Notes to the Reader



  • Unlike most publications, there is no bibliography at the conclusion of this book because the source is provided in small text at the end of each quote. While unconventional, it does mean you will always have the benefit of being able to immediately see when, where and by whom the quote was given, and experience has shown that it doesn’t take long to learn to skip past it if you wish. Also, rather than give the particular edition and/or publisher of the book that the quote comes from, the page number where the quote appears and the total number of pages of the particular edition used for the source is provided. This enables the reader to find the comparative place of the quote in any edition. In addition to the index at the back of the book, any word or phrase can be easily searched using the ‘Search FREEDOM’ facility in the top right-hand corner of this website. All paragraphs are numbered to allow easy referencing across any of the book’s formats. Please note that while this online edition of FREEDOM contains a number of coloured images, in the print edition that is available through bookshops all the images appear in black and white. All biblical references are from the 1978 New International Version translation of the Bible.


  • Since this book contains the only thing that can save the human race from extinction, namely the dignifying and relieving understanding of our species’ psychologically troubled human condition, it must be made accessible to all peoplewhich is why, alongside its availability for purchase through bookshops and Amazon, it is, and will always remain, freely available to be read, shared or printed (with binding instructions included) at <www.humancondition.com/freedom>.


  • The Special Edition, Produced For Scientists


This book has been presented in two versions and in two stages.


‘IS IT TO BE’ book cover

Since the book is about the biology of human behaviour, the publisher’s first responsibility was to promote it within the scientific community. This was done in 2014 by publishing the book with a title that emphasised the serious plight of humanity, which science is ultimately responsible for solvingthat title being IS IT TO BE Terminal Alienation or Transformation For The Human Race? From July to September 2014 over 900 copies of IS IT TO BE were sent to leading scientific institutions, scientists and science commentators throughout the English-speaking world to introduce them to these world-saving understandings.


In 2016, this version, which is oriented to the general public, was published. Containing the same content as IS IT TO BE but with an additional first chapter and further insights, this version has the title FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition. FREEDOM therefore replaces and supersedes IS IT TO BE.