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Freedom Webinar 2



In last week’s More Good Info Email (7), we presented the first of the 3-part Freedom Webinar series that was produced in 2015 to provide an interactive forum in which to discuss biologist Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition.

In this webinar, Jeremy discusses how thinkers such as Paul MacLean (‘the triune brain’ theory), Erich Neumann, Julian Jaynes and others, recognised the fundamental ‘instinct vs intellect’ elements involved in producing our psychologically upset human condition, but were ultimately unable to provide the all-clarifying insight into the nature of that conflict that was necessary to understand why our conscious mind had to defy our instincts, and, by so doing, bring reconciling and transforming peace to our conflicted and divided condition. (See Video/​F. Essay 4 for more on thinkers who have recognised the ‘instinct vs intellect’ elements involved in the human condition.) Jeremy then elaborates further upon the psychological process of Resignation while exposing mechanistic science’s dishonesty on this important subject.

It is a fascinating exposé that concludes with an inspirational discussion between WTM members Annie Williams, Tony Miall and Olof Österman (founder of Sweden’s WTM Centre) as they describe the magnificence of the Transformed State!

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The Transcript of this Webinar


Broadcast 2 September 2015


Part 1 Introduction

Jeremy Griffith: Welcome everybody to our second Freedom Webinar, I’ll just put you through to Neil Duns to explain the background situation.


Neil Duns: Hi guys, thanks Jeremy. Welcome to the second Freedom Webinar from behind the scenes. I’m Neil, I’ll be moderating today’s webinar. Alongside me is James doing the switching, Genevieve helping out with your questions, and Tess is on camera as well. Today’s webinar is an interactive presentation so any questions you have, please feed them in throughout the webinar. That’s all from back here, I won’t hold you up any further and I’ll switch you back to Jeremy.


Jeremy: Just wait a second, Neil. I would just like to mention the behind-the-scenes cameras and this wonderful room you can see which my brother Simon Griffith and another WTM founding member, Simon Mackintosh built with everyone else’s help. Also, James Press, who is there beside Neil, is the genius who mastered and put together all this amazing technology for film and audio recording. So you can see there what a wonderful set-up we’ve got. I should say that the WTM founding members are a fifty-strong team and they produced FREEDOM, my book. They earn all the funds needed to run the WTM because, as I mentioned in the first Freedom Webinar, the human condition is such a forbidden subject that we’ve had to be totally self-sufficient. As this cartoon by Michael Leunig illustrates, you’ve got this little individual on his self-sufficient, self-powered bike riding off to the left to go into the darker side where all the hidden ‘Truth and Beauty’ lie, to find understanding of the human condition. So the cartoon recognises that it’s a lonely trip that’s required, that it’s not part of the whole mainstream mechanistic world.


A cartoon depicts a single man cycling off a busy motorway to enter another world of ‘Truth and Beauty’


This webinar is timed for the Africa and European side of the world so that people from there can participate. Last week it was from the Americas and I should say that it is important that everyone participating in webinars have watched the first webinar because in it I introduce the basic framework of understanding that I use to explain all aspects of human behaviour.

This webinar will be focused on the process of Resignation that adolescents go through that was introduced in the first webinar, and also on how these understandings transform the human race which should be very exciting because Annie Williams and others will be talking with someone from Sweden about that whole journey.

But before that out-of-Plato’s-cave talk, which is always very enjoyable, I want to reluctantly go back into Plato’s cave of denial as it were and look at some of the human-condition-avoiding, mechanistic accounts of human behaviour.


Part 2 Q&A: Can ‘mindfulness’ overcome the human condition?

Jeremy: Before doing that I’ll take a question from Glen from the Central Coast of New South Wales. He has a pre-recorded question for this webinar because he is unable to attend. Everyone should be aware that you can pre-record your questions on our website if you are unable to attend a webinar or it’s outside the hours that suit you. So I’ll just begin with Glen’s question.


Glen: Hi, Jeremy. My name is Glen, I’m from the Central Coast of New South Wales. The question I have today is something about the process of the emotions and the feelings and the thoughts and kind of what is going on, a bit more about the nitty gritty. So we’ve got the consciousness, that higher developed brain which is kind of perception, intellect, understanding. It informs and instructs the reptilian brain, the lower part of our brain, of our body in terms of the feelings and the emotions, it responds. I’ve been able to hack into that by doing mind-body training or Mindfulness. I call it physical mindfulness because it’s similar to the Buddhist mindfulness but I see it as actually deeper.

Yeah, so I just want to know what you think about that, Jeremy, if that’s what you’ve observed?

I can’t attend the seminar live this afternoon so this is pre-recorded so yeah, thanks a lot, I’ll watch it later. Bye.


Jeremy: Thanks Glen for that question. So, there is this split in our nature. I might put up this picture of the triune brain (see below) that I’ve downloaded from the internet which describes these parts of ourselves, our mind. So we’ve got the neocortex; the new, understanding brain at the top. Then we’ve got the limbic brain; emotions, feelings, relationships, nurturing, images, dreams, play. Then the reptilian brain which is the most primitive brain to do with survival, breathing, swallowing, startle responses.

So there’s three brainstriunethree parts to our brain and I’ll talk more about them in a moment.

In terms of what Glen has asked, I do think Glen, that the whole human race is now in a constant state of trauma where our primal reptilian brain, our fight or flight response, is permanently triggered and I know that the techniques you referred to, called Mindfulness, are very popular at the moment, where you focus your awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts and body sensations. So instead of unconsciously reacting to the human condition like a child might, you try to be a conscious adult about it, you learn to mindfully parent the trauma as it were. So while I know it is a marvellous tool for calming the human condition, I do have to say that I think it is really about being mindless not mindful because you’re still escaping or disengaging the issue of the human condition, you’re avoiding dealing with it. As I said in the first webinar, ultimately we humans needed brain food not brain anaesthetic. So, there’s been thousands of years of techniques like meditation, prayer and chanting for calming the troubled mind and soul of humans but they don’t address and solve the agony of the human condition. Being able to understand the human condition is what really allows humans to accept and be nonjudgmental about their pain, and truly be calmly mindfully aware about their life.

So Glen, I hope that helps give you my response to your question.


Part 3 ‘The triune brain’ theory and other failed attempts to address the human condition

Jeremy: Now, while we’ve got this triune brain picture here I would like to talk a bit about it. In par. 245 of FREEDOM I make reference to what I’m going to talk about but if you want to read more about a certain subject then you can go to Freedom Expanded which is what I’m referring to here, in Part 4:5 titled: ‘The history of the search for understanding of the human condition’.


Paul Maclean’s Triune Brain


This is a really interesting story I want to tell you about. In the 1950s, the American neurologist, Paul MacLean developed his theory of the triune or three part brain. He wrote, ‘the three evolutionary formations might be imagined as three interconnected biological computers, with each having its own special intelligence, its own subjectivity, its own sense of time and space, and its own memory, motor, and other functions’ (The Triune Brain in Evolution, p.9 of 672).

So basically, MacLean has recognised that these parts of our brain act independently of each other. So, up to a point, he has recognised the disconnection between the limbic system, our instinctive self or soul, and the neocortex, our conscious mind that I’m saying caused the human condition, and people have said to me that MacLean has already put forward my explanation of the human condition but he hasn’t really, as I’ll now explain, but what he does say is very helpful.

So this bit that I want to talk about is quite interesting and revealing. In the following extract from an interview recorded in the 1986 book, The Three-Pound Universe by J. Hooper and D. Teresi, MacLean elaborated, saying ‘While the neo-cortex, with its sensory equipment, surveys the outer world, the limbic system takes its cues from within. It has a loose grip on reality’. The interview went on to describe how ‘In the 1940’s MacLean became fascinated with the “limbic storms” suffered by patients with temporal-lobe epilepsy. “During seizures,” he recalls, “they’d have this Eureka feeling all out of contextfeelings of revelation, that this is the truth, the absolute truth, and nothing but the truth.” All on its own, without the reality check of the neo-cortex, the limbic system seems to produce sensations of deja-vu or jamais-vu, sudden memories, waking dreams, messages from God, even religious conversions…”’ (pp.4849). In MacLean’s book, The Triune Brain in Evolution, he documents similar ‘feelings of eternal harmony’, ‘immense joy’, ‘paradisiacal happiness’, ‘what it was like to be in heaven’, ‘feeling of enhanced awareness or the feeling of clairvoyance’, of having ‘clear, bright thoughts’, that ‘seem as if “this is what the world is all aboutthis is the absolute truth”’ (pp.446449).

So what is incredible, in the first webinar I talked about the ‘shattered defence’, where for some people their upset gets so great that their alienation gets broken down and bits of truth bubble through their defences and denials. What we’ve got here is something even better than that where people with brain seizures get a totally clean access to our all-loving, all-sensitive, instinctive soul. So all those responses MacLean documented are all perfect descriptions of what it was like before our conscious mind emerged and became at odds with our instinctive soul or limbic brain and shut it down or repressed it, which I’ll talk a bit about shortly. So these people that he was watching reveal this magic potential, this radiant part of ourselves that we’ve killed off because of its unjust condemnation of our conscious mind which is searching for understanding. So that was a tragic price to pay, we lost all those amazing capacities and abilities.

Now what is very significant in terms of mechanistic science, is that what MacLean did next in his thinking was to complain that the limbic system ‘has a loose grip on reality’. He said, “You know what bugs me most about the brain?” MacLean says suddenly. “It’s that the limbic system, this primitive brain that can neither read nor write, provides us with the feeling of what is real, true and important. [So we once lived in this cooperative, loving, harmonious, integrative state which is very powerful and it has this expectation of us to behave in this loving, cooperative way.] And this disturbs me, because this inarticulate brain sits like a jury and tells this glorified computer up there, the neo-cortex, ‘Yes, you can believe this’”…This is fine if it happens to be a bit of food or if it happens to be someone I’m courting – “Yes, it’s a female, or yes, it’s a male.” But if its saying, “Yes, it’s a good idea. Go out and peddle this one,” how can we believe anything?’ (The Three-Pound Universe, J. Hooper & D. Teresi, pp.4849). Basically he is saying, ‘it criticises us’. In the electronic book, Laws of Wisdom, the author, who is known only as ‘Ralph’, says the following about the above quote: ‘MacLean warns us not to fall for the soul trap of the middle brain. The limbic system is likely to think anything is true, anything is sacred, and to build thought around desires. His insights underscore the need for thinking to not be the slave of feeling; it should stand in its own right. You shouldn’t leave your higher brain out of the value judgment process anymore than you should leave your emotions out of choosing a mate.’

So basically from MacLean’s observations of people with temporal lobe epilepsy, he recognises that we have an extremely idealistic, all-loving pre-conscious limbic part of our brain but he tried to cope with that by dismissing it, saying it ‘has a loose grip on reality’ and warned us ‘not to fall for the soul trap of the middle brain’. Basically, that it’s a totally unrealistic part of ourselves and we should totally ignore it. So he stumbled upon the truth of our loving soul and then ran away as fast as he could from its confronting implications, saying, ‘just ignore it, it’s unrealistic’. He didn’t stay with the problem and figure out why this different limbic brain was unrealistic and of course beyond that, why the limbic brain was so loving and how did we get such a moral, loving instinctive conscience in the first place. No, he recognised that these parts of our brain were reacting independently of each other which was a very insightful realisationhe got close to the truth but then he veered away from it.

So, he’s watching these people suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy and he is discovering they have these amazing capacities, the implications of which he just doesn’t deal with because it’s unrealisticand it is. The world has become massively angry, eccentric and alienated so this all-loving soul within us is totally bewildered and offended by this, which is why this conflict between the two selves emerged, why we repressed the soul. But he just says ‘forget it’, he’s not going to wrestle with it.

What is so important is that in my case, I didn’t stumble on the truth of our moral soul. Rather, being unresigned, innocent, sound and secure [see F. Essay 49 for Jeremy’s biography, and F. Essay 30 about the psychological process of ‘Resignation’], I could always see it, enough to recognise it and look at it and think about the situation of these two selves within us, the instinctive and moral part of ourselves and our newer conscious self and from there work out why there was this conflict between the two. So that is the difference: I was able to engage with the issue of the human condition, whereas MacLean accidentally happened upon it and then wasn’t prepared to engage with it, just to dismiss it.

So, people have said that my explanation of the human condition is not original, that Paul MacLean and others have already explained it, but they haven’t. As I mentioned in the first webinar, Moses’s 3,500 year old story of the Garden of Eden described the elements involved in producing the human conditiona Garden of Eden of original innocence and then we took the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, became consciousMoses recognised those conflicting elements and he was certainly sound enough to wrestle with them and explain them had there been the science available that explained the nature of these two learning systems, the gene-based and nerve-based learning systems which I explained in the first webinar. So, MacLean had the benefit of science, unlike Moses, but he wasn’t sound and secure enough to confront the human condition and solve it.

As I mentioned, there is a reference to thinkers like Paul MacLean who went close to the explanation of the human condition then fearfully veered away from it and didn’t get to the bottom of it in par. 245 of FREEDOM, and also in Part 4:5 of Freedom Expanded: Book 1 [see also F. Essay 53]. So I might just describe a few more such thinkers that got close and then veered away, it’s evidence of just how fearful and difficult the human condition has been to engage with and solve.

In the 1930s, the philosopher George Gurdjieff wrote Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, a novel in which he recognised that man is a ‘three-brained being’; that there are distinct factions in our brain: one brain for the spirit (intellect), one for the soul (the emotional instinctive self), and one for the body (the primitive, foundation part of our mind). But he didn’t look into the nature of the differences in those affects. In his 1949 book, The Origins and History of Consciousness, analytical psychologist Erich Neumann did recognise there was a conflict between our old and new brain, writing that ‘Whereas, originally, the opposites could function side by side without undue strain and without excluding one another, now, with the development and elaboration of the opposition between conscious and unconscious, they fly apart. That is to say, it is no longer possible for an object to be loved and hated at the same time. Ego and consciousness identify themselves in principle with one side of the opposition and leave the other in the unconscious, either preventing it from coming up at all, i.e., consciously suppressing it, or else repressing it, i.e., eliminating it from consciousness without being aware of doing so. Only deep psychological analysis can then discover the unconscious counterposition’ (p.117 of 493). So he has recognised that there was a conflict and that now they ‘fly apart’ and that the conscious self repressed the unconscious, instinctive part of ourselves. ‘Ego and consciousness identify themselves in principle with one side’ and leave the other, which is the unconscious, limbic part of our brain repressed. But the question screaming to be addressed and asked is why exactly does the conscious mind repress the soul? Because that is what my book explains.

So, Neumann and others like him such as Carl Jung, Ken Wilber and Carl Sagan recognised the involvement of the elements of instinct and intellect in our unique conscious situation but they didn’t get to the bottom of the problem and explain why a conflict occurred between the two parts of our brain. Evidence that these thinkers were also afraid of the human condition is that they, like MacLean dismissed the significance of our moral soul.

Now, while MacLean dismissed it by simply saying it was unrealistic, so ignored it, Neumann and company dismissed it more determinedly by saying the idea of the corporative, harmonious, peaceful loving state in our species past, which obviously our limbic brain has memory of, is nothing more than a nostalgia for the security of infancy. As Neumann wrote in The Origins and History of Consciousness, ‘The dawn state of perfect contentment was never an historical state’ (p.15), this time ‘before the coming of the opposites’ was ‘a prenatal time’ in ‘the uroborus’ or ‘the maternal womb’ (pp.12-13). In other words, it didn’t actually exist, it’s just nostalgia for the maternal womb. I mention this theory that our loving, corporative soul is nothing more than nostalgia for the security of infancy, in par. 184 of FREEDOM. So these other thinkers weren’t even going to accept that humans did once live in a corporative, loving Edenic state, which our moral instinctive self is the memory of. [See F. Essay 53 for acknowledgments from thinkers throughout history, as well as evidence from the bonobos, that our species did once live in a cooperative, loving Edenic state.]

In his 1975 book, The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Julian Jaynes did recognise that there was a time when ‘modern consciousness as we know it simply did not exist’ and humans were purely intuitive and that later the logical conscious brain usurped management from, and killed the old pre-logical ‘radiantly innocent’, ‘god-run’ intuitive, instinctive brain. So he’s done pretty well in getting close to the truth there, but his explanation for why this happened was that the two hemispheres of our neocortex that actually represent these two states; the logical thinking left side of our brain and our more intuitive and imaginative right side of our brain, simply switched dominance. But again, it doesn’t explain why there was this repression of our instinctive, intuitive, loving soul; why this psychotic state of the human condition emerged.

I should mention that the real explanation of why this left and right hemisphere switched dominance is explained in par. 682 of FREEDOM. Basically that one is logical and sequential and if you get onto a logical train of thought and it’s safe, not going to lead you into confrontation with the human condition, then you can freely pursue that. Whereas imaginatively free-wheeling, lateral thinking can be very dangerous because if you start going off on acute angles and bringing in lateral ideas, you’re very prone to encounter the human condition. I mean, children notoriously have wonderful imaginations and it dies off in adolescence, obviously when they resign and they’re then deeply afraid of the human condition [see F. Essay 30 about ‘Resignation’], they lose that imaginative versatility and they learn to just focus on narrow, one-track thinking because it’s safe and they don’t go off on the side and encounter problems that are depressing and confront you with the human condition.

So again, you can read about this in Freedom Expanded but I just thought it would help to flesh out for you how fearful the issue of the human condition has been because these are thinkers who actually got very close to it and then veered away most determinedly. As you read into FREEDOM you’ll appreciate more and more just how afraid we’ve been of the human condition and how it has affected all our behaviour [see also The Great Guilt that causes the Deaf Effect and Video/​F. Essay 10]. It’s a dark corner that we don’t want to go near and we spend every moment of our life making sure we avoid it. We’re on a mission of escapism and self-distraction, finding relief from that implied criticism from our instinctive self, our limbic brain, through winning power, fame, fortune and glory, and building bigger houses and so forthmassive materialistic escapes, adventures and romancewhich are the few little positives that we could get out of our post-Resignation life having given up on looking at the truth about the dark side of ourselves.

So you can see here some people that have wandered close to that dark corner and then veered away. But the very interesting thing for me is what MacLean learned from watching people with physical ailments in their brain and how all this soulfulness came bursting out, all this sensitivity and awareness of our integrative state. It’s marvellous evidence of the magic time we lived in this all-loving state prior to the emergence of consciousness and the upset state of the human condition.

So that’s the bit of the background I wanted to deal with to give us more of an insight into mechanistic science. It requires going back into the cave and dealing with all the dishonesty that’s in there. I’d much rather stay outside the cave and as this understanding catches on, people will be really reluctant to have anything to do with that old life in the cave. As I said in the last webinar, people playing those old power, fame, fortune and glory games who haven’t transcended from that, haven’t left that behind, will be like people caught wearing last year’s fashions. If you’ve left your hat behind in the cave you won’t even want to go back in there to get it! And a great deal of FREEDOM, you’ll see, is just paragraph after paragraph of having to deal with all the dishonest excuses that science has come up with and demolish them one after the other. So it is an exhausting demolition of all the lies, because, as Plato predicted, humans notoriously prefer their old dishonest cave-dwelling excuses over the new truthful one and will retreat back to that. So the only way I can get them to see the truth is by systematically demolishing all those arguments.


Part 4 Scientific American’s dishonest analysis of the adolescent mind

Jeremy: Just to finish on another example of mechanistic science and the tragedy of it, even though it was necessary whilst we couldn’t defend ourselves because we couldn’t afford to face the truth that we did have a loving soul, that we’re corrupted, so we’ve had to use all this denial.

This is the June 2015 edition of Scientific American, and on the cover is the feature article titled, ‘The Amazing Teen Brain: rapidly changing wiring leads to mental agilityand risky behavior’ which is a discussion about this new theory about the ‘Teen Brain’.


Cover of ‘Scientific American’ Magazine June 2015, featuring an article on ‘The Amazing Teen Brain’


The levels of psychological angst and depression in adolescents of today are just unbearable and overwhelming and so we’re being forced to try to address this issue because it is now an astronomical problem and I’ll talk more about that in a minute.

So they’ve got this article in the lead scientific journal in the world, supposedly, about the teen brain. Alright, so what is it that they’ve explained? Okay, I’ll give you a snapshot of what this says: the article attributes the psychological angst and depression of adolescence to the physical changes in the brain. It argues that the limbic system, the middle brain which drives emotion, matures during the puberty years, but the prefrontal cortex, the macro part of the brain, which it says keeps a lid on impulsive actions, doesn’t approach full development until decades later. So the cortex doesn’t properly contain the adolescent’s limbic emotions thus supposedly explaining adolescent mental illness including anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, psychosis, and substance abuse. So human-condition-avoiding mechanistic science is now accepting that the adolescent’s mind is not able to be shut down, in other words, it hasn’t resigned, which is what this new understanding enables us to acknowledge. But instead of recognising the psychological agony the adolescent is in, it evasively, mechanistically, just says the conscious mind is not developed enough yet. I mean yes, the conscious mind does struggle with the limbic soul’s agony about the human condition but it’s not because it’s not developed enough, it’s because during Resignation the adolescent hasn’t yet decided to resign to a life of consciously blocking out the limbic soul. It hasn’t adopted Resignation. So again, we can see how mechanistic science struggles to appear accountable as with all those recognitions of the two elements involved in the human condition of instinct and the intellect. The answer is being approached then veered away from. So the game for human-condition avoiding mechanistic science is to somehow create the appearance of having solved the problem, which is really hard to do.

When we get beyond the human condition and look back in hindsight we’ll see how much intellect and effort was put into trying to maintain the denials. It’s been amazing how much IQ and intelligence and application went into trying to find an excuse, a way to dodge confrontation with the human condition. My thinking is really simple and obvious, thinking outside the cave. Their thinking from within the cave to try and maintain denial is an incredible art, it took incredible smarts which is why when you go to university, to mechanistic academia, you have to pass all these IQ tests to get in, because you’ve got to demonstrate a certain skill with adroit thinking.

I swear a bit and use the word ‘bullshit’ but that’s only because we don’t actually have a mechanistic ‘cave’ word for all the denial that’s going on apart from ‘bullshit’ or ‘bull’ or ‘bullcrap’. There’s only a swear word that we can draw on which is another demonstration of just how committed the human race has been to avoiding this horrific issue of the human condition, locked in this paradox where to free itself of the human condition we had to ultimately confront the human condition and make use of all the tools that mechanistic science has found about the mechanisms of our world. Then you can freely look at the human condition but how are you going to confront the human condition when you can’t confront it? We’re locked in this bind and that’s been the great tragedy.

So that’s very adroit, very clever thinking [referring to the Scientific American article]. It gives the appearance of recognising that adolescents are in trouble and that they’ve got this emotional self and then it comes up with this idea that it’s because the conscious mind hasn’t become fully developed yet! I mean, you only have to sit down with a resigning human and talk to them sincerely, like Robert Coles did (see par. 109 of FREEDOM), and you know exactly what’s going on. They’re in psychological turmoil, it’s not some mechanistic excuse that their conscious brain is not able to control emotions because it’s not developed enough yet.

So that’s another demonstration of the frustrations of having to live in the cave.


Now I want to introduce this person from Sweden who’s a WTM member. We encourage members to submit monthly reports because that gives us a good idea of how people are progressing with the information and puts us in the best position to try to help them. You’ll meet him in a moment on webcam, his name is Olof and I’m going to bring Annie up in a minute to talk with him because she can really help, but I’ll just read a little bit of his latest member’s report: ‘I feel a great joy in being able to bottom out on Resignation because it really seems like the knowledge that turns everything around! Resignation is the fantastic truth that in order to be validated required explaining the human condition and which then underlies and underpins proof of our goodness… So we should accept ourselves as resigned and in fact, the fact that we can accept ourselves as resigned instead of destructive is the whole thing I think [that we’re good and not bad, that we had to resign because we couldn’t understand that we were good]….How could we possibly admit that we were schizophrenic with a split nature without the defence of the human condition?’ Olof ends his report with this comment: ‘That which replaces schizophrenia is acceptance of Resignation and staying true to that. Jeremy writes in FREEDOM; indeed, the truth that all humans who are resigned are alienated or split off from their soul, they are all schizophrenic, they all have a “split soul” or “broken heart” [which is what the origin of the word schizophrenic is]. And we can be free from the acting out of that now.’

So, we’ll let Annie and maybe some other members of the WTM talk to Olof about his journey in a moment but just to put some context to this fundamental idea that because our marvellous, all-loving, all-sensitive instinctive-self condemned our conscious mind’s corrupting search for knowledge, we had to block out our soul, block out this magic part of ourselves. The following marvellous Resignation poem is in par. 116 of FREEDOM: ‘You will never have a home again / You’ll forget the bonds of family and family will become just family / Smiles will never bloom from your heart again, but be fake and you will speak fake words to fake people from your fake soul / What you do today you will do tomorrow and what you do tomorrow you will do for the rest of your life / From now on pressure, stress, pain and the past can never be forgotten / You have no heart or soul and there are no good memories / Your mind and thoughts rule your body that will hold all things inside it; bottled up, now impossible to be released / You are fake, you will be fake, you will be a supreme actor of happiness but never be happy / Time, joy and freedom will hardly come your way and never last as you well know / Others’ lives and the dreams of things that you can never have or be part of, will keep you alive / You will become like the rest of the worlda divine actor, trying to hide and suppress your fate, pretending it doesn’t exist / There is only one way to escape society and the world you help build, but that is impossible, for no one can ever become a baby again / Instead you spend the rest of life trying to find the meaning of life and confused in its maze’.

So that’s the price of resigning which is enormous, but it was infinitely better than trying to live with suicidal depression, as the Robert Coles extract described in the previous webinar (par. 109 of FREEDOM).

So, we repressed our soul and were left in a meaningless world and that’s where the human race is now and why we get very lost and depressed. This is a little drawing I did titled, Humanity’s Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of life as three valleys, with an Edenic childhood, a scorched adolescence and a sunny adulthood


It shows humans in their magic childhood in Africa, all happy and loving and corporative and then we had ‘to march into hell for a heavenly cause’ (Joe Darion, The Impossible Dream, 1965), we had to begin the journey to find knowledge and that was corrupting and so we lost our state of innocence. Some two million years ago, in the case of the species, or 12 year olds in the case of individual humans today, we had to face this [reading the text from the image] ‘shock of change’ to having become resigned. At 1.5 million years ago in the case of the species or 15 year olds in the case of individual humans it begins, we go into this adolescent stage of [reading the text from the image] ‘A dying world of ever increasing and accumulating anger, egocentricity and alienation’. And now finally to the breakthrough of finding this redeeming understanding and we mature from insecure adolescence to secure adulthood and this wonderful freedom. (This amazing journey of the stages of humanity’s maturation from ignorance to enlightenment are truthfully explained in chapter 8 of FREEDOM for the first time ever.) So, we go on this journey.

Now, what I want to particularly look at here is this first ridge we had to climb up, this mountain from our childhood to Resignation and you see this glum person having to climb the mountain and then sitting at the top facing the horrific destiny that was just described in the Resignation poem above, having to kill off our soul and becoming a fake person. And we couldn’t face this truth while we couldn’t explain it but now we can explain it as being a heroic, not a bad state. So we can admit this amazing journey.


Part 5 Parable of The White Bird Of Truth

Jeremy: I want to talk about why we repressed our soul, this magic part of ourselves, this memory or our loving, corporative past in the Garden of Eden, in Africa. To do that I want to tell you this famous parable that I understand originated with the Hottentot people, who are closely related to the Bushmen or San people of Southern Africa. They have this story called The White Bird of Truth and it is an amazing story. I should have put it in FREEDOM but FREEDOM is already very long so I didn’t, but it is in Freedom Expanded. It’s just an incredible story that describes this part of the journey [pointing to the Humanity’s Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment drawing above], from leaving our childhood and the horror of having to resign.

Sir Laurens van der Post is a great inspiration for me and for my work and he’s written about thisin fact his 1994 anthology Feather Fall is named after this parable [see F. Essay 51 about Sir Lauren’s influence on Jeremy]. It starts with a hunter seeing in a pool of water the reflection of a great white bird, which is described as ‘the white bird of truth’, which we can now understand is the liberating truth about the human condition. After seeing this wondrous image of the white bird of truth the hunter sets out on a heroic journey to find it, leaving behind his friends and villagein effect, leaving behind his innocent childhoodto begin his ascent of this great mountain, at the top of which lives the great white bird of truth. As the hunter begins his lonely climb he can still hear in the distance the happy, joyous laughter of those he has had to leave behindimplying that as a result of his journey he has to suffer becoming corrupted and alienated from his original happy, gregarious, social innocent true self and world. As he ascends, gremlins begin to appear amongst the rocks, taunting him by saying, ‘You have become such an egocentric, angry evil person, why don’t you give up?’, or words to that effect. His doubts grow but still he struggles on. Eventually, as the mountainside becomes steeper, the hunter starts finding steps that have been carved in the rock face by others who have gone before him. He makes use of these steps but when they eventually run out he still doesn’t give up. Instead, he carves further steps, but as the years go by his energy wanes. Eventually in his old age he can go no farther and lies down to die, but just as he is about to die a white feather flutters down and comes to rest on his forehead, symbolising that the hunter has found some truth and added to the accumulation of knowledge that would one day lead to the finding of the full truth about the human condition, which is the great white bird of truth that resides at the summit of all human endeavour and which has now, after all the efforts of all the humans who have ever lived, at last been found.

So it’s an incredibly truthful story. This person leaves the happiness and laughter that he can still hear in the valley he’s leaving and he climbs alone up the mountain. It’s just the most powerful story of human life as it exists, based on recognising these truths that my book is based on; that we did have a lovely, cooperative soul, and that we have to leave it when we became conscious and had to search for the ‘bird of truth’, and that every human that has ever lived has participated heroically in that journey, cut a step, added to the journey then had to lay down and die and the next generation take it up. It is just the most amazing story. The South African author Oliver Schreiner has a version of it in her book The Story of the African Farm which I mentioned in the first webinar.

What I want you to do is immerse yourself in this. The hunter is climbing this mountain as he is suffering upset; he’s ‘march[ing] into hell for a heavenly cause’; he’s becoming more and more corrupted. So you can understand that having to look back at his magic childhood and hear all the laughter and happiness going on there would have been unbearable. How could he keep going and retain that memory while he can’t explain why he’s become so corrupted, narrowly-focused, alienated and ‘fake’, as the Resignation poem said? It is an unbearable truth which is why MacLean veered away from it. He said, ‘these people with epilepsy are letting out all this truth about this magic state and we don’t want to know about it, it’s just unrealistic, forget it, don’t go near it!’ And others such as Erich Neumann couldn’t cope at all and said it doesn’t even exist! They came up with the brilliant excuse that it’s just nostalgia for the womb, for infancy, that it has no real basis at all! But that’s understandable when we immerse ourselves in how lonely our lives have become during the search for knowledge, paying this horrific price of becoming angry, egocentric and alienated and unable to explain why. We wouldn’t dare to think about why we became like that and the memory of our lost childhood. We call children ‘kids’ which is almost a put-down of children because their innocence is condemning of us. We love them because we love to share their access to soul but on the other hand soul is always two-edgedit’s the most wonderful place to be but it is also condemning, so it is very hurtful.

So I just wanted us to immerse ourselves in why we had to repress soul because it was an unbearable truth to live with and we had to become fake, phony, bury our soul, deny it and invent every which way to avoid it. It makes sense now. We can come out of the cave and think truthfully about life in the cave and what it was like and why we had to live there. What did R.D. Laing say? ‘…​between us and It [our true selves or soul] there is a veil which is more like fifty feet of solid concrete. Deus absconditus. Or we have absconded…’ (The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise, 1967). That’s why there is ‘fifty feet of solid concrete’ because it stops us from having to facing this unbearable truth about our lost innocence.


Part 6 Olof and Annie address Resignation and Transformation

Jeremy: So, as Olof said in his member’s report, he has gained great help from being able to bottom out on what happened at Resignation and that has provided the foothold for him to start to engage with the transformation potential which is marvellous. So what I’d like to do at this point is ask Annie to come up and talk to Olof; and Annie may be able to get some help from some other WTM founding members attending the webinar.

Annie and I living together as partners for over 30 years has obviously provided Annie with a lot of experience in my understandings of the human condition, but Annie’s journey to the Transformed State is her own. I wasn’t living in the cave of denial and so I can’t relate well enough to people who are having to come out of the cave, if you like, but Annie was the first to achieve the Transformed State from the human condition and she’s a leader of this Transformed State way of living. So I’d like to bring Frangipani Annie up here to talk with Olof about his journey. I think it will be very interesting and she’ll do a much better job than I could.


Annie Williams: Hi, Olof.


Olof Österman: Hi, Annie.


Annie: It is just so wonderful that you could join us today and it’s really special for us all to be able to meet you. I’ve been following your journey through your member reports and I’ve been so impressed with your ability to just ‘sit down’ with the information and follow it through to its rational and logical conclusion, and I remember reading in one of your reports that that’s what you wanted to do. You said, ‘I want nothing more than to be rational and take up the rational cause with this information’ and you’re so doing that. It’s so inspirational and I really related to your last report and I feel so happy to be here talking to you about it.

What’s really exciting about these webinars is that now, not only can our members share in your journey, but everyone can share in and learn from all of our journeys. I’ve been so fortunate to be so close to Jeremy and be a founding member of the WTM, it’s like I’ve attended a webinar like this every day of my adult life with Jeremy explaining the world to me and so I can’t help but be inspired to embrace the Transformed State as best I can because I know that it is the path forward for humans and it is what solves all the suffering on the planet.

I’m not sure if this would work for you Olof, but I just thought I’d talk briefly about why I related so much to what you had to say and why I thought it was so incredibly special and clear and, as you said, instructive. It’s so helpful. I’ll just read a little bit from your report if that would work for you?


Olof: Yes, sure.


Annie: Okay, it’s so nice to see your face and meet you!


Olof: Same here.


Annie: Okay, so as Jeremy read out from your report, it is being able to bottom out on Resignation that you’ve found so powerful in unlocking and accessing how the Transformed State works and as you described it, it’s a ‘breakthrough realization’. Because once we accept that we are resigned we are effectively free of the human condition. It’s as simple as that because from there the Transformed State is a very natural and simple process. Jeremy’s explanation of the process of Resignation is so extraordinary because it brings understanding to humans and that understanding loves us so completely, we feel so totally understood that it breaks our denial. It smashes our denial and breaks our fear of the human condition. That has to happen for us to be able to access the truth of what is being said, we’re so afraid that it’s like a block, and for me understanding Resignation smashed that block and I could access the full defence for my upset state. So, I thought that aspect of your report was so brilliant and from there, if we can hear the defence for our upset we can actually see our own human condition. We can come out of denial and delusion and we can see our alienation and deal with it and we can actually see what’s been going on for the first time. As you say, we can be honest about our upset and it’s not a problem, it’s absolutely fine because we’re defended and we can see why we had to live in the cave, cringing in fear and pretending that we weren’t afraid. And the first thing you want to do is run out of that cave, because you can now, and you want to join that incredible journey of freedom that is happening and you want to make sure that everyone else can join that journey too, and that’s what was evidenced in your writing. It was just so special.

As you said, ‘I feel a great joy in being able to bottom out on Resignation because it really seems like the knowledge that turns everything around! Resignation is the fantastic truth that in order to be validated required explaining the human condition and which then underlies and underpins proof of our goodness.’ Yes, that great joy that you’re feeling is because you can see that you’re saved and therefore that the world is saved and that instead of it being so confronting, I mean you can barely open chapter 8 of FREEDOM without being devastatingly confronted by how truthful and honest a description of our world it is, but wrapped in the defence you can. It’s just not a problem and I feel that you’re feeling and connecting to that deeply. From there, once you’re a defended human, your mindset changes from a defensive mindset to a defended mindset. So instead of feeling like a mad dog that’s has been abusedfeeling constantly under attack, on guard and defensive, you can actually feel secure about being upset. You can actually feel secure for the first time in your life. You can feel safe and calm and that’s the transformation and it’s an immediate transformation. It’s that stark because it’s that different. It’s so fantastic what you’re seeing. It’s just all naturally falling out in front of your eyes. Your old ways of coping have become so transparent, so transparent that they become redundant because you know you don’t need them anymore. You don’t have to live like that anymore and everything is simple and clear in the path forward.

I’d just like to read a little bit more from your report, and this is such an incredible line: ‘How could we possibly admit that we were schizophrenic [alienated, messed up] with a split nature without the defence of the human condition?…Now with the defence and the understanding of how it all fits together and with it the solution to it, it is not confronting at all, but rather understandable…Through accepting Resignation and staying true to that we can be free of our schizophrenia.’ We can be free and as you said we no longer have to act that out now and then you talk about that block and undoing the block: ‘The realization of the breakthrough point that Resignation is, makes it possible to let go of all the other strategies of trying to cope with life.’ That’s the transparency, you can just let go: ‘We don’t need to do anything else than make sure that what we do heed the truth that we are resigned, and try to do justice to this truth. We should do justice to this truth because this truth is not fearful but is what explains us and the reason for why we are good instead of bad…all else neurotic just goes because we now have a sound base of knowledge to rely on that dignifies us and explains us and enable us to be honest with ourselves.’ That is the rapidly transforming effect, that’s what happens to you when you’re no longer madly driven to prove you’re good, because you know you’re good. What you are driven by is wanting to share this information, wanting to share the defence of our upset, wanting to share the power of being able to relax in that and access the truth and see how in that instant all your and therefore the world’s suffering is solved. This is the lifeforce that awakens in you that Jeremy so beautifully describes in FREEDOM and if you’ve got that paragraph to put on the whiteboard James, that would be great because it couldn’t be more beautifully expressed. So this is par. 1167 in FREEDOM:



‘From being a human-condition oppressed and depressed alienated person, all humans can now be TRANSFORMED into redeemed, liberated-from-the-human-condition, exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence, empowered, world-transforming LIFEFORCES. This exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence aspect is the ‘Life’ in ‘Lifeforce’, while the empowered, world-transforming aspect is the ‘force’ in ‘Lifeforce’, so LIFEFORCE covers both the personal benefit and the benefit to the world in one word. From being human-condition-afflicted, Plato’s-cave-dwelling, effectively dead humans, we become Transformed Lifeforces or simply LIFEFORCES! That is the difference the arrival of understanding of the human condition makes to the human race!



And that is what is here, that is what is growing and that is what is coming to the world. But what’s so brilliant about what you’ve written is that you’ve really seen that in this pioneering stage, because it’s tricky to access the defence because we live in such fear of the human conditionit blocks us from actually hearing what’s being said, which is the ‘deaf effect’. Once everybody’s living this way, it is the ‘Joel Effect’ [a term referencing Joel’s vision in the Bible of the momentum that will build and sweep the world with the arrival of the reconciling understanding of the human condition], it will sweep the world but while we’re still growing and developing this in people, it is a little bit tricky and rightly so because we’ve been so afraid that going near the human condition is going to confirm our worst fear that we are evil/bad. That’s why Resignation is such a powerful access point as you’ve so rightly described, because to have the most deeply traumatic personal event in your whole life articulated and described so compassionately and so completely, you know you’re understood, you know you’re safe. You know humans can be free again and you know the humans condition is solved. As Jeremy described it, Resignation is the most important psychological event of our lives and yet as he just discussed, it’s not even acknowledged honestly or talked about. But, in understanding Resignation it validates our goodness as you so beautifully articulate.

I’d just like to read a little bit more from your report: ‘Since we now have a scientifically psychologically established phenomena of Resignation [I’m jumping through a little bit here] …we can accept being resigned because that has only associations to being good. Resignation as explained in the context of human condition is plainly shown as the ultimate evidence of our goodness despite the experience of ourselves as bad. So we should accept ourselves as resigned and in fact, the fact that we can accept ourselves as resigned instead of destructive is the whole thing I think [absolutely, 100% agree with you]. Finally we can accept ourselves without accepting that we are bad, and thus we need only to realize the massive positive of Resignation instead of being averse to it.’ Once our goodness is validated, once we can truly know in our heart and mind that our upset is defended, that it’s absolutely fine and part of the human journey and has had to be that way, we’re no longer confronted as you say, and we can access the full truth about humans, the full defence and all the wonders of the Transformed State come into your life and into the world.

This is a compilation from pars 1166 and 1172 of FREEDOM that describe the wonders of the Transformed State:



Yes, the excitement and relief of being effectively free of the human conditionthe joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities and self-preoccupations; the awesome meaning and power of finally being aligned with the truth and participating in the magic true world [That adventure you talk about in another of your reports, you say, we’re on this new adventure and it includes everything except our upset, it’s just fantastic!]; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is comingCAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.

Another immense difference between this new Transformed Way of Living and a religion is that in the Transformed Way of Living there is no deity involved, or deference to any one personality; in fact, there is no worship of any kind. And best of all, unlike religion, there is no involvement or emphasis on guilt, because guiltand the whole notion of ‘good and evil’has been eliminated forever with the reconciling understanding of the human condition.


So that was what I intuitively felt after reading your report that I wanted to talk about. I’ve got other things I’d love to say but I thought I’d stop there and see if you or anyone else out there would like to talk about anything?


Olof: Yeah, thank you for talking about my letters and all in such positive tones. I agree with all you’re saying about Resignation and I think that the main thing for me is that I have seen that Resignation is actually a positive and as such we can actually rely on that knowledge, in the beginning [of our journey with this information] for the management of life and our days and to be able to support the WTM more. To begin to have that shift, to not be adverse towards Resignation but see that it is a positive instead, [opens up] the potential, I think.


Annie: Everything unravels from there. The path from there is very clear and natural and beautiful. I’m not sure if Tony would like to say anything now?


Part 7 Tony Miall on the Transformed State

Tony Miall: Yeah, Olof, can you hear me?


Olof: Yes.


Tony: How are you, Olof!


Olof: Hi.


Tony: Mate, I don’t know where to begin but Annie showed me what you’ve written here and I just think it’s so exciting and I wanted to talk about two things which are really key for me. In your last paragraph you wrote: ‘When not being able to know that one is resigned and thinking one is bad due to one’s destructive behavior, one could not accept oneself.’ This is such a crucial point because it’s so hard when you’re suffering from the human condition and Resignation to actually accept and be able to live with yourself because there is so much torment, it’s a horrible place inside your head when you can’t accept yourself. Jeremy once said that you couldn’t invent a worse torture than living with the human condition, but it shows us how incredibly brave we are to live with that and get to this point in the human journey where we can finally leave it behind. Which goes to your next point: ‘Finally we can accept ourselves without accepting that we are bad, and thus we need only to realize the massive positive of Resignation instead of being averse to it. When we do this we can finally live a sound life, because we have a safe way to accept the truth about ourselves and we can live within that.’ You’ve been very honest there about the resigned state and that honesty equates to incredible relief because it gets you out of that tormented state. With the Transformed State and the truth finally being available to us we can see that it’s not about trying to be something we’re not, it’s about accepting who we are and the relief that comes with that is incredible. In my mind there’s two parts to the whole process. You’ve articulated part one which is actually finding that relief; recognising Resignation and through the truth of the information being able to live with Resignation and put it to one side effectively so that you don’t have to be consumed by it anymore.

Part two of this journey is seeing what it can do for humanity. So you start off with relief for yourself; I mean Jeremy’s got much better analogies than I do but I always think of it as living in an impenetrable jungle: you just can’t go through it, but in the middle of the jungle is a path which represents what we all know intuitively when we’re young, before we resigned, as the way to liveour selfless moral instincts if you like. So we live in this impenetrable jungle and all of our lives are devoted to getting onto this path but when we get there, there is a massive block that won’t let us go anywhere. That huge block is actually ourselves and the torment we’re wrestling with. We can’t move with this thing that’s in front of us which is our selfishness as a result of having to resign and this appearance that we are bad and not good. But when we actually understand and accept Resignation, that big obstruction evaporates and then you can see the path straight ahead out of the jungle. Not only that but you can see where all the unresigned minds that have gone before us have lived, those that have known the real truth and potential in humans. The path very quickly opens up into this huge expanse and an endless horizon free of the human condition, it’s just amazing. I don’t think I could ever do justice to how good the world is going to be but it’s just an open, free place with no more torment, no more walking around blindly in the jungle, no more trying to get on this path.

My favourite line from the wonders of the Transformed State that Annie read out from FREEDOM is, ‘The awesome meaning and power of finally being aligned with the truth and participating in the magic new world’, because we’ve always wanted to be aligned with the truth. Jeremy has explained the truth of negative entropy or unconditional selflessness that drives everything in the world and we know that we’re not in tune with that when we’re resigned [see F. Essay 23 for an introduction to negative entropy or Integrative Meaning]. That’s what we’re fighting all the time, we’re trying to prove that we are good and not bad, but to be able to, all of a sudden, be aligned with the truth, the fight stops. The fight for everyone stops, the fight for the world stops and we can finally be at peace. Heaven is on Earth, we just have to get around ourselves first to see it.

Anyway mate, the one thing I disagree with in what you’ve written here is ‘I haven’t yet been transformed’, I disagree with that because I think you’re on the right track and you’re certainly through stage one as far as I’m concerned. So it’s just terrific to meet you.


Olof: Yeah, the same. Thank you, Tony.


Part 8 Annie and Olof continue discussion

Olof: What you said about the negative entropy theme of life and Resignation in contrast to that, I can see very clearly that we can’t live in alignment with the true nature of the world when we are resigned, but when I met this information I could see that contradiction but yet I couldn’t bridge it immediately of course. And then we are left with just a recognition of this contradiction and perhaps Resignation is very helpful as something which you can bottom out on and take comfort in, that I can’t bridge this because I am resigned and there’s nothing wrong with that and instead of trying to bridge this desperately, I can just be myself as a resigned person supporting the WTM perhaps. I think about it and it’s a comfort while the contradiction between these two are quite painful in the beginning.


Annie: That contradiction you speak of Olof, that is what the Transformed State does bridge. It is reconcilable because you do put down your contradicted self, you put down your upset self and you can live in alignment with integrative meaning and that force on Earth. It’s like the Humanity’s Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment drawing (see above), that’s what I keep in my mind all the time and that’s where I go to every time I start feeling and thinking about anything. Because that way I am connected to the story of humanity and in that there is no contradiction because, as you are discovering, Resignation was a necessary part of the human journey. An immensely heroic part, but then we’re left with all this damage and egocentricities, anger and alienation. But we can actually just put that down and move forward. That is the transformation, you don’t take that with you and that bridges the contradiction. It’s like you live in that drawing, you’re part of it. It’s running through your blood and you’re running through its blood. It’s the big picture that Jonathan spoke about in the last webinar. You’re mindful of the big picture and you don’t engage in the mess, the necessary and understandable mess in your life and in humanity’s journey that we’ve had to make to get to this point. When you’re in the big macro picture you’re completely defended, you’re completely open to the truth and you can actually feel integrative meaning in you and in the world. You can see the power of that force and you can see the whole horror and agony of the journey but you can see how incredibly heroic and magnificent your upset is as the price you had to pay for this search for knowledge. You can reconcile all the polarities in your life and yourself, you can bridge that contradiction.

The greatest thing I feel, which is the best feeling ever, is that you’re no longer confronted by innocence. You can actually recognise that there are two types of humans; resigned humans and very rare unresigned humans and we no longer have to feel criticised by the innocence of the unresigned mind, or children, or nature. It just smashes all of that away and you feel connected to all humans. When Jeremy was designing the cover of FREEDOM he did an initial black and white drawing with a line of humans holding hands underneath the sun and we were all together and we were all moving forward. That’s what you feel, that oneness, that completeness, that journey out of hell into freedom. As Jeremy said in the previous webinar, ‘FREEDOM’ is the war cry humans will naturally cry out when they know they are free.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith showing many people holding hands in front of a rising sun


And as Professor Prosen wrote in his Introduction to FREEDOM, ‘this book is all that the human race has standing between it and extinction’ (par.30). And as Jonathan said in the previous webinar, ‘This is it!’ because he was so moved, so connected to how this reconciles everything, how it bridges the contradiction.

That is the excitement that runs through you. Tony Miall said to me, ‘Annie, I’m so excited about coming to the webinar and meeting Olof for the first time. It’s like being five years old on Christmas Eve!’ You realised that your job as a resigned human is to communicate that it is safe, that we are defended and we can live with this, we don’t have to be afraid of the human condition anymore. That’s our job as resigned humans and that’s what we want to talk about. We want to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about the Transformed State so that people realise that it’s safe. We can confront the human condition because we have this amazing tool of the Transformed State as a way of coping. And not just coping but absolutely flourishing. It’s a religious term but it is like being reborn because we have access to that beautiful world that we once had to leave behind, that we’ve had to live in denial of. But instead of deferring to a representation of the soul/ideals you’re deferring to the biological understanding of the ideals and that’s the great difference between this and a religion because yes, there is a certain degree of artificiality but there is no dishonesty and absolutely no delusion and you can just live in support of this legitimately and beautifully. It fulfils you and it fulfils the human journey and it stops human suffering.

I guess the only other thing I’d like to talk to you about is how important our fellowship is and our ability to talk to and look after each other. You and Jonathan have done so well and so many others have, just working your way through this from Canada or Sweden and here we are in Australia and its sensational that we can come together like this! It’s so exciting that the WTM is global now! Now with these webinars people will have so much more access to the fellowship and wonder of watching Jeremy’s unresigned mind, full of soul and full of life, explain human life to them.

At the Sydney WTM Centre we have two regular weekly meetings; we have a FREEDOM study meeting where we read and discuss the contents of FREEDOM and we have a Transformation meeting which is getting together and talking about our experiences with the Transformed State and how we can best communicate it and take it to the world. Because that’s our product. And our job as resigned humans is to take the Transformed State to the world. At this point in time we’re just using a simple conferencing system for our meetings where people can call in on their way home from work or when they’re going for a walk or whatever they are doing and we can come together that way. It’s sort of like the beginning of Transformation radio, or Transformation TV! We’re not set up internationally yet but that will come. That’s the amazing fellowship that feeds the new world and soon people will start setting up their own WTM Centres. You might like to do that in Scandinavia, Olof, interest some people there and start getting together to talk about this [see F. Essay 17 for news of the WTM Centres opening around the world!].

As someone who’s had the privilege of being so close to Jeremy and being a founding member of the WTM, we are just so lucky, too lucky to even begin to describe to have that closeness to Jeremy’s unresigned mind and the closeness we have together. But now everyone can have the fortune of what we’ve had, we can all share in this extraordinary journey now. We have Freedom Webinars, we have Jeremy’s definitive description and articulation of the whole problem and the whole solution, all in one beautiful book‘…the book of life…[which will introduce] a new heaven and a new earth…[and] wipe every tear from…[our] eyes.’ as it says in the Bible (Rev. 20:12, 21:1, 4) and finally bring peace to the planet. We have our website and soon we’ll have WTM Centres all over the world!

That’s really all I wanted to say and to tell you how special it is to have your involvement and participation Olof and I just can’t encourage you enough. Also, to other people out thereget involved become a member, get into these webinars, send in your questions, let’s go, let’s do it! It’s on and you don’t want to miss out!


Olof: Okay, thank you Annie, it was nice talking to you, and Tony too.


Part 9 Conclusion, Dancing in the Street!

Jeremy: That was spellbinding. That was just beautiful. So full of the new world. That was just beautiful from the three of you, just lovely. It was a privilege, Olof, to meet you and to hear your sincere voice and feelings coming through. As Annie said, we can only encourage you and we just wish that we could all be linked up, it’ll come soon and then we can help each other because it is a lonely journey, especially at this pioneering stage. Your courage, and Jonathan’s too, being on your own and everything you’ve done, it’s very difficult out there, it’s very lonely knowing about this. People are so intuitive, when you start talking about the human condition, even from a remote distance they intuitively know where you’re going and don’t want to engage. You say ‘look, this is safe, and it’s really wonderful’. But people are rightly sceptical so it’s very hard to get this going and it takes great courage and you and Jonathan have exhibited extraordinary courage because, as Annie said, we’ve had the benefit of each other and this wonderful group of people and each week we’re having FREEDOM study groups and Transformation meetings. It’d be wonderful if we could get centres going over there. We’ve got people from Denmark, and others from Sweden and maybe we could get a centre going there. It’d be good if we can figure out a way with this technology today to get everybody to share this new world which is going to be so exciting. I’m just gobsmacked with what Annie said and how beautifully she said it, and Tony Miall, it was just lovely. I haven’t got anything to add to that, just the biggest hugs in the world to you Olof.

We’ll be launching FREEDOM next year and hopefully we’ll be able to get it out there and get more and more people involved. And hopefully word of mouth will start spreading about these webinars and more and more people will join in. You better jump on one of your Viking vessels and come out and visit us Olof! We’d love to see you.

What I’d like to do is I’d like to play Dancing In The Street by Martha & the Vandellas! This is some really good music and really it’s an anthem to the new world. I did this once before, I played Jerry Lee Lewis and got Neil Duns up here, because Neil can dance like you wouldn’t believe and that got us all a bit embarrassed! Neil’s about six foot, eight inches but gosh, he can dance [footage of Neil and Jeremy dancing!].

So to end this webinar and to wish everyone out there who is listening all the love in the world, I just want to listen to the words of Dancing In The Street and we’ll sign off with that. Thank you very much everyone, especially those who’ve participated by coming on camera and we’ll let you know shortly when the next webinar is.

So here’s Martha & the Vandellas, Dancing In The Street, which is going to be happening the whole world over!


Calling out around the world / Are you ready for a brand new beat? / Summer’s here and the time is right / For dancing in the street / They’re dancing in Chicago / Down in New Orleans / In New York City


All we need is music, sweet music / There’ll be music everywhere / There’ll be swinging and swaying and records playing / Dancing in the street. / Oh, it doesn’t matter what you wear / Just as long as you are there / So come on, every guy, grab a girl / Everywhere around the world / They’ll be dancing / They’re dancing in the street


It’s an invitation across the nation / A chance for folks to meet / There’ll be laughing, singing, and music swinging / Dancing in the street / Philadelphia, P.A. / Baltimore and D.C. now/ Can’t forget the Motor City.


All we need is music, sweet music / There’ll be music everywhere / There’ll be swinging and swaying and records playing / Dancing in the street. / Oh, it doesn’t matter what you wear / Just as long as you are there / So come on, every guy, grab a girl / Everywhere around the world / They’re dancing / They’re dancing in the street


Way down in L.A. ev’ry day / They’re dancing in the street / Let’s form a big, strong line, get in time / We’re dancing in the street / Across the ocean blue, me and you / We’re dancing in the street


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

You can also watch Jeremy Griffith present the breakthrough redeeming explanation of the human condition in THE Interview; for a fuller explanation read chapter 3 of FREEDOM; and for a summary presentation of the key ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation watch Video/​F. Essay 3.


And as always, we encourage you to get involved and become a WTM member to help transform the worldbecause at last we really can!



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