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**** NEWS FLASH ****


Two new cutting-edge essays by Jeremy Griffith
on the ‘Marketing’ of the world-saving
explanation of the human condition


World-leading biologist Jeremy Griffith has added two incredibly important new essays to the Freedom Essay series. These essays (F. Essays 59 & 60) explain, respectively, why the WTM website and its human-race-transforming content must NOT be toned down, and why those who can ‘hear’ this information have a critical responsibility to support it, not misappropriate its insights for themselvesas the drawings by Jeremy below depict!

You can access these essays straight away on the WTM homepage at, or by clicking on the links below:


Freedom Essay 59: Shouldn’t the WTM’s website be toned down, all the ‘hyperbole’ removed and the ‘congested’, ‘loud’ and ‘aggressive’ layout replaced with a gentler, more welcoming format?


Freedom Essay 60: The World-Destroying Crime Of ‘Ships At Sea’ ‘Pocketing The Win’.


‘Pocketing The Win’

WRONG response: ‘pocket the win’,
‘exploit its insights to make themselves
into an ‘old world’ operational winner’

Supporting the information

Drawings by Jeremy Griffith © 2018 Fedmex Pty Ltd

RIGHT response: ‘lead the way
in supporting this information’


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These essays were created in 2017-2019 by Jeremy Griffith, Damon Isherwood, Fiona
Cullen-Ward, Brony FitzGerald & Lee Jones of the Sydney WTM Centre. All filming and
editing of the videos was carried out by Sydney WTM members James Press & Tess Watson
during 2017-2019. Other members of the Sydney WTM Centre are responsible for the
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Please note, we encourage constructive discussion about this information and so reserve the right to moderate or decline posts that we feel are not relevant or inappropriate. In particular, with the subject of the human condition being so confronting, malice can easily occur, and where comments are deemed to be motivated not by objectivity but by malice, they will be declined. It has to be appreciated that the possibility of malice toward this subject matter is very real, and we have a responsibility to manage that as best we can.

  • Kent on May 13, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    Far from being toned down my argument has been that the message is too vague,not specific enough. If I want to transform the world what do I do? Where do I go? Buy Jeremy’s books? Then what? I have a lot of good books. I have heard most of his messages and concur I have tried to become a member of wtm none of my credit cards work. They work everyplace else. I thought you should know. You would probably have a larger membership if Canadian credit cards worked. I want you to know that I certainly have questions but am a supporter. I am solidly behind you in your goals to build a better society. When Jesus left us whom you quote so much he asked us to build Gods peacefull Kingdom on earth. I believe that’s what you are doing and support that whole heartedly. Count me in. I don’t know who or what God is. Therefor Jeremy s definition is probably superior to mine but I reserve the possibility that there might be more then that to Him which I believe we will realize when we get out of the cave. Realization is dawning like it never has before and we have Jeremy to thank for much of that
    [WTM Admin: We haven’t had any problems with other Canadian members paying their one-off joining fee of AUD$1, which is requested as a gesture of sincerity. To become a member please follow the guidelines at this link For any problems please contact the WTM directly]

    • Susan Susan on May 15, 2019 at 3:20 pm

      Hi Kent. Thank you for your interest in the WTM.
      A big part of the nature of the human condition is that humans have had to cope, until we could solve it, by living in denial of it and even though there is obviously a lot that has resonated with you for you to spend time looking into our work, it can take some time to see the full significance of its implications.
      What is so unique about Jeremy Griffith’s books is that they present the first-principle, rational, testable, scientific understanding of the human condition that finally makes sense of the great paradox of the human condition, how we humans are good when we appear to be the complete opposite, and it is this new knowledge that enables the transformation the world so desperately needs. As Jeremy explains in F. Essay 10 human behaviour has been driven by a deep insecurity about our fundamental goodness or worth and so now that our goodness is biologically established we no longer have to behave insecurely and selfishly and can legitimately return to a selfless way of living and this is the rapidly transforming effect of being able to understand the human condition. You can see this transformation process talked about in F. Essays 5 and 15, 32 and 33 the 4 key Transformation presentations and in the personal affirmations that follow those presentations on our Transformation page.
      Also I thought I would add that the human condition is the realm of inquiry where science and religion overlap, so naturally in explaining the human condition the terms ‘good and evil’ and religious references will be used, and through scientific explanation, finally demystified and reconciled.

  • Yoven Payendee on May 14, 2019 at 1:11 am

    fascinated i am,, it really explains my quests of answers

  • Aubrey on May 14, 2019 at 5:44 am

    I Love your work. This movement is imperative to help people be better, happier and healthier humans. Thankyou for you help and perseverance from my heart to all of yours I openly give my love.
    So be it.