WTM FAQ 1.39  How are we supposed to cope with all the heretical truths brought to light by the explanation of the human condition? / What are some of the heresies that are now safe and necessary to admit? / What is the real meaning of the religious term ‘Judgment Day’?


Jeremy Griffith’s response:

While the explanation of the human condition allows us to finally understand why every human is equally worthy and good, having the blinds drawn on our situation inevitably reveals a universe of previously denied truths, a litany of heresies. All the lies and delusions we humans have been using to protect ourselves from exposure of our immensely upset, corrupted condition (that has inevitably resulted from humanity’s 2-million-year heroic search for knowledge) while we couldn’t truthfully explain it are suddenly laid bare. The truth reveals the lies, as it must. In fact, as I explain in my definitive book FREEDOM, the arrival of understanding of the human condition brings about honesty day or truth day or exposure day or transparency day or revelation day, the so-called ‘judgment day’ that is referred to many times in the Bible. And while this all-exposing ‘judgment day’ is actually a day of compassionate understanding not condemnation, it is, nevertheless, a day when the extent of our own and our species’ by now extremely psychologically upset condition is suddenly revealed, which will naturally come as a great shock that we will have to adjust to.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of a person whose head is a painting by Basquiat, holding a placard of a face

Drawing by J. Griffith © 2017 Fedmex. Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat © 1982 Estate of J. Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1982 ‘Untitled’ painting, which sold in 2017 for $US110m,
at the time the sixth most expensive artwork ever sold at auction, no doubt due to its
revealing honesty about the true nature of our corrupted conditionwith a drawing
I did beside it of our civilised, manufacture-a-calm-happy-appearance mask.


This paradox of being wonderfully liberated but at the same time suddenly frighteningly exposed was recognised by the prophet Isaiah when he said that the liberation that ‘gives you relief from suffering and turmoil and cruel bondage…​will come with vengeance; with divine retribution…​to save you. Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped [people will be brought out of Plato’s dark cave of denial (see pars 81-84 of FREEDOM) where they have been hiding and refusing to hear the truth about their corrupted condition]…​Your nakedness will be exposed and your shame uncovered…​on the day of reckoning’. In the Koran, the prophet Muhammad also referred to ‘the Day of Reckoning’ and ‘the Last Judgement’, similarly stating that ‘on that day, the Terror shall come to pass, and heaven shall be split…​On that day you shall be exposed, not one secret of yours concealed.’ (par. 1153)

In his famous 1970 book, Future Shock, Alvin Toffler also actually anticipated this great shock of the arrival of the all-redeeming but, at the same time, all-exposing truth about ourselves when he wrote of ‘the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time’ (p.4 of 505).

And when the playwright George Bernard Shaw said that ‘All great truths begin as blasphemies’ he too was succinctly describing this problem of the sudden change that the arrival of a great insight brings and the inevitable difficulty, and natural resistance, people have to adjusting to such a significant and sudden change.

The following then are some of those heresies that having the blinds drawn on our condition means we now have to adjust to:


  • that the human race has become an extremely upset, alienated wreck (see for example pars 123 and 182. Note: unless otherwise stated, references are to FREEDOM);


  • that, in the case of science, while its painstaking discoveries of the mechanisms of the workings of our world enabled the-orientating-instincts-versus-the-understanding-intellect explanation of the human condition to be found, its practitioners have certainly not been rigorously objective and impartial as their ‘scientific method’ dictated. No, as it turns out, scientists (just like every other resigned human) have been committed to avoiding any truths that brought the historically unbearably depressing subject of the human condition into focusand were they to stay living in denial of the human condition by not supporting the truthful explanation of the human condition they would lead humanity to a state of terminal alienation and extinction (ch. 2:4);


  • that humans have a cooperative, loving instinctive heritage, not a brutish, savage and aggressive one (ch. 5);


  • that nurturing was the main influence in both the maturation of our species and in our own lives; with the consequences of that truth also being a great shock, especially for mothers, namely that their nurturing is all-important and that their alienation has been unavoidably psychologically devastating their children (ch. 8:16C). Similarly it is a massive shock for fathers to discover the catastrophic consequences on children of their now extremely narcissistic ‘Power Addicted’ state (ch. 8:16D);


  • that it is the lack of love that is the real reason for autism and ADHD, exposing the dishonest excuses we’ve used such as to blame it on our genes (ch. 8:16B – D);


  • that the emergence of humans’ fully conscious mind was made possible by the development of selfless moral instincts in our forebears, not from needing to manage complex situations (ch. 7:3);


  • that the most important psychological event in human life occurs when adolescents ‘Resign’ to living in denial of the whole unbearably depressing and seemingly unsolvable issue of the human condition, revealing that adolescents suffer from ‘human condition blues’ not ‘puberty blues’ (ch. 2:2);


  • that, at base, the purpose of hunting was not for food but to kill innocence (par. 778);


  • that sex as humans now practise it is not about trying to reproduce our genes as we have been taught but rather it is a psychologically upset behaviour where we resentfully attack innocence for its seeming criticism of our lack of innocence; with homosexuality being just one variety of psychologically upset behaviour (ch. 8:11B);


  • that the left-wing has actually been regressive not progressive because its dogmatic imposition of the cooperative ideals hindered the corrupting search for knowledge; and that the competition-and-selfishness-sympathetic right-wing are actually the ones holding the moral high-ground (ch. 8.13 – 8.16; also see Death by Dogma which can be accessed for free on our homepage as one of the WTM’s four key books);


  • that there are differences between ‘races’ (ethnic groups) in their levels of corruption of, and alienation from, our species’ original innocent instinctive state. Some ‘races’ are less innocent than others; or to say it another way, some ‘races’ are more adapted to the upset state of the human condition. This is an inevitable result of the upset state of the human condition having emerged in our species; some ‘races’, just as some individuals, will have been more exposed to upset and become more adapted to it. While everyone is equally good and worthwhile, everyone is variously upset. Everyone has variously lost their innocence. As soon as you have a struggle of any sort, those involved are all going to be variously exposed to it and thus variously affected by it. It can’t be any other way. But with the human condition at last resolved, all the upset in humans can now be repaired. The human race is now redeemed and everyone can be rehabilitated (ch. 8:16E);


  • that men and women have had different roles in humanity’s heroic journey to enlightenment; and as a result women are not ‘mainframed’ to the battle of the human condition in the same way men arethey are not as understanding of and thus appreciative of the battle as men are, simply because with women naturally occupied with the critical task of nurturing, the horrifically upsetting battle of searching for knowledge had especially to be taken up by men (hence society changed from being matriarchal to patriarchal), and, with that battle now finally won, what is revealed is that men particularly are the heroes of the story of life on Earth. Men are now explained and redeemed, and, more importantly, the historic so-called ‘battle of the sexes’, the lack of understanding between men and women, is brought to an end (ch. 8:11B);


  • that ‘God’ is the physical law of Negative Entropy (ch. 4:2), and that the prophets that are revered and worshipped, such as Christ, are not deities but humans like everyone else, only sufficiently nurtured with unconditional love in their infancy and childhood to not have resigned during their adolescence to a life of denial of truth (see ch. 2:2 about Resignation and FAQ 6.4 for an explanation of prophets);


  • that the ‘Trinity’ of ‘God the Father’, ‘God the Son’ and ‘God the Holy Ghost or Spirit’ can now be understood as ‘God’ being Negative Entropy or the Integrative Meaning of existence (ch. 4:2), the ‘Son of God’ being the first great tool for integrating matter, namely the gene-based learning system that gave rise to our integratively orientated instinctive self that Christ, for example, was an uncorrupted expression of, and that ‘God the Holy Ghost or Spirit’ is the second great tool for integrative matter, namely the nerve-based learning system that gave rise to our conscious self or intellectparticularly a ‘Godly’, Integrative-Meaning-acknowledging inspired and guided intellect (par. 1067);


  • that the ‘virgin mother’ of Christ was a metaphor for the exceptionally innocent mother needed to nurture an exceptionally innocent child who would be capable of becoming a denial-free thinking prophet (pars 796 and 1066-1067);


  • that the ‘resurrection’ of Christ after his martyrdom was not literal, but emblematic of the opportunity he gave upset humans to be ‘born again’ or raised up or resurrected from their corrupted, effectively dead state by living through support of him (pars 930 and 1067);


  • that the ‘messiah’ or liberator of humanity is science because it found the understandings of the difference in the way genes and nerves process information that made explanation of the human condition possible; and that the ‘second coming’ of exceptional Christ-like innocence refers to the need for a denial-free, truthful-thinking ‘prophet’ (a ‘prophet’ being an exceptionally unresigned thinker) to assemble the redeeming explanation of the human condition from science’s hard won insights about the nature of our world (see FAQ 3.14); and


  • that religions are actually fulfilled by understanding of the human condition because the true role of science was to bring an end to faith and belief and introduce the age of knowing, and with it a world of psychologically secure human beings, while the true role of religion was to comfort humanity while the search went on and explanation of the human condition was finally found, which is exactly what has happened (par. 1217).


The question this all raises is how are we to manage the arrival of the liberating but at the same time all-exposing ‘day of judgment’, ‘the day of reckoning’ when [Our] nakedness will be exposed’ and ‘not one secret of [ours will be] concealed’? As is explained in chapter 9 of FREEDOM, ‘The Transformation of The Human Race’, the simple answer is that we don’t try to confront the truth about our corrupted condition more than our degree of soundness and security of self can cope with. Once we have investigated these understandings sufficiently to know that they have explained the human condition, we don’t actually need to know any more than that to take up a life where we direct all our thoughts and energies into supporting these understandings, and to the repair of the world that they finally make possible. We don’t need to know the full extent of the truth that this information reveals about the upset state of humanity; and we particularly don’t need to know how it explains and reveals everything about our own human-condition-afflicted life.

Yes, we shouldn’t risk investigating these 2-million-years hidden and denied understandings of the human condition to the extent that we start to become overly exposed and confronted by the truths they reveal. Having lived without any real understanding of human life it is natural to want to keep studying these explanations that finally make sense of the world, both within and around us, but, again, such analysis can lead to becoming overly confronted and depressed by the extent of our own corrupted state, and that of our world.

While initially it will be difficult accepting this advice to only investigate all this amazing truth that is now available about humans to the degree that each person is sound enough to do so, with honesty it can be appreciated that it is a reasonable and necessary proposition. For instance, in the old human-condition-avoiding, denial-based world, academia limited those who could be involved in the pursuit of knowledge to the more intelligent, those with a high IQ (intelligence quotient). To enter university you had to pass entrance exams that assessed your IQ, your suitability to study complex subjects like higher mathematics and physics, because if you didn’t have an adequate IQ you would make little progress in studying such subjects. Well, in the new human-condition-resolved, human-condition-confronting world we similarly need the most appropriate people to study its information, which are those with a high SQ (soul or soundness quotient). If you don’t have an adequate SQ you simply won’t be able to make any progress with the information involved. But, importantly, with the explanation of the human condition we can now appreciate that while everyone is necessarily variously upset/​unsound/​alienated, that upset/​unsoundness/​alienation is not something bad, just as in the old denial-based world those who didn’t have a high IQ weren’t considered bad people, just not as able to think as effectively about certain intellectual, complex subjects. As is emphasised throughout FREEDOM, upset is not an evil, sinful, bad stateit is a heroic, good state, because it is an unavoidable product of humanity’s heroic, all-important search for knowledge. (par. 1188)

The overall situation then is that everyone has to be responsible and measure and limit how much they can study these human-condition-confronting understandings against how much self-confrontation they can cope with. If you start to feel unbearably confronted then restrict your study of the information. Again, the human race cannot have lived in the darkness of both ignorance and denial for some 2 million years and then suddenly be able to face all the truth about ourselves individually; it is simply not a reasonable expectation. Everyone has to expect that there will be a limit to how deeply they can afford to look into this information. But thankfully, and most importantly, no one has to overly confront their old, upset selfeveryone can leave that behind as dealt with and simply live for the new world and all its potential. As emphasised in FREEDOM, although existing generations who grew up without these understandings will still suffer the effects of the human condition, they can still live effectively free of the human condition because they no longer have to live preoccupied with it. It will be future generations who will be in the best position to further develop these understandings of the human condition because among current generations there are naturally very, very few individuals who remain secure enough in self to confront, study and develop them. (par. 1189)

As is also emphasised, once you know this information is true, that the upset state of the human condition is explained and defended at the fundamental level, you can leave the issue of your own and the world’s corruption behind as effectively dealt with and focus all your attention on developing a human-condition-free new world. You can preoccupy yourself with disseminating this information throughout the world and to a fresh generation, and with supporting all the projects that must now be undertaken to rehabilitate the world from the destructive effects of 2 million years of living under the duress of the human condition. In fact, it shouldn’t even be necessary to talk about the whole issue of the human condition any more than what appears in FREEDOM and in the presentations on the World Transformation Movement website. Humanity moves on to an entirely new paradigm of reality now. We get the truth up, and we move on. (par. 1190)

The danger is that if you do allow yourself to become overly confronted by what is being presented, your resigned self’s natural reaction could be to become defensive and try to attack and deny it in order to protect yourselfto, in effect, reinstate all the denials, which means advocating humanity’s retreat back into Plato’s dark cave of denial that the human race has been desperately trying to find its way out of for 2 million years. In short, the effect of overly studying this information, studying it beyond your degree of soundness or security of self can cope with, can be both dangerous to you and dangerous to the human race, and no one should want, nor risk, either of those outcomes. (Read FAQ 1.19: A caution about the danger of over-exposure / Advice for people with mental health issues.)

All that really matters now is that this new paradigm of the reconciling and redeeming understanding of the human condition is appreciated and disseminated to the world’s population, because it alone can heal the human race and save the world. All everyone should do now is support the truth about the human condition and it will achieve everything everyone has ever dreamt of. If we look after this information it, in turn, will look after each of us and the world. That is the mantra of the new world that understanding of the human condition brings about.


Drawing depicting the outcomes of the wrong response to The Truth, attacking it, and the right response of supporting it


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Since these understandings of the human condition can be destabilising for people with a history of psychological instability or serious mental health issues we also strongly encourage such people to seek the ongoing support and assistance of professional counsellors for their particular condition. At this early stage of its development, the World Transformation Movement does not have the resources to provide such support and assistance.


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To read about the Transformed State see Freedom Essay 15, or for a more comprehensive treatment, read chapter 9 of FREEDOM. You can also watch Jeremy explain how the Transformed Way of Living is adopted in Freedom Essay 33.