exhausted talk about our soul’s world is very different from the way an innocent talks about it. To an innocent it is a natural place. Their love of this world or enthusiasm (the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek enthios which means ‘God within’) is natural. We have not differentiated between true prophets and false prophets who dabble in mysticism, fortune telling, incense-burning and the occult.

The ritual and reverence the exhausted surrounded the soul with hid its naturalness.


In 2 million years of battling and repressing our soul we have become extremely superficial and insensitive, almost completely numb beings.


As the causal memory [consciousness] becomes more perfect in the primates, so the senses degenerate . . .

In man sense-degeneration has reached an extreme point. Hypnosis proves, however, that this degeneration in man is not organic, or even functional in the generally accepted sense of the term. The organs are still capable of a very high degree of sensitiveness, and under hypnosis they may actually become functional. This sensitiveness must, therefore, be inhibited by the high mentality, and when this mentality becomes dormant under hypnosis the inhibition [alienation] is removed . . .

Subjects: M.B., a 21-year-old Boer girl; fairly well educated; . . . neurotic temperament. Several male and female chacmas [baboons].

Twenty different people, the majority unknown to the girl, each handled a different small object and then placed it in aPage 183 of
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receptacle. The girl, blindfolded, took out one object after another and by smelling the object and the hands of the different people handed each object back to the person who had handled it first without a mistake . . . A blindfolded chacma could not recognise an acquaintance standing within a yard. . . .

A sound of constant volume imitating the hiss of a snake, and in the case of the chacmas associated with the presence of an imitation rubber snake, could be clearly heard by the hypnotised girl at a distance of 230 yards. The distance at which average normal human beings could hear the sound lay between 20 and 30 yards. The chacmas could hear it at a distance of between 50 and 65 yards.


In distant vision the superiority of the chacma seemed greater still. A young captive male could at a distance of six miles, over a landscape flickering with mirage, recognise without fail among a group of people a human friend to whom he was greatly attached. At that distance in such atmospheric conditions no normal human, even with a good pair of binoculars, could distinguish human beings from cattle. . . . The hypnotised girl even at half that distance failed to recognise an acquaintance.


[Apparently humans had a superior sense of smell and hearing but inferior distance vision to baboons. Possibly our infancy and childhood wasn’t spent in open country where baboons live, otherwise we would surely have had selected distance vision equal to theirs.]


George McCall Theal mentions the wonderful homing instinct of the Bushmen. Young children taken by wagon great distances from their homes found their way back through pathless wildernesses. This same ‘instinct’ is present in most primitive [innocent] peoples . . .

Eugène Marais, The Soul of the Ape, written in the 1930s, published in 1969, from chapters 7, 7 and 3 respectively.


Eugène Marais has been quoted before on page 34. On the back cover of my copy of Soul of the Ape, Robert Ardrey describes Marais thus: As a scientist he was unique, supreme in his time, yet aPage 184 of
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worker in a science yet unborn. With the discovery of the reason for upset, unevasive science of which Marais was an exceptional exponent has now been born.


We now repair and then savour the world. Two million years of battling ignorance can subside. We can rediscover the true world of immense beauty and sensitivity that we lost access to.

For the first time in the history of consciousness we can abandon the battlefield. It is no longer a sign of weakness as it was when the battle still had to be won. For the first time, transcending our upset and being born again to the ideals are acts of total strength. Soon anyone playing egotistical, competitive, self-glorifying or selfish old world games will be pitied like people wearing last season’s fashions. This may seem to imply elitist pressure but it is concern, not criticism, that will come through now. This book’s essential vision is that soon an army of millions will appear to do battle with human suffering and its weaponry will be explanation, which is understanding.

The truth, which we will soon come to appreciate, is that being able to abandon our old world egocentric, competitive, self-glorifying lifestyle will be a great relief and not something difficult to do. Serving others is the most natural and satisfying attitude of all. In an Israeli kibbutz, all of which are ‘new world’ in some aspects of their structure, the street-sweeper and the Nobel Prize winner receive the same wage. The reward is the satisfaction of serving the common good (larger whole), which in the new world will be humanity.

Two great rewards awaiting each of us now are relief at being able to serve at last and feeling our upset subside as understanding gradually untangles our confusion and insecurity. In the four ways of participating formulation, we will also be gradually confronting our condition as well as transcending it, which will begin eliminating our upset. After about a year of this we will be able to realise how much we have changed, how much peace and relief has come to ourPage 185 of
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mind. If asked then what our situation would have been without these understandings we will say ‘I hate to think’. We will perceive our great progress in eliminating our anger, egocentricity and alienation. Those who know us will see the difference and be impressed. The young will derive such confidence and certainty from understanding the world that older people may initially think they are precocious. In the old world wisdom (awareness that no one is bad) only came the hard way, after many years of experiencing the human condition. Now, nine-year-olds can be shown how to understand the human condition!

Paradoxically, in the final days of our struggle, religious and socialist principles of living by, and serving, the ideals, lost favour. Self-fulfilling free-enterprise and completely self-deluding attitudes swept the world. Now, principles of serving and honesty return.

There is no longer a left and right wing in politics, only a new form of left wing, completely free of pseudo idealism with its denial of exhaustion. (I stress that these changes won’t be forced. They will happen naturally as we digest and share our new-found understandings. Revolution is not necessary. All we need do to overcome resistance and suffering is spread the understanding. It will create, not impose, the changes we seek, in ourselves, in others and in the world, and alleviate the world’s distress.)

While this new way of living is not another religion there is no deity worship or guilt in any form it is like a new Church, but one that works fully. In the new world everyone will support the ideals every day while we gradually confront and digest the understandings of ourselves that are now available.

The important difference with this new ‘Church’ is that instead of supporting the embodiment of the ideals such as Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mohammed or the great Hindu prophets, we now support the understanding of the ideals, which brings us close to being the ideals. To use the terms of the exceptionally unevasive Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, wePage 186 of
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now move from the Biosphere to the Noosphere (Mindsphere) which is but a short step from becoming the Body of Christ or completely sound in self.

Humans were given consciousness without understanding, a computer with no program. Now that we have found the program all information will start to make sense. Soon we will be free of insecurity, evasion and falseness. Since our various personalities are in the main our various states of upset, in the upset-free future we will all have similar personalities.

Our mind or spirit has found understanding. All that remains is to absorb it.


. . . another Counsellor to be with you forever the Spirit of truth . . . will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

The Bible, John 14:16,17,26.


Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father.

The Bible, John 16:25.


. . . you will be like God, knowing . . .

The Bible, Genesis 3:5.


In the future they will every one be Buddhas.

And will reach Perfect Enlightenment.

In domains in all directions

Each will have the same title.

Simultaneously on wisdom-thrones

They will prove the Supreme Wisdom.

Buddha (Siddartha Gautama) 560480 BC, The Lotus Sutra, from Chapter 9. Translation by W.E. Soothill.


It is clear from the above that both Christ and Buddha looked forward to a time when understanding would replace dogma. The explanations in these pages confirm the words of thePage 187 of
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prophets; religions aren’t being threatened, they are being fulfilled. I should add that our beliefs in an after-life and in a comforting God aren’t destroyed by these scientific interpretations, which at first may appear cold and clinical. We do live on after we die although not literally as many believe. While we do live on in all things we don’t come back in the body of a particular person or creature. Vincent van Gogh described the immortality of the human spirit succinctly when he wrote to his brother Theo that while men live, all men live (written between 187290, and mentioned in the film Vincent, 1987). In time we will come to see that our concepts of God and after-life haven’t been destroyed, but confirmed, reinforced and enhanced. The difficulty is we are so extremely exhausted it’s almost impossible for us to hold onto anything other than highly simplistic expressions of the truth.


Now that the largely male-dominated battle to champion the intellect or ego is won we can return to a matriarchal (female-role dominated) world where nurturing or love is all important.


The souls of little children are marvellously delicate and tender things, and keep forever the shadow that first falls on them . . . The first six years of our life make us; all that is added later is veneer . . .

Olive Schreiner, The Story of an African Farm, 1883.


As a result of accepting the significance of nurturing in our lives parenting will take on new meaning, responsibility and importance. This awareness, together with our emerging freedom from upset and resulting ability to care, will lead to restraint in our rate of reproduction.

We can now solve drastic problems like the burgeoning world population because we can address them at their source psychological level.

Feminism anticipated the new ego-free, women-liberated world but could have little general impact until the ego was satisfied. The battle to overthrow ignorance and championPage 188 of
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the intellect had to be won first. Until it was won the repression of innocence had to continue. Now that the battle is won the Feminist or Women’s Liberation Movement, like the New Age and Environment movements is validated.


. . . She is content, confident and unresentful because she is also the love that endureth and beareth all things even beyond faith and hope. She knows that, in the end, the child will grow and all shall be well.

Laurens van der Post, Jung and the Story of Our Time, 1976.


What was missing from the New Age, Environment and Women’s Liberation movements was the means to self-confront. For our soul and the sensitivity and beauty of its world to be liberated we first had to find the understanding of our greater goodness. Our soul, in all its forms, has not been attacked and repressed without reason.

What was missing from the new world’s infrastructure was the means to self-confront; its psychological base. The key to the new world is the explanation of our upset. We had to solve the riddle of human nature; discover why we were so divisive when the ideals are clearly to be integrative. This understanding was the Holy Grail we sought as a species. With it found, the new world can at last be born properly. The impasse to the new world is now breached. The floodgates are open. The new world now comes in a rush.


. . . your kingdom come,

your will be done

on earth . . .

The Bible, The Lord’s Prayer, Matt. 6:10.


The ability to be unevasive, to be honest, to confront the truth sets us free. The truth comes not to hurt us but to free us. Honesty is therapy . . . the truth will set you free (The Bible, John 8:32), but it had to be the full truth that defends us.


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For copyright reasons I am unable to reproduce the lyrics of John Lennon’s song Imagine (1970), paraphrased in part as follows:

Imagine everyone sharing everything. Even though you might think I’m dreaming I’m not alone. I hope you’ll join us and we’ll all live as one.



Soulful happy children


. . . [we will] change and become like little children . . .

The Bible, Matt. 18:3.