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Freedom Expanded: Book 2––Affirmations of the Transformed Lifeforce State

Section 3:6 Annie Williams (recorded December 2009)


Annie Williams giving her Transformation Affirmation


Hi, my name is Annie Williams and I’ve been a founding member of the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT (WTM) since 1980 and I’m now 48 [at the time of filming].

The name of the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT has just been changed from the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood (FHA), which I’ve always absolutely loved because it talks about humanity finally maturing through understanding itself into its Adulthood state, which is a state of management and functionality. But it has been changed to the WTM which is just so incredibly beautiful because that is what this information does, what understanding the human condition does [see Video/​F. Essay 3], it does transform you [see F. Essay 15]. It transforms you from someone that has lived, as Jeremy has explained, in the dark without understanding, and has all the characteristics of the human condition and of being a human at this time in historyso that includes all the depression and darkness and shame of our unexplained state, and it does transform you to a person that is full of hope and love and compassion for humans. It’s absolutely incredible what this does to you. It does transform youfrom someone who lives in a very small world that has no beauty and has no hope for the future and can’t understand anything and that basically is just reduced to living a very selfish and preoccupied lifeto someone who can really understand the whole world, the whole history of the human journey. The macro scale of this is just all-powerful. That’s why I love the word transformation because that is exactly what it does. People can say, ‘How does this work, you’re talking about transforming the world, the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT, God, come on, you’ve got to be kidding’, but I know that I’m just one human that has lived on this planet and I represent the rest of humans and it’s transformed me, so it can transform all humans. And I’m not particularly smart or talented, I’ve just been lucky enough to run into this information and what it does for you is just transforming! [Again, Video/​F. Essay 15 explains how understanding the human condition can immediately transform your and every other human’s life and save the world.]

I’d like to give a little bit of background about what meant so much to me in terms of accessing the real potential and power of this information.

I was 18 and attending art college, which included studying art history, and the things that were going through my mind at that age and stage of my life were things like ‘Why are there so many different cultures and different religions?’ [see F. Essay 28] and ‘Surely there’s got to be a universal truth somewhere’ [see F. Essay 23] and ‘Where does creativity come from?’, and all those sorts of questions that run through your mind but you have no real foundation or centre to think about things and to understand things. When Jeremy Griffith introduced this information to me it was addressing those questions on a fundamental level. It did take me time to really absorb it though, and I really want to appeal to people to keep re-reading, to keep re-listening to the information because in those early days it does need that re-reading. Jeremy calls it the ‘deaf effect’ because basically we have been living in denial, so we take this state of denial as the only world there is, so it takes a while to erode the cynicism, erode the superficiality and actually start thinking about things again. [See Video/​F. Essay 11: The difficulty of reading FREEDOM and the solution.] So to get through the deaf effect reaction is a really important step and when you do, you walk around looking at the world and you are in wonder, you can actually start thinking deeply about things and you can understand what is relevant to you. Questions like ‘Why do women embrace the idea of being a sex object?’ [see F. Essay 27], ‘Why is the world patriarchal?’ [see F. Essay 26], ‘What is sensitivity and creativity?’ [see F. Essay 42], ‘What is our conscience or soul?’ [see F. Essay 21], ‘What is morality?’ [see F. Essay 21], are all answered, it’s absolutely unbelievable! I can understand what my conscience or soul is, I can understand the feelings I had inside of me at that time, I can understand why my father was so incredibly tough and strong and appreciate that. It was just unravelling before me. Jeremy talks about an avalanche of answers and that is exactly what this information provides, you almost can’t keep up with it and then you are skipping around in this wonderland of knowledge and you can start thinking and start accounting for things.

But then you do run into yourself, run into your own human condition, and rediscover that, and that is immensely confronting and immensely uncomfortable. This is the ‘Mexican Standoff’ that has been talked about in these affirmations [see Video/​F. Essay 33 for a discussion by Jeremy on the Mexican Standoff]. For me it was after 10 years of access and intense involvement with the WTM and struggling with the Mexican Standoff that the explanation of Resignation became so significant for me personally [see F. Essay 30 for the explanation of Resignation]. It allowed me to access the fundamental defence of humans because when I could understand the difference between an unresigned and resigned person, then I could accept how an unresigned person could think about this, live with this, live fearless of the human condition and therefore think cleanly and explain the human condition from first principle based biology. That was such a key moment for me. I suddenly wasn’t feeling condemned or inadequate or criticised by the implications of the information. I wasn’t trying to compete with the information because I could understand the difference between an unresigned and resigned mind. I could understand, as Jeremy Griffith explains, that unresigned minds are what were historically termed prophets [see F. Essays 38 & 39], and where all that substance, beauty and sensitivity comes from and why they still have access to that, because they didn’t die inside, because they didn’t have to resign. I really, really want people to read the Resignation essay [30] and chapter in FREEDOM [see chapter 2:2] and really study them because they are incredibly unlocking of so many aspects of the human condition.

There actually are two different types of humans: humans that have had to resign, which is a defended dignified state; but there are also these rare humans that actually don’t have to resign [again, see F. Essays 38 & 39 about ‘prophets’], which is a product of the right circumstances and being in an incredibly nurturing environment, basically being in a little corner of the world where the human condition wasn’t raging around them. Understanding that was immensely, immensely significant for me. It was critical because through that understanding I could accept my own human condition, not as a shameful state or something I should be embarrassed about or feel criticised about, and then I could actually stop competing with the information and then I could just access it’s true, powerful, transforming potential.

I remember one morning waking up just feeling free of that heaviness, free of that feeling of shame or criticism, free of trying to fight those feelings with just the old standard resigned strategies that I had developed. I was actually, for the very first time, using the information available to my mind and this brain food was actually kicking in and from there I was in a position to really fully appreciate how you do live with this immensely confronting time in history. You are finally given the tools and the information to be honest about your alienated state and all that that means: that we have become immensely selfish, immensely preoccupied with our own insecuritiesthat all that matters to us is trying to get our self worth validated. And the change from that state, that this information makes possible, is the transformation. You are transformed from that preoccupied person to a person free, not free of the human condition but free of that preoccupation. Free to be able to think again, free to be able to feel again, free to be able to understand everything and then you know in that moment that if I can do this, if I can be transformed from what I was to what I’m feeling now, then this is what saves the world, because I am one human of all the humans in the world and I’ve done it and if I can do it then anyone can do it and that is the moment of transformation. That is what the WTM is going to be taking to this planet and it is all-powerful and all-exciting because every day you know (I mean we don’t know exactly when, and we’ve got massive challenges before us), that this information is going to sweep the world as Jeremy Griffith said and it is going to be like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, ‘the Truth has to appear only once…for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze’ (Let Me Explain, 1966; trs René Hague & others, 1970, p.159 of 189, quoted in Section 2:3).

That is the meaningfulness and that is the wonder and the power and the incredible, incredible excitement that runs through your veins and it’s almost unbearable at times because you know that every minute, even if you are asleep, that if you support this movement it will save the world, full stop. It stops all the pain and it stops all the children having to go through what you went through and how amazingly meaningful is that! What more could you ever ask for in your life?! You are given the most wonderful glorious gift that you could ever be given. So that’s why I’m a WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT member!