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Freedom: Expanded Book 2

Section 3

Affirmations of the
Transformed Lifeforce State


Section 3:1 Prue Westbrook (recorded December 2009)

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Hi, my name is Prue Westbrook, I’m 28 years old and I’m a Founding Member of the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT (WTM).

I’m part of the conduit generation that gets these understandings to a fresh generation. That is my life’s focus, that is where I draw all my meaning and sustenance from now, and that is what I know solves all the world’s problems. I love every minute of it and I can’t wait until the whole world catches on to this. Being a Lifeforce living for the potential of this information is everything.

As you will see, the power and excitement and energy of this TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE will be more than we can bear. It will sweep the world and produce a new lifestyle for humans that will be an absolute party day after day, full of optimism, enthusiasm and meaning, where everyone will be working together to TRANSFORM the world through this information. It is a TRANSFORMATION that will end all the suffering and pain on Earth and allow humans in the future to have an existence of integration and beauty, unrecognisable to the existence we have known.

So how does the TRANSFORMATION Process work?

The Abyss of Depression and the Sunshine Highway to Freedom drawing (see next image) by Jeremy Griffith (that is discussed in Section 2:1 of this presentation) will become the most important and significant drawing for our generation in helping us to understand how the TRANSFORMATION Process works and the situation that is before us.

Our generation has grown up with the human condition and as a result we have a lot of hurt, pain, insecurity, alienation, anger and fear inside us, as this information reveals. There is a lot of upset within us to try to face now, not only from our own personal encounters with the human condition but also from having in our heritage two million years of the human condition. But this was always going to be the situation for the first generation to encounter the truth.

We have been owned by and are saturated in the human condition. The cave-like dead existence shown on the Abyss drawing is where we have lived, it is the only world we have known and so it is the only way that we know how to view the world.

The only way we know how to live is to try to prove ourselves everyday, take whatever particular talents and abilities we have and use them to achieve, succeed and win. We chaotically go about life, we take out our frustrations and anger on each other, we battle on, we fall in love, try to find some meaning, we get drunk and just forget about it all, we bounce back and give it another shot. We stay positive, keep our chin up, try and get a bit of relief somehow from it all, go to a concert, a football game or on a holiday and say, ‘what human condition?’ We live for ourselves and our families and try and make life work. We keep a brave face and endure all the hardships and horrors that are thrown at us as best as we can. I know it, I’ve lived there.



The Abyss of Depression and the Sunshine Highway to Freedom

The Abyss of Depression and the Sunshine Highway to Freedom

But there is another place humans can live now.

We have the truth now, the breakthrough of breakthroughs has occurred. With the help of science Jeremy Griffith has solved the human condition and delivered the full biological synthesis and explanation of humans. The truth has arrived, thereby bringing about a changea paradigm shift of massive proportions, and while this is the most exciting time in history, having the truth finally about the human condition is going to reveal truths about our state that will be unbearably confronting for us. ‘Unbearable’meaning we will not be able to confront or cope with what the truth will necessarily reveal about our state. This is a time of very great exposure, the time of ‘the lightning [that] comes from the east and flashes to the west’ (Bible, Matt. 24-27). This quote from the Bible is explained in A Species In Denial by Jeremy when he said that ‘Christ was clearly using the most powerful metaphor available to express how exposing and thus confronting the truth about human nature would be when it arrives’ (p.445 printed edition/p.289 online version). This truth presents the full compassionate story about humanswe couldn’t be talking about all this, talking about our corrupted state, if we didn’t know that it is in fact the full truth that explains and defends us. Yet, while the defence for our upset embattled state (including for all our hurt, our selfishness, our blindness, for what we have become) is there, the truth will and must reveal everything. It necessarily comes clean on everything about us. You can’t have the truth and not have the truth, as Jeremy has said, and so we have a problem because it is too exposing and too frightening for us to cope with.

Jeremy’s drawing of the Abyss is the truest and cleanest depiction we will ever have of this situation.

How can we, if you follow the logic, hope to face or confront any of these truths? How can I as a 28-year-old girl adjust to the fact that women’s lives have been focused around reinforcement from men? That women are ignorant of this need to search for understanding? That being resigned means you are dedicated to living a life of denial? How can men face what they have had to become? How can women face that we have not been able to nurture children properly? How are we all to face, when we start to see clearly, how much confusion and pain children in this world are in, dying inside themselves? How are we going to cope with seeing what’s really going on? How can we cope with and accept our alienation? When I hear quotes from the Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing, I know they are true. I can see the human condition in myself and in the world around me but I can’t and I don’t want to look at it too closely. It is like there is a big ‘no-go-zone’ in me whenever I try to look at the extent of the hurt and pain inside me and what it causes, my lack of sensitivity. It’s like trying to look at our state truthfully, without any denial and live comfortably with all our falseness and superficiality exposed and of course we are unable to do that because it is horrifying and terribly confronting when you see it in the daylight for all it is.

We can take enormous comfort in knowing what a glorious job humans have donethe greater story is sublime, what a journey it has been! But it doesn’t mean we can delve into all these truths and face it comfortably in our day-to-day existence.

I should say here that if you are still young and unresigned you can live with the truth comfortably and as your appreciation grows of this breakthrough information so does your appreciation and knowingness of the soundness of this information’s source, how extraordinarily rare unresigned minds like Jeremy’s are in their ability to penetrate the truth of any situation.

If we resigned humans try to look at these truths too closely we face an abyss of depression as Jeremy has shown in the Abyss drawing; or become angry about the exposure and defensive and want to deny this information is true; or get stalled or bogged down in trying to work ourselves out, become selfish about it and try to fix ourselves now that this information has shed so much understanding and light on our situations. But to do this is really not an option for our generation. Since this is the breakthrough biological understanding of the human condition its importance is colossal for the human race and there is so much at stake and so much to get on with doing now. As the Abyss drawing again shows us, the alternative is extinction of the human species from terminal levels of alienation and I don’t think that is an optionwe cannot accept that alternative, we cannot let that happen.

So what are we going to do?

Well, there is a way. There is an incredible solution to all this and that is that we don’t have to face it down or confront it or look at it at all. The path past all that is to just live in support of this. Once we know the information is true we can just support it without looking at or confronting the truths too closely, and we just get on with it.

Clearly, once you know this information is true and therefore its importance to the human race, and you can begin to appreciate the profundity and scale of what has just happened hereif this is the breakthrough of breakthroughsthe priority is surely just to support it. The Abyss drawing shows a bridge and it is the way forward now. If we just live for this information, live for the future, if we just get behind this information and support it, if we look after this information, then in the decision to do that we are instantly liberated from our human-condition-afflicted self and all our self-preoccupied destructive behaviour gets left behind. The depression gets swept away with the incredible flood of meaningfulness that your life has in standing by this information’s side and therefore ensuring that all humans can benefit from its healing and ameliorating effects. All that other stuff isn’t relevant to us anymore, it just doesn’t matter, it doesn’t touch you, it’s not on your landscape anymore.

It’s this discovery and the freedom from that state with all its complexities and insecurities that TRANSFORMS us, TRANSFORMS the world and ensures this information gets to the next generation. You say ‘I’m just going to live for this’ and try it and in that instant all the possibilities for the human race now become radiantly clear. You see how this works, you see its power.

We don’t have to get stuck trying to face this down or look at our own upset, we just get right in behind this and leave all that behind. There’s not much we could have changed or done about all that anyway and the fact is there is now a chance for the whole human race to be free, for all the suffering to end and for the next generation to grow up with the truth, and then finally a generation can be born free of the human condition! We can now turn this around. This takes priority in our lives and totally trumps the way we have been living, this is the new place for humans to live.

That is the simple solution, just live for this and that creates a force, an unstoppable energy, that will sweep the world. The excitement and meaning of that will make all our pain and hurt seem light years away. We won’t be owned by the human condition or be insecure about it or even be thinking about it at all, it won’t matter to us. Self is rested now. All our upset will be redundant and all we will be focused on is what we can do now. It really is like all our pain and all our psychoses and all the hurt of our old states will have been left behind, like a huge city just evacuated, just left in history in the days before we had this information. And we take up a whole new lifestyle based on living for the information and that will be all humans’ common ground. So rather than being estranged from each other, we will be able to talk to one another and relate to each other. This is the beginning of that time. We are sitting on the means to TRANSFORM the world, solve all the world’s and our own problems overnight. It is a solution which will allow us to now finally deal with all the immediate problemsand there are manyin the world and stop suffering effectively and quickly.

So the realisation is ‘Let’s Go!’, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ That really is the war cry. Let’s get behind this information and push it all the way and turn this whole situation around. Let’s build the new world finally, now that we have the firm foundations of truth and honesty and all the answers and all the knowledge of ourselves to safely build it from.



Painting by Genevieve Salter © Fedmex Pty Ltd 1998


The absolute exhilaration that comes from the discovery of just living for this and seeing this potential and having the full force of the beauty of this information hit you is captured in the picture (above) that Genevieve Salter, who has been an incredible inspiration to me in the way she has lived her life, drew, of a girl looking at a sun rising which is massive (you can see the size of it compared to her) and what I’m describing is just like that.



Computer graphic by J Griffith, M Rowell and G Salter
© Fedmex Pty Ltd 2009


You can also see the incredible excitement in this WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT poster. Look at the figures and their happiness and the party they are having. Well, that happens to be us, what our generation has to look forward to.

So that’s what’s in front of us now. There’s lots to do and everything to live for.