‘FREEDOM’—Chapter 9  The Transformation of The Human Race

Chapter 9:5 The Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living is not another religion


While current generations of humans can’t expect to be able to completely heal the psychological upset within themselves, what is immediately possible is to let go of the resigned competitive mindset and take up support of the new Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living. And, as emphasised, humans are able to do this, decide to change from living for self to living a more selfless existencebecause we have been doing it throughout our history. Chapter 8 just described the journey our species has been on as it attempted to find ways of living, and causes to support, that helped to contain and, in some cases, completely transcend our upset, resigned, self-centred, egocentric, selfish way of living. There was the just mentioned practice of self discipline, where we ‘civilised’ our upset behaviour by superimposing more ideal principles for living upon our selfish and aggressive psychologically upset way of thinking and responding to life; then there was the imposed discipline of our upset, where we lived by adhering to specific laws of behaviour, such as Moses’ Ten Commandments; then there was religion, where we deferred to and lived through our support of an exceptional denial-free thinking, unresigned, sound prophet; and then there was the whole sequence of increasingly guilt-relieving attitudes that we adopted, from socialism/​communism, to the New Age Movement, to feminism, to the environment or green movement, to the politically correct movement, to finally the completely guilt-stripped and totally dishonest, ‘there-is-no-such-thing-as-truth’ postmodern or deconstructionist movement. Of course, the degree to which we abandoned or left behind or let go or repressed or transcended our selfish and aggressive upset, real self and superimposed upon it or adopted a more selfless and cooperative attitude, varied enormously, but within the spectrum there existed the possibility of completely abandoning our upset way of behaving. In Christianity, for example, this complete so-called ‘conversion’ from living for yourself to living for Christ is described as being ‘born again’ (John 3:3), as becoming ‘a new creation’ where ‘the old has gone, the new has come!’ (2 Cor. 5:17). Similarly, while resigned humans can’t easily change from being psychologically upsetas emphasised, that is a process that will take a few generationswe can immediately and completely change our mind’s attitude from living a selfish, self-preoccupied life and be, as it were, ‘born again’ to a consider-the-welfare-of-others-above-your-own-welfare, unconditionally selfless, soulful, pre-resigned-like way of thinking and living. While every resigned human naturally becomes extremely habituated to living for the relief of power, fame, fortune and glory, it is possible to completely relinquish that way of thinking and living and, in its place, adopt a completely different, unconditionally selfless way of thinking and behaving.


So while it is true that, as just described, the Transformed Way of Living is similar to a religion in that it involves completely letting go of or transcending our real, upset self and deferring to another way of living, that is where the similarity ends. The fundamental difference between the Transformed State and a religious conversion is that the Transformed State is all about knowledge, not faith or dogmaknowledge that, after a few generations, has the ability to eliminate all the upset in humans. As has been emphasised, dogma can’t heal upset, only understanding can do that. As was explained in chapters 8:15 and 8:16, while religions were an incredibly effective means of containing the upset in humans while the search for understanding of that upset condition was being carried out, the Transformed Way of Living, and the World Transformation Movement that promotes it, is, in complete contrast, concerned with what happens after that liberating understanding is found, which is the advancement of the human race from a human-condition-afflicted state to a state completely free of that terrible affliction. The Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living, and the psychological amelioration of the human condition that it allows (given the time, the few generations, needed for it to take place), completely changes the human race from a state of troubled upset to a state of secure soundness. In fact, it metamorphosesit maturesthe human race from insecure adolescence to secure adulthood.


Religions were based on deferring to, and living through support of the embodiment of the ideals in the form of the soundness and truth of the unresigned, denial-free-thinking-and-behaving prophet around whom the religion was founded, whereas the Transformed Lifeforce State is based on deferring to and living through support of first-principle-based understandings of the ideals and of our species’ unavoidable historical lack of compliance with those ideals. In fact, the Transformed Way of Living, where humans live in support of the understanding of the human condition that can, after only a few generations, eliminate all the psychological upset in the human race, represents the realisation of religion’s hope and faith that the liberating understanding of the human condition would one day appearit represents the end of faith and dogma and the beginning of knowing. Yes, and I will comment more on this shortly (in par. 1217), this is the end of religion and the beginning of the time of understanding that all the great prophets looked forward toincluding Moses, who anticipated a time when we will ‘be like God, knowing’ (Gen. 3:5).


Another immense difference between this new Transformed Way of Living and a religion is that in the Transformed Way of Living there is no deity involved, or deference to any one personality; in fact, there is no worship of any kind. And best of all, unlike religion, there is no involvement or emphasis on guilt, because guiltand the whole notion of ‘good and evil’has been eliminated forever with the reconciling understanding of the human condition.


So while religion and the human-condition-resolved Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living both involve letting go of living through our corrupted self and deferring to something else, that is where the similarity ends. Yes, there is a world of difference between the religious state and the Lifeforce state, about which more will be explained shortly.