‘FREEDOM’—Chapter 9  The Transformation of The Human Race

Chapter 9:4 The Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living


Exasperated by all the denial/​dishonesty/​falseness/​‘phon[iness]/​‘fake[ness]/​delusion/​pretence/​artificiality/​superficiality in human life, John Lennon, that creative genius and member of The Beatles band, desperately pleaded for some honesty in his 1971 song Gimme Some Truth: ‘All I want is the truth, just gimme some truth. I’ve had enough of reading things by neurotic…​politicians…​I’m sick to death of seeing things from tight-lipped…​chauvinists…​I’ve had enough of watching scenes of schizophrenic…​prima-donnas…​I’m sick and tired of hearing things from uptight…​hypocrites…​All I want is the truth now, just gimme some truth NOW.’ Yes, we are all literally ‘sick and tired of’ the dishonest denial the world has been drowning in; we have all completely had enough of the human condition and are all desperate to be free of itBUT, while it is one thing to wish for the truth, it is quite another to cope with that truth, and the changes it heralds, when it actually arrives!


So how is the human race supposed to cope with having its 2 million years of accumulated denials, all our dishonest delusions and artificialities, and our pain and alienation, suddenly revealed? To arrive at the answer we need to summarise how humans came to be in the situation we are now in, and how this situation changes with the arrival of understanding of the human conditionbecause doing so will provide the logical sequence of events that leads to the equally logical way that humans will be able to manage their transition from being a victim of the human condition to becoming a secure, sound, effective manager of our world.


As has been emphasised throughout this book, all humans are born instinctively expecting to encounter an unconditionally selfless, all-loving environment, but as a result of humanity’s 2-million-year necessary search for knowledge we instead encountered an immensely upset, human-condition-afflicted world where everyone was variously alienated from their true selves or souls with little or no unconditional love to give. As a result, we too became psychologically upset sufferers of the human condition. Then, as adolescents, we tried to understand why there was so much imperfection in the world around us and within ourselves, but unable to find an explanation we eventually, at around 15 years of age, had no choice but to resign ourselves to living in denial of the unbearably depressing subject of the horrendously corrupted state of the human condition. At this point, however, our inability to refute the negative views of ourselves with understanding meant we could only counter those negatives by focusing on, emphasising and developing whatever superficial positive views of ourselves we could find. In particular, we became preoccupied trying to find ways to feel good about ourselves, to validate ourselves, to find relief from the criticism we were living with that we weren’t worthy beings by competing for whatever power, fame, fortune and glory was available, the result of which was that we became extremely self-preoccupied, ego-centric, competitive and selfish. This, of course, was a situation that could only be remedied through the first-principle-based explanation of the human condition itself, namely that humans are conscious beings and as such it wasn’t sufficient for us to be instinctively orientated to the world, we had to find understanding of the world if we were to master our conscious mind, a realisation that means we weren’t ‘bad’ to have defied our instinctive self and become, as a result of that defiance, angry, egocentric and alienated. (The full explanation of the human condition appears in chapter 3.) What the arrival of this understanding then means is that we no longer need to be angry, egocentric and alienated. But, as pointed out, the problem is humans needed this explanation when the search for knowledge commenced over 2 million years ago, because if our species had that explanation then we would never have become upset by the criticism coming from our instinctive self in the first place. We would have known why we had to defy our instinctsand thus we would have been secure about what we were doing. But unfortunately we didn’t have that explanation, and so defensive and retaliatory anger, egocentricity and alienation resultedbehaviour that has been accumulating throughout those 2 million years. So while the ameliorating understanding of why we became upset, namely the explanation of the human condition, has finally been found, to use it to heal all the upset that now exists within us would take a great deal of time and counsellingcounselling that isn’t presently available, and time the world cannot afford at the moment. In fact, it will naturally take a number of generations for all the psychological upset within humans to be healed through the dissemination and absorption of the understanding of the human condition that is now available.


As mentioned in par. 72, Professor Prosen, a psychiatrist of almost 60 years’ standing (including chairing two departments of psychiatry and serving as president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association), has rightly said about the arrival of this psychosis-addressing-and-solving real explanation of the human condition that ‘I have no doubt this biological explanation of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.’ Yes, it is true that the ‘psychological rehabilitation of the human race’ is now possible, and everyone could now retrace and analyse all the hurtful events in their life and replace all the defensive denials that they have had to employ to cope with that pain with truthful, compassionate understanding of those events and the feelings they producedwhy their mother and father were preoccupied and unable to give them the unconditional love their instincts expected during their infancy and childhood, and why they are now so insecure, etc, etcbut to undertake such psychological therapy and dismantle all the psychoses and neuroses would take an immense amount of time and supportive counselling, which, again, just isn’t possible at the moment. And, while virtually everyone now suffers from some form of extreme psychosis and neurosis and will therefore want to undertake at least some of the psychological therapy that understanding of the human condition now at last makes possible, the relief, joy and excitement from being able to be transformed to a state that is free of the basic insecurity of, and preoccupation with, the human condition is an absolutely fabulous situation that I will now explain. (Freedom Essays 63 & 64 on the WTM’s homepage describe the effective psychological therapy that understanding of the human condition now at last makes possible.)


While understanding of the human condition finally gives us the means to heal all our anger, egocentricity and alienation (which, in truth, are our psychoses [psyche or soul repressions] and neuroses [neuron or mind denials]), we can’t, in practice, hope to heal it in our lifetime; howeverand this is all-importantwe can immediately know that we are all fundamentally good and not bad, and this knowledge puts each of us in a very powerful position because it means we can legitimately decide not to think about and live in accordance with the upset within us. We can reason that, ‘Yes, I do have all these angry, egocentric and alienated feelings and thoughts, and I know that without undergoing a great deal of psychological therapy I can’t hope to heal all the underlying upset that is producing these feelings and thoughts. But I also know that way of feeling and thinking is now obsoleted, so I’m simply going to leave that way of feeling and thinking behind me and adopt the new way of feeling and thinking that is now available where I live in support of a reconciled, non-aggressive, non-competitive, truth-based new world for humans!’


Such transcendence of our real, upset self and adoption of a different way of thinking and behavinga different attitudemay at first appear to be an extraordinary feat, but we humans are quite capable of being what we are not. For example, as explained in pars 854-856, when the human race became ‘civilised’ we chose not to live out our real, upset (in truth, volcanic) anger that now, after 2 million years of being unjustly condemned, exists within us, but to contain it; we chose not to let that upset express itself. We superimposed a different way of thinking and responding on top of our real, upset self’s way of thinking and responding. As pointed out, we don’t normally attack someone now the moment we become angry; instead, we transcend our real self’s angry, defensive, destructive response and defer to and live by, or adopt, a different, civilised basis of thinking and behaving. And so, in exactly the same way, we can study this explanation of the human condition and know that our upset condition has finally been explained and that behaving in an upset way is no longer necessaryand on the basis of that logic prevent ourselves from behaving in an upset way by redirecting all our thoughts and energies to supporting the new human-condition-understood, reconciled world. Instead of letting our now obsoleted upset state rule our lives, we defer to and live through a different, now much more positive, way of thinking and behaving. We make a decision to shift our whole mindset from one state to another state. We mentally let go of one whole mindset and attach ourselves to another, and after a little practise the new mindset becomes automatic. That was how we learnt to civilise ourselveswe adopted a different response to our upset response and now, for the most part, we are very good at being restrained and civilised in the way we think and behave.


Yes, we can all now know that our insecure, egocentric need to validate ourselves through winning power, fame, fortune and glory is obsoleted. We can understand that it is no longer necessary to prove that we are good and not bad through demonstrations of our worth because our goodness has now been established at the most fundamental level through first-principle-based, biological explanation. We can know that with the arrival of understanding of the human condition humans’ whole resigned, competitive, self-preoccupied, selfish, must-win-power-fame-fortune-and-glory way of living has been made redundant. In fact, the fundamental situation the human race is now in is that the resigned, competitive way of living has become pointless, meaningless, because it doesn’t progress the human race to greater knowledge as it once did because the key piece of knowledge that we needed to find, of understanding of the human condition, has been found. Furthermore, living out that self-preoccupied, competitive, selfish existence is now unnecessarily destructive of our relationships with our fellow humans, and of our world in general. We can now know that the resigned, egocentric, competitive, selfish and aggressive way of living is finished with, which means we can, and, in fact, should, simply cast aside that way of living, and take up, in its place, a new way of living that is available to humans now where we live in support of a reconciled, non-competitive, selfless, loving existence. As was pointed out earlier on in par. 743, it was the process of Resignation that largely killed off access to our all-sensitive and all-loving soul and made humans virtually totally mad (sufferers of the ‘dead’ ‘fifty feet of solid concrete’ state of ‘alienation’ from our soul that R.D. Laing spoke of), and since Resignation, with all the soul-dead insensitive and must-prove-yourself mean and unsatisfying life that went with it, is fundamentally a mental, psychological condition, not an immutable genetic condition, you can choose to leave that insecure, embattled, insensitive, mean and unhappy life behind.


And, most wonderfully, what happens when we humans give up our old ways of living and take up the new way of living that understanding of the human condition has made possible is we become transformed from a competitive and selfishly behaved individual to a cooperative and selflessly behaved one, an integrative part of humanity. Yes, even though we are not yet free of the upset state of our own personal human condition, we can immediately have a change of attitude and decide not to live out that upset state that remains within us. The overall effect in our lives is that, despite our retention of the upset state of the human condition, we are effectively free from its hold and its influence, which is an absolutely fabulous transformation to have made in an instantin one simple decision!


To elaborate, now that we know the reason why humans had to set out in search of knowledge and defy our original ideal-behaviour-insisting instinctive self or soul, all the upset anger, egocentricity and alienation that unavoidably resulted from being unjustly criticised by our instincts is now rendered obsolete, unnecessary and meaningless. No longer do we have to retaliate against criticism of our upset/​corrupted state because our upset/​corrupted state has been defended with truthful, compassionate understanding at the most profound level. And no longer do we have to try to prove our worth because our worth has been established at the most fundamental level. And no longer do we have to deny any confronting truths about our immensely upset/​corrupted condition because no longer are there any truths about our upset/​corrupted state that condemn us. Our upset lives are explained and defended now, which means we no longer have to be preoccupied compensating for that upset by finding forms of self-aggrandisement, by seeking self-distraction, or by chasing relief through materialistic forms of compensation for all the hurt we experienced growing up in an immensely human-condition-afflicted world. In other words, we no longer need to seek power, fame, fortune and glory to make ourselves feel good about ourselves because our goodness has now been established at the deepest, most profound level. Instead, we can simply leave our whole ‘must-prove-our-worth, attack-and-deny-any-criticism’ way of living behind as obsolete and redirect all our thoughts and energies into supporting and disseminating these human-race-saving understandings, and to repairing the world from all the damage our species’ upset behaviour has causedbecause with the human condition solved, all the upset that is causing the destruction of the planet can now end, which means it is at last possible to properly and permanently repair our environment. We can, as it were, put the issue of all our upsets/​corruptions in a ‘suitcase’, attach a label to it saying, ‘Everything in here is now explained and defended’, and simply leave that suitcase behind at the entrance to what we in the World Transformation Movement call the Sunshine Highway and set out unencumbered by all those upset behaviours into a new world that is effectively free of the human condition. All our egocentric, embattled posturing to get a win out of life, all our strategising every minute of every day to try to find a way to compensate for feeling inadequate or imperfect or bad about ourselves, can suddenly end. We can leave Plato’s dark cave where we have been hiding to escape the glare of the truth about our seemingly imperfect condition. Excitement and meaningbased on liberating, truthful, honest understanding of ourselves and our worldis what we have to sustain ourselves now.


Yes, the excitement and relief of being effectively free of the human conditionthe joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities, self-preoccupations and devious strategising; the awesome meaning and power of finally being genuinely aligned with the truth and actually participating in the magic true world; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is comingCAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.


From being a human-condition oppressed and depressed alienated person, all humans can now be TRANSFORMED into redeemed, liberated-from-the-human-condition, exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence, empowered, world-transforming LIFEFORCES. This exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence aspect is the ‘Life’ in ‘Lifeforce’, while the empowered, world-transforming aspect is the ‘force’ in ‘Lifeforce’, so LIFEFORCE covers both the personal benefit and the benefit to the world in one word. From being human-condition-afflicted, Plato’s-cave-dwelling, effectively dead humans, we become Transformed Lifeforces or simply LIFEFORCES! That is the difference the arrival of understanding of the human condition makes to the human race!


Before recommending the reader watch some short videos in which people describe their own transformation to a fabulous life in the new human-condition-understood world, more needs to be explained about this new Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living or Transformed Lifeforce State (TLS), especially how it differs in a most important and fundamental way to religious transformations, and to New Age Movement-type transcendences of self.