‘FREEDOM’—Chapter 8  The Greatest, Most Heroic Story Ever Told

Chapter 8:16J Non-Religious Pseudo Idealistic Causes


The other form of more guilt-free expressions of idealism to support and live through have been non-religious and in some cases atheistic, God/​Integrative Meaning-denying Pseudo Idealistic Causes. These non-religious pseudo idealistic causes include communism or socialism, environmentalism, feminism, multiculturalism, aboriginalism, politically correct postmodernism, etc, etcbasically any pseudo idealistic cause you could find that allowed you to avoid having to think about and deal with the real issue behind all the destruction and imperfection in the world, namely your own and everyone else’s corrupted condition. TIME magazine’s former editor Richard Stengel perfectly captured this escapist trend when he wrote that ‘The environment became the last best cause, the ultimate guilt-free issue’ (TIME, 31 Dec. 1990).


Since humanity was trending towards ever more degraded, guilt-and-honesty-stripped fundamentalist misrepresentations of religious teachings and, as we will now see, other more guilt-free but dishonest forms of non-religious pseudo idealism to cope with the exponentially increasing levels of upset in the world, there was clearly going to come a timeunless understanding of the human condition was foundwhen excessive dishonesty would herald the end of the all-important search for liberating understanding of the human condition and lead to terminal levels of alienation in humans. The danger was of becoming overly dishonest in denying the upset, corrupted state of the human conditioninsisting on idealistic behaviour at the expense of realityand thus oppressing the need for some freedom from the ideals to search for knowledge. To become free of the human condition we had to be allowed to be, to a degree, free from the oppression of idealism if we were to search for knowledge, ultimately self-knowledge, understanding of the human condition. Again, as the journalist Richard Neville summarised, ‘We are locked in a race between self destruction and self discovery’either we found understanding of ourselves or we faced self-destruction. If we gave up the search for knowledge there was no hope, and, as will now be described, the virtual abandonment of that search by taking up ever more dishonest/​truthless forms of pseudo idealism has brought humanity to the brink of terminal alienation. By denying any confronting truththat is, by taking the practice of guilt-stripping to the extremeand simply dogmatically demanding we be ideal, pseudo idealism was only adding to alienation, burying humanity deeper in Plato’s cave of denial of any truth, making it harder and harder to reach liberating understanding of ourselves.


In fact, as should be increasingly apparent, to find understanding of the human condition a veritable mountain of accumulated dishonesty, especially from pseudo idealists, had to be defied and corrected. AND, if that wasn’t enough, as described in par. 573, the advocates of extreme pseudo idealistic dishonesty in my home country, in the form of our national broadcaster, the ABC, and Fairfax Media, then all but destroyed our efforts at the World Transformation Movement (WTM) to bring these humanity-saving insights to the world! The whole journey of getting all the truth up from its almost totally buried state and then bringing the humanity-liberating understanding of the human condition that that truth made possible to the world has been so difficult that, in hindsight, it seems all but a miracle that, as I said in par. 608, we are still on our feet making this further great effort with this book to have these world-saving insights recognised. The Persecution of the WTM section on our website (<www.humancondition.com/persecution>) documents the horrific treatment the WTM has had to endure and our final wonderful vindication in the law courts. However, until substantial support builds for these all-precious, liberating understandings, their survival hangs in the balance.


To drill down now into the progression of the increasingly guilt-stripped and thus ever more dishonest and thus ever more dangerous forms of non-religious pseudo idealism that humanity developed and adopted when Religion became too confronting, starting with Socialism and Communism.