Tony Gowing’s fabulous leadership to the Transformed Life that understanding the human condition finally makes possible for all humans


Tony Gowing


We advise that the best introduction to Tony’s fabulous leadership for the whole human race to the Transformed Way of Living that understanding of the human condition finally makes possible, is to watch/read the description of the journey that new people to this understanding of the human condition typically go through in The Shock of Change video/booklet. It goes through the various pitfalls and procrastinations that often occur when encountering this fabulous breakthrough understanding of ourselves and then it finishes with these two paragraphs (5354) that introduce the significance of Tony’s role in leading the world to freedom from the horror of the human condition!


“Clearly what is needed in this early ‘shock of change’ stage where all manner of procrastinations, exploitations and avoidances inevitably occur is for exceptionally gifted, clear-sighted, St-Paul-like individuals to appear who are able to LEAD THE WAY TO A WORLD WHERE EVERYONE IS ENJOYING THE ALL-MEANINGFUL AND ALL-EXCITING TRANSFORMED WAY OF LIVINGwhich is illustrated in the drawing of Humanity’s Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment by the person excitedly running toward the all-wonderful transformed world.


Humanity's Journey From Ignorance To Enlightenment


WTM founding member Anthony [Tony] Gowing, with many other WTM founding members and WTM Centre members close behind him, is just such a leader of the great break-out for the human race from the fast looming threat of the terminal alienation and extinction of our species into a warm sun/​understanding-filled Transformed State of unimaginable relief and happiness! You can read and hear Tony’s inspired teachings about the Transformed Way Of Living in the Transformation section on our website.”


So this is a collection of Tony Gowing’s leadership to a fabulous whole new world for the human race. We have begun this collection with the inspired example of Tony’s writing that appears on the Transformation page, after which his comments appear with the most recent at the top.


(Note, we have provided links to where the comments are posted in our Facebook Group, but because it’s a private group you will need to join to see them there.)


26 Nov. 2022 Facebook comment about how the Transformed Way of Living is the only way forward:


Once everyone manages to get over the shock and astonishment and drop-dead unbelievably brilliant, all-liberating, all-explaining, all-freeing, almost totally uncontrollably joyous feelings that understanding the human condition brings, the only possible path available to us is to take up the transformed state. The old human condition afflicted world is dead, horrible, meaningless and totally and utterly barren in comparison to what is on offer now. The real joy that I just can’t wait for the whole world to experience is the feeling of giving your life in service of the understanding of the human condition all day and all night, we can not only step out of the nightmare that we have been all but unaware we have been living in but we can now be part of the most wonderful, world-saving, all-important, all-suffering-ending, unconditional-loving, 100% secure in the knowledge that every ounce of energy that we expend every minute of every day is going into the right direction. We don’t have to guess or ‘try’ to be good, or hope we are doing the right thing, WE KNOW IT, we feel it with all our hearts and minds. The enthusiasm, liveliness and unbelievable zeal will rush through us all like an avalanche. We can wake up from our stupor, with understanding of the human condition in our minds and hearts we are now able to see the path forward, standing right up at the front of the helm of the ship that is taking humanity forward, we know what to do, we can truly live with purpose and joy and freedom now. All of our old human condition afflicted pursuits can now be left in the pile of rubble that we all now know it is. (I know, that the rubble has been so important to keep us alive until now, but none-the-less the old human condition afflicted world is ALL total an utter rubbish). Let’s go, let’s get the fuck out of the old world, lets dedicate our lives and minds and our hearts to freeing the world and freeing ourselves and leading the way. And the only way is by the whole human race understanding the human condition and finding more and more momentum in ourselves and our group of supporters and from the rest of the world – lets love the world back to life with Jeremy’s magnificent understanding of the human condition and bring an end to all the suffering, madness and desperation it truly is up to us!!


Jeremy Griffith: Yeah Tony Maloney [Gowing], that is just so wonderful and inspirational and true and perfect and lovely . There’s going to be so many people in the boat with us to the new world sailing and sailing and sailing on relief and happiness. Come on sunshine, let’s go, enough trauma and terror and madness, here comes the sunshine, love what you say with all my heart and soul.


10 Jan. 2023 Facebook post about the Deaf Effect and how the Transformed State allows us to live a completely full and satisfying life:


Awesome post as always Paul! The deaf effect really is an awful situation for the human race to be in, particularly after such a hideous journey to find understanding of it but to be given a final, and at times seemingly insurmountable challenge on top of the already diabolically difficult situation seems so unfair it’s not funny.


Jeremy offered me some advice about helping someone with the deaf effect recently and I thought it was so beautifully simple and helpful:


“Ask them to just watch the first part of TI and get them to at least begin to see that we did once live cooperatively and lovingly, and from there see that it makes sense that if that’s true then we have an immense historic fear of the whole subject of our corrupted human condition, and from there see that it has to be expected that when reading about the human condition it does cause a deaf effect and that’s why everyone does initially struggle”.


Keeping everything lined up in my own head about what’s happening and why is often so difficult because the fear and block-out is so habituated, but the more we can simplify things in our own minds, see the situation more and more clearly, the less daunting the whole situation becomes, the less we suffer from the fear, deafness and defensiveness in ourselves and the better proponents we are for this project.


I know that I’m a broken record on this sort of stuff, but the answer to all the difficulties and seeming slow progress for me is always the Transformed State. The true gift of this challenge in front of us is that we have something that we can be part of, we can completely apply ourselves to, something that can totally take over from all the worry, hardship, anxiety, difficulty of life before the human condition was solved. All we can do personally is do as much as we humanly can to help bring these answers to the rest of the world in whatever way we can from whatever position we come from, but from that position, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, all the frustration, all the confusion, comes out of our situations, we know what we’ve got to do, we know we are working on doing it, we just have to put one foot in front of the other, but as you do, and our preoccupation in our historic psychosis fades, the new world and all of its wonders begins to open up to us as we just leave all the worry and desperation behind and just focus on our unimaginably exciting and important and meaningful future, our lives start to clear up, the old worries/endless pressure of proving ourselves begins to drop away, we don’t have to be insecure about our human condition afflicted madness/psychosis, all that can just be moved on from it to an endlessly beautiful all-knowing all-secure future it makes me think of Dougie Lobban’s affirmation where he says “I got this image of marching straight forward with incredible purpose straight out of a massive swamp into long green grass with flowers and butterflies and sunshine and never ever looking back just keep marching forward. Everyone together, we are going to have so much fun.”


5 Jan. 2023 Facebook post about the brilliance of THE Interview and how we should remind ourselves of it every day by using the main points in The Questionnaire:


Making sense of any situation on earth that relates to humans is simply impossible without Jeremy Griffith’s biological understanding of the human condition. Over the last 2 million years since the human condition emerged when our species developed our conscious thinking minds our number 1 priority has been to block out all thought about the human condition, because without its solution it was simply unbearable to think about. This situation all changes with THE Interview (see, because every single human can now confront and understand the human condition whoever they are. Honestly, THE Interview is just so, so good, it saves the world in 1 hour, it provides THE foundation of knowledge on which all other current knowledge about humans doesn’t make sense without.


In the WTM we talk a lot about putting precious things on our walls, and to me another one of the most wonderfully helpful tools that should be on every human’s wall in the entire world is the summary of THE Interview that is available in the Questionnaire ( – We should tick these points off every single morning, these key points of understanding are what will change the world when NOTHING ELSE WILL. So, you, I, we, every next door neighbour, parent, child, scientist, politician, billionaire, drug addict, homeless person, suburban Mum and Dads, all need to understand these key points, we can all live off them, love them, find security in them. Basically, the truth is if you are having a conversation and these points don’t form the basis of it, you are perpetuating all the suffering on the planet. But the more we each understand, mull-over, follow the ramifications through more and more, the greater your life and the lives of every human on earth will be and the closer we are to bringing an end to the human condition and all its horror.


So please put these check points somewhere prominent and work your way through them, your responsibility as a human is to understand them and explain them to the rest of the world!


THE Interview explains in Part 1:

a) that the main excuse used to explain our competitive and aggressive condition is that we have ‘savage instincts’, but this excuse is wrong because we have cooperative and loving moral instincts


b) that the truth is we don’t suffer from a must-reproduce-our-genes animal condition but a conscious-mind-based psychologically troubled human condition


c) that having a conscious-mind-based psychologically troubled condition means it can be healed with understanding


d) that the true instinct vs intellect explanation of our human condition is very obvious because if an animal was to become fully conscious, as we did, then it makes sense that an upsetting battle would break out with its instincts, which only the understanding of, which we now have, could cure


in Part 2:

e) that the reason we haven’t been taught the instinct vs intellect explanation is that even though we have known since ancient times, such as in the Garden of Eden story, that the emergence of our conscious mind led to our ‘fall’ from innocence, until science explained the difference between the instinct and intellect learning systems we had no ability to explain the good reason for our corrupted condition, which left us no choice but to deny that we once lived in a cooperative and loving innocent state and to hold onto the false ‘savage instincts’ excuse for our divisive behaviour


f) that this habituated attachment to the ‘savage instincts’ excuse has been blocking scientists from a truthful understanding of the human condition


in Part 3:

g) that nurturing, which primates are especially facilitated to develop as a result of their arms-free arboreal heritage, is what created our species’ extraordinary moral nature


h) that bonobos provide the perfect evidence for how nurturing created our moral nature


i) that John Fiske first put forward the nurturing explanation in 1874 and even though it was described at the time as being far more important than Darwin’s principle of natural selection, it was ignored and let die because until we could explain our corrupted condition and resulting inability to adequately nurture our offspring, it was far too confronting a truth to accept


in Part 4:

j) that the way understanding of the human condition transforms the human race is that since we now have the real defence for our corrupted condition, all the old artificial defences of retaliation, denial and seeking relieving power, fame, fortune and glory are obsoleted, which means everyone is free to take up a transformed cooperative, selfless and loving existence


k) that the pseudo idealism of the left-wing in politics oppressed the search for knowledge and was regressive not progressive, it was the right-wing that held the moral high-ground, but thankfully this transformation now ends politics and the whole human race sets out as one united organism to a human-condition-free world


l) that since this interview provides a short summary of what is going to be explained in more detail in the following Videos 1-4, there will be some repetition of the concepts that have been presented in THE Interview in those subsequent videos


3 Jan. 2023 Facebook comment about how understanding the human condition allows us to give up our egocentric existence and live in support of this understanding:


Tony Gowing: Yes, thanks so much for posting this Monica. Watching Jolana and Fred in this video is mesmerising. The whole equation has changed for humans, just about every situation living under the duress of the human condition leads to furious anger – how could it not, we are all great sufferers of a diabolically awful mental illness through no fault of our own that everyone suffers from, everyone is reacting to, everyone is trying to beat or work around, or find some kind of path to live with – we are all incredible victims – but NOBODY, absolutely NOBODY, is talking about (other than Jeremy Griffith), in fact we all go to incredible extremes to not talk about it, to deny it to pretend that we’ve got our lives together, to put on a brave face, and then get even more cross that not just ourselves suffer from this incredible hardship, but that everybody else is angry and dysfunctional too.


Now with understanding of the human condition, it all makes sense we know why we feel angry, why we are so dysfunctional, and why everybody else is too. The whole energy changes on the situation, we go from anger and frustration and unknowing insecure victims to all-knowing and totally secure, but now so importantly, sympathetic and empathetic to ourselves and all other humans around us – just watching Jolanda and Fred living out this transition is the most glorious sight to behold. We can all now follow their lead and easily be honest about the human condition afflicted insecurity induced anger and dysfunction in ourselves and everyone else, but we can love it/understand it/end it. Lay our defensive swords of anger and frustration down and transfer all that energy into selfless support of these understandings of the human condition. The human race is dying from hideous psychological anguish, but we have all the tools to stop ALL the anguish right here in Jeremy’s one hour THE Interview presentation. The whole world needs to know about this – Let’s go!!


Jolanda: Anthony Gowing thank you for your great post!! YES, the Human Condition is solved. There is no stopping us now, because everything is explained. We don’t have to argue, fight, we don’t have to be frustrated, angry or disappointed anymore. We can explain everything about our behaviour. We can see we are all victims of this great struggle. But the struggle was very much worth it beccause we finally have the awnser. The anwser to the greates question of all humanity: Why is it impossible to live ideally? Are we good or are we bad? Am I good, or am I bad?


Tony Gowing’s 4 Jan. 2023 reply: Thank YOU Jolan Da , I just loved what you said in that video, I just love and appreciate so much that we can be so honest about ourselves. We are free we are free we are free!! I look forward to seeing you and Fred talking some more great truth soon!


2 Jan. 2023 Facebook comment about how to live the Transformed State:


Tony Gowing: I so agree Karen, I just love Jeremy’s Freedom Essay 15 and the transformation really is the ONLY path for us all to take now we can understand the human condition and like you say Jeremy has explained everything for us in the most beautiful detail – it’s all there ready for us all to break through all the 100 foot of reinforced concrete that has encased our minds and bodies with fear of the human condition for basically our whole lives. The great transformation really comes down to taking everything Jeremy explains literally, not sitting on it and intellectually going over and over it. If what has been explained is true WE ARE FREE!! Right now, today, every single element/detail/aspect to our lives is totally meaningless unless it directly helps bringing this information to the entire world. It really doesn’t matter how important we think aspects of our human condition afflicted lives are the whole freedom is being able to let all that go. As Jeremy explained in his magnificent ‘Shock of Change‘ book/video it seems like what I’m saying is outrageously hard teaching, but I absolutely promise you and the whole world the freedom and transformation from the old world to the new is leaving the old in past as fast as we can and really, really, night and day, minute by minute participating in THE ONLY worthwhile task in front of us. I know that it can seem impossible, but it truly is what is required to take up the freedom that is standing before us. The glory upon glory upon, freedom upon freedom, and excitement upon excitement is right here in our hands, and yes it will take great courage to be among the first, but the rewards are limitless. Take the happiest memory you have and times that feeling times a trillion and you still won’t be able to touch the joyful enthusiastic meaning of serving in the most critically important, world-saving, stopping all the suffering, mending all the hurt and ushering in the greatest age of unbreakably secure knowing of all time. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, we have everything we need, we just have to do it, and together and individually we really, really can!!!


John Biggs: Absolutely magnificent leadership Anthony! It’s just so true that this is the ONLY thing worth doing in the world! Let’s go !!


Karen: I second that John Biggs! Thanks so much to you both and all of the founding members for being the very first people to pioneer the Transformed State and lead us all forwards and show us what to do, the rising up of humans across the world is happening right here and now – and it’s totally inevitable that the whole world will join in with that!!😁 Anthony and all of you founding members are leading us right out of the “cesspit of poisonous spew and excrement” as Jeremy describes our old pre-understanding insecure egocentric life as in this essay – which always makes me smile because it’s so honest and true – and into the sunlit real world of love, understanding, security and togetherness, peace at last. Thank you so much, we’re all right behind you in the WTM Jeremy, Tony and the founding members with getting the World Transformation Movement moving – so yes let’s go!!! 🥳🥳🥳


Tony Gowing: You’re an absolute new world angel Karen. How lucky the world was when you turned up to help in our massive task to lead the world home, it’s been a joy to watch you work!


1 Jan. 2023 Facebook comment about the excitement of the New World that is coming:


How true is Brad Hill’s comment yesterday on the Group, that “the world will not be able to deny this for much longer”. Yes, this information is just so true, so extraordinary and so needed! Also, how appropriate was Anthony Cummins’s back-up reminder of Victor Hugo’s famous comment, that “An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come.”


I also especially loved Brad’s post he made not long ago, “Now I understand why my eyes would fill with tears and yet I’d have the most extreme feelings of happiness, understanding and contentment. Quite surreal really.”


AND WHAT ABOUT THIS FOR AN IDEA, when we eventually get a tech multi-billionaire aware of this most needed of all breakthroughs we should get him to fund giant balloons as big as football stadiums that can float above every country in the world with Jeremy’s ‘the weights are going to come off’ vision that Lyn Collins quoted in her 40K members post a few days ago. I re-include it below. In fact, we should all put a big copy of it on the inside of the main door of our houses so we can see it every time we go out into the world to lift us into the ecstacy of the starry skies above us. I think it’s so beautiful, it’s kind of the Lord’s Prayer of our times.


‘Yeah, what’s coming is the most exciting time you could ever imagine, when this starts to catch on the biggest party you could ever dream of will begin, the weights are going to come off at last and people won’t be able to stop smiling and laughing and hugging each other, I can feel it coming, from moment to moment I can feel it, sometimes it’s so strong it almost stops me from breathing. Last night I didn’t get much sleep because I couldn’t stop listening to all our 50s and 60s music, and I could hear every word they were singing. This is Sam Cooke, “It’s been a long time coming but I know a change is going to come, Oh yes it will”.’


20 Dec. 2022 Facebook comment in response to post by Refentse Molosiwa (included below) about how unbelievably precious Jeremy Griffith is:


Refentse Molosiwa: Jeremy Griffith the prophet of our time.


I just got home now from a night out with my friend, and while we were chilling and chatting, I asked him something, I asked him, ‘if you were alive during Jesus’ times, and you heard him say all the things he said in the Bible, how would you have responded? Would you have disregarded what he said, or would you have made an effort to understand him?’


He looked at me, and honestly said he doesn’t know. And my response was, ‘believe it or not, we’ve got a Jesus II, a Plato II and Darwin II alive right now, and it’s one man. He exists, and he has built on the foundation these three men I’ve just mentioned, laid out.’ And my fucking word every time I look at the world through the understanding of the human condition, I’m always, always blown away! It’s stupendous! It’s mindblowing!


And the greatest part of it all is that we’re alive to witness it! We’re alive during this time. Just wrapping one’s mind around that takes effort, but once you do your life is never the same.


I’m so glad this group exists, that I know there are people that understand this Truth, that I can communicate and that I can connect with them, and my word, the fact that we’re here, in this group…just imagine all the things humans have had to go through to be here, all the seemingly impossible mountains we’ve had to climb! 2 million years of profound suffering simply so we can reach this point of understanding. I mean that’s just…wow!


All I can say is I appreciate and love you all, and I love the fact that we’ve come together for Truth! I consider you all my family. You’re literally the only people I can truly be honest with about this Knowledge, and that is so freeing.


This Knowledge, this Truth, it often makes me cry, sometimes tears of pain, but mostly tears of joy because I realize that we’ve climbed the most fucking absolutely daunting and challenging mountain we’ve all ever come across: the mountain of self-understanding.


Let Freedom reign!


Tony Gowing: I’ve just been reading Refense’s post over and over and just love it so much, it’s just so wonderfully truthful and real and inspiring. We do have the son of god (the exceptionally uncorrupted expression of the integrative meaning of existence) living amongst us, the thought of that nearly rips my heart out of my chest, I’m so confronted by the unthinkable preciousness of you Jeremy. I am so confronted by just how unbelievably wonderful you are, how perfect a human you are, the preciousness of being able to be able to watch you live to show us what human life should really be like free of the human condition, and not to mention have given us the super incandescent highway to participate in getting there too is all too much. Every word you’ve ever written or spoken should be cast in stone and chiseled into the sides of great mountains so it will last forever and ever and we will never forget, and it will be the most sacred place on earth that will stand for all millenia to come because they are glorious upon glorious upon glorious. The horror of the human condition no matter what aspect of it you look at is too much to bear but all that leads me to is that the gloriousness of being able to leave it is unfathomable. Please lord, give us strength to love and appreciate and look after Jeremy Griffith and help him, you Jeremy save the world.


18 Dec. 2022 Facebook comment about how the removal of guilt is what allows the transformed state:


That quote is an awesome one Con. Understanding the human condition really is all about seeing this simple truth – “…it’s a defence of our upset state; it’s not adding to the criticism, it’s removing all the criticism.”


It’s in the defence of ourselves that all the human-condition-afflicted craziness plays out. All the lies, denial, egocentricity, anxiety, cruelty, uncaring etc ALL comes from an underlying, oftentimes almost unknown, pretty much indescribable feeling/gnawing/need/drive to behave in certain ways it’s like we’re on some kind of horrible autopilot that we don’t have the controls to and we need to simply work around these urges as best we can.


But once we understand and can allow ourselves to safely see and acknowledge that guilt is the great driver of all things in our lives and we understand and accept that we don’t have to feel guilt any more. That is the gateway to Freedom, to changing the direction of our entire lives, to being free of our burden, to lay it down, to remove the until now almost unseen autopilot driver in our lives. We can understand the horror and can allow ourselves to be completely loving and sympathetic of our historical predicament. We don’t have to hate or fight or be frustrated about or despise all the horror in the world, the horror and the perpetuation of it in ourselves can stop, the horrible autopilot can be switched off. We can take full control of our lives. It really really really is the most wonderful transformation.


But it all comes from the incredibly simple understanding that it’s a total, complete, entire defence that now allows truthful total understanding management of ourselves and complete removal of the guilt driver in our lives. What a wonderful transformation it is!


26 Nov. 2022 Facebook comment about the redeeming power of the Adam Stork story:


What a beautifully precious little video Norma, thank you so much for it I haven’t seen it before! Yes, schools are pretty much death camps for children under the current human condition afflicted world order. The wrongness of children being taught that we humans, which means they children, are pests destroying the planet could not be greater, but it really is a sign of the desperate times and situation that our species has found ourselves in living under the duress of the human condition. All the appearances are that we humans are a destructive blight on the planet, that we destroy pretty well everything we touch – we all have the propensity for murder, rape, torture, cruelty, apathy, egocentricity, delusion and on and on the list goes. But the appearances ARE WRONG and we can finally understand and explain ourselves! Like you say so beautifully Norma, Jeremy Griffith’s Adam Stork story turns this little story that you describe with your son which is a perfect microcosm for the full diabolical situation that the human condition has presented all humans for the last 2 million years, on its head. Jeremy’s Adam Stork explanation of the human condition explains how we can appear to be bad, but actually not just be good and worthwhile but the absolute heroes of life on earth. This little story turns everything around, everything. One minute, there is no way out, everything looks dire, we are so insecure and destructive and the next we have a great golden highway of unshakable, rational, logical, biological understanding that leads us out of horror and destruction. Every situation on earth, can be totally cleared up and understood – the fear, insecurity, desperation, delusion, egocentricity and dogma all now ends – the trouble all started when we developed our fully conscious thinking minds and we’ve never been able to understand and explain why, until now. THE answer is here the great unlocking of our minds is now on offer, we now just need to allow the logic of the understanding to give us enough courage to start and persevere with our journeys out of Plato’s cave of denial and into the beautiful freedom of the sunlit plain of truth about ourselves and bask in the freedom of understanding.


Our job, which this video is a magnificent example of is to tell the whole world just to watch/read/absorb Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition, and there isn’t a more magnificent or important presentation than Jeremy’s 1 hour THE Interview found at, Good Stuff Norma!! Let’s Go!!


26 Nov. 2022 Facebook comment about how understanding brings love to our ‘dark side’. (Tony’s comment was in response to a poem titled ‘Monsters’ – “The monsters were never under my bed. Because the monsters were inside my head. I fear no monsters, for no monsters I see. Because all this time the monster has been me.”):


What a cracking quote Colleen! The great difficulty of breaking free of the human condition is our denial of it, the best we could achieve/cope-with before Jeremy solved the human condition was to allow beautiful little packages of truth to exist reminding us of our real plight, pointing us back to the human condition, that it was always the monster inside of us that we needed to defeat, not the one/ones that we projected onto the world around us. That is the great realisation that we all need to discover, that the monster inside of us can now be defeated with understanding and compassion, we are angels that have been forced to behave monstrously like devils – but we are actually the victims – and part of our victimisation has been that we’ve had to become the perpetrators. But with the 100% compassionate understanding of the human condition now in our hands, we can easily and totally securely admit to having to suffer becoming monsters and end all our monstrous/human-condition-afflicted behaviour now that we can understand it’s source. It’s over! Let’s get the fuck out of here!!


26 Nov. 2022 Facebook comment about how momentum makes it easier for everyone to take up the Transformed Way of Living:


What a cracking review Beth thank you so much for sharing! Yes as each new courageous human such as yourself and each of the world-saving supporters of the understandings in FREEDOM come forward and tells the truth about just how precious they are, the more obvious and easy it will be for others to follow. Let’s Go!


16 Oct. 2022 Facebook comment about how to bring about the transformed state. (In his comment Tony refers to the following paragraph in Video/F. Essay 33 ‘How to become Transformed’: “It’s like you’re saying to your resigned competitive self, ‘Go for it, go for it! Get as many victories as you can, I’m barracking for you! [referring to the drawings on the left-hand side of the hill] Look, there’s a big stand of bamboo, go and cut some and make some good spears! Here’s a machete to sharpen them so you can make lots of spears to stab your enemies with and get lots of wins! Look, there’s a big rock over there, take your war elephants over there and sharpen their tusks on the rocks so they can spear people with them. Go for it! I’m all for it, go for your life!’ Far from trying to stop it you say, ‘I’ll even go up the side of the hill here and barrack for you, I hope you get a lot of successes.’ But then you say, ‘Look, I just need to go and get a drink of water and there’s a spring over on the other side of this ridge. I’ll just duck over there but I’ll be back, don’t worry, I’ll be back in a minute to keep barracking for you but I’m just going to duck over here.’ And you go over the ridge AND YOU NEVER COME BACK! And you’re in this totally free state, which is the Transformed State where you’re living for this and in support of this and it’s a wonderfully free state. But you haven’t resolved that battle, you’ve just left it. That’s an incredibly important point.”:


You are so right Fritz! If you allow your mind to simply hear, and follow the logic it all just clicks. This paragraph that you’ve described and is included in Nikoletta’s comment is one of the key unlocking points in all our lives now we can understand the human condition. Honestly, what you’ve described is exactly how it works, just stop second-guessing everything, just read and try to take in exactly what Jeremy has written as cleanly and simply as you possibly can. FREEDOM Awaits! You can either wait for others to discover it and try to tell you about it, or just go and read it, absorb, find, and experience it for yourself right now. Absolutely brilliant stuff!


29 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about stopping all the internal struggle and just living in support of the truth of the explanation of the human condition:


Another awesome post Emily, I love getting on here and seeing another post from you, they are fantastic. Like you say, now that we understand the human condition, we’re not on the outer anymore, we can come back into the fold with all of existence, our horrible, horrible task has been to live in a state of perpetual war with ourselves. And the harder we tried to beat the wrap and prove our worth the worse we made things, the more destruction we caused, the more dishonest we became and so on and so on, but with understanding of the human condition, we’ve not only been given a get out jail free card, the perfect, rock-solid, we’ve done nothing wrong, it’s had to be like this, it was totally unavoidable liberating defence for all the horror and mishap that we’ve both caused and had to endure. But the real joy, is that we don’t just stop being tossed around on the sea, in the dark night, fighting for our lives and trying desperately to hold on to sanity and morality with our fingertips, no, we can honestly now be part of the sea, be at one with it, finally with understanding, we can have 100% confidence in how all the different currents work, instead of constantly pulling against the current we can run with every ebb and flow, and the sea will throw its arms open and welcome us to, finally we will be totally natural in any surrounding, totally comfortable, completely welcomed, just another set of molecules and cells that is fitting into the bigger picture of integration in the universe. The situation for us humans now is the total opposite of every single situation we have experienced thus far in our lives, a joy and warm and happiness without limit is in store for us humans, the sea is now our undying friend, it will happily embrace us, it will wrap us up in a massive welcoming hug and cheer us on on our home coming stretch.


The imagery makes me think Bob Dylan’s 1964 When The Ship Comes In (

‘Oh the time will come up when the winds let up and the breeze will cease to be breathing / Like the stillness in the wind before the hurricane begins / The hour that the ship comes in [when the liberating but also confronting truth about humans arrives] / And the sea will split and the ships will hit / And the sands on the shoreline will be shaking / And the tide will sound and the waves will pound / And the morning will be a-breaking // The fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path / And the seagulls they’ll be a-smiling / And the rocks on the sand will proudly stand [nature is going to be immensely relieved by the arrival of the peace-bringing reconciling understanding for humans] / The hour that the ship comes in // And the words that are used for to get the ship confused / Will not be understood as they’re spoken [the denials will be seen through] / Or the chains [holding the truth back] of the sea will have busted in the night and be buried on the bottom of the ocean [the denial will try to reimpose itself but it won’t be allowed to succeed] // …Oh the foes will rise with the sleep still in their eyes / And they’ll jerk from their beds and think they’re dreaming / But they’ll pinch themselves and squeal and they’ll know that it’s for real / The hour that the ship comes in / And they’ll raise their hands saying “we’ll meet all your demands” / But we’ll shout from the bow “your days are numbered” / And like the Pharaoh’s tribe they’ll be drowned in the tide / And like Goliath they’ll be conquered.’


All we have to do to see this wonder of wonders come to pass is to help bring understanding of the human condition to the rest of the world, to live in support of this great truth ALL we have to do is crawl out of our chrysalis’ and join the party that we all deserve no matter who we are or what we’ve done or where we come from, if we are human, we are so fucking amazing for enduring the unendurable lets go, let’s let go of all our historically but no longer needed egocentricity and defensiveness and insecurity and take up the gift of all gifts that Jeremy Griffith has given us. WooHOO!!!


25 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about the excitement of the New World:


Thanks Fiona! I just love these words, so exciting: “Love has come to the world in its absolute purest form, namely as relieving understanding. We humans are free now of the agony of the human condition. Everyone in every situation and predicament can now rise up as radiant new beings from their corpse-like state. A great rising up of humans will now occur across the world. Everyone is now able to come back to lifeto wake up from a human-condition-afflicted torpor and look outwards and see each other and the world for the first time, and move across and help each other, and do anything and everything that needs doing to end the suffering and pain that plagues this planet.” Let’s Go!!


24 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about the significance of Jeremy’s breakthrough:


I don’t think it will be physically or mentally possible to come to terms with the magnitude of what has come to pass with Jeremy Griffith writing and publishing FREEDOM for a thousand years and they may still be struggling. It’s simply too big and too good, what the combined effort of every human that has ever lived has pulled off is boundless. The toll it has taken is ginormous, but WE ARE HOME! Finally, we can KNOW OURSELVES for the first time, we can love ourselves, we can allow ourselves to feel and experience the full wonder of everything that the world has to offer, the new human-condition-free world cannot come soon enough let’s get the fuck out of here!!!


24 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about the value of re-watching THE Interview:


Kittie I absolutely guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I have no idea where you are up to but everything you need is in THE Interview. It can just take a little time for each of the pieces of logic to fit together but keep trying, I’ve listened/​read/​watched more times than I can count but each time my understanding deepens and my mind clears a bit more. Understanding the human condition is the greatest journey and awakening you can possibly imagine


24 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about the power of the Adam Stork story:


I agree Gerry, I just love Jeremy’s drawings! To me the point of the one you have chosen is to give us a picture of what ideally would have happened 2 million years ago when we developed our fully conscious thinking mind as it says in Freedom Essay 3 where this image appears:

“Ideally at this point, Adam’s conscious mind would sit down and explain to his instincts why he’s defying them. He would explain that the gene-based, natural selection process only gives species instinctive orientations to the world, whereas his nerve-based, conscious mind, which is able to make sense of cause and effect, needs understanding of the world to operate.”


The problem was that this conversation could not and did not take place at that time when humans first developed their fully conscious thinking brains, because at this time 2 million years ago


“Adam doesn’t have this self-understanding. He’s only just begun his search for knowledge. In fact, he’s not even aware of what the problem actually is.”


So to me the absolute magnificence of this drawing by Jeremy is the faces of the two storks the fully conscious thinking stork is so obviously fully conscious, has free-will, is totally aware and is beginning to excitedly experiment with his surroundings and beginning to learn about how the world works etc etc. But the face of the stork without the fully conscious thinking brain is so obviously not capable of understanding, it isn’t fully conscious, can’t empathise, sympathise or help fully conscious Adams predicament.


“his instinctive orientations to the migratory flight path were acquired over thousands of generations of natural selection, but those orientations are not understandings.”


Basically, these two storks representing the 2 different learning systems within us have been at war for the last 2 million years and they both reside in us humans, and if you want to know where all the problems on earth come from, you can look into this image and see the true natures of both of these elements inside us. And that is the absolute magnificence of this picture in my estimation, because not only is Jeremy giving us the explanation of the human condition in words, but with these pictures and particularly in the faces of these two Storks show us with the most sensitive crystal clear imagery the origins of the whole historic genesis of the human condition and why this battle was inevitable and unavoidable. Just in this one little image basically the whole human condition can unravel just with what Jeremy has drawn in these 2 faces. In truth this one drawing, Jeremy has managed to bring more clarity to the human species than all the rest of the artists in history combined. And I honestly don’t think that is an exaggeration!!


I don’t think I can possibly have a favourite picture of Jeremy’s but I do love the attached cartoon from the great cartoonist Leunig that Jeremy has completed.


Leunig’s Garden of Eden cartoon with 3 more frames by Jeremy Griffith depicting Adam and Eve being welcomed back into Eden.


24 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about people’s selfless contribution to transforming the world:


I agree with all the comments above Charles the amount of sustenance that I have got from seeing you quietly and happily translating all of Jeremy’s word-saving work into French is endless. The new human-condition-free world is going to be built on the shoulders of selfless generosity of its supporters in the sunshine army. To open the whole of the French speaking world to these understandings is simply magnificent. You are certainly a wonderful, wonderful new world legend. Thank you so much for posting this!!


24 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about the size of the task ahead of us, but how rewarding it is to live in service to it:


I agree Nick, that quote de Chardin [The truth has to only appear once….for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze] onto to teamed up with those paragraphs Transform Your Life from Jeremy are simply magnificent [see Part 3 of TYL]. It might just be me being impatient and patience is a quality that the deaf-effect (you can listen/read about that here: has made mandatory for all of us supporters of Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition, but whenever I hear that quote from de Chardin I feel like it needs to be followed by some of these quotes that talk about the necessity for courage, persistence and generosity of the human advocates of any new idea trying to make its way into the mainstream. And in this case in particular, the monumental task of liberating the whole of humanity from their deeply entrenched position in Plato’s Cave of denial and alienation certainly needs all the love and help that we can muster. I love this paragraph from FAQ 6.8 because the size and enormity of our challenge cannot be underestimated and we need every single human on earth who knows how important these understandings are to come forward and help us end all the unfathomable suffering and destruction that the human condition is perpetuating on us all that in truth now no longer needs to.


“As Jeremy Griffith says throughout his writing, “All of the giant strides in humanity’s journey of demystification our species’ conscious thinking self’s responsibility to replace mystery, superstition and dogma with knowledge met so much resistance that in each instance the insights were lucky to survive. Science historian Thomas Kuhn emphasised this point about there being no guarantee new ideas in science will survive prejudice, when he wrote, ‘In science…ideas do not change simply because new facts win out over outmoded ones…Since the facts can’t speak for themselves, it is their human advocates who win or lose the day’ Similarly, in his essay On Libertya document recognised as one of the philosophical pillars of western civilisationJohn Stuart Mill emphasised the extreme danger of oppression of thought, saying, ‘the dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution is one of those pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after one another till they pass into commonplaces, but which all experience refutes. History teems with instances of truth put down by persecution. If not suppressed for ever, it may be thrown back for centuries.’”


To me the thought of being a member of the great liberating army that will sweep the world with understanding of the human condition, i.e. love/truth/understanding/compassion/freedom is the greatest and most wonderful and meaningful and in truth now is actually plain and simply THE ONLY way to live your life. What joy! Let’s Go!!


24 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about the power of music to capture the excitement of humanity’s liberation from the human condition:


I agree Dougie LOVE/TRUTH Rescue Me!! One of the only things that we’ve had to help us on our march into hell for the heavenly cause of solving the human condition and finding understanding of ourselves has been music. Imagine the world without the honesty that is contained in the lyrics poetry and music has been one of the only places to speak and hear truth, our lives have been a so devoid of it. But the also the truth in the melodies of the songs, there has been a melody written that seems to perfectly sum up any and all of our crazy human-condition afflicted feelings, and the empathy that we could find in those movements was so precious. But what I think I loved most about music is the music that is just all out exciting, that is looking forward to the time when the human condition would be solved and the party that we will have when we have a critical mass of support for these understandings and Freedom will flow throughout our whole bodies and minds and joy will ring from horizon to horizon. I’m thinking about a song like ‘Start me up’ by the Rolling stones’ or ‘Twist and Shout’ by the Beatles. Let’s Rock!


18 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about how understanding the human condition allows us to finally understand all our feelings:


Another awesome video Sam! and I so agree having understanding now gives us the ability to fully understand all our weird and wonderful ‘feelings’. As a sufferer of the human condition, I know I was a complete and utter victim of all the strong feelings that come to us in all different shapes and sizes and for a smorgasbord of reasons the only thing they seem to really have in common is that we don’t really ever understand them and certainly can’t place them in the bigger picture of our lives, know where they come from or what they are really saying, what is their meaning, are they important, should we be following them, basically, how are we to understand what we are feeling, why is something beautiful, or sad or scary, or lonely or beautiful. Why do I suddenly feel so unbelievably furious sometimes, why can such simple things make me feel so much, What is strength, why is it important, what is empathy and what does it feel like, how SHOULD I feel etc etc etc, so many feelings coming at us from all directions, and like you are saying Sam, under the duress of the human condition there is no explanation of any of them, and in fact we have basically all had to resign ourselves to the fact they will be unanswerable in our life time, to push our feelings down, totally avoid them at all costs and then fake/​guess/​superimpose feelings that we think are appropriate in any situation we are facing because it simply isn’t safe enough to let any sort of our ‘natural’ feelings out.

As sufferers of the human condition, we simply have no idea at all about who we are and why we are the way we are, and like you say so beautifully Sam, this all changes now, all our thoughts and feelings can coexist happily inside ourselves now, we can understand our feelings, we can know where they come from, which ones are important and why, we don’t have to be scared or upset or bewildered by strong feelings anymore, we can follow them safely all the way to any dark chamber inside ourselves that we have locked off, or have been afraid of, finally our lives can be understood fully, in the full sunlight of knowledge and security of understanding the human condition, which grows our lives immeasurably and grows what we can think about and how much we can allow ourselves to know ourselves and experience the full array of real emotions. It truly is the most amazing situation to find ourselves in, to have full understanding of the world and everything in it, we really are able to be transformed in to ‘God-like-all-knowing’ beings with understanding of the human condition, because the world and all its mysteries that have troubled us and scared us are all now stripped away, we are just too, too, too lucky for words to have this gift in front of us now.


And while we’re talking about Billy Joel I just have to add the lyrics to ‘The River of Dreams’ I know Jeremy quotes them in FREEDOM, but these are just magnificent too:


“In the middle of the night / I go walking in my sleep / From the mountains of faith / To the river so deep / I must be looking for something / Something sacred I lost / But the river is wide / And it’s too hard to cross


Even though I know the river is wide / I walk down every evening and I stand on the shore / I try to cross to the opposite side / So I can finally find out what I’ve been looking for


In the middle of the night / I go walking in my sleep / Through the valley of fear / To a river so deep / I’ve been searching for something / Taken out of my soul / Something I’d never lose / Something somebody stole


I don’t know why I go walking at night / But now I’m tired and I don’t want to walk anymore / I hope it doesn’t take the rest of my life / Until I find what it is that I’ve been looking for


In the middle of the night / I go walking in my sleep / Through the jungle of doubt / To a river so deep / I know I’m searching for something / Something so undefined / That it can only be seen / By the eyes of the blind / In the middle of the night


I’m not sure about a life after this / God knows I’ve never been a spiritual man / Baptized by the fire, I wade into the river / That runs to the promised land


In the middle of the night / I go walking in my sleep / Through the desert of truth / To the river so deep / We all end in the ocean / We all start in the streams / We’re all carried along / By the river of dreams


In the middle of the night…”


4 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment reinforcing someone describing the significance of Jeremy’s work:


That is absolutely drop dead brilliant Lachlan!! Now that is a genuine affirmation that pitches and describes Jeremy’s work exactly as it should be described. I love you so much for telling the world so truthfully and genuinely just how good understanding the human condition is and how important it is. Good stuff!!


1 Sep. 2022 Facebook comment about the difference between loving the understanding of the human condition, and living for it:


Awesome post Roz! I was watching you talking to Jeremy the other day in Freedom Essay 36 and just now thinking about your beaming smile and unstoppable excitement and joy in that video when you talk about understanding the human condition is an incredible sight to see!

I just wanted to add here that understanding the human condition is one thing, and absolutely no argument from me that it is the most magnificent, exciting, gloriously fulfilling, meaningful and relieving discovery to ever make, but the key and really only rational step to take after understanding the human condition is to use it to transform the world. It is such an important point that you make about just hiding out in a positive mental attitude, and after understanding the human condition, we can all make the same mistake of using it to help build an even better positive mental attitude and use the parts of the information that make us feel good/better about the world around us, to just adjust our denial-ridden, human-condition-afflicted positive mental attitude to encompass the understanding of the human condition. We can start to go on a loop of, look at all the upset in the world, that’s all horrible and destructive, but I understand it now, I understand that it was necessary, and there is a path for it now to end, and I’m not bad because of any problems that I have in my life and everybody else isn’t bad because of their upset and so on, the problem isn’t me, I just need to wait for everybody else to catch on and clean up their acts it can just become a love-in on our upset without any transformation.


Yes, it is so wonderful to be able to understand the human condition, to understand everything on earth, and to be able to defend our upset and joyously discover all the beauty and wonder in the world that we have had to deny, ignore and block-out under the duress of the human condition, BUT, if we don’t take up the transformation on offer, then we are really not using the explanation of the human condition for what it is truly needed for. The transition/transformation that now needs to take place on earth with understanding of the human condition is to transform from selfish, destructive, insecure, needy, terrified individuals to unconditional servants of the human race and the rest of life on earth. We owe it to every human that has ever lived before us, who has lived and played their part in gathering knowledge and lived through our human-condition-afflicted hellish journey with no hope of living in a time when it was solved, but they did it anyway, and we owe it to all the other humans on earth who aren’t as fortunate as us in our circumstances and have been able to hear and know of the all the wonder that is on offer for the world now.


In truth, the freedom, excitement, joy, and much greater ability to see and understand the world is only once we have let go fully of our (until now totally necessary) denial-ridden historic, resigned, ‘positive mental attitudes’ in favour of the Transformed state that Jeremy fully describes in chapter 9 of FREEDOM. The ability to understand the human condition, to know what went wrong, to be able to finally acknowledge all the horror and suffering and upset on earth safely and 100% securely is so unbelievably miraculous and unbelievably relieving, and to be able to acknowledge that integration is the meaning of existence in the universe is incredibly soothing to our minds and souls, but beginning to participate in it and starting to serve the explanation that humanity has fought and fought and fought for, for 2 million years and provides the only path forward if there is to be a future for the human race is the what it is all about, that transformation of ourselves and every single human is what is on offer now and there is nothing stopping us from taking that up if you think understanding the human condition is good, well you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!


Anyway, please don’t anyone take any of that as criticism, or me trying to downplay how magnificent and important understanding of the human condition is, it is obviously the foundation upon what any transformation can be made and understanding the human condition and coming to terms with it, and lining all the logic up in our brains to be able to make the transformation is all a process that everybody needs to be incredibly patient with (see Jeremy’s awesome ‘Shock of Change‘ book/video on this subject), and this is a beautifully honest post that is all absolutely wonderful, but I just wanted to add that a critical mass of truly transformed humans is what is truly needed for the world to be set free from the human condition and all the suffering on earth to end.


25 Aug. 2022 Facebook comment about the immediate freedom that the Transformed State allows us all:


Hi Paul, you post reminds me of the lyrics to “I am a rock” By Simon and Garfunkel:


A winter’s day / In a deep and dark December / I am alone / Gazing from my window to the streets below / On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow


I am a rock I am an Island / I’ve built walls / A fortress deep and mighty / That none may penetrate


I have no need of friendship friendship causes pains / It’s laughter and it’s loving I disdain / I am a rock I am an Island


Don’t talk of love / Well I’ve heard the word before / It’s sleeping in my memory / I won’t disturb the slumber of feelings that have died / If I never loved I never would have cried


I am a rock I am an Island / I have my books / And my poetry to protect me / I am shielded in my armor / Hiding in my room safe within my womb / I touch no one and no one touches me


I am a rock I am an Island / And a rock feels no pain / And an Island never cries


Finally, we can let our guards down, open the drawbridges to our fortresses and run out into the open sun-filled world! We don’t have live as islands anymore as prisoners in our own minds with our own thoughts, fighting and defending off all the criticism and the fear and self-loathing that the human condition has inflicted on us. We can all come out and not only be friends, but we can dance in streets, we can joyously celebrate the wonderful impasse that the human species have together managed to heroically bring to pass. It is up to us as the conduit generation to actually live the freedom that has been put in front of us, to join the line of the unstoppable and endlessly growing sunshine army, and lift our voices with the chorus of our freedom and the understanding that we now have! We are marvellous heroes who have completed the most horrific task imaginable, we have grown up in world that has given us so little of the love that every fibre of our being has dreamed and hoped and prayed for that we have known that it is how the world should be, but we have continued on, we have played our part as every human that has ever lived has. But the glory, the happiness, the joy, the security, the love and meaning that is available on earth now, IS HERE RIGHT NOW, we just have to take it up, we just have to start to live it, and the more we each live it and talk about it and describe it and feel it growing in our hearts and minds and whole bodies, the faster it will spread right across the world. THIS IS IT, the war of wars, that we have had to wage with ignorance is over, we have the holy grail, this is the second coming, honestly as more and more people understand the human condition the enthusiasm and love for ourselves and each other will be simply unstoppable, so lets rock and roll, skip, dance, jive twirl and jump, all we have to do to feel this excitement is allow ourselves to see and feel and know the reality of what is written in FREEDOM. What is coming and what we are part of is just so, so wonderful it is simply indescribable. And I absolutely positively agree with you, I just love every single person on earth for staying on their feet and helping humanity get to this point, but what I feel about each new person who takes up the task of helping bring about this almost unfathomably wonderful transformation of the world to fruition is simply limitless.


25 Aug. 2022 Facebook comment on how FREEDOM just brings relief from all the confusion:


Hi Michelle! Yes I so agree, the rational, logical down-to-earth and in reality simple truth in FREEDOM that clears up all the crazy and insecure mystic, bullshit that’s being sprouted everywhere else on earth brings us so much marvellous, glorious, bone-draining relief. Honestly I’m mesmerised by the image you have added to this post, I have seen the cover of FREEDOM everyday since it was created by Jeremy, but your image of it really shows up the utter magnificence of that cover! We truly are FREE! Let’s go!!


25 Aug. 2022 Facebook comment about Resignation and the precious truth that artists let out about the human condition:


Thanks so very much for this post Tess, I remember when I was resigning over a 2.5 year period, this painting [Munch’s The Scream] brought me so much relief it’s hard to describe, I had no idea, what to think, how to think, that I needed to think about, I just knew that I was deeply, deeply sad and unbelievably distressed about who I was and how to live in the world and what to do and how to behave etc etc. Out of that whole time and all the unbelievably horrible feelings that come with resignation this picture has always stayed with me and given me so much relief, I didn’t ever know why, I just thought I liked it for some reason. But now with Jeremy’s work I know why it helped me so much, it just gave me some truth about the situation on earth, when we all grew up in a place almost totally devoid of truth. It just shows how helpful and important and courageous it was for these great artists to do what they have done for humanity, to give us some truth and just a bit of help and acknowledgement that we all knew the human condition existed, we were just all (well, thankfully not all) in the same boat that we couldn’t confront it and solve it ourselves and had to wait for someone who was fortunate enough to have a nurtured enough childhood, who could stay alive inside and solve the human condition – as Jeremy Griffith has done for us.


25 Aug. 2022 Facebook comment about the truth and soundness in FREEDOM, and how the base of support will only continue to grow:


He certainly has Elizabeth. Well said!! I couldn’t agree more, and thank you so much for saying so. As more and more of us come across FREEDOM and realise it’s extraordinary power to explain the deepest depths of ourselves and the world around us, and end all the suffering, the depth scale and extraordinariness of what Jeremy has presented will only grow. What we are all part of here in this group is a growing island of sanity and rational understanding of ourselves and the world, in the sea of madness that is growing crazier every day all around us. We are the lucky ones to have found this explanation early on and been able to access it’s extraordinary gift, but it is up to us now to help everyone else hear about this most precious of scientific breakthroughs. I wish you all the best of luck in the world as you progress your journey in to understanding the human condition and finding more and more freedom.


14 Aug. 2022 Facebook comment about the truth and soundness in FREEDOM, and how the base of support will only continue to grow:


I absolutely agree Ari Akri if you want a real honest fair dinkum example of a real man describing the real journey for men on this earth this truly is the video to go to. James describes absolutely beautifully and shows the key transition that takes the most ferocious and destructive force every known on this planet – ie our male egocentric, never back down, don’t mess with me, I will prove I’m good and not bad and will raze everything to the ground if I have to to prove I’m right – and uses the explanation of the human condition to end the battle that we men have unbelievably courageously and world-savingly had to wage with ignorance in the great battle to find understanding of ourselves. We have all had to ‘march into hell for a heavenly cause’ but it’s now over, that is what is before us all as James so beautifully, beautifully describes, we can put down the sword of battle that we had to take up while the human condition raged and come home, and love ourselves, and heal our wounds and live inline, and amongst all the beauty and integration on earth now, we don’t have to attack it and defy it and courageously be the outcasts anymore. What could possibly be more joyful than where we are right now on this planet with understanding of the human condition: As the words of Beethoven’s famous Ninth Symphony anticipated about the effects of the arrival of the reconciling understanding of the human condition, ‘Joy!’, ‘Joyful, as a hero to victory!’, ‘Join in our jubilation!’, ‘We enter, drunk with fire, into your [human-condition-understood] sanctuary…Your magic reunites…All men become brothers…All good, all bad…Be embraced, millions! This kiss [of understanding] for the whole world!’ (see par. 1049 of FREEDOM)


10 Aug. 2022 Facebook comment about how life under the duress of the human condition is all about insecurity:


Hi Ben, Susan’s answer above is a knock-out so, that’s going to give you the best help, but just from my experience with the human condition, the key thing that you begin to find out is just how insecure we all are. In fact that is the whole crux issue in ourselves, just how diabolically insecure we are after suffering the human condition. At it’s core the human condition is the suicidal depression that comes on from being unable to explain and defend our deep, deep all engrossing insecurity about the possibility that we are blights on the planet. So under all our smiles and egocentric posturing, and putting on a brave face, and all the other magnificently heroic, but destructive upset behaviour that we carry out to cover up our immense insecurity, we find a brutalised person, who has simply had to do whatever they can to fight against all the implications that we are evil/bad/terrible/unworthy beings. As Carl Jung said, ‘Wholeness for humans depends on owning our own shadow’ ie, get rid our our deep dark endless insecurity about our self worth.


But, with understanding of the human condition now found, the insecurity can be removed from our lives. We now can now understand why we are the way we are, why the world is like it is, why we care so much about what everyone thinks of us, and why it is so damn hurtful when others around us treat us in a non-empathetic, dismissive, uncaring, even with brutality, cruelty and meanness. What we find out is that we, and everyone around us are deeply affected by the human condition and have had no choice but to take up whatever means were available to us to try to cope with the human condition, and essentially the more pain, suffering and cruelty the human condition caused in our lives as we each grew up, we in turn live out our own version of that upset/hurt/human-condition-afflicted behaviour on the rest of the world around us.


The more we take in the understanding of the human condition the more we see how everything is actually as it should be and with this understanding we can start to feel totally secure about the whole horrific situation that exists in all our lives and not insecure, bewildered and anxious. We can truly know that we really are wonderful, genuinely heroic legends who can now use this understanding of ourselves to begin to heal the world. To take all the insecurity out of the world for every single human, and the more insecurity we take out of the world, the more upset, mean, dismissive etc behaviour that it has been driven by the insecurity will disappear too. Being secure of self is the most wonderful relief, and starting to participate in a project to bring understanding of the human condition to the entire world is actually the most meaningful and satisfying task to be part of imaginable.


So in the end, yes, everywhere we go now in the human condition afflicted world we are going to find people who don’t treat us as we expect or ‘should’ be treated, with kindness and empathy and openness, but that is because the human condition is everywhere and in everyone, the only people we can change initially are ourselves and the more secure and upright we become through using this understanding in our own lives the more others will see just what an island of sanity the WTM is and all the people who understand the human condition are. We can now radiate secure assuredness about every single situation on earth because we have the answer that allows us to solve any and every problem on earth, we just have to allow ourselves to access it and use it. And as more and more people come to know this same truth about our species freedom from the human condition after 2 million years, they will be begging us to find out what it is that is make us so excited, happy and secure.


2 Aug. 2022 Facebook comment about working through the Deaf Effect:


Awesome post Lachlan! You are an absolute legend for sharing all that! As de Chardin said ‘The truth only has to appear once to set everything ablaze’, but with the greatest, most scary, take-us-back-to-our-greatest-fear (but completely compassionately and safely) truth ever known it just takes some time. We all know as soon as we hear Jeremy Griffith’s work that it is true, we (most of us anyway) just have an incredibly habituated (and up until now) necessary response to it that we can’t cope with it so it does take some time and side doors and procrastination before we finally allow ourselves to hear and accept what is being said. As my favourite words about the deaf effect from Jeremy say,


“what happens with perseverance is that gradually the resigned mind realises that what is being presented is not condemning but compassionate”


Yes, what we find is that we can now face the fear, we can now accept ourselves and who we are and what we’ve done, we are absolute legendary heroes, we have all fought and fought and fought and now the fight is over, we are free, we are good and everything is as it should be, all we have to do is follow the path Jeremy has laid out for us and we have all contributed to and it will all be over, the suffering stops and love and integration reigns!!


I just love the photo you’ve included, it reminds me of Australian commentator Brian Carltons quote that says ‘You never forget the moment when you realise this really does explain the human condition…You remember the day, you remember the section of the book, you remember when it happened, it stays with you, it’s fresh’ And it’s so true, you never forget the day EVERYTHING changes, it’s just so, so, so good!!


1 Aug. 2022 Facebook comment about working through the Deaf Effect:


I’m late to the party here Karen, but I certainly agree that this is one absolutely magnificent post! Thank you so much for giving us all this wonderful wisdom! Like you say everything and anything we can think of on earth now always comes back to us all taking up the Transformed way of living. It, and only it can allow us to be honest about our completely messed-up human condition afflicted states but at the same time relieve/redeem/end all our insecurity and preoccupation with them. Without the colossal, endless, towering, mind-numbing, energy-sapping, selfishness-inducing preoccupation with ourselves and our guilt and need to reinforce ourselves, we can see the REAL, human condition free world all around us, and better still, we can participate in it and live in it and think about it and help to bring it about every minute, ever second of everyday. Being a force for knowing integration, love, happiness, togetherness – there is nothing more nurturing, more joyful or just plain and simply wonderful for our souls be they old or young. Let’s Go!


16 Jul. 2022 Facebook comment about managing the shock of change. Unfortunately, Facebook removed the post after Tony tried to edit his response, so there is no link to it.


The original poster had written: “The so-called “veil” has been lifted and I can see what’s behind it. It’s one thing reading and understanding but there is a further level and never, could I have ever imagined, that it existed, let alone experience it.” And, “Thank you Tony Gowing, I’ve just finished Freedom. I thought something amazing and transforming would happen immediately. Instead, I started involuntarily verbalising my anger and resentment, mostly when alone (driving) and the nasty shitty person I am came right out of my mouth. Previously so politically correct it was a shock. But reading your post,, I just SAW the pretence in my own and everyone else’s lives. This is all just make believe, it’s false, a farse, the whole thing, a show and nothing else. I want out, I want to see what’s going on really. I’m so tired of all this bullshit, fake acting out a “life” which isn’t a life, isn’t worth living. Live and die playing your part in a 2 million year old show, often a comedy, until the next generation comes in and takes over. As King Solomon said, there is not one single thought or situation on earth that hasn’t taken place endless times, and it will continue if we all remain zombies, walking dead. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen to me with this understanding in the meantime. Shock, it’s the least that can happen. I feel I don’t need to read more about the understanding for a little while. But I know I will. Thank you for this post, I woke up from a semi hypnotic state.”


Tony’s reply: Thank you so much for telling us about this! I have been exactly where you are right now and it was magnificent, it is certainly one of the most significant experiences I will ever know, I will never forget where I was and what I was doing. Waking up/finally seeing through our resigned blocks for me was such, such, such a relief, finally everything that Jeremy had been explaining made sense, I could see the human condition everywhere, it was so obvious, the whole world becomes totally and completely see-through. The human condition transformed from etherial, uncomfortable feelings to something completely tangible. And Yes! I certainly never expected/guessed/even imagined that such clarity about the world was possible.


I know it’s all there in the post, but this part of Jeremy’s Shock of Change document really makes me think of this time:


“This situation left us collectively and individually with no choice but to keep adding more and more layers of protective denial to cope with the horror of our ever-increasing soul-corrupted and soul-corrupting conditionbecause any time we tried to go back and confront and be honest about our corruption only brought us back into contact with the unbearably depressing implication that we were bad, worthless, soul-destroying, evil monsters. So this is where the human race has been trapped, having no choice but to accept that until the human race’s great, heroic upsetting search for knowledge finally led to the finding of the redeeming, relieving and healing, good reason for why we corrupted our soul, almost everyone had no choice but to resign themselves to having to hide in Plato’s dark cave of denial of our soul-corrupted and soul-corrupting human condition. (The process of Resignation, as well as Plato’s cave allegory, is explained in Freedom Essay 30.)”

The loop is now broken, we don’t have to go back and pour over all the horror, but we can remove the denial which allows us to finally see the world truthfully for the first time (since we blocked it all out) and seeing through all that denial is like stepping out of Plato’s Cave, like actually OUTSIDE it (not just seeing a few shadows on the wall) and seeing there is a REAL world for the first time, it is like [in the movie ‘The Matrix’] Neo taking the red pill and waking up outside the Matrix and finally understanding where he and the whole world has been trapped. It is just such a fabulous, fabulous discovery.


One of my favourite lines that I have ever read from Jeremy is this one from this document, where he says (I added the capitals):


“With perseverance, the RESIGNED MIND GRADUALLY REALISES THAT WHAT IS BEING PRESENTED IS NOT CONDEMNING BUT COMPASSIONATE, and that it is now safe, in fact, immensely relieving and healing to learn about and finally understand the whole 2- million-year corrupting but incredibly heroic journey the human race has been on.”


Yes, all the truth initially feels like it is too much, it’s too hurtful, too embarrassing, too scary, that if you let ‘the devil’ inside yourself off the leash you don’t know what would happen, kind of thing. But what we realise is that we can accept the truth now it is here, in fact it is the only way out, and in fact it isn’t hurtful, it doesn’t kill you, you don’t self implode from guilt, because this time, THIS TIME, we have THE ANSWER, THE DEFENCE, that protects us and looks after us and gives us an unshakable grounding of understanding/security about the world and everything about ourselves and WHY, WHY, WHY it’s all been like it’s been.


Sorry, to go on, but it is such an exciting discovery, because, it is seeing this truth and breaking through the denial to seeing the human condition everywhere that allows us to operate from a truthful base finally, until you can really know the problem and see it clearly, which you can’t until you allow yourself to see the truth and step outside the cave fully, you just can’t see the solution and how quickly it can work for each of us and therefore everyone else.


Anyway, I really send you all the love and best wishes in the world Emily because this is all such a big step in our lives, but just remember, you will never lose what you are seeing now, even if it gets a bit overwhelming and you step back towards the cave entry, from here on it is just a matter of getting better and better at seeing the truth, allowing it in and then dealing with it compassionately and sensibly, and calmly through understanding. There truly is horror everywhere we look outwardly and internally, but it just doesn’t matter anymore, not one bit, it is all looked after explained and can be put in our glorious golden suitcases of understanding.


5 Jul. 2022 Facebook comment in response to comment about how underssanding can stop the mental health epidemic:


I so agree Colleen! All the answers we need are here and we can now admit to the full catastrophe that the human situation currently is living out under the duress of the human condition. And that’s the hard bit, being able to admit and access the compassionate human-race-saving truth enough to see just how wonderful the transformation is going to be now that we can understand ourselves. We humans can now look at ourselves and all of our problems and all of our faults and flaws and love ourselves and understand where they’ve come from why we haven’t been able to deal with them and why we’ve let them get so far out of control. I just love Jeremy’s phrase ‘we get the truth up and we move on’ but just thinking about it right now I actually like the idea of saying ‘we get the truth up and then heaven (A human condition free world)on Earth appears. We humans have been so courageous to get to a point where someone could finally solve the human condition we just need a little more courage and a little more love to throw at the human condition and the horror will all be over and the suffering with all stop. I just can’t wait – it really is coming now #let’sgetthefuckoutofhere


5 Jul. 2022 Facebook comment in response to comment about real and terrifying the mental health epidemic is:


Yes Mol it’s terrifying how it’s all playing out, there’s so much trauma and stress everywhere you look, the race between terminal alienation and transformation through understanding the human condition is really being taken to the wire by the human race, we just have to hold our nerve and keep loving the truth/answers that Jeremy has given us and the transformation will come. Let’s go!!


4 Jul. 2022 Facebook comment about the autism epidemic:


Also, given Jeremy’s prediction about Autism, there are recent reports in America of Autism increasing 4300% over the last 35 years in California ( As Jeremy points out in Addendum 1 at the end of his Death by Dogma booklet (, California is at the leading edge of the development of psychological upset in the world, so what we see happening there is going to be happening everywhere soon. And I might mention that one of the articles reporting on this epidemic of Autism says that the increases are not the result of better diagnosis or due to genetics as it is often blamed upon. That article also highlights the denial when it says that the authorities have ‘still not declared an epidemic nor taken any action to mitigate this crisis’ (


3 Jul. 2022 Facebook comment in response to Eastern Cape WTM Centre founder Reggie Khotshobe telling about his father:


I honestly feel inadequate to post Reggie, I certainly subscribed to the idea that a man’s role on earth was to be tough, that is what I actually aspired to, to essentially go to war with that world because it was too confronting, to tell myself that anyone who subscribed to any sort of loving/integrative premise was dreaming and idealistic, – but how wrong I was!


How much horror that upset/​defensive (yet now we know that it was heroic and defended) behaviour produced. But just witnessing your obvious real connection to the soul’s world that Jeremy has shown us and brought back to life (and lives every day) is just so amazing to me. That there are still people on earth that still truly have a real connection to our instinctive innocent soul fills my whole body with so much warmth now that I understand it, now that it doesn’t have to be confronting, now that we can all begin to access it in whatever small way we are able to depending on our level of upset and alienation from it. I just love thinking about what is coming now that Jeremy has reconciled our souls and minds, what is coming for everyone is just more love, happiness, togetherness than all the little children’s hearts in the whole world can possibly imagine and it will be truly, truly, truly wonderful. What an unbelievably special human you are Reggie, thanks so much for telling us all this.


3 Jul. 2022 Facebook comment about how understanding the human condition allows us to accept ourselves:


Yes, that’s just drop dead brilliant Nic! One of the things that I love the most about understanding the human condition is that all the pretence can stop, not instantly, but over time as we let the compassionate understanding into our lives more and more, we can start to realise that we don’t have to pretend to be soulful, pretend to be perfect, pretend to be unaffected by the human condition, pretend not to be insecure, or that we aren’t totally self focused. We now know WHY we have had to be self focused, WHY we have been insecure, WHY we are so egocentric, WHYY some humans are more insecure/upset than others and WHY some others are less so. But it just doesn’t matter anymore, the truth does set us free, the competition, the looking sideways, the keeping up with the Jones’ all stops now. Yes it takes some time to allow the truth of the understandings to sink in, but the more we allow them in the more the weights fall from our shoulders, the more the pretence can be dropped and the real, true, beautiful world that we humans can now be just one beautifully integrative part of opens up. Like you say and Jeremy points out in this paragraph of FREEDOM we can literally jump, dance, jive and sing our heads off with joy for the future of our lives, the human race and the world!!


3 Jul. 2022 Facebook comment about how heroic humanity’s journey has been:


I so agree Pete, you just can’t listen to Jeremy for more than 5 minutes and not hear that he is just so full of life and enthusiasm and is just brimming with compassionate truth. I just can’t help but include here this question and response from this interview, just because for me and my background, what these words are saying are the most key, most wonderful, most relieving words ever said


Caroline Jones: So, you’re suggesting really that man’s journey has been a most heroic one, so far.


Jeremy Griffith: Fabulous. It’s like it’s been a match, a football match, you know. Now, [legendary Australian rugby league player] Ray Price comes off the football field covered in scars and embattled and his dislocated shoulder and everything, but he’s completely happy, his [winning] cup is held high and he’s smiling and we’re all with his team, Parramatta, in tears of joy for his win. We don’t worry about his exhaustions because we know the game he’s been involved in was worthwhile. But humans come off the battlefield exhausted and because we’re unable to know the merit of the battle that we’ve been in, we can’t see ourselves as wonderful, we’re just insecure about our exhaustions. We can love ourselves now. I can take an extreme, someone who has, I don’t know, grown up with their parents having left them at Kings Cross [the red light district in Sydney] or somewhere, these terrible things that are happening now outside this very building [near Kings Cross], I can take that boy or girl and I can tell them now a story, a wonderful story that humanity has been through, an incredibly worthwhile journey and they can then for the first time see themselves in that journey as being worthwhile. In spite of their exhaustions they can love themselves, and they have so much courage, I mean they paint their hair red and they try to have an identity for themselves in spite of all this incredible oppression that they’re a bad person when they’re not, and now they can love themselves, they can understand themselves. Understanding is freedom, is compassion.”


27 June 2022 Facebook comment about the importance of understanding Resignation:


I love it Gerry! And I so agree our brilliant golden suitcases all stacked up at the start of the sunshine highway to a new, human-condition-understood world drenched in compassionate knowledge and filled with warming, soothing sunshine.


And I just can’t encourage people reading this enough to go and read Freedom Essay 30 ( that you’ve linked to Gerry. If you want to understand yourself, help yourself, be more functional, understand why everyone around you is so preoccupied with themselves, if you want to know why you are anxious, or competitive and egocentric, or the real reason behind why we are all so cut off from ourselves and unable to be empathetic, or why we are totally superficial and fake, or why basically why and how any behaviour plays out in humans on earth, after you have understood the human condition, understanding Resignation, the most important yet totally unacknowledged psychological event in all our lives is the place to start. Understanding Resignation and being able to lift it’s veil from your life will be the single most amazing awakening/realisation that is possible at this moment on earth in my opinion. After understanding the human condition, understanding resignation and becoming aware of it’s effects in your own life truly is the the great doorway that we all need to take to begin our joyous dance down the sunshine highway.


Awesome Gerry! Thanks very, very much.


And as an after thought, just thought I’d drop Jeremy’s sunshine highway with the bridge crossing the human condition. All our suitcases will be piled up at the beginning of the bridge in this image!


16 June 2022 Facebook comment about how understanding our psychologically upset state allows us to be honest with new generations:


Emily: Anthony Gowing thank you for publishing this. I’m reading the chapter 8 in Freedom exactly where that is dealt with. This is enlightening and si clear, there is no bias if you read with an open mind. Everything comes together regarding the actual world situation and differing levels of upset found in countries, cultures and nations. Underlying anxiety everything is integrative meaning, our goal. It is difficult for us now after breaking away from 2 million years of upset but in the future children will be born to parents who have grasped integrative meaning and humanity will be saved. The alternative is all too obvious and so terribly frightening for all of us, mankind’s total failure. What to do? Keep on track, keep going, grasp and understand all we can, squeeze our ganglions to the uttermost, the alternative, we all know…is not an alternative. Great stuff to read, Jeremy thank you.


Tony Gowing: Well said Emily, that is so true! Once we have been able to grow accustomed to discussion of the human condition in ourselves and the historic fear, resistance and defensiveness begins to subside as we allow the compassionate defence of our human condition afflicted states that Jeremy’s understanding brings we can begin to see that all the manically driven good and bad/insecure feelings can subside, and free of those overwhelming, all-preoccupying feelings we can really start to see a totally different world, one that has basic, obvious, black and white, simple, totally unbiased truths. We can finally see that yes we are all variously upset, but it doesn’t really matter what level we fall into or how we behaved to cope with upset, all that matters now is that we can end all that upset behaviour by selflessly focusing our lives on telling all the children on earth about the human condition, tell them how horrific it has been but how safe they are now, how secure they can be now, that the world is a wonderful, wonderful place that is built on unconditional love, and that is the greatest of all truths and tell them about this heroic journey every human has had to participate in for the last 2 million years and why everything has got so out of whack, but fill them with so much hope for the future that we have everything we need now to fix every problem on earth, for them to loved and so they never ever have to grow up wondering if they are loveable, as we have all had to. The future free of the human condition is just so so so good but also like you say the alternative isn’t an alternative at all, it really is up to us, here in this group with this knowledge to save the world from the brink of terminal alienation, it has plenty of difficulties to it like the initial deafness, fear and uncomfortable insecurity we naturally have of the human condition but the positives are so universally wonderful from every point of view that once we hit the smallest of tipping points this excitement and freedom will sweep the world so quickly and easily it will seem like it happened overnight. And as you say too THANK YOU Jeremy is my overwhelming thought each time I am lucky enough to connect to the enormity and preciousness of what we have been given.


Emily: Anthony Gowing, I am speechless upon reading your reply. It hit the target right in the centre, 100%. That is exactly how I feel about this understanding and I am aiming to reach where you and so many others are at right now. Nothing, no single detail has been left out and everything I read just fits so perfectly with reality. Perhaps only when I read the Bible did I have a similar feeling of “yes, this is” but then I couldn’t finish the puzzle because that was before the understanding of the nerve based conscious mind and somehow it didn’t fully apply to life today. You just put it so well that you must have written without any influence of the human condition. I can’t wait to contribute by translating something of Jeremy’s work into Italian, everyone must know and it’s our responsability to get this information out there. I need to ground my feet well enough first. It will happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


11 June 2022 Facebook comment about how this redeeming understanding allows us to therapise the child within:


Thanks so much for sharing this Frank, I did absolutely love Roald Dahl when I was little, although I never had any idea why, the warm, comforting, happy feelings that instantly and naturally come over me when I think about Roald Dahls books and seeing those wonderful illustrations is amazing testament to me of how precious they must have been for me as a little boy.


And talking of the little boy that is inside me, it is simply too hard to express just how much reading Jeremy’s description and explanation of the the conflict and frustrations that break out for young children when they start to experiment with free will in Chapter 8:6 of FREEDOM that is linked to in the post ( That little boy taking all the birthday cake for himself and then making incredibly naive excuses for it is the exact description of my life. Yes it all started exactly as Jeremy describes as being naive, but like he describes, pretty much immediately the need for reinforcement is clawing at you endlessly, the frustration of the unfair, unacknowledged, unexplained situation was a boiling cauldron inside of me that took all my effort and time and energy to suppress. When I read those words from Jeremy, I still feel at heart, like I never moved on from that little boy making his first birthday cake error, on and on and on the errors came, and on and on the frustration and the guilt came and then all the egocentric and angry behaviour that came from that. But that is why I want to spend my every waking moment trying to get this information to the world to every child in it no matter what it takes, because of the relief that I feel when the little boy inside of me finally reads those words that Jeremy has given the world, finally, the little boy inside of me can understand, can stop experimenting, can stop getting it wrong, can understand his surrounds, can be free of the guilt, can be free of the desperate need for reinforcement. The horror that all started from innocent trialling and erroring with free will and turned into a complete nightmarish, horror upon horror of guilt riddled life is something that I honestly don’t want another human to feel ever, ever, ever again. I want them to hear the story in FREEDOM now before it all starts, before it goes too far, so they never have to leave the open happiness that exists in us humans before the battle for understanding starts in us all. I just thank Jeremy Griffith each and every day that he has told me all of this, that he has dedicated his life to giving us all this, to save us all from this and joy and happiness and privilege that I feel to be sitting here able to be a tiny part of this solutions of solutions is beyond expression. So anyway thanks Frank, I just loved that you pointed out that post, because for me it really is incredibly special and just the thought that there are others out there posting and loving this stuff too, more and more every day just endlessly warms my heart and builds my excitement and love for the human race.


10 June 2022 Facebook comment about need to share this understanding:


Great stuff Igor that video is brilliant, and I just love, love, the point you make that it’s all our responsibility to share these understandings. So true! If you are human you need every word in FREEDOM. It saves you and everyone on earth and ends all the horrific suffering, #letsgetthefuckoutofhere


10 June 2022 Facebook comment about Jeremy explaining the 5 greatest thinkers/prophets:


Another great post Bob, you’re on a roll! Yes, I just love that the whole of the human race and in particular Science and all the scientists that have ever lived and dreamed and tested are the great liberator’s, the great gatherers of hard won mechanistic knowledge that has been gathered over Millenia that was needed to free the human race from the human condition , but something that your post makes me think of and really blows my mind is the pure clean honest, deeply, deeply penetrating and unshakably clear thinking of the great prophets (unevasive thinkers). I suppose because the gifts that they carry are so utterly extraordinarily and so unbelievably light years outside/completely beyond my own incredibly limited abilities, they really do appear as though they are from another species all together. I want to say it’s strange but it’s not it’s exactly the way it should be that every time Jeremy Griffith writes something new and gives it out to read, those exact days as I take in what has been written, I can remember every one of these days. When you understand something new that is so huge, so totally out of the realms of my ability to even consider thinking about, let alone bring understanding, to bring such unequivocal simple clarity to all the impossible issues, I will never be able to fully appreciate or comprehend just how special these individuals are, but one of the most mind blowing reads of all mind blowing reads is where Jeremy explains the 5 greatest prophets/thinkers to walk the earth and how their thinking works this writing to me gives so much insight just how special the human race is, what we’ve all been through and what’s coming. To really see the gap between how uncorrupted minds work that aren’t disconnected from their instinctive soul is just downright amazing. Anyway, I’ve just read this work again and beg everyone to go and have a read because it’s utterly spectacularly sublime.


10 June 2022 Facebook comment about how alienated humans now are, and how wonderful it is that we can now be part of nature again:


Yes, this is an absolute cracking post Mol!! If you add basically any human into any natural situation on earth our appearance breaks up the whole picture/vision of something that is so right, connected and beautiful. (mind you the intense competition of the animal/plant condition is extraordinary once you allow yourself to see that too). But like you say, we are just total fishes out of water, totally at odds with nature, we don’t fit in at all, it’s been such a horrible burden to bare, to be total outcasts where ever we look – no wonder so many of our stories/movies are about space and new planets that might seemingly suit our upset, human-condition-afflicted behaviour better that this one that has condemning integration/order/selflessness everywhere we look. The idea that we humans can now be part of nature again and connected to our unconditionally loving instincts/soul again and just be one of the millions of parts of the whole system all working and living towards ever more order together is just such a wonder of wonders to look forward to. Finally to feel at home again in our own surroundings, to be embraced by it and to embrace it joyfully instead of having to block it out and destroy it is just too, too, too much to bear as you and Jeremy so beautifully point out. Thanks very much!!


9 June 2022 Facebook comment about ‘owning our own shadow’:


I absolutely love that post Bob, you’re an absolute legend!! The human condition has been such an off-limits subject it has made it all but impossible to discuss anything at any depth because just about anything other than the weather or which sporting team or personality won on the weekend takes us on a trajectory towards the human condition, which as we all now know at its core is the most terrifying suicidal depression that we all suffer from inside ourselves. And without compassionate understanding of this underlying, blocked off part of ourselves we had no chance at all to bring any help or real guidance to ourselves, let alone help others in need. We have all been total victims to our own fear (human condition) inside of ourselves which has meant we really couldn’t truly help anyone else with theirs either. There are all sorts of ways that we have all tried to deal with the human condition, like trying to meditate and clear our minds of the pain that it has caused, or tried to shower ourselves in material wealth to make ourselves feel like we are ‘kings/queens of the world’ that lived above the horror and pain, or try to find some kind of moral highground which meant that we weren’t the problem, it was everybody else that was causing all the malaise, or we just tried to make fun of how terrible the world is through humour and comedy, or we used stoicism, trying to persuade ourselves and others that we just have to think positively and keep a stiff upper lip and move endlessly forward to some unknown positive in the future. It didn’t matter what path we took, it’s all for the same reason, to try to beat, stay away from, not think about, hide from the human condition.


But like you say Bob, absolutely miraculously, we can now take any situation, tiny or all-important, horrifying or superficial and really understand why that situation exists, what is causing it and how we solve it. We can bring so much understanding, we can bring total empathy to it because finally we can each talk, and feel and know the pain, the suicidal depression that is in us, we can know the force by which we have resisted going anywhere near those feelings and the force by which they drive all manner of crazy/upset behaviours on us. We none of us have been in control of ourselves, we have been just totally, 100% pushed around by the fear of the human condition that resides in our core. But now this all changes!! It is this fear that we are all coming to terms with, that we are all finally, daringly and caringly, but totally safely and compassionately coming to terms with, starting to finally allow to exist in our conscious lives And it is the acknowledgement and deep understanding of this core fear inside of ourselves that changes everything, starts to open up our lives, starts to bring control back into our own hands instead of having the fear of the human condition in the driver seat of our lives and just bouncing off unexplained feelings coming from every direction. Finally all our feelings make sense, we can start to explain them and follow them down to their origins and look after them, sooth them. Like Jung said we can finally ‘own our own shadow’ and that gives us a tremendous power to finally take back control of our lives and to start to really live and love ourselves and everybody else right down to our core being and know, and for the first time begin to see that there is a whole absolutely spectacular all-loving, all-integrative, all-beautiful, all-glorious world that exists all around, we just haven’t been able to see, and be part of because we have had to hide it from ourselves. Just walking down the street and seeing the beautiful colour of the sky and the trees and hearing the birds tweeting away and the glorious golden sun will bring joy upon joy upon joy once we can truly allow ourselves to see it and feel and participate in it. Yes, we have all thought ‘what a beautiful day’, but this sort of feeling is nothing like the feelings that we are really going to experience as we are able to lay our human condition fear down the angst will come out of the air (that we didn’t even know was there) and as more and more of the world catch on, we’ll start to see real smiles and laughter and people genuinely glowing everywhere we look, and not the heroically fake smiles and fake, forced laughs, no, every face that we see will be totally open, totally happy, completely free and light in themselves, feeling joy and warmth and happiness at being alive and free of the human condition and just being a tiny, tiny part of this spectacular meaning in the journey of integration in the universe. Yep, it’s truly like you say Bob, so beautifully, this group is the path to FREEDOM, real truth, everlasting FREEDOM and that is so, so, so, so wonderful, come one and all and join the party!!!


9 June 2022 Facebook comment about how this compassionate understanding allows us to face our fears:


I love that you say that you are all in John, understanding the human condition is a tremendously confronting journey because it opens up the truth about how we have all been necessarily corrupted by our journey to find knowledge for our fully conscious thinking brains over a 2 million year period. But it is a safe journey, it is a totally compassionate, loving and empathetic, relieving and redeeming journey that in truth is easy to take, once we have the key understanding in place which is that despite all appearences to the contrary, all we humans are wonderful, heroic, devine beings, we humans had to march into hell for a heavenly cause, we have had to suffer corruption to find understanding. There was no other way, all the upset, all the madness, anger, cruelty, denial, the delusions of grandeur, the lying and dysfunctions that all get a light shined on them with truth being shed on the human condition are all part of the most important, meaningful, journey of unconditional love that has ever existed in the universe by our whole species. We have all participated in this horror, all for the same reason, to finally crack the understanding that is in FREEDOM. I wish you all the luck in the world as you embark on the greatest journey of your life as you read the ‘book that saves the world’!!


29 July 2022 Facebook comment about new world leadership:


Good on you Chris, you have been such a wonderful and important leader in our mission to saving the human race, what you are doing and we are all doing is just precious beyond words. As more and more compassionate truth is spoken like this wonderfully honest post, and the fear and denial subsides, the more beauty, love and freedom we will see and feel all around us, let’s go!!


29 July 2022 Facebook comment providing steps of honesty about our situation:


Hi Joanna, I know you’re really after some steps, so I’ve tried to come up with some very rough ones that I very truly hope can help you.


Step1: to begin understanding the human condition there are 3 basic truths that you need to understand properly and by properly, I mean absorb them past our human condition afflicted defensive denial barrier, which is the difficult bit.


Truth 1: Prior to the human condition breaking out, our species’ original instinctive orientation was to living in a psychosis-free, peaceful and harmonious state of cooperation, love and selflessness.

Truth 2: the development of a newly acquired conscious mind caused the human condition – a fully conscious thinking brain needs to understand and it clashed with our already 12 million year firmly entrenched (unconscious) cooperative instincts.


Truth 3: this clash lead to us becoming psychologically upset – we are living in a completely psychotic and neurotic state of upset – right now, you and I and every one on this earth is living in this state, as RD Laing said ‘We are dead, but think we are alive. We are asleep, but think we are awake. We are dreaming, but take our dreams to be reality. We are the halt, lame, blind, deaf, the sick. But we are doubly unconscious. We are so ill that we no longer feel ill, as in many terminal illnesses. We are mad, but have no insight [into the fact of our madness]’ (Self and Others, 1961, p.38 of 192). See here for more on 3 fundamental truths:…/

Step 2: You have to begin to understand just how much guilt we live with under the surface of our protective denial and civilised facades – if we had/ have a conscience/instinctive programming to unconditional selflessness, not just being nice when feel like it or have the energy, but a pure love that is so connected to others around us and nature that we wouldn’t have to speak with one another we are so sensitive, and not just other humans but all animals and trees and even other objects like rocks, we would have been able to completely put ourselves in all of these positions and have truly known what it felt like to be each. And we would have loved all of the matter on earth, completely unconditionally and be connected to it , completely at one with it.


Now imagine what it felt like when suddenly we had a fully conscious thinking mind come along and it driving us to understand everything, we didn’t have a choice, we just had to start experimenting and that meant we had to divert from our “perfect”, completely inline and in tune with all matter and each other on earth. And not just divert a little way for a few days, our conscious thinking brains couldn’t be turned off we had to keep experimenting and learning, and the more we experimented the further we diverted from our instinctive path and the more upset we became, and the more upset we became the more angry and guilty we became and so on and so on. Every generation the upset ramping up and up and up and up and up.


All of a sudden we are not just feeling a bit off, we are tyrannically, uncontrollably angry and we are killing every animal we can get our hands on, burning down forests, building city’s with ever more massive monuments to our cleverness, unable to properly nurture our children, all the while warring and murdering and raping, perpetuating all of the horror under the sun. These murderous feelings are still with us all contained as best we can by an endlessly practiced facade of alienated, civilised, self restraint.


So inside us we have the most magical instincts to love unconditionally, but we look around when we are still truthful when we are young and see that we are diabolically messed up angry mentally ill people who have destroyed paradise and we’ve never been able to explain why. The guilt is so, so, so, so, so great in each and every one of us, you could live a hundred life times and still not be able to fathom the guilt we individually and collectively feel for the horror we have inflicted on this world. And really our only defence up until now is to block it out and not think about it.


Step 3: that guilt exists in you and you need to experience it. I’m not telling you to give yourself a hiding with it, you can only acknowledge its existence armed with this compassionate understanding of the human condition – without it no one can go near it not in a million years it is too condemning, to scary, to horrific. But when armed with compassionate understanding and you allow yourself to go into your feelings, all of a sudden you will see that the problem is not ‘out there’ with other people or society in general, yes all the symptoms are easier to see out there safely away from yourself, but the problem is in you, the problem is in all of us, it is the guilt within us that is driving our madness and it is our madness that is killing the world, it is the madness inside us that makes men psychotically egocentrically destructive, and that makes women completely neurotic, up tight messes, we can’t think or behave or explain or live or be compassionate or know right from wrong we are totally untethered grappling around in a guilt induced fog.


Step 4: yes all of that is true – but finally it is safe to talk about that situation, see that it’s not our fault in the slightest, we have had to become this messed up there was no other way. But thank goodness finally we all can feel relief, yes finally I can let go of the guilt in me, see just how wound up I have been from it, how much it has been running and ruining my life, but I can see that it is ruining everyone’s lives and has been for 2 million years, but now it can end!! We are free from guilt so we are free from all the anger and fear and denial, jealousy, selfishness etc etc that the underlying guilt was driving.


Step 5: do whatever it takes to get this information to everyone on earth and specifically a whole generation of children so they don’t have to grow up and suffer as we have. This job, particularly in these early stages is incredibly difficult, it is selling an answer to people that are so utterly terrified, so completely sealed off from even the problem (the human condition) that getting to the solution can be almost impossible – humans have been perfecting the art of denying and sealing themselves off from the human condition for all their lives individually and 2 million years collectively, it truly is a task similar to turning the Amazon river around in its bed. But it is the only way to save ourselves do we have to try with all our might!


Step 6: at some point though, you need to put yourself on the spot – do I want to keep denying the problem in myself and hiding away from it because it’s just too confronting and scary or do I want to sit down, take a deep breath and allow myself to slowly, compassionately, calmly, but as securely as possible follow the logic that appears in FREEDOM. Yes it will make for some uncomfortable feelings at times, but when I do allow myself to take in the understanding in FREEDOM, I do truly know that this is the real deal, this is the path that needs to be taken for there to be a future for the human race and I can be part of that and help where I can from whatever position I’m coming at this from- my only other option is to selfishly take the insights it offers and use them to better compete back in the human condition afflicted selfish world.


Anyway Joanne I have no idea if that helps at all, and if there’s one thing I know on earth from all my time dealing with the human condition it’s that alienation/denial/disconnection from truths that confront us is the most frustrating thing, so I really hope you can find some opening soon and find some of the wonderful, soothing peace, all we can keep telling you at the end of the day is that that peace can only be found in FREEDOM. I really do send you all best luck and wishes in the world, delving into the human condition is certainly not an easy task, but like every one has said it is the most rewarding by a million miles.


28 July 2022 Facebook comment about how understanding provides us with the unconditional love that we need to therapise ourselves:


Bronwyn Fitzgerald: Such a word perfect post Chris, like with Tony Gowing’s posts, so so precious and helpful.. Due to my personal bloody awful encounter with the human condition I’ve unavoidably become such a ruthlessly fierce fighter, and without realising it I fight against pretty well everything, always selfishly fighting and competing for my psychological and physical survival. And so I’ve seen myself fight the truth about my utterly human-condition-afflicted state with all the fierce defensiveness of a pro fighter, which is just madness on top of madness isn’t it. When I actually truly STOP and let the confronting truth and redeeming love of this understanding really in, it is like magic, the battle ends with all its horrors and peace comes to my war-torn, lonely, soul-dead, anxious being. And I’m in utter awe of the truth/understanding and just want to defer to its soundness and support it with the new found love it’s given me. Our fear of the human condition is so deep it’s just so totally amazing that Jeremy Griffith was so nurtured and sheltered to have escaped hurt in his infancy and childhood to have fearlessly faced this previously unconfrontable no-go zone and worked EVERYTHING out and brought so much love to the human race. It is such a huge paradigm shift for humanity and us all to live now with our corrupted human condition on the table but you describe so so beautifully the easy transformation pathway Jeremy has given us, and it’ll get easier and easier and quicker and quicker and more and more exciting as more and more of us stop and let the sunshine in and join the sunshine highway to love and togetherness and calm, oh god bring on that calm for all our frazzled poor nerves, all the children lying awake with terror like I did, this world needs this so so so much xx


Tony Gowing: On top of the magnificence Chris Akritidis gave us, this is even more magnificence Brony, thank you very much for this wonderful truth!!. I just love this sentence, it is the key to everything now as you say –


“When I actually truly STOP and let the confronting truth and redeeming love of this understanding really in, it is like magic, the battle ends with all its horrors and peace comes to my war-torn, lonely, soul-dead, anxious being.”


From the perspective of thinking about things from a non human condition understood world that sentence is too much, too hard hitting too truthful, even bewildering (‘goodness, I’m not anything like that messed up’). But we are all this messed up, we are all completely and utterly mentally ill, we are so mentally ill that most of us are physically ill on top of our mental illness in one way or another, the level of hurt is truly unfathomable by us and it is this unacknowledged mental illness that is destroying us all from the inside out, it is this unfathomable hurt that is killing the world, it has killed the ability for us to love, and without unconditional love around us we die, and there is simply no unconditional love anywhere in this world – anybody who thinks they are loving is totally disconnected from what true unconditional love is, but how could any of us not be, we’ve never been given/shown it or had it explained, thinking about love feels to us now more like a longing, a feeling of terrible loss, a need that could never be quenched, something massive that we desperately needed but couldn’t find – for 2 million years we have fought this battle with ignorance with less and less and less (even conditional) love for each generation, to now where there is basically none – that is the true horror of the human condition and the end play state the world is now in.


But that is where Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition comes in, it finally provides us with all the unconditional love that we need, through finally being able to understand why we weren’t loved, and why the love was taken away from us and why the only choice we had was to blame ourselves and assume the reason for our lack of love was simply because we were unloveable and then fight the implications of that and deny it and push back as hard as we possibly could against those feelings of unlovability, and become crazed insecure egomaniacs.


Jeremy’s explanation brings us the greatest truth of them all, that we are loveable, that we are worthy, that we are good, wonderful, selfless beings, that all the upset, hurt and destruction was an unavoidable act of love in the greater context of the human journey once we developed a fully conscious mind.


As you both say so, so beautifully, we can stop perpetuating the horror now that we can admit to it safely. We can stop fighting for love, or despairing at the lack of it, having our fear and pain now looked after and dealt with means we are finally loved properly, unconditionally, with no caveats. We can now feel totally secure and just exist as we are, how ever we are for the first time in our lives, there is nothing hanging over our heads now, nothing to prove. It truly is unadulterated relief to set the weight of having to prove every second that we are good worthwhile beings and hide our frailties from the world and ourselves.


With ourselves taken care of we can finally start to see the world, live for the world, love the world and others god it’s so good. I just love you both and everyone on earth who is now telling the truth about the human condition about how horrible living under its duress has been, but how unspeakably wonderful it is to now begin to be free of it’s shadow.


Bronwyn: Anthony Gowing I can’t say how utterly word perfect wonderful every word of that is for me to read; reaches, helps and resonates so deeply for me at this moment, and for always. All so so so true. Our poor souls are just so so so hurt and devastated and that this understanding reaches and brings that desperately longed for love to my/our seemingly bottomless tortured pain and suffering and madness is truly like a miracle and so endlessly relieving and exquisitely beautiful. Thank you Tony a million xillion zillion times over for your world-saving clarity and guidance and love, and obviously no words of gratitude enough for Jeremy and his uncorrupted soul!


22 July 2022 Facebook comment about how understanding means we can now be honest about our condition, and that is the key to being free:


What a magnificent post Sue! Thank you so much for it and sharing your beautifully honest thoughts with us. Honestly what you have said here is basically all every single human on earth needs to know for the world to transform into the most beautifully, wonderfully, honest, open, happy place we all could ever hope for. Yes, we finally have the defence for why we are so messed up it wasn’t our fault, we HAD NO CHOICE but to become upset, messed up beings, and WE HAD NO CHOICE but to hide from it, lie about it, be terrified of it, desperately try to cover it up with whatever talents or ideas that we found within and around us, and so on and so on. But we can stop all the lying now, we don’t have to be ashamed anymore, we don’t have to feel guilty anymore we don’t have to cover it up anymore. And being able to be honest without fear of exposure gives us the freedom to really think and feel freely, fully and fearlessly, and humans have never been in that situation before!!!


There is so much to discover when we begin to understand the human condition but the biggest breakthrough here and the most important element for us all to understand is the logic of is how we are good when we have appeared to be bad, we need to allow our minds to flesh the logic of Jeremy’s Adam Stork story out over and over because the more we understand this and the more the ramifications of it can all line up in our minds, the more love and empathy we will have for ourselves and everyone else because we will finally really know and accept that all the horror is not our fault, and we will really see just how courageous we have each been to live our lives out in hope faith and trust that the answer would one day come but having to do it from an almost completely blocked-off, unknowing, terrified, guilt-riddled, angry, dishonest state living with the human condition has truly been so horrible for us and we haven’t deserved 1 ounce of the torture we have been through, but that is how much love and truth and beauty and understanding we need to pour back into our situations now, every element of our lives can now be so compassionately loved and understood and looked after we can do it now, we really, really, really can!


But I’m sorry to go on Sue, I just really want to be as supportive as I possibly can of your honesty, because it is exactly what you have written here that is probably some of the most important words that anyone could pretty well write in a thousand life times, and with every human that is able to express them, the whole world becomes closer to the most wonderful place imagineable, so thank you very very much!


24 July 2022 Facebook comment about how every little thing anyone does is critical to adding to this world-saving momentum:


Good stuff Les, you’re and absolute Gem! Every day, every initiative we take no matter how big or small to to get these world-saving, human-condition-solving answers out there is just so precious, so courageous and way, way, way more important and meaningful than any and all the other pursuits in life combined. Understanding ourselves, dealing with the human condition, taking it out of our lives for good is now possible, and the confronting truth is the human race cannot survive without it, our species is careering off into a psychotic oblivion, so the stakes couldn’t be higher, but with every act of strength and generosity and love like this, it will inspire all of us to keep going, to keep selflessly, quietly yet confidently and securely telling every who will listen that the redeeming, reconciling and transforming biological understanding of the human condition is here to save us, and it is precisely that insight that is presented in biologist Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM and on So Go Les and all of us who are lucky enough to be part of the greatest most exciting movement that has ever existed!


14 July 2022 Facebook comments about the excitement of the New World that is coming:


First comment: That is an awesome conversation to hear. I especially loved and appreciated hearing Norma telling us about the cats running amok in her head. I know my version of this feeling only too well and it is so true that you can take any word you like now and look it up in FREEDOM and you will find peace, centredness and calm explanation and understanding. Every word in Jeremy’s description of the world and each of our human-condition-afflicted situations builds an unshakeably secure framework with which to understand all the crazy thoughts and feelings inside ourselves but also how to move forward. Instead of fighting the thoughts and feelings, hating them, being condemned and embarrassed by them, angry and frustrated with them, if we let them have access to the explanation of them in FREEDOM rather than shutting them off and pushing them away as we have historically always had to do (with no answers and only fear of them), the information will do its job explain their origins, calm them sensibly, strongly with real truth/love and compassion. It truly is such a wonderful situation that we hurt, messed up, corrupted humans are in We can now explain/understand our way out of every single thought or feeling we have now and all we have to do is give the understanding a chance to explain the feeling and look after it. We have all been tremendously hurt and scarred by the human condition, but there is no truth that we will find inside ourselves that this explanation doesn’t cover and compassionately look after and ultimately heal. Love has truly come to town in the name of understanding.


Here is an absolute cracking paragraph from FREEDOM (1255) that makes the point better than I ever could:


“Yes, with the battle to find understanding of the human condition over, relief will spread across the world. In particular, selfless love, concern and help can now come to every person in every corner of the world. To paraphrase U2’s fabulous anticipation of our species’ liberation from the agony of the human condition, ‘love has come to town’ in its absolute purest form, namely as the redeeming and relieving understanding that finally ends the insecure, egocentric, brutal and selfish way of living forever. Everyone in every situation and predicament can now rise up as radiant new beings from their corpse-like state. Everyone can now come back to lifecan wake up from their human-condition-afflicted torpor and look outwards and see each other and the world for the first time, and move across and help each other, and do anything and everything that needs to be done to end the suffering and pain that plagues this planet.”


Anyway, I just want to thank you all in this video so much for participating in these discussions and courageously showing us all that they can take place now, that we can truly open ourselves up and that there is compassionate understanding that will not let us down and can solve all our problems from their source and end them for good.


Second comment: Well said times a million Dylan! Everything you say is just so True and I just love you for saying it!! It really is too exciting, brings too much happiness, joy, warmth, truth, love, security, we are too, too, too lucky, that we are here now being part of this, in that vein, I know you will have seen it but I just love Jeremy’s poem of anticipation of the human condition free world that he wrote when he was 23, before he’d solved it all for us:


“‘This is a story you see, just a storybut for you / UmI remember a long time ago in the distant future a timeless day / a sunlit cloudless day when all things were fine / when we all slow-danced our way to breakfast in the sun // You see the day awoke with music / Can you imagine one thousand horses slow galloping towards you across a vast plain / and we loved that day so much / We all danced like Isadora Duncan through the morning light // We skipped and twirled and spun about / Fairies were there like dragonflies over a pool / Little girls with wings they hovered and flew about / their small voices you could hear / You see it was that kind of morning // When the afternoon arrived it was big and bold and beautiful / In worn out jeans and bouncing breasts we began / to fightour wayinto another day / into something newto jive our way into the night / from sunshine into a thunderstorm // We all took our place, rank upon rank we came / as an army with Hendrix out in front / and the music busted the horizon into shreds / By God we broke the world apart / The pieces were of different colours and there were so many people / We danced in coloured dust, we left in sweat no room at all / We had a ball in gowns of grey and red / There were things that happened that nobody knew / Bigger and better, I had written on my sweater / Where there was sky there was music, huge clouds of it / and there were storms of gold with coloured lights / It was so good we cried tears into our eyes / In a tug of war of love we had no strength left at all / Dear God we cried but he only sighed and / whispered strength through leaves of laughter // On and on we came in bold ranks of silvered gold / to lead a world that didn’t know to somewhere it didn’t care / It couldn’t last, it had to end and yet it had an endless end / We were so happy in balloons of coloured bubbles that wouldn’t bust / and we couldn’t, couldn’t quench our lust / There we were all together for ever and ever / and tomorrow had better beware because / when we’ve wept and slept we will be there to shake its bloody neck.’” (See –


And if that’s not enough excitement for you, I just love Dougie Lobban’s Affirmation video, he is just so joyous and happy and free and just wants to help fix everything!


9 July 2022 Facebook comment:


First comment: So good Dylan. Finally we have an unbreakable framework of truth that makes sense of everything and something with limitless meaning and endless beautiful to dedicate our lives to. How lucky are we!!


9 July 2022 Facebook comment about the responsibility of bringing this understanding to the world:


RIP Sisyphus indeed! The desperately insatiable yet unachievable need to prove our self worth individually and collectively has been an agonising torturous state to live in. We owe everything to everyone in the ‘countless generations’ that have fought and endured the human condition to bring us to this point of understanding it finally. I pray to all the integrative order on the planet that we don’t let these ‘countless generations’ down and finish what they started by using this information to bring true freedom to the world for every human now and all future generations.


3 July 2022 Facebook comment about fathers not being able to reinforce their sons, and the example Jeremy provides of truly being secure and present:


Awesome post thanks Colleen! I in no way say this to criticise this song or the post at all this song truly is an amazingly courageous piece of truth that has helped so many people to continue to fight on another day under the duress of the human condition, to know that others are feeling what they are feeling that someone out there, both fathers and sons can at least use this song to feel some kind of empathy and companionship in the lonely dishonest, everything is perfect, what-human-condition-world we have had to live in.


But it did just make me think that the problem is not just that parents/fathers were not present for their sons in person, it is that the fathers weren’t present even if they were in the same room, even if they were talking to their sons, spending time with them all the time, they still weren’t able to be present and connect with their sons/children in a real way, the human condition has sealed us off from one another in lonely tiny, self obsessed, insecure personal thought jail that wouldn’t allow us to connect with basically anyone or anything no matter how much we wanted to.


And it is this true connection, true presence, true empathy that we can now begin to have now that the human condition is solved. Our thoughts and feelings can now be released from our insecure bonds and we can open up and genuinely see and connect with others for the first time.


The best example that I have had the most unbelievable fortune of witnessing is Jeremy Griffith, there is no way that I could ever possibly describe just how thankful I am to have been able to meet and see Jeremy interact with the others and the world first hand, it has given me insight into what the world will be like when understanding of the human condition is understood by all and becomes the focus of the entire world. But just to give you the idea, the best description of Jeremy that I can think of is by Professor Harry Prosen in his Introduction to Jeremy’s book FREEDOM and in it he wrote the following beautiful description:


“I would like to emphasize the height of my regard for him [Jeremy Griffith]. He is the most impressive person and courageous thinker I have ever met and no doubt ever will. Normally people disappoint you at some point, or on some occasions, but Jeremy never does. Basically he is not egocentric. Being exceptionally well nurtured with unconditional love as a child he is sound and secure in himself and as a result is not preoccupied having to prove his worth all the time like most people are. Free of such selfish self-preoccupation he is selflessly concerned only with finding a way to end all the suffering in others, which has resulted in him focusing on finding the solution to the human condition. And being sound and secure in self has meant that in tackling that issue he has been able to think in an unafraid, truthful and thus effective way about it; as Berdyaev foresaw, it was going to ‘require…great daring’ to find ‘knowledge of good and evil’, understanding of the human condition.


It is quite amazing, in all my years of meeting people and practicing psychiatry, I haven’t encountered a soul like him. He is one of those incredibly rare individuals, a person of intellectual rigor and personal nobility who has the capacity to be completely honest without a personal bent; when you are with him you can feel his passion for the truth, which he embodies. Indeed, meeting Jeremy as I did after reading so much of his work, I realized that he lives 100 percent in the world that he writes aboutan immensely inspired, child-like-zest-full, enthralled-with-all-of-life, truthful world where the human condition is at all times being addressed and understood. Unlike everyone I have ever come across, for whom discussion of the human condition is so extremely difficult (almost impossible, one might say), when you talk to Jeremy about the human condition and the biology surrounding it, the world changes, everything seems possible, biology makes sense. Logicsimple and obvious truthreplaces over-complicated intellectual scientific downright rubbishthe vast majority of it. Indeed, scienceand biology in particularis so saturated with evasive, dishonest denial that the denial-free world of understanding that Jeremy introduces us to is so new it is akin to having to start your education all over again! Jeremy’s capacity for unerring and unrelenting honesty is literally staggering, but, as you will see, it is always accompanied by understanding; his is no ‘feel good’, guru-like, false prophet form of totally dubious and ephemeral ‘help’ for humans’ troubled lives, but a get-to-the-bottom-of-all-the-problems, truthful, real, insightful, ameliorating love that the world has been so in need of. And, thankfully, right through all the vehement resistance that he has faced and overcome in the last 30 years of his life, which took him near to death, Jeremy never gave up his responsibility that he saw right from the early years of his completely-nurtured-with-love upbringing to deliver the understanding of human nature that would end all the suffering in the world.”


I mean imagine when all the fathers in the world are like Jeremy, they are truly secure in self, loving and calm and stable and strong and honest, only concerned with the greater good of the whole world not one spec of oppressive selfish egocentricity. He really, really sees people and really, really hears what they say, can easily walk a mile in anybody’s shoes and empathise with their situation, feelings and thoughts. Children who have parents like this that ‘never disappoint you’ and grow up in a world where ‘the human condition is at all times addressed and understood’ are going to experience a situation that currently doesn’t exist on this planet for 99.99% of children – goodness me that will be a warm, loving, happy, secure childhood.


Anyway I did just love the post Colleen, and like you I just can’t wait until all children on earth are growing up with Fathers who are showering human condition explanation all over them, because it is the greatest love a child could ever, ever hope for.


3 July 2022 Facebook comment about the Transformed State; about not having to prove yourself anymore, and even better, having the most important cause to devote yourself to:


Hi Claire, I think Annie mentioned this section of FREEDOM above, but I just wanted to add this paragraph, because to me it is just the best paragraph on earth to describe what we do now. It is paragraph 1161 which you can find here:


“While understanding of the human condition finally gives us the means to heal all our anger, egocentricity and alienation (which, in truth, are our psychoses [psyche or soul repressions] and neuroses [neuron or mind denials]), we can’t, in practice, hope to heal it in our lifetime; howeverand this is all-important we can immediately know that we are all fundamentally good and not bad, and this knowledge puts each of us in a very powerful position because it means we can legitimately decide not to think about and live in accordance with the upset within us. We can reason that, ‘Yes, I do have all these angry, egocentric and alienated feelings and thoughts, and I know that without undergoing a great deal of psychological therapy I can’t hope to heal all the underlying upset that is producing these feelings and thoughts. But I also know that way of feeling and thinking is now obsoleted, so I’m simply going to leave that way of feeling and thinking behind me and adopt the new way of feeling and thinking that is now available where I live in support of a reconciled, non-aggressive, non-competitive, truth-based new world for humans!’”


So imagine for a minute if you have a monster inside your head (an incredible insecurity created by growing up without understanding of the human condition) constantly telling you, you are bad, horrible, not good enough, or has forced you to delude yourself that you are better than everyone else, or whatever and however your particular upset/psychosis plays out in your life on and on and on it goes all day and all night, and pivots from self hatred to self adulation, it’s a mad psychosis that we can’t get rid of and have just had to live with and build onto all our lives trying desperately to cope with the horror we have encountered from the human condition. But imagine if all of that disappears and is no longer relevant, that you, your behaviour, your abilities, your accolades aren’t important anymore you don’t have to regret them or worry about them, the whole framework of every situation, big or small is totally transformed with understanding of the human condition imagine the relief you would feel if you finally walked away from that unwinnable battle inside of yourself. That you finally understand (KNOW) you are good and don’t have to spend another second thinking, worrying, trying to prove it. Full-stop and that was the end of it.


Now on top of that, imagine there was a really, really, really great cause, one that fixed everything on earth, was good for every living fibre of every living cell on the planet, imagine that this cause proved that the whole meaning to existence is unconditional selflessness and imagine that we could be part of that right now that we could stop focusing on ourselves and our madness and how unfair life has been, and how hard it has been, and how terrible other people are behaving, and just focus on this wonderful new cause because it is going to fix everything if we just support it, plough all our energy into it, and the more we ploughed our energy into it the better we feel, we are part of something so incredibly meaningful and important to the survival of the whole human race. We’d start to see and feel the true worth of ourselves and how truly beautiful the horror of our lives has been, how wonderfully sensitive we truly are underneath the madness, how wonderfully beautiful the world is once you strip the human condition out of every situation. And how excited are you going to feel when you see how unbelievably easy it is to change your life, when you now see how easy it’s going to be for everybody to make this transformation in their own lives. It will be too, too, too much. With our new found human condition solved selflessness every single situation you can think of transforms, EASILY and QUICKLY it would just bring you joy upon joy, upon joy. And the more you thought about this world and the more you took part in bringing it about the happier you would be and the less you would think about the horror that has been inflicted on the world by the human condition.


The Transformed State can be a bit hard to get started, but in truth it is just lining a few bits of key logic up in your brain but then you will never look back! The other video/Freedom Essay to watch/read to help with the Transformed state is Freedom Essay 33 “Jeremy on how to become Transformed”.


27 April 2022 Facebook comment about how momentum will help everyone through the Deaf Effect:


It’s coming Joanne, don’t worry about that! Spreading the human condition to everyone on earth has a slow start but a lightening fast finish. In truth, it is incredibly easy to understand the human condition once a person has the impetus to do so, what we are all doing is building that impetus for everyone to push through the initial fear/resistance we all carry to look at the human condition, once we have built that (and it is well underway), the transformation of the world will be almost overnight!


27 April 2022 Facebook comment about how alienated we all are, and how the solution is the Transformed State:


I just had to pipe up here Chris and say that this to me is an absolutely magnificent answer. I honestly think everyone should print it out and stick it on their walls! As far as I understand it, what you’re describing here here is alienation and alienation although it has saved us and given us shelter from all the diabolical pain, horror, suffering, insecurity, unfairness, anger etc etc that has all been piled on us all by the human condition, it is a horrible, horrible, horrible, really messed-up state to be in. It swamps our minds in blackness, it hides incredibly simple and obvious truths from us, it won’t allow us to feel anything, it renders us almost completely numb. As RD Laing the great psychiatrist said, there is 50 foot of solid concrete between us and our real selves. Actually, it’s worth putting the whole quote here, because it so beautifully describes our situation now.


‘We are dead, but think we are alive. We are asleep, but think we are awake. We are dreaming, but take our dreams to be reality. We are the halt, lame, blind, deaf, the sick. But we are doubly unconscious. We are so ill that we no longer feel ill, as in many terminal illnesses. We are mad, but have no insight [into the fact of our madness]’ (Self and Others, 1961, p.38 of 192).


But what is SO EXCITING is waking up from this state, is being able to begin to open our minds to the truth, to being able to start to see the beauty, the wonder, the pure magical unfiltered gloriously, incandescent magnificence that is in the world everywhere around us, but we haven’t been able to allow ourselves to see it, let alone participate in it, let alone bask in it’s warm, loving integration.

What I love about your response here Chris is that you are showing others the way, and even though right now it is hugely difficult – we are all just learning and pioneering this last incredibly difficult but at the same time totally all-meaningful task of leaving the human condition behind and helping to bring everyone else with us every single day we talk about this, every commment we make on this group, every time we talk about the human condition in a real way with anybody else on earth, we are ripping the cracks in the denial/alienation further and further open and the light will flood in more and more, we will be able to see and feel and know and experience and taste and hear more and more and more of the wonder of ourselves and the world free of the human condition.


The key here is the TRANSFORMED STATE, that is why we all talk about it incessantly, we are so burnt out, so alienated, so broken, so hurt, so egocentric, etc etc, but the Transformed state allows us to accept all that hurt, dysfunction and pain in our lives, it allows us to live with total defence of it, we can love it, appreciate it, glorify it, but most importantly we can leave it all behind as part of a gloriously heroic part of our history that we can now move on from. We can live totally securely in our messed up states and the beauty is we just now move on to selflessly live our lives in dedication to bringing this information, this explanation of the human condition to every other person on earth. We know that only by supporting this explanation can there be a future for the human race, we know that if we are helping to bring this understanding to the human race we can’t be going wrong. We just leave all the horror of our human-condition-afflicted lives behind and live in wonderful selfless support of the future of the human race.


This new found security, this freedom from the confrontation and desperate, tyrannical fear of our human-condition-afflicted upset in ourselves in turn allows the veil of alienation to lift. Once the fear drops as everybody’s will as we all allow the truth and defence of the human condition to sink in more and more, we will each be able to see more of the world around us, the more we remove ourselves from the equation and lay the upset in us to rest, the more we make a shift from the unavoidable 100% focus on ourselves to a 100% focus on saving the world the more of it opens up to us, we see more, live more, experience the true, true beauty of ourselves, our world and our future. Just thinking about it makes me so excited, so enthused, so wonderfully happy and genuinely, genuinely joyful. FREEDOM!!!!!!!


Anyway Chris, I just loved your comment here, please continue to give us and the world the good stuff.


12 April 2022 Facebook comment about getting the f**k out of here!:


I absolutely love that Maureen! We finally know what the f**cks been going on!! So let’s get the f**k out of here!!!


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of a person holding a flag with the text ‘Let’s get the fuck out of here’ and pointing to a sunrise away from a barren wasteland


9 April 2022 Facebook comment about how explaining the human condition allows real therapy, including response from Jeremy:


For me personally, one of the most extraordinarily impacting, limitlessly beautiful and immeasurably helpful and monumentally life-changing elements of Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of human condition afflicted world is that children tend to blame themselves for the horror/upset/problems in the world around them. I was one of these children, which basically everybody is. And releasing myself/putting down/letting go/forgiving myself for this blame that I have imposed on myself over my life has been an incredibly difficult task – BUT NOW IS ONLY POSSIBLE WITH THE FULL EXPLANATION OF THE HUMAN CONDITION THAT JEREMY HAS PROVIDED, (which is why I love, love, love this explanation so, so, so much, it saves me and and every child on earth from the most immense pain, guilt and horror), and it is this blame that causes/drives all the hurt, the anxiousness, the anger, the egocentricity in my life (which all just fuels the self-hatred further left unchecked). But for me, it is this point where children, including the little boy inside me, blamed themselves that I had to understand and come to terms with. The child in me was perfect, completely innocent, selfless, open, happy, enthusiastic as all children are when they come into this world. It is the silence and lack of understanding/explanation that kills children, that causes more torture than we can possibly fathom, it is this torture that every child has had to live through that we need to stop and finally we can. Finally we can explain the human condition to ourselves and every child that is born for ever more and it will save them and allow them to live a life that is so beautiful, so wonderful, so open and trusting and loving and caring, it will be better than heaven on earth for every single human on earth when we get Jeremy’s work to the world.


So I wanted to share a couple of extracts from Jeremy’s work which explains this situation. This first one is from a talk Jeremy did called ‘Effective Psychological Therapy’ in 2017, which you can find here:


“Now that we can admit that we’ve been living in denial that humanity once lived in a lovely, beautiful, happy, cooperative, all-loving, all-sensitive state. Now that we can defend our loss of innocence and explain that, we can afford to admit that truth that we were once incredibly loving and what innocence is really like. Now what is significant about that is that when children come into the world they come in more or less in our original instinctive state of expectation of encountering a loving, cooperative world like it always was, and suddenly it isn’t. It’s this massively angry, egocentric, alienated and upset world that they are encountering. So it’s incredibly distressing to children to encounter that world, which is why when they finally start thinking about the philosophy of our condition when they’re about 12 or 13 and they go through Resignation and all that horror [see chapter 2:2 of FREEDOM: This is the most damaging thing that happens to children. Because they are so trusting in that the world is cooperative and loving, when things go badly wrong and they’re ill-treatedbasically when they encounter the extremely upset, egocentric world in the case of men, and alienated, neurotic world of womenit is an incredibly distressing interaction for them; and what children tend to do is they blame themselves. This is what is so devastating, you see because they are so trusting, our soul is so sensitive and so loving that when things go wrong, children in all their incredible naïve honesty think ‘well it’s either them that’s wrong or it’s me that’s wrong’, but because they are so trusting they cannot believe the adults, the more mature established people, are in the wrong; it has to be their own mistake. So it’s a measure of just how trusting children are that they end up blaming themselves, and they blame themselves very easily. Now watch this. This is really important. When they get to that conclusion that it’s their fault and as I said, it’s ridiculously easy how quickly they will blame themselves when they make that realisation, then their honesty kicks in again and they say ‘well I shouldn’t exist on this Earth if I’m that evil’. Again, you have got to understand just how innocent our soul is, our original instinctive child within is. So when we are a child we are living in this idealistic-expectations-world and it’s not like that and it’s devastating.”


And this section from FREEDOM chapter 8:16c:


“What has made it especially difficult for new generations to cope with our corrupted adult world is that adults have been unable to admit to being corrupted in soul; in fact, as has been pointed out, adults haven’t even been aware that they are corruptedif they were aware they were corrupted and alienated they wouldn’t be alienated, they wouldn’t have blocked out and thus protected themselves from the truth of their upset condition. But with new generations able to clearly see the extent of the corruption and alienation in the world around them, this lack of any honesty by adults, their complete silence on the subject of our immensely corrupted human conditionin effect, their denial that there is anything wrong with themselves or their adult world left children dangerously prone to blaming themselves for the dysfunctionality of their environment. And not only have resigned adults been silent about their corrupted condition, in the absence of the real reason for their divisive behaviour, they have put forward all manner of dishonest reasons for their behaviour, lies that have greatly offended the honest minds of children. In fact, in line with the big lie put forward by the resigned mechanistic adult world that our ancestors were aggressive, brutish and savage, children have even been treated as, and even told they are, ‘just hateful little savages that have to be tamed’. Indeed, the purity and innocence of children has so confronted and exposed parents that they are typically referred to as ‘kids’a dismissive, derogatory, retaliatory ‘put down’, a way of holding their confronting innocence at bay. And so, in encounters between the innocent and the alienated, where the alienated act as if there is nothing wrong with them or their world, in the innocents’ instinctive state of total trust and generosity they are left believing there must be something wrong with them, that in some way or another they must be at fault. In their immense naivety about the upset, alienated world, together with their soul’s great love, trust and generosity, innocents question their own view, not the view being presented by the alienated. The innocent do not know people lie because lying simply did not exist in our species’ original innocent instinctive world. In short, their trusting nature made them codependent to the alienated, susceptible to believing the alienated were right rather than accepting and fighting to uphold their own accurate view of the situation. Psychologists coined the word ‘codependent’ to describe someone who is ‘reliant on another to the extent that independent action is no longer possible’ (Macquarie Dictionary, 3rd edn, 1998), and, in the case of children, they are so trusting of, and thus ‘reliant on’, the adult world they are incapable of thinking ‘independent[ly]’ enough to trust that they are not at fault or have somehow misread the play. Children come from such an innocent, wholesome, trusting, loving, generous, integrative instinctive world that they all too readily blame themselves in situations where they are faced with a denial. Then, when they decide they must be at fault, their sense of self-worth and meaning is completely undermined, and to cope with that ‘unthinkable anxiety’, as Winnicott accurately described it, they have no choice but to psychologically split themselves off from the perceived reality, adopt a state of ‘invulnerability’.”


Jeremy Griffith: Jeez you don’t half right a good post Tony G, that latest one in the Facebook group about children blaming themselves is from way out on the frontiers of the Kosmos!


Tony Gowing: I try and fail pretty badly to tell myself to just try to truly appreciate what you have done for the world Jeremy. I just can’t, I think the truth is it is too good, too big, too magnificent, too amazing what you have given us, and who you are Jeremy to cope with it all. The smorgasbord of what you have presented for the world in all your all your glorious upon gloriousness masterpiece, masterpieces is just the most wonderful playground of happiness and joy to sit with and try to tell others the bits that you are currently unstoppably excited about or what has saved you from your worst horror. It’s like it’s lucky we’re so dead, because I honestly think we would die if we truly saw your true extraordinary specialness.


Jeremy Griffith: Yeah the pain out there is so great that when someone finally sees they can get a path through it, they’re going to really try to do it, try to get the job done. So it’s just what landed in my lap to do sort of thing, it’s sort of wouldn’t matter who it was.


7 April 2022 Facebook comment about finally being able to be honest about our upset now that it is defended:


As always it’s awesome to hear these discussions thanks very much Monica. And I so agree what Ari said is so world-changing – so honest and helpful. It helps the world so much to start to hear honesty like this and so naturally spoken. That is the big transformation in our thinking and living now. We can finally speak the truth, we can finally look at the world, look at others and most importantly and helpfully look at ourselves and start to see the true state of affairs. And the truth is we have been so alienated, so locked off, so confused, so removed from our reality, because without defence for it there really was no way on earth we could face the truth of ourselves. But now we can! All the horror that we have been so terrified of finding if we did/do look honestly at ourselves and lives is okay, it’s defended, it doesn’t condone our upset/destructive/egocentric/alienated behaviour it WAS horrible, mean, destructive, dishonest etc. etc., but the bigger, overarching truth is that we had no choice but to be like that, we had to suffer corruption to find understanding, and the more we suffered ourselves, the more we perpetuated and inflicted that horror back onto the world around us. As you so beautifully say Ari, the human condition is just horror upon horror, every generation that is born, just ratchets up the scale of the diabolical horror on earth caused by the human condition to the next even more horrendous level. But now we can truly stand up straight and tall and speak and know the truth like you are showing us here Ari. And like you are saying, which I just love, the relief of doing that is so utterly wonderful, the magnitude of the statement ‘the truth will set you free’ is bigger and way, way, way more glorious, than any sufferer of the human condition has ever imagined it could possibly be, this truth (understanding the human condition), the biggest, greatest, most wonderful truth about ourselves really, really, really sets us free to fly so high with so much relief and freedom, just simply soaring around, finally absolutely care-free, and as close to the sun now as we could ever want to go. With understanding of the human condition, we will never fall, we are totally safe and sound, we can walk around in the clouds, fly like an eagle or think of any freedom metaphor we care to think of, none of them are as good as the real freedom that we experience from being able to admit/see/accept/know the truth in the world and truly, truly, truly love everything we see about ourselves and bring it back to life. As Jeremy has said, the whole concept of good and bad now ends with the end of the human condition. The whole spectrum of our human-condition-afflicted behaviour from our most generous ability to be unconditionally loving one minute to being abhorrently hateful and selfish the next, is all now viewed as our glorious history of our unavoidable struggle to find knowledge and we approach everything now with our new human-condition-understood, totally free, totally open, caring, empathetic, unconditionally-selfless-loving and truthful way.


Anyway, that’s a wild rave, but I just love hearing that beautiful honesty that you and your whole family are the world leading example of Ari. Please just keep speaking it like you are!


5 April 2022 Facebook comment about the relief of finally being able to understand the human condition:


Thanks very very much Simon!! Those two hymms are utterly magnificent, trying to get through them without breaking down with the relief that what has been can finally end is nearly impossible. And just thinking about the unbelievable party that is coming when all these songs that Jeremy has described in this essay and many many more that will be written and performed and sung right throughout the world soon, is honestly too much to think about, there is simply too much to feel for a person as dead and as locked off as me, it is simply overwhelming.


5 April 2022 Facebook comment about how solving the human condition solves all problems:


Thanks for the post Paul, yes, when I first came across Jeremy Griffith’s work and became part of the WTM what struck me endlessly, was that every single problem you could put up against this information had a solution. It doesn’t matter the size, or the scope, a solution to any problem is easy now that we have the human condition solved, I was and still am learning not to be so stuck in the old world paradigm, where you just have to work around the morass of insoluable problems, but now they are all solvable, and in fact not just solvable but you can turn any problem you like totally on it’s head and it generally becomes an all-out wonderful, amazing, completely bedded-down, totally looked after new way of approaching any situation. This information never ever disappoints you!


5 April 2022 Facebook comment about the excitement of the transformation now on offer for humanity:


Absolutely drop dead brilliant Fabiana! That is one of the best descriptions of what is before each and every one of us humans now the human condition is solved I’ve ever read. Keep telling us how it is and how it’s going to be, it’s absolutely awsome!!


5 April 2022 Facebook comment about what to do with the understanding of the human condition:


Hi Joanna, Sally has answered your question beautifully, so this is not needed but this question I know is one that I struggled with when I first came across Jeremy’s work so I just wanted to add my two cents.


Being able to see the human condition in yourself is a difficult thing to do when we all start our journey into understanding the human condition. Basically, the discovery is that as suffers of the human condition we are forced to take up an existence that is 100% focused on ourselves totally, completely, 100% selfish.


That is an incredibly difficult truth to even begin to allow into our minds but it is a fundamental truth we humans, without having any explanation of the human condition have a suicidal-depression-induced insecurity that we are worthless, horrible, destructive blights, basically a virus destroying everything we come in contact with on the planet.


It is this insecurity that leaves us with no choice but to do as Adam Stork did, block out the fear/criticism (live in denial of any of our problems, look at the bright side of life, be realistic, and keep a stiff upper lip etc), get angry with the fear/criticism, (tell the world to F*ck off and punch our fist into the sky and tell the world that we won’t back down ever, ever ever, we are good and one day we are going to be able to prove it), and become egocentric, (do whatever it takes to create any type of win for ourselves, no matter how big or small to make us feel better about ourselves.). Understanding the Adam Stork story and being able to apply it to our own lives is absolutely key to being able to understand how understanding the human condition changes everything on earth just about overnight; see


The reason we can finally be honest about all this upset in ourselves is because we finally do have the reason for it, it turns out suffering corruption/upset was totally unavoidable and a journey we HAD to make which was in no way our own making.


When we first start to try to think about the human condition in ourselves we start by trying to be honest about the ‘fairly rare’ times that we behave badly, that we are ashamed of, like the time when we stole the chewing gum from the school canteen or we lashed out and hit our siblings or somebody else, or whatever. But the truth is all the times we were smiling and saying ‘Good morning’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ and turning up to the local wildlife fundraiser and driving our kids to extra curricular activity’s, what you discover, is that all those things the whole box and dice, EVERY SINGLE action you have taken in your life is to selfishly shield you/defend against/make you feel better about/keep you away from the human condition.


What you will find is how you dress, how you smile, how you speak, the way you put your keys down when you get home or roll your sleves up is all about keeping the human condition at bay within you, it is all about putting up the best possible front you can concoct to make yourself feel good about yourself.


What changes?? Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition removes our guilt, it removes the need for any insecurity, we can now be totally secure about our worth, we can be totally secure in our understanding of where our upset came from and why it has played out like it has. So finally we can be honest about it, see it in all it’s horror, but in fact all it’s glory. We have been participating in the most glorious of tasks, we have been searching for understanding of natures greatest invention, our fully conscious thinking mind and there was no other way to find knowledge other than by trial and error. So without insecurity, all the selfish, insecure behaviour can stop, right now, instead of focusing on ourselves all day and all night and worrying if we are appearing to be good or not, and keeping ourselves away from the fear of being a bad, evil person, we start to look out at the world instead of constantly inward at ourselves, we start to see other people, that they are suffering as we are, we can see and finally empathise with others and know exactly what they are going through because we are going/have been through it too. Our own upset/dysfunction/alienation won’t bother us anymore, and we don’t have to waste our energy trying to hide it and block it out, and the upset in others won’t bother us anymore we can simply understand it and genuinely help them with it.

And that’s just the start, then we can really start to see all the beauty in the world, we can start to see and feel and know integrative meaning, we can start to feel what genuine selflessness is, where we do things that are right as oppose to what makes us feel good. We won’t do things because we look good or make us feel good cheaply, we will do what is right for the whole world and every living thing in it and we will know that it is right. We can finally act as one single all-knowing, all-cooperative, all-integrative species again, after 2 million years of having to defy integration and love and destroy innocence and beauty because it condemned us and compete with everyone else because if we didn’t win we felt like a horrible worthless loser etc, etc. Now it all ends and the beginning of the end is to get every single child and adult on earth to have Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition. To let the relief of it flow through every single humans every cell and fibre and molecule, so they know they don’t have to be insecure anymore and the insecure/upset/egocentric behaviour can end and that they all, we all can participate in the one great task left before us as a human race, bringing freedom to the whole human race and then fixing up all the damage that we have had no choice but to impose on the rest of the world.


I know that Sally mentioned this but it is such a magnificent answer I can’t help but put a link to Annie’s post from Jeremy here again:


2 April 2022 Facebook comment about the paradox of appearing to be evil when we were actually good:


I love this post Dylan. I so agree that the core paradox of the human condition although so simple in many ways is so tricky to become fluent with. But it is switching/straightening this single point out in our minds and being able to apply it to every single aspect of the human-condition-afflicted world and our lives that changes everything! Saves us, explains us and liberates us, makes everything on earth shimmering with gloriousness.


We appeared evil, destructive, selfish, horrible, vile beings but knew we were good. We have done so many bad, unideal, horrible, mean, destructive things but couldn’t explain why, but knew there was a good reason for it that would turn up somewhere, sometime, someplace.


We ‘marched into hell for a heavenly cause’, we destroyed paradise on earth because it was the only way we could return the world to paradise. We had to suffer corruption to find understanding.

My life before coming across the explanation of the human condition was completely dominated by horrendous feelings of shame and guilt about being a bad, person, and since coming across the explanation of the human condition it has been basically all about allowing myself to really let the explanation to sink in, to allow myself to truly believe and accept that we truly did have to suffer corruption to find understanding, that we did have to reject and block out the ideals in life, that the horror I experienced and produced in my life and the horror in the world was unavoidable – because it was, that is the great courageous, wonderfully heroic, at it’s core, totally selfless story of the human race. It is true, we can understand that, we can believe that, we can live that, and we can love that, and like you I’m just so, so, so pleased that it can all now end, we all can just participate in helping this soothing explanation reach every single person on the planet to free them from the horror that was destroying my life and is destroying everything in the world.


Anyway, here is the section of FREEDOM where Jeremy talks about the universal paradox of the human condition because having this explained is the greatest, bestest, wonderful, most incredible, most appreciated thing I can possibly think of in this world.


“So if we do have a cooperative past (which we do), and our consciousness is behind our destructiveness (which it is), then the ultimate paradox of the human condition, indeed the reason we are still able to get out of bed in the morning and face the world, is that, as mentioned in chapter 1:3, we fully conscious humans don’t actually believe we are fundamentally bad/​evil. Despite all the damning evidence, we don’t accept that we are a terrible mistake, a worthless blight on this planet, the ‘face of absolute evil’. In fact, the incredible determination with which we live our lives bespeaks of a core belief within us all that we are not only not bad/​evil but the great heroes of the story of life on Earth, and that one day we will be able to explain why that is true!


It follows then that while awaiting the exonerating, liberating explanation of our present egocentric, competitive, selfish and aggressive condition we couldn’t afford to concede that we did once live in an innocent, all-loving instinctive state that was corrupted by the emergence of our conscious mind. Accepting such truth without the full, clarifying explanation for it would have left us unbearably condemned as bad and worthless, sentenced to a state of completely insecure, permanent damnation. So, as dishonest as it was, there has been a need to deny the truth of our species’ cooperative, peaceful past and the role consciousness played in its corruption. Yes, while, as has been emphasised, denial in science carried with it the great risk of becoming overly entrenched, rendering its practitioners incapable of fulfilling their fundamental responsibility of acknowledging the human-condition-confronting-not-denying, fully accountable and human-race-saving, true explanation of the human condition when it eventually arrived, it has been necessary in the interim, not just because we couldn’t cope with the depression that resulted from trying to think about the human condition, but because we didn’t believe we were fundamentally bad/​flawed/​’the face of absolute evil’.”


2 April 2022 Facebook comment about how art attempts to cut through the human condition, and how Jeremy’s drawings are human condition free:


Thanks Fiona, her face is one of the great artworks on the planet I reckon, I can just stare at it, it is truly, truly beautiful.


The truth is that I have been so cut off from anything truly beautiful, but one of the incredibly exciting things that Jeremy’s work has shown me is the beauty in all the art in the world, where all the great artwork is trying to paint something that is human condition free, to show the true beauty that we are all so cut off from while we have suffered from the human condition.


And probably the greatest example I can think of is all of Jeremy’s drawings so I’m going to try and add a few here, but treat yourself by going and having a look at Jeremy’s artwork page:


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of Jesus Christ


The caption from this image is: Jeremy’s 2004 drawing of Jesus Christ as someone completely free and natural.


28 May 2022 Facebook comment about the freedom that understanding the human condition brings:


Yes, it truly is too exciting to bear – the transformation of the world really is starting to happen!! Everyday from here on, if each of us right here in this Facebook group keep talking about the one core issue that is destroying every aspect of our world and lives, the human condition, and continue encouraging each other to keep discovering how much we have had to block the human condition out, how terrified of it we have had to be of it, how hurtful it has been, how much pain we are having to hold at bay every second of every day, but also allowing ourselves to feel the defence of Jeremy Griffith’s Adam Stork story explanation, acknowledging how gloriously brave every child that has been born in the last 2 million years has been to come into this world and face the human condition and yet still get on with their lives and try to make the best of it and just wait for this time when understanding of the human condition is finally found. We have all had to live in silence, not being able to talk about it, have it even acknowledged, let alone explained or receive any real help at all to manage it other than to simply avoid it at all costs. But now that all changes. The freedom that comes with being able to talk about and explain and cure the human condition will just flow through us, drenching us with relief and happiness and calm, all the horror can end inside ourselves and the horror we inflict, knowing and unknowingly around us, we will love one another and ourselves so, so, so much as we finally allow ourselves to see, feel and know what each of us have been through. Alienation and dysfunction will no longer annoy us in ourselves and others around us, and we will stop attacking it, and talking down to it, we will start to acknowledge it in ourselves and love all alienation and upset and happily accept it and allow it to subside and the fever pitch that we have had to live at to hide it and to block it out will start to slow and a calm centredness will begin to build right across the world world, the fear driving all the horror will be soothed and removed, it truly will be a joy without limit.


28 May 2022 Facebook comment about the Transformation that is coming:


Thanks very much Stefan! I agree, the key understanding needed to save the world is that humans are good when we have appeared to be bad and haven’t been able to explain why. Now we have explanation of the human condition we can finally explain ourselves and defend our upset and be free of the insecurity of being unable to defend our upset/corrupted behaviour. We are incredibly courageous heros, not the villians that we have been so distressed that we might be. For the last 2 million year period, each child as they have been born into this human condition afflicted world has had to “march into hell for a heavenly cause”, but we have made it, we have finally found the understanding to defend and liberate ourselves.


I just wanted to add this paragraph 1248 from chapter 9:10 of FREEDOM which is titled ‘Humanity’s overall situation now that we have understanding’ because with understanding now EVERY SINGLE SITUATION on earth changes from the horrible, desperate, human condition afflicted situation to being all-knowing, all-happy, all-rational, all-liberated the most radiant exciting situation ever.


“When understanding of the human condition arrives, as it has, every denial-based aspect of the whole world becomes redundant. The world as we know it comes to an end, and virtually overnightwell, within a few generations, which is still very fast. For teachers at schools or universities, all the truth-avoiding, immensely superficial, basically dishonest, mechanistic ways of viewing the world will soon no longer be taught. The arrival of the actual understanding of the reason why humans are good and not bad will mean that materialistic goods that have been designed to make ourselves feel superficially better about our corrupted condition will, before long, be seen as meaningless and worthless. The whole basis of materialism has been undermined, made pointless and unnecessary. All our posturing and promenading and pretending will eventually lose its power to impress. Our whole artificial and superficial existence has been exposed and made redundant. Going to church will, in time, be superseded by this reconciling understanding of our previously God-fearing existence. The business of politics, of having left and right-wing factions, is similarly made redundant by the reconciling understanding of the human condition. Basically, all our denials are exposed, made transparent; they no longer work. So yes, before long, within a few generations, that whole denial-based existence will come to an end. Life as we have known it will be overand, most relievingly for humankind, with its passing all the suffering and destruction that went with it will also go. A whole new world now begins to open up across the world based on reconciling understanding and the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living it makes possible. As I’ve said in every major document I have written since I started writing about the human condition over 40 years ago, ‘soon from one end of the horizon to the other will appear an army in its millions to do battle with human suffering and its weapon will be understanding’.”