THE Interview
Printing and Binding Instructions

There are two versions of THE Interview you can print and bind:

1. The A4 PDF or US letter PDF

2. The smaller A5 PDF or Half US letter PDF, for easy carry and distribution

Choose 1 or 2, and your country’s format.

Printing and Binding

For 1: Set your printer on colour (preferably), double-sided (preferably, and if so, flip on long edge), and page scaling set to ‘none’. Then print all the pages and simply staple the pages together down the left-hand side close to the edge; and you’ve got a booklet.

For 2: Firstly, note that you can’t read this version onscreen because the pages are designed to be folded in half, which means the pages in the file aren’t sequential.

Set your printer on colour (preferably), double-sided (flip on short edge), and page scaling set to ‘none’. Then print all the pages. Then fold the pages in half and assemble them in order, then open the book at the centre and turn it over so the cover is facing upwards and lay it on some carpet or soft surface. Then take a stapler, even a smallish one will do, open the stapler right up and just use the main top part of the stapler to push 4 staples through all the pages along the centre spine. Then turn the book over and crimp the ends of the staples flat that are sticking through; and then you have your small, easy to carry and distribute booklet.