12. Terminal alienation and the extinction of the human race was upon us


The essential truth that we can now understand is that the source problem was the inability to confront the issue of the human condition and by so doing find the true instinct vs intellect rehabilitating understanding of it. Failure trapped by that inability, in sheer desperation because of all the unbearable levels of upset, a no-healing-understanding-for-our-2-million-year-psychologically-upset mind, totally artificially and ineffectively transformed world where humans supposedly live cooperatively and lovingly instead of competitively and aggressively was invented and tyrannically imposed.


The gloves were off now, the confidence ofand the sheer anger, aggression and fury underlyingthe industry of denial and delusion was such that it was now prepared to go the whole hog and brazenly mimic the arrival of the human-condition-understood-and-reconciled true world that the human race has always dreamed of achieving, cruelling any chance of it actually arriving. The fact is, the postmodern, politically correct, critical theory culture, with its Critical Race and Gender Theories, Identity Politics, Wokeness, Cancel Culture and Great Reset agenda, represented the very height of dishonesty, the most sophisticated expression of denial and delusion to have developed on Earth. Terminal alienation was indeed upon us, an extinction of our species was just around the corner!


It has been utterly unbearable for us humans having to live without the redeeming explanation of our corrupted, soul-destroyed, Garden-of-Eden-state-of-original-innocence-devastated, human condition while we searched for that relieving understanding, all the time becoming more and more psychologically upset as the search went on. The great danger was always that eventually we would become so extremely upset/​soul-corrupted that the feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt would become so great that our minds would become fanatically attached to whatever artificial forms of relief we had been able to find and develop, no matter how dishonest, deluded and mad those forms of relief were. After many stages of progression that have been described in this book, the human race has finally arrived at this extreme situation where artificial, do-‘good’-to-feel-good pseudo idealism, now in the form of the politically correct, dogmatic lunacy of the left-wing, is fanatically seeking to impose itself on the world. And it’s happening at the highest levels of society, in universities, schools, science, the judiciary, politics, medicine, the media, the church, royalty, and the corporate world, especially in the monolithic technology companies. These are all institutions that have traditionally been politically impartial. There is literally no sanity left, just psychological sickness and its desperate madness everywhere.


A 2017 article by Matt Ridley in The Times, titled ‘Blazing Saddles a dim memory as society enters a new dark age’, describes how ‘The enforcement of dogma is happening everywhere’, ‘We are witnessing the sabotage of the core principles of a free society’, ‘There’s an almost religious quality to many of the protests’. Ridley also refers to ‘virtue signalling [which is signalling how virtuous you are], written with the sanctimonious purity of a Red Guard during China’s Cultural Revolution’, and to the present ‘safe-space, trigger warning culture’, saying that ‘maybe the entire world is heading into a great endarkenment’. He ends by saying ‘the intolerance of dissent in Western universities and the puritanical hectoring of social media give grounds for concern that the flowering of freedom in the past several centuries may come under threat’ (26 Sep. 2017). Yes, these cautionary words from the philosopher John Stuart Mill have never been more applicable: ‘We have now recognised the necessity to the mental well-being of mankind (on which all their other well-being depends) of freedom of opinion, and freedom of the expression of opinion’, for ‘the price paid for intellectual pacification, is the sacrifice of the entire moral courage of the human mind’ (On Liberty, 1859).


Cartoon by Bill Leak of a man (democracy) running scared from a crowd yelling ‘Kill the fascist’ wielding placards of Love and Compassion.

The celebrated Australian cartoonist Bill Leak (1956–2017) depicted the anger
and intolerance at the heart of the pseudo idealism of political correctness.



As I summarised in TI, the culture of the Left makes people superficially feel good but it is extremely dangerously dishonest. Being concerned for others and the world is very important, but doing that to make yourself feel good is a dangerously selfish sickness, indeed it’s the most seductive and destructive of all drug addictionsand it’s been taking over the world. Dogma is not the cure, it’s the poison.


Yes, it is a case of getting artificial feel-good relief from the unbearable guilt of the human condition at all costs, and it is at ‘all costs’ because it meant the human race was abandoning the all-important heroic search for knowledge and any chance of finding the understanding of the human condition that would actually end the agony of the human condition, which thankfully has arrived in the nick of time to save the world from this horrific death by dogmaas long as we can get this critical breakthrough understanding of the human condition supported before we are outrun by all the habituated denial and attachments to all the useless ways we are trying to save ourselves. In fact, not only did left-wing pseudo idealism hinder the finding of understanding we so desperately needed, now that it has been found, the Left’s prohibition on any profound thinking means that it will try to ensure it doesn’t see the light of day! So please support, help and join the World Transformation Movement that, often against ferocious resistance, is promoting the instinct vs intellect explanation of the human conditionthe only thing that can end all the suffering and save humankind from extinction.


So, we can now fully understand from a basis of truthful, first principle biology how dangerous pseudo idealism has been, and appreciate the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s warnings that ‘There have always been many sickly people among those who invent fables and long for God [ideality]: they have a raging hate for the enlightened man and for that youngest of virtues which is called honesty…​Purer and more honest of speech is the healthy body, perfect and square-built: and it speaks of the meaning of the earth [which is to fight for knowledge, ultimately self-knowledge, understanding of the human condition]…​You are not yet free, you still search for freedom. Your search has fatigued you…​But, by my love and hope I entreat you: do not reject the hero in your soul! Keep holy your highest hope!…​War [against oppression, especially from dogma] and courage have done more great things than charity. Not your pity but your bravery has saved the unfortunate up to now’ (Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for Everyone and No One, 1892; tr. R.J. Hollingdale, 1961, pp.61-75 of 343), and ‘There comes a time in a culture’s history when it becomes so pathologically soft that it takes the side of its worst enemy [dogma]…​and calls it “progress”’ (common tr. of Beyond Good And Evil, 1886, sec. 201).


The science historian Jacob Bronowski gave a similar warning about not becoming ‘soft’ in his concluding statement to his 1973 television series and book of the same name, The Ascent of Man: ‘I am infinitely saddened to find myself suddenly surrounded in the west by a sense of terrible loss of nerve, a retreat from knowledge into – into what? Into…falsely profound questions about, Are we not really just animals at bottom; into extra-sensory perception and mystery. They do not lie along the line of what we are now able to know if we devote ourselves to it: an understanding of man himself. We are nature’s unique experiment to make the rational intelligence prove itself sounder than the reflex [instinct]. Knowledge is our destiny. Self-knowledge, at last bringing together the experience of the arts [that describe the human condition] and the explanations of science [that has to explain the human condition], waits ahead of us’ (p.437 of 448).


Basically, the virtuous, righteous, pseudo idealistic causes we humans have taken up after becoming ‘fatigued’, such as socialism, new ageism, feminism, environmentalism, political correctism, post-modernism, Marxist Critical Theory, identity politics, wokeness, cancel culture and the Great Reset, and so on, all represented false starts to a human-condition-free worldbecause, once again, the real start to an anger, egocentricity and alienation-free world depended on continuing the upsetting search for knowledge until we found the reconciling understanding of the human condition. As Bronowski and Nietzsche respectively said, ‘Knowledge is our destiny’ and the anti-knowledge, anti-truth and anti-progress of dogma is ‘its worst enemy’.


And, as Socrates famously pronounced, ‘the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance’ (Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers, c.225 AD), and ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’ (Plato’s dialogue Apology, c.380 BC; tr. B. Jowett, 1871, 38)but in the end a preference for ignorance and the associated need to oppress any examination of our lives, oppress any freedom to think truthfully, question and pursue knowledge, threatened to become the dominant attitude throughout the world. George Orwell’s bleak prediction in his famous 1949 book Nineteen Eighty-Four that ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face [the human mind] – for ever’ was about to be realised.


A heavy boot about to stamp down on a human face shrieking in horror



It’s always been prophesised that when understanding of the human condition arrives it will defeat a terrible false liberator of humanity, a false messiah, which we can now understand is pseudo idealism. Islam maintains that the ‘messiah’ (which I explain in par. 1278 of FREEDOM is science assisted in the end by denial-free thinking) will ‘defeat Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, the false messiah’, the ‘evil deceiver’ who will ‘try to lure people’ and ‘fool’ everyone (Wikipedia). In par. 1126 I describe how Christ also warned of ‘the end of the age’ when ‘many false prophets will appear and deceive many people…​Wherever there is a carcass [the extremely upset], there the vultures [false prophet merchants of delusion and denial] will gather…​So when you see the “abomination that causes desolation,” spoken of through the prophet Daniel, standing where it does not belong [pretending to be bringing about an enlightened ‘woke’ world]…​flee to the mountains…​How dreadful it will be in those days…​If those days had not been cut short [by the arrival of the real liberator of understanding of the human condition], no-one would survive.’ You can’t have a clearer or more authoritative warning of the danger of pseudo idealism than that‘authoritative’ because Christ is one of the soundest denial-free, honest, effective thinkers in history, see F. Essay 39. (It is true that religion itself is a form of pseudo idealism, of artificially imposing ideality on our corrupted condition, but, as I have explained, it was by far the least dishonest and deluded of the forms of pseudo idealism that developed after it.)


I might also include another strong warning of the danger of pseudo idealism from yet another great prophet, Sir Laurens van der Post; indeed, his full-page obituary in London’s The Times was boldly headed ‘A Prophet Out of Africa’ (20 Dec. 1996; see www.wtmsources.com/166): ‘the so-called liberal socialist elements in modern society are profoundly decadent today because they are not honest with themselves…​They give people an ideological and not a real idea of what life should be about, and this is immoral…​They feel good by being highly moral about other people’s lives, and this is immoral…​They have parted company with reality in the name of idealism…​there is this enormous trend which accompanies industrialized societies, which is to produce a kind of collective man who becomes indifferent to the individual values: real societies depend for their renewal and creation on individuals…​There is, in fact, a very disturbing, pathological elementsomething totally non-rationalin the criticism of the [then UK] Prime Minister [Margaret Thatcher]. It amazes me how no one recognizes how shrill, hysterical and out of control a phenomenon it is…​I think socialism, which has a nineteenth-century inspiration and was valid really only in a nineteenth-century context when the working classes had no vote, has long since been out of date and been like a rotting corpse whose smell in our midst has tainted the political atmosphere far too long’ (A Walk with a White Bushman, 1986, pp.90-93 of 326).