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**** NEWS FLASH ****


The truly wonderful August 2019
Global Transformation Meeting!!


The World Transformation Movement’s global network of WTM Centres regularly get together to discuss the new human-condition-free world and help each other with their, and the world’s, transformation. We invite you to watch the highlights and/or all of the wonderfully exciting August 2019 Global Transformation Meeting featuring Centre founders and members from every corner of the globe!


Watch the highlights of the August meeting below:


Make and see comments here


Or you can watch all of the August meeting here.


You can also watch highlights from previous meetings here, and if you want to share in all the excitement and fellowship of this fabulous new world community, contact us.


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  • Patty on September 18, 2019 at 12:59 am

    What kind of group is this?
    Is it Christian?
    I know world transformation Movement is the name, but what does it mean?

    • Susan Susan on September 18, 2019 at 1:51 pm

      Thank you for your interest in the WTM Patty.
      The WTM is not a religion or mystical in any way. We are an organisation dedicated to transforming the individual, the human race and thus our world through bringing psychologically relieving biological understanding to the underlying problem in all human affairs of the human condition, humans’ extraordinary capacity for what has been referred to as ‘good and evil’.
      Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough instinct versus intellect explanation of the human condition is presented in Video/Freedom Essay 3, and which finally provides the biological understanding for why we are the way we are — divisively rather than cooperatively behaved. With the dark side of our nature truthfully explained and defended we can begin to heal ourselves and our planet bringing about a new, transformed world, free of suffering, for everyone.
      As the human condition deals with the subject of self, the subjective dimension to life, and is the realm of enquiry where religion and science, faith and reason finally overlap, naturally the terms ‘good and evil’ and religious references will be used, and through scientific explanation, finally demystified and reconciled. This explanation actually represents the end of faith and dogma and the beginning of knowing. FAQ 3.1 and 6.1 may be of further help.
      There is an extremely helpful overview of the best way to introduce yourself to our material on our website here, including watching Videos 1-4 & 14 of our Introductory Video Series.

  • Gebhardt on October 10, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    I want to start a center in Namibia