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World Transformation Movement


The WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT ACN 003 930 023 (WTM) is dedicated to transforming the individual, the human race and thus our world through bringing redeeming and ameliorating or healing biological understanding to the underlying problem in all human affairs of the human condition. Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson recognised that finding understanding of the human condition was the all-important task for science when he said, ‘The human condition is the most important frontier of the natural sciences’ (Consilience, 1998, p.298 of 374).

The WTM is a non-profit organisation which holds an Authority to Fundraise for Charitable Purposes in NSW, Australia, and is a company limited by guarantee. See Structure of the WTM. The WTM has patrons, directors and members.

The WTM developed from the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood (FHA). Founded in 1983 as the Centre for Humanity’s Adulthood, the FHA was incorporated in 1990 with the aims, as set out in its memorandum of association, of ‘understanding the human condition’ and ‘ameliorating the human condition’. The FHA’s work was founded on a long history of profound or ‘denial-free’ thinkers about the human condition dating back to Moses, Socrates, Plato and Christ, through to more contemporary profound, denial-free thinkers such as Charles Darwin, Teilhard de Chardin and Sir Laurens van der Post among others. In particular the FHA recognised the breakthrough biological synthesis of the human condition put forward by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith. Since the WTM inherits the FHA’s structure it maintains the same aims as the FHA.

Foundation for Humanity's Adulthood—Key Aloft

To explain the earlier Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood name and ‘key held aloft’ symbol: the crux problem on Earth has always been the human condition, the dilemma of our capacity for good and evil. This duality has troubled the human mind since we first became fully conscious, thinking beings: are humans essentially ‘good’ and, if so, what is the cause of our ‘evil’, destructive, insensitive and cruel side? Finding the biological understanding of what caused our contradictory natures is the key to ameliorating that condition; it matures humanity from insecure adolescence to secure adulthood.

Grappling with the question of the human condition, however, is an unbearably self-confronting exercise. Indeed, the issue of the human condition has been so depressing for virtually all humans that only a rare few individuals have been sound and secure enough in self to go anywhere near the subject. It is perhaps not surprising then that the human-condition-avoiding community has found the human-condition-confronting work of Jeremy Griffith deeply heretical, an anathema to be dismissed and even persecuted. In fact, that persecution was so extreme that in 1995 a vicious campaign was launched to try to shut down Jeremy’s work and bring the FHA into disrepute, which Jeremy, along with fellow FHA Patron, renowned mountaineer and twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient Tim Macartney-Snape and the other supporters of the FHA, determinedly resistedthe result of which was the biggest defamation case in Australia’s history, against the two biggest, left-wing (dogmatic, pseudo-idealistic, ‘let’s pretend there’s no human condition and the world should just be ideal’, dishonest) media organisations in Australia, including our national public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Fairfax Media. This ferocious attack made Jeremy a pariah and completely marginalised the FHA. We endured this situation until, after 15 years of emotionally exhausting, and, for such a small group, financially taxing, defamation actions taken by us, we finally managed to right the extremely serious wrong. In 2010, three judges in the New South Wales Court of Appeal unanimously found that an earlier lower court ruling did ‘not adequately consider’ ‘the nature and scale of its subject matter’, in particular ‘that the work was a grand narrative explanation from a holistic approach, involving teleological elements’, and that other important submissions ‘were not adequately considered by the primary judge’, including that the work can make ‘those who take the trouble to grapple with it uncomfortable’ because it ‘involves reflections on subject-matter including the purpose of human existence which may, of its nature, cause an adverse reaction as it touches upon issues which some would regard as threatening to their ideals, values or even world views’! (For details of the persecution and court case, including this ruling, see the Persecution of the WTM for Exposing the Human Condition section)

It is important to note that when invading a hostile territory (and as the Court of Appeal intimated, and as will become clearer when reading the information on this website, the entrenched world of denial of our good-and-evil-afflicted human condition is extremely hostile towards any threat of exposure of the denial) it is first necessary to secure a bridgehead foothold in that hostile territory. And while it took 27 years from 1983 when the human condition was first explained and the FHA established, it was that initial, bridgehead-securing stage that the FHA successfully completed in 2010 with our stunning legal victory. A foundation base for the new human-condition-ameliorated, TRANSFORMED life that understanding of the human condition makes possible for humans has been secured.

So with the first stage of ‘understanding the human condition’laying the foundations for humanity’s adulthoodcompleted, the next stage of actually ‘ameliorating the human condition’of moving out from the bridgehead and taking the new Liberated, Exhilarated and Empowered, TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE to the worldbegins.

It followed then that a new title and symbol for this next stage became appropriate, which is the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT and its symbol of someone standing with their arms raised in a state of relieved and exhilarated TRANSFORMED FREEDOM in front of a rising sun that represents the arrival at last of the all-precious dignifying and thus liberating understanding of our human condition. Humanity now leaves its old, dark, cave-like life in denial of its human-condition-afflicted state and enters a human-condition-liberated world that is drenched in the warm, healing sunshine of enlightening self-knowledge.





To now briefly explain the origins of the WTM’s Founding Membership, the movement began in Australia when interest in the understandings presented in Jeremy Griffith’s work on the human condition developed amongst friends and contacts based in Brisbane, Armidale and Sydney. By the mid-1990s this interest led to the establishment of the first WORLD TRANSFORMATION CENTRE in Sydney, an undertaking that saw 50 members relocate from interstate and regional New South Wales. Throughout their involvement each person has stood firm in their support while courageously weathering a storm of vilification and misrepresentation that was outlined above. So while the WTM has many supporters, it is this original group of memberswho continue to support and work for the WTM on a daily basisthat we now refer to as the Founding Members. With the promotion of the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT to the world in 2011, other WORLD TRANSFORMATION CENTRES will develop and a much wider membership will emerge, however, these pre-2011 members will remain as the original Founding Members.

Since the early 1990s until 2011, this Founding Membership has consistently numbered around 50 individuals, the great majority long-standing. Fifty is about the limit of the number of people one individual can get to know and personally explain their ideas to, especially ideas that are as confronting as these explanations of the human condition are. (Socrates had only a small band of supporters when he was laying the foundations for Western civilisation with his teaching that ‘the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance’, and of course Christianity was built from a very small foundation group of supporters, and the examples go on of instances of ‘Dunbar’s number’, the number of individuals with whom a stable inter-personal relationship can be maintained.) What initially happens when understanding of the human condition is found is that those who have enough access to the explanation to be able to absorb and appreciate its accountability and thus truth then find themselves in a ‘Mexican Standoff’ with the information. They find themselves in a situation where they know the explanation is true but find it difficult accepting the obsolescence of their old, habituated egocentric, escapist and defensive strategies that they adopted before they encountered the reconciling and relieving explanation of the human condition. To overcome this Mexican Standoff and accept the obsolescence of their old false way of coping with the human condition and in its place adopt the new truthful, TRANSFORMED life for humans, the pioneer supporters of the breakthrough biological understanding of the human condition required empathetic support, the fellowship of others sharing their endeavours, exceptional personal character and time.

The WTM’s small band of 50 Founding Members has had to pioneer support of the understanding of the human condition on two fronts: on the external front they had to pioneer a base of support in a world of hostile resistance to the historically forbidden subject of the human condition, and on the home front they had to pioneer the TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE. Wonderfully insightful accounts are given of both the exhilarations and the struggles involved in pioneering these two frontiers in the Affirmations of the TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE that appear in ‘The Transformation’ in the WTM Video Library.


"""The Rising Sun"""

The WTM Founding Membership and friends
behind Norman and Jill Griffith’s Memorial Tree, Sydney, 13 December 2008

Founding members of the World Transformation Movement, Sydney, December 2008

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Norman Griffith (who died in 1971) and Jill Griffith (who died on 4 September 2008) were
the parents of WTM members, Jeremy and Simon. Norman and Jill’s memorial tree in the
foreground of the photo is a pink West Australian Flowering Gum, chosen because Norman
and Jill and two others founded the now renowned Burrendong Botanic Garden and Arboretum
of Australian native plants. Under the tree is a brass plaque that reads: “Jill loved trees, planting
them everywhere she went, and this is such a lush and vibrant little tree that it is ongoing living energy to represent all the flowering beauty that is to come from this, the very centre of the
world that, against all the falseness, Jill’s incomparable core strength protected into being.
This plaque was dedicated by Jeremy, Simon, Annie and the WTM in September 2008.”




Now that the initial firestorm of resistance to the arrival of understanding of the human condition has been overcome, and the TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE has been pioneered, the TRANSFORMATION of the world can begin. Hence the name change to the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT in 2009, and its world launch in 2011.

THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE WORLD can now begin! What greatly facilitates the dissemination of the breakthrough understanding of the human condition and the TRANSFORMED life for humans that it makes possible is the internet and its capacity for anyone, anywhere in the world to access the explanation of the human condition and its incredible ability to liberate all humans from the agony of the human condition. As Tim Macartney-Snape, one of the founding directors and now Patron of the WTM, says: ‘This is the ultimate information, arriving via the ultimate information communication technology of the internet at the ultimate, desperately needed, eleventh-hour time in human history’!



The 2017 launch of WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT Centres around the world

On 18 February the World Transformation Movement’s (WTM) Inaugural WTM Global Conference was held in Sydney to launch the first three WTM Centres to be formed outside of Sydney.

After learning about the WTM through the internet, Stefan Rössler and Franklin Mukakanga have opened WTM Centres in Austria and Zambia respectively. Sam Akritidis, a long-time friend of the WTM, has also opened a WTM Centre in Melbourne. Watch the presentations, or read/print the transcript of the presentations in the booklet The Rising Sun.

So this is nothing less than the beginning of the beginning of a whole new transformed world for the human race!


Conference Attendees


2017 WTM Global Conference Attendees

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WTM Members attending at the launch: L to R: Front row: James Press, Damon Isherwood, Brony FitzGerald, Franklin Mukakanga, Fiona Cullen-Ward, Aggie Seiler, Sam Akritidis, Anthony Cummins, Tony Gowing; Second row: Anthony Landahl, Annie Williams, Susan Armstrong, Monica Kodet, Polly Watson, Doug Lobban, Anna Fitzgerald, Stefan Rössler, Manus McFadyen, Jeremy Griffith, Anthony Clarke, Lachlan Colquhoun; Third row: Stacy Rodger, Wendy Skelton, Will Salter, Neil Duns, Genevieve Salter, Emma Cʊllen-Warԁ, Jοhn Bіggs, Stirling West; Fourth row: Sally Edgar, Connor FitzGerald, Prue Westbrook, Sarah Colquhoun, Annabel Armstrong; Standing: Tim Macartney-Snape, Tess Watson, Felicity Jackson, Nick Shaw, Tim Watson, Prue Watson, Frank Balamatsias, Lee Jones, Ali Watson, Louise Collins,
Eric Cooke, Richard Biggs, Marcus Rowell, James West, Sam Belfield, Tony Miall.

WTM Members attending online: Prof. Harry Prosen, Simon Griffith, Olof Österman, Gerald Staffaneller,
James McPhedran, Sam Collins; and friend of the WTM, Dr Carol Velásquez.


The WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT very much welcomes your Questions and Feedback. Through this interactive online facility people can register questions and even participate via Skype in conferences about the explanation of the human condition and the TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE that it makes possible. The Question & Answers section in the WTM Video Library illustrates just how helpful your enquiries areindeed, we are building a library of Feedback and Questions & Answers for everyone to benefit from. With the understanding of the human condition finally found, the horizons that now open up for the human race are absolutely boundless, and immensely excitingso ask questions, find out what others are thinking and doing, become involved and help bring about the now urgently needed TRANSFORMATION of the world.

It is planned that in time growing interest will lead to the making of The Human Condition Documentary series for broadcast on mainstream television, and beyond that our own TV station that will be dedicated to explaining the human condition and its amelioration.

Of course to have the explanation of the human condition and the descriptions of the TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE fully articulated and set out in a book is a critically important accompaniment for the videos, hence the importance of FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition and Freedom: Expanded, which are the compilation of all Jeremy Griffith’s earlier books and writings plus significant new material.

So join the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENTbecome a FREE, TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE in The Sunshine Army on The Sunshine Highway to The World In Sunshine!