As these extracts show, solving the human condition makes possible the immediate transformation of every human’s life from a human-condition-afflicted, tortured state to a human-condition-free life of unimaginable excitement and happiness.

WTM Centres opening around the world

In February 2017 the first three WTM Centres outside of Sydney were launched — in Zambia, Austria and Melbourne.

WTM Centres continue to open around the world:

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The great hope, faith and trust of the human race has been that one day all our tireless efforts of thought and enquiry would deliver the redeeming, reconciling and psychologically rehabilitating understanding of our species’ ‘good and evil’ conflicted so-called human condition.

While there have been all manner of desperate false starts to a human-condition-free new world for humans, it is only through finding this actual understanding of the human condition that the real start to a transformed world for humans becomes possible — and, astonishing as it is, it is that dreamed-of understanding and the real transformation of us that it makes possible that has finally arrived!

There are two steps to this fabulous, world-saving transformation of your, and every other human’s life that has finally become possible:


Verify for yourself that this is the long sought-after redeeming explanation of the human condition.


Take up the Transformed Way of Living that understanding of the human condition finally makes immediately possible for all humans — indeed, it is the only responsible way to live now.

As the understanding of the human condition reveals, we humans have necessarily had to artificially relieve ourselves of the psychological insecurity caused by our previously unexplained ‘good and evil’ conflicted human condition through winning as much power, fame, fortune and glory as we could — but now that we’ve found the redeeming biological explanation of our species’ fundamental goodness, all those artificial ways of reinforcing ourselves are necessarily obsoleted and replaced by an understanding-defended Transformed Way of Living for all humans. Understanding liberates us from insecurity; the truth sets us free.

  • Watch, listen to and read 4 key presentations on how to become Transformed. These presentations provide the ideal instruction for achieving the Transfomation that this all-redeeming and all-relieving explanation of the human condition finally makes possible.

  • Become a Member of the WTM

    Become a member of the World Transformation Movement. The relief, excitement, happiness and meaning that is now available is so spectacularly wonderful that every human from every corner of the world will, in the not too distant future, want to become a member of the World Transformation Movement. Love has come to the world in its purest form, namely as relieving biological understanding of the human condition. So become a WTM Member now and help transform the world, because at last we really can!

  • Participate in WTM membership activities. Below the Transformation videos you will find extracts of the global meetings that are frequently held to talk about the exciting transformation of the world that understanding the human condition opens up, which you can join to share in all the excitement and fellowship of this fabulous new world community.

The 4 key presentations
on how to become Transformed

Note, for the complete explanation of how understanding the human condition is able to immediately transform the lives of all humans, read chapter 9 of FREEDOM. Importantly, as is explained in chapters 9:5 and 9:6, the new transformed way of living is not another defer-to-a-deity religion, or another deluded, superficial, ‘think positive’, ‘everyone-just-be-kind-to-each-other-and-the-environment’ false start to a better world, but the real  human-condition-understood-and-resolved transformation of our lives and thus world.

1. Introduction to the

Watch Jeremy Griffith describe the wonder and excitement of what is on offer for all humans now that the human condition is solved.

2. Jeremy’s Main
Transformation Talk

Watch a discussion in which Jeremy explains how easy it is to become transformed now that the human condition has been solved.

3. The Transformation
of the World

Watch a 2 part talk about the dangerous politically correct false start to a transformed world, and this real  human-condition-solved start.

4. Wonderful
Transformation Counsel

Listen to and read wonderfully instructive Transformation talks.

Personal Transformation Affirmations

Participate in WTM Membership Activities

Participate in or simply observe our live global monthly meetings

Each month all the WTM Centres get together to discuss the new human-condition-free world and help each other with their, and the world’s, transformation.

Have a personal Transformation call with WTM Members

Want to have a talk like this with a WTM Member? It doesn’t have to be recorded. Click here for more details.

Candid discussions that took place during the visit from the Zambian, Austrian and Melbourne WTM centres

More about the WTM

Description of the WTM

While the Sydney World Transformation Centre, which has been established and run by 50 WTM founding members, lies at the heart of the WTM’s operations, with the publication and promotion of the definitive description of the human condition and its transforming benefits in ‘FREEDOM’ in 2016, WTM membership is now rapidly growing worldwide, leading to the formation of more World Transformation Centres.


History of the WTM

Founded in 1983, the WTM has been pioneering the new, human-condition-resolved world for over 30 years. Click the link below to read a chronological documentation of the main events in the life of the WTM.


The WTM is a Charity

The WTM is a not-for-profit organisation that pursues the objectives set out in its Constitution, which include developing and promoting investigation into human evolution and biological development, with the aim of understanding and ameliorating the human condition. The WTM is a registered Australian charity, holds an Authority to Fundraise for Charitable Purposes, and is audited annually by an independent registered company auditor.