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The main videos to watch are THE Interview and The Great Guilt, and the 16 other Main Videos near the top of our homepage. Also on our homepage are wonderful Live Events to watch, and some of the Freedom Essays there have very helpful videos too. Then the Video Endorsements below them on our homepage are especially enlightening. And there is the wonderful collection of More Videos by Jeremy Griffith and others towards the bottom of our homepage.

Chronology of WTM Videos

2022 — The Great Guilt that causes the Deaf Effect

This presentation by Jeremy Griffith provides astonishing clarification of why lifting The Great Burden Of Guilt from the human race causes most people to initially experience a ‘Deaf Effect’ to what’s being presented. Has an Addendum video of Refentse Molosiwa’s relieved response to the information.

2022 — The Shock Of Change that understanding the human condition brings

This presentation by Jeremy describes how to manage the inevitable shock that the arrival of understanding of the human condition brings.

2020 — THE Interview That Solves The Human Condition And Saves The World!

The video of British actor, director and broadcaster Craig Conway’s astonishing, world-changing and world-saving 2020 interview with Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith provides the ideal, very short introduction to the human condition and Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of it.

2018-2022 — 16-Part Series Of Videos At The Top Of Homepage

This 16-part series, which also forms the first 16 Freedom Essays, provides a very thorough introduction to the human condition and Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of it.

2016 —1 Hour Video Of The Launch Of FREEDOM At The RGS In London

FREEDOM was launched in June 2016 at the Royal Geographical Society in London with the keynote address given by Sir Bob Geldof. Watch the presentations at the launch, and also Jeremy Griffith’s subsequent description of the transformation of the human race. The expanded transcript of these presentations is presented in the book, Transform Your Life And Save The World, which is available here and provides an ideal introduction to FREEDOM.

2015 — A 4-Minute Video About The Human Condition

This is an excellent short introduction to what the human condition is and to Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough resolution of it.

2015 — FREEDOM Webinars

FREEDOM webinars, which began in 2015, contain both introductory material and more advanced analysis of the human condition, and so are very helpful in conveying the depth of insight into human behaviour that understanding of the human condition now makes possible.

FREEDOM Webinar 1 – 20 August 2015

Introduction to FREEDOM and its explanation of the human condition followed by discussion about religion. (Note, the first part of this webinar forms the basis of Video 12 that appears in the ‘16-Part Series Of Videos At The Top Of The Homepage’.)

FREEDOM Webinar 2 – 2 September 2015

Discussion around the triune brain, the dishonesty of mechanistic science, the process of ‘Resignation’ and the transformation of humans.

FREEDOM Webinar 3 – 17 September 2015

Explanation of the fundamental reason for the Global Refugee Crisis facing the world.

2014 — Focus Group Introductory Video

This 1-hour introduction to the explanation of the human condition — given by Jeremy to a focus group in Sydney in November 2014 — covers similar ground to the introductory talk in the series at the top of the homepage, but contains some significant additional material, specifically warning of the problem of the ‘deaf effect’ when reading about the human condition, and elaborating on adolescents going through the psychological event of ‘Resignation’.

2011 — Jeremy answers questions

In this informative 3-hour video Jeremy answers the most frequently asked questions about the explanation of the human condition and how it transforms the world. The video, which was filmed in Sydney in 2011, opens with an introduction to the World Transformation Movement that was established in 1983 to promote enquiry into and understanding of the human condition.

2009 — Introductory Video

Filmed in Sydney in 2009, this 6-hour presentation of the biology behind the explanation of the human condition was given by Jeremy during the time of the traumatic defamation action that he and Tim Macartney-Snape successfully took to redress persecution of Jeremy and the WTM for daring to address the human condition. After a 4-minute introduction by Jeremy Griffith the video begins with a very interesting presentation by Tim Macartney-Snape about Jeremy and the WTM.

2004 — The Human Condition Documentary Proposal Video Pilot Presentation

In 2004 WTM Publishing and Communications began distributing a proposal to make a 4-part documentary series about the human condition for mainstream television. The proposal was written by Jeremy Griffith. To illustrate the potential of the proposed series, a ‘rough-cut’ pilot presentation was made of Part 2, Soul: The biological question of the existence of moral instincts in humans — and the human condition.
Details of the proposal can be found HERE.

1988 — Introductory Talk On Radio

A half-hour audio recording of Caroline Jones’ (1938-2022) interview with Jeremy on her ABC Radio National program, The Search for Meaning. Aired in May 1988, the interview attracted, according to Jones, the second most enthusiastic listener response in the program’s twice-weekly, eight year history. As a result of that popularity, it was re-broadcast twice in September 1988. (Caroline Jones is one of Australia’s most esteemed journalists. In 1988 she received the Order of Australia (AO) and the Media Peace Prize Gold Citation, and in 1997 was voted one of Australia’s Living Treasures.)

Other Video Presentations

A collection of discussions about the world-transforming biological explanation of the human condition contained in FREEDOM.


This collection includes commendations and discussions regarding FREEDOM by Professor Harry Prosen, broadcaster Brian Carlton, biologist and mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape, and many others. (See more video endorsements HERE.)

Professor Harry Prosen

Professor Prosen, former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, presenting FREEDOM at Milwaukee Zoo bonobo exhibit.

Brian Carlton Talking With Jeremy Griffith

BRIAN CARLTON, journalist, broadcaster and media personality, discussing FREEDOM with Jeremy Griffith.

Tim Macartney-Snape

Tim Macartney-Snape, biologist, mountaineer and twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient, talking about FREEDOM.

Dr Anna Fitzgerald

Dr Anna Fitzgerald, molecular biologist, talks about “the true liberation of women” that understanding of the human condition brings.

Refentse Molosiwa

Refentse Molosiwa, a young South African author who studied philosophy at the University of Pretoria, talks about the significance of Jeremy’s synthesis: “I honestly don’t know how we can go forward in the world without Jeremy’s information.”

‘Candid discussions’

Candid discussions by Jeremy that took place in early 2017 during the visit from the Zambian, Austrian and Melbourne WTM centres.

Savage Instincts Excuse-3 parts

The 3 parts of this video have Jeremy Griffith variously talking with Franklin Mukakanga, Tim Macartney-Snape, Stacy Rodger and Tony Gowing, filmed in Sydney on 3 March 2017. Part 1 describes how ‘Left-wing ideology has been based on false savage instincts excuse’; Part 2 describes ‘How universities are built on the false savage instincts excuse’; and Part 3 describes ‘Teleology & mechanistic science’.

Franklin’s Home | Africa | ‘The Arms Race’

This video has Jeremy Griffith talking with Franklin Mukakanga in Sydney on 25 Feb 2017, about his homeplace in Africa, as well as the ‘arms race’ that developed between competing groups of people.

Resignation | Unresigned ‘Ships at Sea’ – 2 videos

A 2-part video titled ‘Resignation | The Unresigned Mind | “Ships at Sea”’ by Jeremy Griffith with Franklin Mukakanga and Stefan Rössler, in Sydney on 25 Feb. 2017.

Psychological Stages That Accompany Ages

A presentation by Jeremy Griffith, in Sydney on 25 Feb 2017.

Jeremy’s Super-Ordered Work Place

Jeremy Griffith wanted to make this video to demonstrate how a wonderfully ordered system helps and inspires his thinking and writing process.

Effective Psychological Therapy

Jeremy Griffith explains effective psychological therapy techniques, in particular the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or ‘tapping’, in Sydney on 3 May 2017.

Jeremy’s Children’s Book ‘A Perfect Life’

A brief, entertaining talk, filmed in Sydney, in which Jeremy Griffith describes a little book he’s designed for children, titled A Perfect Life.

Jeremy Griffith Talking With Dr David Chivers

Jeremy talking via Skype in October 2014 with Dr David Chivers, anthropologist and former President of the Primate Society of Great Britain, about the biological explanation of the human condition in FREEDOM, with some focus on the origins and prevalence of autism in society today. (1 hour, 21 minutes.)

Jeremy Griffith’s 2014 visit with Professor Harry Prosen to the bonobos at the Milwaukee County Zoo

This exquisite footage of the nurtured peace in bonobo society was filmed by WTM cameraman James Press during Jeremy Griffth’s February 2014 visit with Professor Harry Prosen to the bonobos at the Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin, USA.

Further Responses From The Public To FREEDOM

In November 2014 Jeremy Griffith gave a number of introductory presentations to focus groups in Sydney. This video is a collection of further responses that were not included in the 2014 focus group Introductory talk that appears in the ‘Main collection of introductory videos’above.

Extracts Of Jeremy Discussing Various Topics

In November 2014 Jeremy Griffith gave a number of introductory presentations to focus groups in Sydney. This video is a collection of discussed topics that were not included in the 2014 focus group Introductory talk that appears in the ‘Main collection of introductory videos’ above.