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Watch biologist Jeremy Griffith expose and
destroy the underpinning argument of
left-wing politics


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Freedom Essay 14: The false ‘savage instincts’ excuse leads to the extinction of humans has been recast as a powerful video.

In this critically important presentation, biologist Jeremy Griffith explains how the false ‘savage instincts’ excuse, which says humans’ selfish behaviour is a product of savage animal instincts within us, is used as the basis of the left-wing’s political philosophy that humanity must have ‘good’ or ‘correct’ rules of behaviour dogmatically imposed upon it. It’s been, he says, an extremely sinister and dangerous approach because it stifled the freedom of expression needed to search for knowledge, ultimately self-knowledge, the all-redeeming and transforming understanding of our good-and-evil-conflicted human condition.


This has to be the best analysis of the world situation of all time. It needs to go viral, and soon. Breathtaking!


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The video appears as Video 14 in the Introductory Series of videos at the top of our homepage at, and its transcript is provided in Video/​F. Essay 14.


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