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This is Freedom Essay 5


The transformation of the human race!!


By Tony Gowing, 2018


This video is about excitementthe pure excitement that comes with the arrival of the long dreamed-of resolution of our species’ psychologically troubled ‘human condition’.

And it’s important not to confuse the new, transformed world that this biological explanation makes possible with any of humanity’s false starts to a happy and loving world, like that offered by the ‘new age’ or ‘peace’ movements, or even religionbecause this new world is the real thing: a transformed world based on finally being able to actually understand and, by so doing, actually heal our species’ psychologically troubled condition.

So, we urge you to watch WTM member Tony Gowing’s description of the transformation of the human race that is now possible, and following that, invite you to celebrate humanity’s freedom with the WTM’s band, The Denialators, as they perform their songs The Door’s Wide Open and Let’s Go!:


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The Denialators singing his song Let’s Go!

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The Transcripts of these videos


Tony’s presentation on the transformation of the human race


Having, I’m assuming, now watched Jeremy Griffith’s redeeming explanation of our human condition [see Video/​F. Essay 3], I want to emphasise that it doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of life you currently leadhaving the explanation of the human condition will completely transform your life into the most wonderful existence imaginable.

I know that in this series we have been talking about ‘coming out of caves’, ‘living in sunshine’, ‘the meaning of life’ and the like, but this transformation isn’t weird or ‘new age’ or politically correct or a religious faithit isn’t based on dogmait’s based on understanding. And that’s why this movement will finally sweep the world and succeed where all movements before it have failed. Those other movements were basically nothing more than stop gaps, in the case of religion, or desperate delusion-based false starts to a human-condition-free new world, in the case of all the others [see Video/​F. Essay 14 and F. Essays 34, 35 & 36]. But this movement is the real thingoffering a transformed world based on finally being able to understand and actually heal our psychologically troubled human condition. This transformation is all quietly driven by simple, rational, biological logic. So the way to transform your life is to simply follow the unfailing logic presented in Jeremy Griffith’s books and videos on the WTM website. [You can start to learn more about how everyone’s lives can now be immediately transformed in F. Essay 15.]

Understanding the human condition gives you the ability for the first time ever to understand every aspect of human behaviour in yourself and in everyone else with 100% clarity and confidence. The understanding will change how you view humans, and most importantly yourself, literally overnightand your behaviour will change naturally as a result, and just as quickly. There is the initial stunned ‘deaf effect’ that trying to read about the human condition can initially cause, but once you get through that stage, in no time at all the understanding changes EVERYTHING. [The problem of the ‘deaf effect’ and how to overcome it is addressed in Video/​F. Essay 11.]

This is a great little story to help illustrate how understanding completely transforms our situation.

Imagine you’re standing on a crowded bus in the middle of peak hour and the person next to you has bad breath and you’re hot and exhausted and frustrated and you just need to get home. And from somewhere behind you, you start to feel something whacking you on the leg. This goes on and on, and with each whack you get more angry. In fact, after a while you’re absolutely furious and so suddenly decide to turn around and throttle the bastard who’s doing it. But when you turn around, you realise it’s an old blind woman knocking you with her cane by mistake as she tries to get her bearings. Well, the effect of this discovery is that it instantly and completely changes the way you feel. Finally able to understand the situation, all the fury abates and relief and calm floods through you. You don’t feel like a victim anymore. The whole situation has been turned around by being able to understand it.

And it is like that, but on a much, much bigger scale when you understand the human condition.

Humans have been hideous victims of the human conditionhaving to live horrifically unfairly condemned. We had to suffer self-corruption to find understanding, but with understanding found we are no longer victims of the situation. We don’t have to be ashamed. We don’t have to shake our fists at the heavens anymore and prove to everyone and everything that they have been wrong about us. First-principle science has proven that we are worthwhile; that we are gloriously heroic beings. It had to be the way it’s beenthere was no other waybut it’s all over now. The relief of finally being able to understand floods through our whole being; the anger and frustration dissipates; all the bullshit, falseness and lies end. We can finally love ourselves and participate in the world instead of constantly fighting it. No longer preoccupied with proving our self-worth, we will finally have the room in ourselves to properly help others; to selflessly participate in stopping the suffering everywhere we look. And literally everyone will do this.

Really, the transformation of the world is already a fait accompli, a certaintysure, it will take a little time to get started, but what will win the day is logic. Humans are thinking, rational beings so when all the logic points in one direction then there is really no choice but for every single human to take that path, and eventually they will. It will be slow for a start because humans hate and resist change, but nonetheless change does happen when an idea’s time has come. As author Victor Hugo famously said, ‘An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come’ (Histoire d’un crime, 1852). And with all the crises and suffering and mental agony in the world now, this idea’s time has most certainly come! So, as more and more people catch on to this logical, rational, fully accountable explanation of the human condition, the transformation will begin to sweep the world. When the word gets out about this awesome breakthrough there’s going to be an absolute stampedeit’s going to be on for young and old!

Solving the human condition has been so critically importantthe fact is that without this explanation the world would continue to spiral to complete and utter destruction, not from environmental devastation or wars as is portrayed in all the apocalyptic movies, but from terminal psychosis, unbearable separation or alienation from our true self or soul [see F. Essay 55: Endgame for the human race].

The key thing to remember is that it is our job from here on to get that necessary truth up and then move on from it; acknowledge the past, then put it all behind us and focus on building a whole new human-condition-free world.

And I’m telling you, really and truly, that after the initial shock of exposure, the overwhelming effect that this great transition will be known for is excitement. When you cotton on to this, I guarantee you will be jumping out of your skin with excitement, just can’t-stop-dancing excitement. Honestly, this is all so freeing of your lifein fact, so relieving of any and every situationthe excitement is nearly too much to bear!

This fabulous breakthrough will transport you and everyone else to a completely wonderful new existence. We aren’t bad, we are wonderful beings, we are glorious. There is a happy ending, there is a get-out-of-jail-free card herelove is all around, boom crash bam wham, the human condition is overLet’s Go!!


Celebrate humanity’s freedom from the human condition with the WTM’s band, The Denialators

(Lyrics to The Door’s Wide Open and Let’s Go! are by WTM member Tony Gowing,
music is by WTM member Peter Storey, and the celebration was recorded at a
1960s-themed WTM party in Sydney in December 2010. This introduction
by WTM member Brony FitzGerald was recorded in December 2016.)


Wow, that was wonderful! [Referring to Tony’s presentation above.] At this point we at the World Transformation Movement (WTM) thought it would be good to include the following footage of WTM member Tony Gowing (who wrote and presented the previous video) dressed up as John Lennon singing, with our WTM band, The Denialators, two songs he wrote the lyrics to, titled The Door’s Wide Open and Let’s Go!, about the coming awesome celebration for you and everyone else on planet Earth!


The Door’s Wide Open


How sweet is the morning / After such a long night / The relief drains my body / With this awesome spreading of light / The shadows are lifting / The horizon is clear / I want to scream to the heavens / A new time is here



The door’s wide open / Understanding is the key / The door’s wide open / Understanding is the key / We’ve been so dead, dead, dead / But now we’re FREE, FREE, FREE


The sun has now risen / It is strong bright and clear / I know the whole story / I’ve got nothing to fear / The shit’s been unravelled / The battle’s been won / It’s all been made sense of / The new time has begun


Chorus repeated


But the battle’s still raging / People don’t know / It’s gone on so long / It’s hard to let go / But the door IS wide open / And the future IS clear / The party starts NOW / We’re gonna blast out of here


Chorus repeated with emphasis

The door’s wide open / Understanding is the key / We’ve been so dead, dead, dead / But now we’re FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE / We’ve been so dead, dead, dead / But now we’re FREE, FREE, FREE.


Let’s Go!


It’s here it’s now for you and me / I’m ready to rock and I feel so free / My veins are pumping, this is it / Unbelievable, Holy Shit, C’MON!


It’s over I’m gone, I’m through the door / Good and evil aren’t at odds anymore / It’s all explained, they’re reconciled / Tell every adult and every child, C’MON!



Let’s go, let’s go, scream and shout / We humans now know what we’re all about / Let’s go, let’s go, we’ve broken through / Our lives have meaning, and we all know what to do


Science with soul has delivered the truth / Dignified our journey and given us proof / So start asking questions in the answers you’ll see / How awesome the world ishow now it can be, C’MON


The deserts are flooding the skies are all clear / The oceans are calm and the animals cheer / I want to just live it, just breath it all in / The new world is here now let’s just let it begin


Chorus repeated


Liberate, Liberate, Liberation / Liberate, Liberate, Liberation

Liberate, Liberate, Liberation / Liberate, Liberate, Liberation


So join liberation, leave darkness behind / The all-radiant truth will enlighten your mind / Live in the moment for the future we see / The human condition is solvedwe’re all freeYEAH!


Chorus repeated with emphasis

Let’s go, let’s go, scream and shout / We humans now know what we’re all about / Let’s go, let’s go, we’ve broken through / Our lives have meaning, and we all know what to do. C’MON!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As mentioned, we recommend you read F. Essay 15 which explains how everyone’s lives can now be immediately transformed, and there are also ‘The 4 key Transformation presentations’ on the WTM’s Transformation Page which provide a step-by-step description of the transformation process. We also recommend Part 3 of Transform Your Life And Save The World, or chapter 9 of FREEDOM for further reading on the transformation made possible by the explanation of the human condition.


Discussion or comment on this essay is welcomedsee below.




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  • Brad on July 12, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    It all sounds so wonderful… i just hope it’s not too late.

  • Matt on August 9, 2017 at 11:28 am

    This is an important video with an important message. In California, everyone talks of personal transformation, but it is total BS! This is putting forward an argument that it hasnt been legitimate before, but with the human condition solved, it now is. That makes this very different and worth a look.

  • Stefan van den Hout on October 4, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Share together and save the world.

  • Juliane Paul on November 1, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    I’m happy to be here.
    Thank you very much

  • Paulo on November 15, 2017 at 7:19 pm


  • melody Donovan on November 22, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Greetings to all my new brothers and sisters of kindred spirit.
    I have just finished reading Jeremeys book and it clarified so many angles for me, for one how to put my spiritual or inner enlightened understanding into another way to testify it to the human mind of understanding.
    You see I came to this wisdom via my own childhood, and eventually due to the ability to be able to see my own horror suffering self to a humbling sense that I was a very lost and hurt child all alone in the world.
    I saw this in me and in the lives of every single human being, as if we were so blinded and so deaf in our ignorance that we wobbled along doing exactly what we liked and that most of the time we were horribly confused through it all.
    At age 40 I felt like throwing in the towel, knew that I had walked through the desert for 40 years with the ignorant mind I had and no matter how good my heart was along the way it was getting bumped by my own wrongdoings. So life was in effect dry and dusty and I needed a parent.
    My natural life parents had been both broken hearted in hurting each other and then ignoring me in the process. Jeremy my journey is as you say, I became a rebellious teenager and a resigned human and that was up until I turned 40.
    One day I screamed out to God to be heard, I challenged him with all the narcissism I could muster and I blamed him for saying he loved me but was nowhere to be see.
    Is it not so true the words, seek and ye shall find, seek first the kingdom of God and all else will be given unto you?
    That day all I wanted was a parent, a little bit of loving guidance that would set me free and it came.
    I have written a book myself about it because it was an urging love in me to tell people, look at me, just like you all I have had the trials and tribulations even though they appear different but I found a little me here, a small unloved child just like you and you and you.
    What took place that day alone in my bedroom and then in my life thereafter is a magnificent gift that lives in me as a truth and never leaves me. Its an unexplained spirit of love firstly for me in forgiveness and in upliftment and which has shown me that from then on change was mine.
    I found myself fully accountable for all my actions and took myself to task for them too. Did I fall by the wayside back into my old man mind ways? Yes of course I did and I do and will probably always fall but the great thing is that each time I do I have an inner loving judgement urging me to apologise or admit I was wrong.
    The one part of me nowadays is the surging love and sadness that I do have in my heart. I feel the pain of every mother that loses a child even though I have never been through that and I feel the joy and the fear too of every child born because I know that this struggle of the human condition in us all looms dark and heavy in each and every person and its a personal d…evil in our minds. Will we ever even with true understanding and wisdom and knowing all things about ourselves be able to draw golden swords of truth and love and defeat that in ourselves.
    That in my lifetime will not be but I insist that the fight is ours and that with the love many of us know that is ours and the recognition of our own heart core of goodness we will continue to fight the darkness and bring about a glorious new world….One promised us in the book of Revelations.

    • Susy on November 24, 2017 at 4:33 pm

      Living without understanding of ourselves has been a living hell Melody, exactly as you say ‘blind’, ‘deaf’ and like we walk through ‘a desert’. And yes, the world is absolutely full of ‘small unloved children’ in adult bodies and ‘this struggle with the human condition in us all looms dark and heavy’ . What is so incredibly significant about Jeremy’s breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition is that it finally makes sense of this great struggle. We can finally logically understand why the struggle started in the first place, we can understand the source of the ‘evil in our minds’ — and from there humanity can at last truly psychologically heal. As Tony says above, “Understanding the human condition gives you the ability for the first time ever to understand every aspect of human behaviour in yourself and in everyone else with 100% clarity and confidence. The understanding will change how you view humans, and most importantly yourself, literally overnight — and your behaviour will change naturally as a result, and just as quickly.” What you discover more and more as you absorb Jeremy’s ideas Melody is that they will never disappoint you and in fact become the fully understanding and unconditionally loving parent humanity has always hoped and longed for. The ignorant ‘darkness’ has been slain and that ‘glorious new world’ of understanding that you have fought for has actually arrived! To quote from Freedom, para 1143, “This is how we ‘change and become like little children…[and] enter the [fabulous, happy, psychologically secure] kingdom of heaven'” Bible, Matt 18:3). With lots of love and encouragement on your journey.

  • Mala on November 23, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    I’m enjoying the journey so far but I’m wondering about some issues about the gap between the human condition and the human being. The condition in which you referred to as the human condition are contents of our own consciousness and we made it up. How we made it up and the learning mechanism that we used to create these conditions within ourselves is my question. Is understanding Jeremy’s biological theory good enough for true transformation. Is the conditions we stuck with or is it the mindset that creates these conditions is what we need to be free from. We can change the structure but if the function still operates in its conflict mode, i think the conditions will regenerate again. The function must change first cause it creates structure. It has to be a powerful insight that shakes all our belief systems about the way the world is and reawaken ourselves from the amnesia state we find ourselves struggling with to bring about a true transformation for human freedom. An insight which is not based on old knowledge of the past but based on clarity of a new perspective that is not attach or represent the duality of a body or mind approach. It has to be free.

    • Susy on November 24, 2017 at 5:05 pm

      To quote Freedom, para 47, “The agony of being unable to truthfully answer the fundamental question of why we are the way we are—divisively instead of cooperatively behaved—has been the particular burden of human life. It has been our species’ particular affliction or condition—our ‘human condition’.” That has meant that while we didn’t have understanding of ourselves, humans were stuck in a ‘mindset’ as you say Mala, that was fundamentally insecure in our sense of worth, are we good or bad? So if you solve the human condition, the source, you alleviate the need for the insecure mindset.
      It has to be a ‘powerful insight’ indeed Mala to bring any lasting change to ourselves and our planet and I think the more familiar you become with Jeremy Griffith’s ideas the more you will see just how truly insightful and penetrating they are. This is an amazing journey of discovery Mala. Humans have walked this Earth for a long time without the ‘manual to life’ and it has been incredibly destructive so there is a lot to absorb and adjust to when it arrives but the journey only gets more enjoyable and fantastic! I think you will find the following video helpful. To quote a part of it, ‘Some where, some time, some day, some one had to go upstream to the source of all the problems—address and solve the human condition—and someone has….Jeremy Griffith presents the breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition—and that explanation of our divisive and destructive lives is so redeeming and healing it ends the human condition forever’.

  • Azwitamisi on January 3, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    So amazing in my life

  • David Hopgood on February 24, 2018 at 9:46 am

    Since the promotional ideas from WTM have been appearing in my Facebook feed I’ve spent some time reading and listening to your ideas which I am sure that many find noble and liberating, and there is no doubt a major transformation is necessary to prevent the total destruction of our species that our elected leaders play lip service to while engaging more deeply in games of destruction.

    Unfortunately the intellect can only grasp so much and is therefore limited. The human mind is indeed like a computer so badly programmed that it barely functions as it should and instead it’s continually scheming to obtain temporary happiness by whatever means. The problems we have stem from enculturated beliefs, belief in an unverifiable God, belief in a democracy that is more charade in global terms. To understand the workings of politics, we should refer back to the old BBC TV series ‘Yes Minister’ in addition to all the leaks that prove modern politics are so farcical.

    We are governed by capitalism, an ideological game of ‘winner takes all’ while playing lip service to the truth of life. It works simply by taking something, converting it into what someone else wants and having them either buy it outright or to become a slave in order to possess the idea or thing which is not necessarily important for life. In the process, we have a huge increase in debt slavery, social inequity and environmental destruction.

    Not all minds can grasp these ideas especially when they are enslaved to a religion or other ideology and the only real way to understand this is through meditation which helps to clean the windows of the soul enabling truer vision. The modern capitalistic/democratic/religious ideal is centred around acquisition and even happiness is something that must be purchased in happiness and joy are inherent to the human condition that everyone possesses you suppresses for idealistic reasons or to put it simply, they have been brainwashed.

    Here I should mention that everyone needs a hero and the entertainment industry is full of imaginary heroes as is our carefully scripted history confirming the belief that modern humanity is a product of nature and we have no choice but to accept that we live in this materialistic quagmire that is such a nightmare to many. History certainly needs to be rewritten to reflect the truth and this has been my personal endeavour giving rise to perceptions about the nature of human existence in loose cord with WTM.

    As I said, the intellect is not capable of fully understanding without some deep meditation. In meditation one transcends body and mind which are servants of the soul and reconnects one with the nature of being human, an inclusive state recognising that we are part of life and must act in accord with life.

    A brief history lesson: some 14,000 years ago a gentleman who is commonly referred to as Shiva decoded the complete nature of being human implying that we humans are the most sophisticated lifeforms on this planet. We are biological organisms and you can say that we are a very sophisticated piece of technology yet down of us have ever read the operators manual.

    This operators manual was given by Shiva and integrated by seven extremely gifted individuals who traversed the world sharing this knowledge. Within India this knowledge and wisdom became known as Sanatana Dharma, a system of living in harmony with life where every individual had the freedom to achieve maximum happiness. Buddha took a more intellectual approach and simplified this ideology enabling more people to appreciate but it is Sanatana Dharma has made India such an enduring nation.

    Within Snantana Dharma or Buddhist Dharma there is a movement to be inclusive and accepting. With the rise of Islam, the Buddhists paid a heavy price and the sword of Islam chopped off many millions of Buddhist heads were as Sanatana Dharma was better able to defend itself and I think this is where the WTM needs to look for a deeper insight and to not be dissuaded by the anti-India, the anti-Hindu propaganda that features so commonly in the media and puffed up public opinion.

    Hinduism and Buddhism require no beliefs, they are step-by-step guides to greater understanding of the human condition and revealing the happiness that we can only find within ourselves.

  • Kenneth Higgs on March 8, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    Profound. A lot to take in immediately..a more laconic presentation may help me to grasp the significance, perhaps..
    Thank you

    • Tommy on March 13, 2018 at 1:57 pm

      Hi Kenneth, I agree this is such profound information and leads to such profound transformational changes individually and in the world as a whole. And yes it is an incredible amount to take in immediately. As I read in Freedom recently, ‘the immense change that this understanding brings cannot help but come as a very great shock’. This is actually a very simple idea but not having had understanding of the human condition for so long we do all have a deep fear of the whole subject. Jeremy’s articulation of the all-important and very real issue of the ‘deaf effect’ makes sense of why we struggle at first to hear much of, or any, discussion of the human condition, and our brains naturally and predictably grab onto that there must be something wrong with the content, like asking for simpler presentations or thinking it is badly edited. I think you would benefit enormously, as I did, the recommended links above on the Deaf Effect, such as essay 11, or there is an FAQ too, Essay 11 includes the quote from broadcaster Brian Carlton describing his process of illumination that you go on after you start to erode away the fear/ deaf effect. The video of Brian’s comment is well worth a look and I’ve posted that link below. With lots of encouragement Kenneth, this journey will not disappoint you!

      • Tommy on March 13, 2018 at 2:00 pm

        Or this Kenneth, is the same video of Brian Carlton on YouTube

  • JuanitaWheat on April 5, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Planetary Emancipation

    • RJ on April 6, 2018 at 11:47 am

      Yes this really is freedom, liberation for the whole planet Juanita I agree. I really enjoyed your exciting description of the transformation that is possible now Tony, thank you.

  • Tom Emmett on April 15, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Can’t come quickly enough! Far too many idiots out there, with no cop on. Far too many who only believe in me….. Far too many warmongers…… war, weapons, money, power. Etc etc

  • Roger on April 16, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    I agree Tom, the world is going crazy at a frightening pace, but remember that this information, this biological explanation gives us the capacity to be compassionate and understanding about a situation no-one wants to be in.
    I think you might enjoy the Freedom essay 55 ‘The Endgame for the Human Race’ … overall it’s refreshing to read such an honest and profound assessment of the human condition but there is plenty of disturbing realities we need to apply that compassionate understanding too … when you read Essay 55
    I think you’ll agree this explanation arrived just in the nick of time.

  • Maryl on June 3, 2018 at 5:40 am

    We are seemingly moving lightening speed

  • Sherali on June 7, 2018 at 3:00 am

    Our existence is for a very short passage of time so question arise why we are here where we will go after death 💀 who sent us the answer is to remember Him who has created us .the soul will never dies so how we can see our soul in this existence? Please clarify thanks

    • Susan on June 11, 2018 at 9:22 am

      Hi Sherali, Thank you for your interest in the WTM. Now that Jeremy Griffith has explained the human condition and our upset state is now defended, all religious metaphorical descriptions, parables and symbols—in fact, all mythology—can be safely explained and demystified. Jeremy explains that when we die, we don’t live on in a physical sense but we do live on in spirit, that each and every human life is extraordinarily significant and that their efforts on Earth, the real essence of their being, do carry on and endure. The spirit of humans lives on in each of us and is carried on in all subsequent generations. In regard to the important question of the meaning of life that is the subject of Freedom Essay 23. Our soul and it’s origin is the subject of Freedom Essay 21.

  • Gangadhar Sivaswamy on August 2, 2018 at 2:19 am

    Human condition was good in this world as we can see how our ancients lived peacefully loving nature and abiding its laws and the Indian sages have left for humanity enough details as to how live their lives without too much of desires and in harmony with other fellow-beings and living beings as a whole. Man has a tendency to bring under his control everything but he is limited by time and space and many other things invisible to him. There are ways to improve human condition but all that should start from one’s own individual self. God has not made this world for men to destroy it but to live happily with co-operation and understanding. Equality is Nature’s law and all gifts of nature are free for everyone including criminals. Can any of us live without air, water, fire, earth and space.? All these Nature gives us freely. We have to use them for our needs. Oxygen both from air and water and trees and plants inhale our exhaled carbon-dioxide – what a miracle taking place without our knowledge or consent. There are many such things -birth growth and death, world is a stage and we are all actors…
    Man-made laws cannot compete with nature’s laws or replace it though attempts are made by men to disrupt nature and they miserably fail, death puts an end to their voices and actions. There is order and regularity in nature, our own lives and lives of millions of birds, animals, other living beings on this planet. Education must be not for competition but for cooperation as it is stated in the Vedas. Science and technology did good for mankind but at the same time its materialistic ideas and ideals made man a monster instead of a wise sage-like person. What has happened, if we should go back to Sanatana Dharma the universal religion or way of life we have to get rid of greed, anger, desire for power and adopt good means fir good ends. Our Self is pure, that is our soul is part of the divine cosmic soul and it is the eternal Truth or Reality, nothing can alter this position. Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu is the ideal of Sanatana Dharma and that human condition is our goal.

    • RJ on August 4, 2018 at 12:36 pm

      Hi Gangadhar. Not being that familiar with the Vedas I found your comment interesting. I looked up the meaning of the Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu as you state as the ‘ideal’, and I found the definition ‘May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all’. I can see from what you have written that that is clearly what you are nobly striving for in your life and that we need to rid all greed, anger, desire for power from the Earth and the destruction of nature and to live happily with peace and cooperation. However, from digesting this understanding of the human condition for some time now, the questions that come to mind are, but how did we become so greedy, angry and destructive in the first place? Why are we so upset when the ideals of life (as so beautifully stated in the Sanatana Dharma) are to be cooperative and loving and peaceful? Being unable to answer these fundamental questions has been our species particular affliction or human condition and we have suffered with this for 2 million years, with nothing fundamentally being able to change it in that whole time. This is the extraordinary significance of Jeremy Griffith’s work Gangadhar because he has solved that fundamental issue, he has actually explained and solved the human condition, why we are good when for all appearances we seem to be so evil. This understanding explains that we did once live in a cooperative and loving state, our soul is pure as you say, and explains why we left that state, seemingly left the beautifully ordering laws of nature again as you say – and explains that humans have been on an extraordinary journey to find self-knowledge and it has been very necessary but also extremely corrupting. And now that that fundamental understanding of our shared human nature has arrived it changes everything. We can finally and truly all be free from the human condition, and legitimately all return to a harmonious and peaceful and cooperative existence. It’s the transformation of our whole species and planet as this essay above talks about. Everything you have hoped and strived for is actually gloriously fulfilled Gangadhar!

  • Harvey on December 3, 2018 at 3:46 am

    Let’s Go!

  • Joseph on January 7, 2019 at 4:50 am

    This is a great essay/video/description of the transformation of the human race. I feel the transformation within, working, reconciling. I can vouch for everything Tony has beautifully described here. This information, this essay and others, the whole incredible work of Jeremy Griffith not only explains life lived under the duress of our human condition but as the title here states actually transforms one self at a time from being confused about the condition of the world and ones state of being in it to a process of freedom from that confusion with understanding and the truth of our condition compassionately revealed. The realisation that the journey has been and is now more-so with the human condition understood so worthwhile is tremendously exciting and relieving. So yes cotton on, let’s go, read on, transform, re-read, transform, participate, transform!! Thank you Tony :)

  • John tembo on January 9, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Hi, when I stated this program I disedyd what to do in my life ,so this video which am reading now is good and very interesting to me and am happy no ham

  • Dave Jenkinson on February 16, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    I note with interest the quote “some one, somewhere, sometime had to go upstream and get to the root of the problem and now someone has…Jeremy Griffiths”. I hope you don’t mind my pointing this out guys but thats exactly what Jesus did 2000 years ago, only like you point in your “deaf effect” analogy, the deaf effect in biblical times was a thousand times worse. Nobody could hear Jesus back then and even now 2000 years later its still touch and go. but its still true that a Light entered the darkness when he was here. if it weren’t for Jesus, books like jeremy griffiths book would not have been written because we would still be in the dark ages. so credit where credit is due. jeremy’s book may be the breakthrough in human understanding that helps along the way. but please don’t ascribe to the author a saviourship that isn’t his. that title will always and quiet rightly sit with Master Jesus of Nazareth. and before you reply that the bible is not sufficient, let me inform you that Jesus has sent us a book called “a course in Miracles” and this book is the definitive work available in the world today on the subject of salvation. and thank you for your continued efforts in this matter of great significance.

    • Nomad on February 16, 2019 at 5:38 pm

      I have read in-depth all of Jeremy’s work, and I know he considers the Bible to be a repository of extremely rare denial-free truth, containing all the truth about human life albeit from a pre-science view, and Christ as one of the greatest prophets that humanity has known. The big difference is that without science religions could only manage our upset and give us comfort, but the human condition could not actually be solved. In one of his essays Jeremy credits science as being the liberator or ‘saviour’ of humanity as it is science that has enabled us to understand the human condition. Solving it required finding the clarifying difference between the way the intellect and instincts work, and that is the great breakthrough that Jeremy has found and which he presents in the third essay. This information really does represent a huge demystification of our world but there is great respect given to those who prefer to live through their faith.

  • Frank on February 17, 2019 at 10:35 pm

    This is just such a marvelous video. Tony’s body just emanates such authentic relief and enthusiasm, such Freedom from the Human Condition. Freedom from all the hurts and pains, bewilderment and confusion that so characterise the Human Condition. By being able to verify that this explanation of the Human Condition indeed explains and solves everything about us troubled Human’s he is in effect able to move on from it. He is no longer prisoner to it! He has totally Transformed from his once afflicted Human Condition state to now being totally free from it.
    All made possible through Jeremy Griffiths exonerating, biologically truthful explanation of the Human Condition. An explanation grounded in scientific logic which addresses the root cause of our troubled at odds with the ideals Human behaviour and only through only understanding it are we able to free ourselves.
    I just can’t wait for this understanding to catch on now!

  • Marija Alicic on February 22, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    I like your way of thinking .I’m very logical person, nonjudgmental and always trying to understand others. Whay they reacted violently or so angry for something that is very easy to fixed. There are so many people with mental illness. Do you think they can participate in World Transformation? How many years we will need to transform whole world? Will we be able to see that or will be gone long before that happens? Your devoted follower!

    • Mon on February 23, 2019 at 1:49 pm

      Hi Marija, yes, psychological upset was the price we humans had to pay during our heroic search for knowledge! This information certainly is for every human and as more people take up the Transformation now possible, the easier it will be for everyone in all our varying degrees of upset, although in the meantime those with challenging personal situations do need to heed the warnings about over-exposure described in FAQ 1.18. This new world for humans will have a slow beginning, because we initially find it difficult taking in or ‘hearing’ discussion about the human conditionbut the freedom, excitement and selfless love these understandings generate will eventually spread like wildfire—as Teilhard de Chardin wrote, ‘The Truth has to only appear once…for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze’. You may like to have a look at chap 9.9 of FREEDOM which explains how the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living will quickly repair the world:

  • Ron Simonton on April 19, 2019 at 11:52 pm

    Just discovered WTM, viewed 1-4 videos & with great expectation, will continue thru to complete transformation. Thank you for your diligent work.

  • Pat dodd on July 18, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    Starting to feeling hopeful fot my grandchildren

  • Edgar Serrano on July 19, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Absolutely interesting. Thank you very much!!
    Greetings from the University of Padua, Italy.
    Dr. Edgar J. Serrano

  • ircountry on July 20, 2019 at 12:58 am

    Need more info on how to get involved and directly help spread the need for the Transformation. What is the battle plan for spreading the word?

    • Susan Susan on July 20, 2019 at 3:38 pm

      It’s wonderful to have your support ircountry! There’s a great overview of how to get more involved in the WTM on the Transformation Page of our website here: Growing a community of support and fellowship for this immensely important and incredibly exciting breakthrough in understanding is our number one objective and membership provides the perfect platform for that. Becoming a member is simply a matter of filling in the application form on our website and paying a one-off joining fee of AUD$1 here: Also in case there is one in your country, there are many WTM Centres around the world now which you can also find on the Transformation page of our website.

  • michael desi on August 9, 2019 at 9:29 pm

    OUR human condition. is needed for us to survive as a species.

  • Eric on August 10, 2019 at 7:59 am

    Tony’s analogy of the blind lady on the bus is so revealing because you can apply pseudo solutions to this scenario and see how inadequate they are. Imagine focusing on your breathing and going into a meditative state but never turning around to see and understand what is bothering you. You might get some relief while meditating but as soon as you stop you will be as pissed off as you ever were.

    • Annemieke on January 5, 2020 at 10:31 pm

      Thank you, Tony and Eric! Meeting many people who are always trying things (meditation, yoga, diet, supplements, ‘spiritual’ literature, and what not) to ‘feel better’ and having been there myself for decades before encountering Jeremy Griffith’s work and the WTM which made all of that totally obsolete, I have been looking for a little story to make perfectly clear what the difference is between ‘doing things that make one feel better’ and reading/watching the writings/Freedom Essays videos on the understanding of the human condition as put forward and presented by Jeremy Griffith, as it is in understanding this understanding that results in one feeling better for the rest of one’s life! Together the both of you nailed it!

  • Helen on August 22, 2019 at 3:46 am

    I have listened to several videos now and I’m so delighted with this movement. I’m sure many others have had experiences like I did as a teenager… being dismissed for voicing some of these ideas and considered nieve and idealistic about the possible goodness of the people in the world…. those feelings were true……. the universal knowledge of belief in our goodness and the power to use it, including healing ourselves in many other ways too. This is such a relief and positive move for the future….. we can be the change we want to see all around us ….
    Rock on 🤘

  • Lyndon Lowe on October 31, 2019 at 12:32 am

    I hope this movement can have change on our world. I see that the majority of humans are kind, loving, compassionate, sometimes selfless, and have evolved to understand our corrupted society must change. The 1%of our population control 99%ofthe worlds money which in turn narrates the over monitored and over policed societies we live in. This 1% dictates the boundaries we are governed by and its really not in their interest to have peace, unity, harmony and a society governed by love and understanding. Think of all the money and control they would loose. Their agenda is divide, conquer, dominate by force and destroy anyone who goes against them or speaks out. I yearn for the day humans unite to a heightened state of consciousness where love can guide us on the right path for an advancement in human evolution. This movement is a game changer however I must read more of Jeremy’s books as it takes a while for me to absorb and I am really enjoying this educated information. My question is with this knowledge how and where do we start???.
    Thankyou everyone at WTM for this enlightening information and I hope it makes our World a better place.

    • Susan Susan on October 31, 2019 at 2:32 pm

      It’s wonderful to have your interest and support in the work of the WTM Lyndon. You are absolutely right that the explanation of the human condition takes a while to absorb, and the more you do absorb it, the more you realise just how all-redeeming, all-reconciling, all-liberating it is.
      The human condition is something we have all unavoidably suffered from since consciousness emerged some two million years ago, and it will become more and more clear that that is what really has to be addressed and fixed if we are to solve the world’s problems. What makes this information the real ‘game changer’ is that it compassionately reveals there has been an incredibly profound and heroic reason why we act to ‘divide, conquer and dominate’, why we are so selfish and preoccupied. The eternal battle for humans has been to validate ourselves, establish once and for all that we are fundamentally good and not bad, and it’s that deepest and most important of all battles that has finally been won. Solving the human condition solves all the confusion, frustration and suffering in human life at its source.
      This psychosis-addressing-and-solving, real explanation of the human condition really can stop the destruction of our world and the disintegration of society that is happening everywhere we look Lyndon, and it will finally bring about the peaceful and loving world you and we all so deeply yearn for.
      As FREEDOM says, “our species’ transformation is being achieved through what is ultimately the only real and lasting and fundamentally responsible way it could be—through satisfying our conscious thinking mind with first-principle-based, biological understanding of why humans are wholly worthwhile and meaningful beings.” (par. 1178)

  • Ernesto O. Hoffmann on December 1, 2019 at 8:50 am

    The enthusiasm of the WTM group is contagious, but I think some comments surpass the reality of human indolence. There is talk of the triumph of the intellect over the human condition, but it seems to me that it is not a fulfilled reality, but it is an awakening that we must not let it die. The society in which we live is a society shaped by possibilities, pretensions, lies, violence, greed and other activities, necessary in the past in order to survive and ´procreate. Humanity is waking up, it is in the period of phylogeny adolescence. We must press for that awakening not to die with the spread of more desires, illusions or news without a real and specific basis. Humanity has reached this false reality in several millennia of years, but with the help of technology and the increase of human intelligence, and honesty, it is possible to straighten its wrong orientation in less time.

    • RJ on December 4, 2019 at 6:07 pm

      The amazing thing is Ernesto that the more you look into this info, the more you realise just how much it makes sense of and fulfills. In my mind the logic and rationale of this profound info fulfills the whole journey of conscious thought no less and the enthusiasm that it produces is completely legitimate. Jeremy explains that the human condition was caused by a clash between our instinctive and intellectual selves and is what produced our upset state full of ‘pretensions, lies, violence, greed’. Now with biological understanding these 2 factions within us are reconciled, and the source of our upset is explained and solved, so the implications are really as far as the eye can see! What makes the difference is not the help of technology and the increase of human intelligence, and honesty, but actual understanding of our psychologically troubled state. Jeremy has a phrase that ‘humanity had to understand their way to freedom’ and I love that because it’s so true, anything less just was not going to cut it.

  • John mays on January 15, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    I would say that a lot of people would have to go to re Hab first to come out their addictions caused by trying to run away from life .

  • Trevor Morris on February 6, 2020 at 1:20 pm

    Ok, Here is my comment….this isn’t new to me, I had the great good fortune to find a book called “Psyco-cybernetics”, by Maxwell Maltz….when I was 16…. been wondering why humanity was as screwed up as it is, and why is our history so muddled and obscure….huh??!! Anyway,thank you Jeremy and the folks that are waking up…..just a fun acronym “EGO”….entity given ownership….all we have to do is “accept” the responsibility….just as in Eden….just a matter of choice….Namaste, Trevor of the Morris clan.

    • Lizzy on February 7, 2020 at 10:04 am

      There’s heaps of self-help books and ways to help us with the human condition Trevor and I’ve read and used many too, but this is not one of those. By explaining the conflict between our instincts and intellect Jeremy Griffith has solved the human condition, brought an explanation to why, for example, we are so egocentric. So it’s no longer a matter of choice or responsibility to manage our ego but through understanding it, our selfishness and egocentricity can come to an end. I’m pretty new to this but that’s what stands out by a mile to me, this is so different to, and more significant than, anything else out there. I love this line in Freedom: our species’ transformation is being achieved through what is ultimately the only real and lasting and fundamentally responsible way it could be—through satisfying our conscious thinking mind with first-principle-based, biological understanding of why humans are wholly worthwhile and meaningful beings.

  • Deepak Bhatt on May 7, 2020 at 11:49 am

    While reading Essay 5, I have chat with WTM Team. Essay 5 also contains 1. The Doors’ Wide Open & 2. Let’s Go lyrics with WTM Band video. I suggest to make Jingles for K.G. going children & Stories like “Blind Woman in Crowded Bus” for School students to cultivate virtues of Humanity. Thanks to Jeremy Griffith,Tony Gowing & WTM Team.

  • Hameed on July 1, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    This exposition by Tony Gowing is explicit, covering the essential and relevant points to the understanding of human condition, which would lead to the transformation of the whole world. The description of his transformation experience in such a vivid practical way will encourage aspirant like me to follow his advice and transform my life.
    I do not think it is too late for an octogenarian like me to transform my life to safe the world.
    Well done Tony.