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Jeremy’s article in The Spectator about bushfires has attracted great interest in Australia. On Wednesday 29 January, Jeremy was interviewed by Australia’s leading broadcaster Alan Jones on his top rating breakfast radio show on 2GB, during which Jones described Griffith’s Spectator article as ‘an outstanding piece…you’ve never heard that before ever’.

Listen to the radio interview here:



Read the transcript of the 2GB interview here.


Later that day Jeremy appeared on the Richo & Jones show on Sky News Australia. During the segment, Graham Richardson described Jeremy’s writing as ‘brilliantly written’, and Alan Jones again praised the clarity of Jeremy’s insights, saying, ‘you have written a brilliant piece’.

See the TV interview here:


Read the transcript of the Sky News Australia interview here.


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  • DuneRider4 on February 5, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    Alan and Richo certainly appreciated Jeremy’s integrity and freshness. It’s what allowed him to plumb the depths of the human condition and come up with the biological answers we so desperately needed as a species that finds itself hurtling towards destruction.
    My favourite passage from Alan: “You’re a star… Jeremy Griffith, telling the story that’s never been told..”. How true is that!

  • Melody on February 8, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Wow I am not living in Australia but was equally devastated at the horrific fires, damage and loss of life. I think it’s amazing to have someone like a Jeremy in our time who thinks about a root cause behind a problem.
    I like the smell of eucalyptus but thinking about them as the “gasoline tree” certainly says…control these trees worldwide.
    So grateful for new knowledge. Hearing such things teach all of us to think carefully about how to save our earth.