‘FREEDOM’—Chapter 8  The Greatest, Most Heroic Story Ever Told

Chapter 8:16M The Feminist Movement


The limitation of the New Age Movement, in terms of being an effective means of escaping the horror of the human condition, was that while it didn’t stress the cooperative ideals like socialism and communism did, in seeking to transcend humans’ upset state its very purpose served as a constant reminder and thus reprimand of our variously upset, embattled, troubled, estranged, alienated conditiona problem the next level of delusion sought to dispense with by simply denying its existence. Yes, the Feminist Movement maintained that there was no real difference between peopleand especially not between the sexes. It particularly denied the legitimacy of the exceptionally egocentric, combative male dimension to life that had taken on the heroic frontline role in fighting the ignorance of our instinctive self. Women’s lack of awareness of the all-important role that men have been playing is evident in this already mentioned comment from Germaine Greer, an icon of modern feminism: ‘As far as I’m concerned, men are the product of a damaged gene. They pretend to be normal but what they’re doing sitting there with benign smiles on their faces is they’re manufacturing sperm.’ Beyond their necessary role in reproduction men have been viewed as meaningless; as the leading feminist, Gloria Steinem, famously said, ‘A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’but the truth that is now able to be revealed is that men were carrying out the most important and difficult task being undertaken on the planet! Based on extreme dogma, the feminist movement could not and has not brokered any real reconciliation between men and women, rather, as this aforementioned quote points out, ‘What happened was that the so-called Battle of the Sexes became a contest in which only one side turned up. Men listened, in many cases sympathetically but, by the millions, were turned off.’ No, only by winning the battle to champion the egothat is, explain the human condition and establish that our egocentric conscious thinking self is good and not badcould the polarities of life of so-called ‘good’ and ‘evil’, that women and men are in truth an expression of, be reconciled.