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**** NEWS FLASH ****


The WTM Melbourne Centre is now holding
weekly ‘MeetUps’


With the growth of the Melbourne World Transformation Movement community, the WTM Melbourne Centre is now holding weekly ‘MeetUps’ for people who want to get together and talk about biologist Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough explanation of the human condition.


WTM Melbourne with WTM Sydney member Anna Fitzgerald in Melbourne, March 2019


It’s a wonderful, relaxed way to talk with, or simply listen to, others who are learning about these insights. With people at various levels of appreciation and understanding (and ranging from 16-70 years of age!), the meetings are informal; often we will begin by reading or watching some material from the WTM website (, which generally leads to a broad-ranging, open discussion.


Melbourne WTM Centre group with six people around table studying FREEDOM
Group of people around a table studying and discussing the explanations of the human condition

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There are no expectations, everyone can participate at whatever level they are comfortablethe most important thing is that there is a place to discuss the human condition and its resolution with other interested people. The human condition has been solved, so who wouldn’t want to talk about it!


WTM study group - social gathering in restaurant


Find out more about the Melbourne ‘MeetUps’


Learn more about the WTM Melbourne Centre


Contact Sam from the WTM Melbourne Centre


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