WTM FAQ 1.22  Shouldn’t FREEDOM overlook the WTM’s persecution? / Is the WTM being vengeful by including the persecution of the WTM? / Negativity should be removed from FREEDOM to help people access it.


With regard to the persecution that Jeremy and the WTM have been subjected to, FREEDOM simply records what happened in the interest of truth. It’s critically important to stand up to dishonesty and ill-treatment and call it out for what it is. People will naturally project their own insecurities and think Jeremy is being vengeful, but the truth will catch up with that lie and reveal that his only motivation is the pursuit and defence of truth. Throughout Jeremy’s life people have wanted him to overlook wrongness and pseudo idealistically ‘give it a hug’ instead, but that is just weakness that the world is flooded with and gets it absolutely nowhere. Everyone tells Jeremy to ‘dumb it down’, but he has absolutely no interest in doing that. The truth is what this world needs, but while Jeremy’s biological explanation of the human condition does show that all humans are ultimately worthwhile, that does not mean we just give wrongdoers a hugthey need the full truth that defends them in an honest way, not in a pseudo idealistic way, and that is what Jeremy presents. (Watch Jeremy present the redeeming, first-principle-based biological explanation of the human condition in Video/​Freedom Essay 3, or read chapter 3 of his definitive presentation on the subject, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.)

Being so condemning of E.O. Wilson for example (see FAQ 1.21), people may think Jeremy is an egocentric, insecure, vengeful person, that he is unkind, but ‘by their fruit you will recognize [what is sound and what is deluded because]…a bad tree cannot bear good fruit’ (Matt. 7:16, 18), and the ‘fruit’ is there in spades because Jeremy has been able to confront, explain and solve every aspect of the human condition. It’s a long, long time ago in Jeremy’s life when these sorts of accusations troubled him because he has just learnt again and again where real truth, and with it real compassion, comes from, and it’s not from caving into pseudo idealistic forms of sensitivity (see FAQ 6.5 for more on pseudo idealism).

Jeremy isn’t motivated by ego or bitterness or self-aggrandisement or defensiveness or any of those insecure behaviours. Those that work with him all the time have just never found any example of that kind of behaviour; all Jeremy is interested in is getting the truth up and stopping the suffering on Earth. In fact, one of the problems the WTM has with people when they meet Jeremy is they are expecting somebody that puts on the sort of airs and pretences that you normally expect academic experts and gurus of the new age movement to put on, but what they encounter is someone that is almost childlike in his lack of any pretence. If you watch Video/​Freedom Essay 52: Jeremy’s children’s book, A Perfect Life! you will see this complete lack of any sort of arrogance or self-aggrandisement in Jeremy.

With regard to the negative effect of this honesty on the reader, the truth is that the whole of Jeremy’s work is at base a big negative for any reader living with the lies that Jeremy is correcting. The basis of repairing a wrong is confronting for people who are defending that wrong. The saying ‘the truth hurts’ is a recognition that the effects of truth are negative to start with. Again, Jeremy is not afraid at all if what he is saying has a negative effect in terms of making people uncomfortable and confronting them. He is only concerned with getting the truth up. Everyone wants Jeremy to be superficially kind, basically to leave them in Plato’s dark cave of denial, but the whole purpose of his work is to end that dishonest existence so they can leave the cave. Sure it makes people uncomfortable, but as every day goes by the truth will catch up with the lie, the goodness of what Jeremy has presented will overwhelm the initial negativity of his message and in the end everyone will realise his work is the only island of truth and sanity in a world of utter madness and dishonesty.


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See also Freedom Essay 56 for explanation of why Jeremy Griffith and the WTM have been persecuted for bringing understanding to the human condition.