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This is Freedom Essay 16


WTM Centres are opening around the world!


This essay contains exciting news of the creation and expansion of the WTM’s global network with, firstly, the launch in February 2017 of WTM Centres in Austria, Zambia, and Melbourne; then the subsequent formation, in November 2017, of Centres in the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand; and most recently, in mid-2018, the creation of WTM Centres in Sweden and Brisbane, and on the USA’s East Coast!

These WTM Centres, including our original WTM Centre here in Sydney, provide people across the world with the wonderful opportunity to become transformed and free of the agony of the human conditionand share in all the excitement and fellowship of this fabulous new world community! To learn about these Centres and the people behind them watch their presentations and read the transcripts below. You can access each Centre’s website by clicking on their links in the following three paragraphs.


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Image of Fireworks and WTM Centres Opening Around The World!


The expansion of the WTM’s global network began in February 2017 with the dark night sky of our human-condition-stricken world lighting up with joy and excitement when the inaugural WTM global conference was held in Sydney and the first three Centres to be formed outside of our original WTM Centre here in Sydney were launched.

The presentations by those representing these new centresStefan Rössler from Austria (Europe); Franklin Mukakanga from Zambia (Africa); and Sam Akritidis from Melbourne (Australia)can be watched below:



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And since then, more new Centres have been created, with the launch in November 2017 of Centres in the United Kingdom by Roz Bachl; in New Zealand by Pete Sadler; and in South Africa by James Moffettand most recently, in mid-2018, the establishment of Centres in Sweden by Olof Österman; in Brisbane (Australia) by Aggie Seiler; and on the East Coast of the United States by Gerry St Onge!

Watch the videos below to learn more about these founders and their inspiration to establish WTM Centres!



This has changed the way I see people…​I can’t stress enough the importance of this…​It’s the truth, and this book [FREEDOM] has all the proof.


Meet Roz Bachl, founder of the United Kingdom WTM Centre:


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I was completely blown away by the undeniable truths Jeremy Griffith has given us all.


Meet Pete Sadler, founder of the New Zealand WTM Centre:


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Every person on this planet has got this extraordinary potential to do this, to get this information, to take it in and change the way we are; it’s extraordinary, it’s bloody mind-blowing.


Meet James Moffett, founder of the South African WTM Centre:


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This book actually ends the basic conflict that’s been oppressing human life and leaves us with an optimistic and free future where we can understand our place in the world to go forward with.


Meet Olof Österman, founder of the Swedish WTM Centre:


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As outrageous as it sounds, Jeremy Griffith has put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of trying to understand human nature, and he has cracked it!...​I just encourage you with all my heart to investigate this information for yourself.


Meet Aggie Seiler, founder of the Brisbane WTM Centre:


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I am absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to open up this Centre, to share this amazing information that I’ve discovered, that has changed my life, and I am convinced is the holy grail for the transformation of the human race on this planet.


Meet Gerry St Onge, founder of the USA East Coast WTM Centre:


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Read the transcripts of all these launch
presentations here.


Firstly, the Introduction by Genevieve Salter from the Sydney WTM Centre to the launch of the Austrian, Zambian and Melbourne Centres


Genevieve Salter speaking at the 2017 WTM Global Conference


Welcome everyone to the first global conference of the World Transformation Movement. My name is Genevieve Salter.

The exciting and wonderful purpose of this inaugural conference is to launch the first three WTM Centres outside of our original Centre here in Sydney, Australia.

So this is nothing less than the beginning of the beginning of a whole new transformed world for the human race. And what makes this new transformed world for humans possible is that humanity’s great, heroic journey of accumulating knowledge has finally led to the finding of the biological explanation of the human condition. This fabulous, dreamed-of, psychologically relieving and transforming explanation is presented in Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s 2016 book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.

As well as those here today, we have attending online Professor Harry Prosen from his home in Wisconsin in the US, Jeremy’s brother Simon Griffith (who’s presently travelling overseas), and other WTM members including members of the three new World Transformation Centres in Africa, Europe and Melbourne. So this is a wonderful gathering.

I might say that all that is required to start a WTM Centre is for someone who has gained an appreciation of this incredible liberating understanding of the human condition to begin sharing his or her interestand excitementwith their friends, and from there invite others to join their meetings [see WTM FAQ 3.6].

We will now hear from the representatives of these first three WTM Centres to be formed outside Sydney. They are Stefan Rössler from the recently formed WTM Centre in Austria in Europe; Franklin Mukakanga from the new WTM Centre in Zambia, Africa; and Sam Akritidis from the new WTM Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Just before I introduce Stefan I want to show you the cover of The Australian newspaper today, which shows some of the biggest floods we’ve experienced in Northern Australia. Well isn’t that so appropriate for the great tsunami of love that these understandings are going to produce on planet Earththe spring rains anticipated in the Bible that would one day come to water the Earth.


King George Twin Falls in Western Australia’s Kimberley region in full flood


Stefan Rössler from the Austrian WTM Centre


Genevieve’s introduction to Stefan:

So now I’d like to introduce Stefan Rössler, who is from Austria in Europe. Stefan has a Bachelor of Arts and Design degree, majoring in Usability and User Interface Design. As well as teaching in several universities in Austria in these subjects, Stefan is the co-founder of two businesses, one for consulting, and one in online services. So we can see that he is an extremely talented and accomplished young man.


Stefan Rossler speaking at the 2017 WTM Global Conference


Stefan’s speech:

Hi, my name is Stefan Rössler, I’m 31 years old and I’m from Austria.

About seven months ago I did a Google search for “Human Conditioning” because I just couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since I’ve read this term in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. And that’s how I came across the information Jeremy and the World Transformation Movement are promoting.

And honestly, when I first read Professor Prosen’s statement about FREEDOM and that it’s the book that saves the world, and when I saw an old man (Jeremy) standing on a cliff, I refused to even start playing the video that was on the homepage back then, because I decided that this is certainly not worth my time.

About two weeks later, while I was still searching the internet for answers, I found this article. I can’t really remember what exactly it was about, but when I was done reading it, I was completely blown away by its explaining power. I thought to myself, who the hell was writing this text, and when I noticed that I had landed on again, I realised that it must have been this old guy who was standing on the cliff. I kept reading more and more articles on this page and I started to understand that all these supposed articles were really parts of FREEDOMthe book that saves the world.

I was as sceptical as anyone could be, but everything I read just made so much sense. So I kept on reading and after about two more weeks, I had finished FREEDOM and watched many of the supporting videos on the homepage. I couldn’t believe itI had finally found what I was looking for all of my life. That is, an explanation for why everything in this world is so fucked up. But not just thatit was an explanation that defends us humans, which was so critical to me because I always knew that no one who has ever lived on this planet was really bad. And as it turns out, the reason for our seemingly bad behaviour was a psychological one. We’re not bad, but man, we’re all completely mad and we’re getting crazier and crazier by the minute. But now, with Jeremy’s explanation, we can finally understand why this wasand still ishappening to us. And best of all, we can stop it right now!

I didn’t understand all of this right away, but as soon as I had finished reading FREEDOM, I knew that I would one day fly to Sydney to visit Jeremy and the rest of the WTM. But at the same time I knew that this was more likely to be one of these childish fantasies which I sometimes have but usually don’t pursue. So what I did instead was to sign up on the website and become a member. Then I got an email from Tony Miallone of the WTM membersletting me know that I can always contact him if I have any questions. And as you can probably imagine, my head was full of questions and so I decided to get in contact and ask about how I could support all of this. Tony invited me to have a video call and said that we can talk about it if I wanted to. I was excited like a young boy and I couldn’t wait to get engaged in all of this. And as it turned out, I needed the next few months to apply the information to my personal situation and use its explaining power to finally make sense of my own life.

What I found was that while both of my parents really love me, they were having a constant battle because of memy mother always had to defend my idealistic “naive” view of the world over my father’s pragmatic, ‘wanting me to take over the farm’ view. I always knew that I was different and either everyone else was lying and odd or I was just completely crazy. I’d get called naive and people always told me that I’m a dreamer and that it’s about time for me to finally adjust to reality. But I refused to do that and instead I just decided to become a likeable and seemingly well-adjusted person. Then I decided to become very operational, which was pretty easy for me because I knew it wasn’t realit was just a game. It was a case of “faking it to make it”. But underneath the surface I was getting more and more desperate for answers and I needed to find a meaning in life. I tried one New Age philosophy after the other, and while it would sustain me for a short while, each and every solution was obviously flawed, and I always had to find the next one to keep me going for a little longer. I had reached desperation point and my search became really intense when I finally stumbled upon Jeremy’s explanation and the WTM.

Having said all of this, I want to let you know that I can empathise with everyone who starts understanding this information. Being able to finally make sense of yourself and the world around you is so overwhelming that you’re very likely to get paralysed and not know what to do with it. At least that’s what happened to meespecially after I had understood that really every one of us is living under the duress of the human condition. But it was exactly this time when I asked Monicaanother WTM member who helped me through this initial and sometimes confronting digestion phasethat I want to get more involved and help them with what they’re doing.

About two days later she shared an email with me from a 41-year old guy from Zambia called Franklin. Franklin had just finished reading FREEDOM himself and he wanted to get involved too. I can still remember Jeremy’s response to his email. He suggested Franklin comes to the Sydney WTM Centre and see for himself the work that the WTM is doing. When I read this, I knew that it was on! This was my call to action and I immediately wrote an email to Tony and Monica to let them know that I will come to Sydney too. I was overwhelmed by their response when they told me that it was okay to come and I couldn’t believe that all of this was actually happening. I was talking about all of this, the book and the WTM, with Gerald, my best friend at home, and I also talked about it with my girlfriend, my mum and many other people and everyone was totally supportive of me and my seemingly childish dream to fly to Sydney. Nothing could stop me now and so I did my best to coordinate everything at work and all the other things and now I’m here.

It hasn’t even been a week yet, but I can tell you that this is the most wonderful experience I have ever had in my life. Seeing the amazing transforming effects this understanding of the human condition has on people when they digest its significancehow it leads to an integrated, secure state, both within a person and between peopleis the ultimate proof that this new world Jeremy has been talking about for more than 40 years is really possible! And it’s the most precious experience someone like me could have ever hoped for.

For all of my life I refused to take pride in anything I did and so it’s for the first time ever that I can say that I’m proud of what I’m doing. What am I doing? I’m starting a WTM Centre in Austria with my best friend Gerald and our childhood friends and everyone else who wants to join usbecause we’ve all been excitedly talking about and digesting these understandings of the human condition amongst ourselves, and I am really just their representative in our group’s desire to set up a WTM Centre in Austria. And while this sounds like a big thing, all I’m really doing is talking about Jeremy’s explanations with my friends and family, because I LOVE THEM and for the first time in my life it’s possible for me to show them my love, because that’s how empowering and relieving this understanding of the human condition really is.

I never dared to even think about something like this, and I can totally understand everyone who thinks this is crazy, but I’m finally able to tell you with 100% clarity that this explanation of human nature is true. Jeremy Griffith has solved the human condition and by doing so we are now in a position to SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM ON EARTH. And not only can I know this with my heart, I can know it with my mind, because what Jeremy has to offer is an explanation and not an idea, or a theory or even a religion. No, this is true and I can feel it with all of my mind AND heart and I cannot wait to fly back home and share this feeling with everyone I know.

It’s on now. We can finally be free and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or do anything other than be a part of this most wonderful thing in the worldthe World Transformation Movement. We can finally leave this cave forever and get out of our prison and ride along with each other on our HIGHWAY TO SUNSHINE!

And if that’s okay, I would like to play a song for you that I’ve written. I have called it Highway to Sunshine.


Highway To Sunshine


All I really want to do now, is leave this cave forever / I want you to come with me now, we’re gonna leave together / All I really wanna do now, is leave this cave forever / You can show me how to do it, let’s get away together / Then we get into my car, refuel it it’ll take us far / Don’t look back on yesterday, ahead of us…



A Highway to Sunshine / Sweepin’ clouds away / A Highway to Sunshine / Now we hear what you say


All we need is break our chains now, and get out of our prison / We can finally take a chance now, for we do know the reason / All we need is break our chains now, and get out of our prison / No one’s free until we all are, we only need to reason / Now we get into my car, refuel it it’ll take us far / Don’t look back on yesterday, ahead of us…


Chorus repeated twice


Yeh now we know what has taken us so long / All our life we were waiting all alone / Deep inside, a dark place we don’t like / Leavin’ now, to finally take the high…


Final Chorus:

A Highway to Sunshine / Sweepin’ clouds away / A Highway to Sunshine / Now we hear what you say / A Highway to Sunshine / Sweepin’ clouds away / A Highway to Sunshine / Now we’re here to stay


Franklin Mukakanga from the Zambian WTM Centre


Genevieve’s introduction to Franklin:

As I mentioned in my Introduction, Franklin Mukakanga is from Zambia in Africa. As you can see from the cover of this 1920 book titled The Ila-Speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia (which is now called Zambia), the Ila-speaking people are among the most prominent in the southern region of Zambiaand from amongst the Ila-speaking people, Franklin’s tribe is from the very heart of that region. And I think it’s of some interest that Franklin is actually part of the royal family in the line of succession to the chiefdom of his tribe. He is an Ila prince, and I think once you hear him speak you will realise he is a man of such extraordinary gifts that it’s no wonder he is in line to become chief of his people. Franklin is also the copy creative director of the Zambian branch of the biggest advertising firm in the world, Ogilvy and Mather. He’s had his own radio program in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. He’s a classical pianist, a psychological therapist and was reading college-level English books at the age of 6! A very talented man indeed to be establishing our first WTM Centre in Africaand he has the right coloured T-shirt on, that’s for sure!


Franklin Mukakanga speaking at the 2017 WTM Global Conference


Franklin’s speech:

My name is Franklin Mukakanga of the Ila Tribe of Southwest Zambia. I represent the WTM Centre in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka.

In October 2016 (which is about 3 months ago now), I downloaded FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition from the WTM’s website after coming across an online advertisement offering a free copy. As it turns out, FREEDOM is biologist Jeremy Griffith’s definitive work on the human condition.

Anyway, within 5 weeks I had devoured the book from ‘cover’ to ‘cover’, as well as a lot of his earlier writing, and found his explanation of the human condition not only answered so many questions about us as a species but also explained me as an individual in ways that nothing else had done beforeand it did this so thoroughly that it completely rewired my understanding of the world and immediately began stilling my mind and healing my soul.

FREEDOM deals with subjects as diverse as why we as a species are so divisive and destructive; how and why we adopt the way of living that inevitably leads us to being egotistical and hungry for fame and glory; why the sexes are at war; why the different ‘races’ or people groups of the world are so different and interact the way they do; the origin, nature, purposes and roles of religion and science and how they fit into the human journey; the path to reconciliation of ourselves with ourselves and the wider world. This seminal work inspired such a regeneration within me and sparked such hope for humanity’s future that I could not sit on the sidelines and watch humanity hurtle towards self-destruction anymore.

Finally I had the answer to my own, and the world’s, troubled situation. The answer that, though challenging and potentially confronting, as all truth must be, was, at the same time, transforming. I started sharing what I’d learned with my friends, my colleagues, even my children. The lights I saw coming on in their eyes as they grasped the understandings and the deep changes taking place within them and myself as a result of coming into contact with this information inspired me to open a World Transformation Movement Centre in Lusaka. If everyone could get this reconciling understanding, we could restore humanity’s alienated soul and save the human race from destroying itself. I had to do my part!

In working as part of the WTM I am helping to bring true healing and transformation to the world, most especially to Africa, where I live, and which I will talk more about, where the ravages of poverty, HIV and inequality make life a living hell for the vast majority of people; and where the struggle to make sense of our lot leads to such despondency and dysfunction. Knowledge is power. And no knowledge is more powerful than self-knowledge.

With the self-knowledge open to us all through the solution of the human condition, as presented in the work of Jeremy Griffith and the WTM, humanity can stand empowered. Through it there are no more excuses. There is no more blame. There is true understanding. There is release. There is a true awareness of what we all, as diverse members of the human race, bring to the party of life; there is a letting go of emulation and the strife to become what we’re not. There is true, organic growth of the human family because now humanity has a new baseline. In the WTM we call it the Transformed Lifeforce State. It’s not rocket science. It’s just our description for the transformation that this information makes possible. It’s empowering. It allows for authentic, soul-nourishing living.

A soul renaissance is upon us, both in Africa and the rest of the world, and I am excited to be a part it. Join us as we live to save the world.

Just to explain a bit about myself. All my life I was driven by a sense of purpose; to find answers to the riddle of life, both for myself and others, and to help as many people as I could to understand life’s meaning so they could free themselves from the effects of what I now know to be the human condition: depression, addictions, apathy, stagnation and lack of motivation.

I always lived an optimistic, hopeful, bright and joyous life and wanted to infect the world with what I had: a passion for living and discovery and wondrous, ongoing personal growth. Wasn’t this the only way to get through what I saw to be the otherwise drab, dull and dysfunctional thing we called life?

I learned many techniques, psychological tools, technologies and strategies to help bring relief to people, working, over many years, as a life coach and therapist, as well as presenting a radio program that focused on personal development and self-empowermentall with a view to bringing relief and healing to people everywhere. I wanted every person I came in contact with to recapture the magic of living!

I quickly learned, however, that the arsenal of the techniques, tools, technologies and coping strategies I was employing just weren’t able to go deep enough to truly heal and change people’s circuitry, because they didn’t answer the fundamental questions at the heart of the issue of being human: Why am I at war with myself? Am I a mistake? Why are we as a species such a contradictionon one hand unbelievably loving and on the other greedily destructive? Am I evil?

I reached a point where I realised that all I was doing was offering Band-Aids where people needed life-saving surgery. In my frustration, after having tried and tried and tried to effect meaningful, lasting change in the best ways I had learned how, I was burned out, so I just quit, telling myself that I would return to it when I found a new way to achieve my goals, not realizing that by quitting then I was simultaneously quitting on myself and nearly giving up the struggle to hold onto my soulful nature.

I got off radio, stopped life-coaching and gave up on offering therapy. While I knew there was still a lot of work to be done as people remained broken and in need of answers, I could not go on offering them things that I knew all ended the same way: things that were powerless to truly effect lasting, transformative change.

During the next two-and-a-half years, looking for something that would make sense of it all, I read many, many books and felt nothing; not challenged, not inspired, not, that was, until I found Jeremy’s work online.

What a relief it was to find such a seminal work by someone who had crossed all the barriers that had prevented so many before him from providing the master key for people-helpers and lovers of humanity everywhere; a key replete with answers that had eluded me (and many more qualified and better educated than myself) all these years!

Finally, when I read FREEDOM, I knew I had found the missing piece that would not only restore me but also enable me to get back in the saddle so that I could get back to doing what I had set out to do all those years ago: to bring true healing through reconciling understanding to the hearts and souls of my fellow human beings, especially back home in Africa, where, as I said, the ravages of poverty, HIV and inequality make life a living hell for the vast majority of people.

What truly amazed me about the answers provided in Jeremy’s work was just how deep they went for me on a very, very personal level.

As a Bantu, or African, man born and living in a country once colonised by the British, like so many, I had no love for the Caucasian race.

Based on stories I had heard, things I had read; the historical accounts kept alive by so-called ‘Black consciousness’ or ‘Black empowerment’ movements; my own observations of the eroding indigenous culture and death of African languages on the heels of colonialism and the West’s ongoing exploitation of African resources, I had no kind thoughts for ‘bakuwa’ as white people are called in my mother tongue.

I did not hate them. I just hated what they had done and continue to do to my people in the process of bringing us ‘civilisation’.

This led to a deep resentment and to my treating Caucasians with a cool, guarded ambivalence. I was happy if they stayed out of my way and I stayed out of theirs; I never took the initiative to make Caucasian friends and totally lacked that desire or drive that many Africans have to visit Western lands.

I also considered it my sacred duty as an African man to remember and teach others to remember how the bakuwa had screwed us over and how ‘we’ couldn’t and shouldn’t ever trust ‘them.’ Sure, I got to know a few Caucasians who slipped under the radar over the years, but by and large I was not interested in making them my friends.

It was incredible then to read Jeremy’s compassionate, first-principle based explanation of the differences between the races. I learnt that these differences exist because each race has had a different level of exposure to humanity’s psychologically upsetting, but heroic search for self-understanding. And it’s these different degrees of exposure that have directed the ways in which different races behave, both amongst themselves and towards others. Well, when I learnt this, all the negative feelings I had harboured for many, many years about the more ‘upset’ races from more advanced civilisations (such as the Caucasians) immediately melted away.

Jeremy had so fully and accountably explained our racial differences that it healed my inner resentment of ‘colonising Brits’ and by extension, of the Caucasian race and others, cutting like a hot knife through butter. It even made me aware of my own race’s oppression of other races such as the !Kung Bushmen. [F. Essay 28 explains how understanding the human condition ends all prejudices like racism forever.]

From my own experience I can thus say with absolute certainty that, as the word gets out, FREEDOM will provide the key to healing poor or strained ‘race relations’ throughout the world. Basically, this understanding of the human condition will end all prejudices, like racism, forever. It is so exciting to think about what the world is going to be like when this understanding becomes widely known and understood because it is going to bring about a world that is harmonious, healed and transformed, which is the glorious home our species deserves at the end of its journey to self-understanding.

FREEDOM is a phenomenal, far-reaching work whose value, especially at this point in Earth’s history, cannot be overstated, and I am excited about being a part of the WTM’s momentous project and setting up Africa’s first centre to help bring freedom and transformation to the whole world. So, as I say, join us as we live to save the world!


Sam Akritidis from the Melbourne WTM Centre


Genevieve’s introduction to Sam:

So, I’d now like to introduce Sam Akritidis. Sam was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is of Greek origin. He’s a Structural Engineer. He’s also represented Australia in the sport of Lacrosse. Sam is a long-time WTM member and also a long-time friend of us all here at the Sydney WTM Centre.


Sam Akritidis speaking at the 2017 WTM Global Conference


Sam’s speech:

As Genevieve mentioned, my name is Sam Akritidis, and I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

I just can’t believe this time has come, and that I am here on Earth right now to witness these ideas take hold and culminate into a massive tsunami of love across the world to end all the suffering.

I first became aware of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s thesis on the human condition in 2005, after reading his best-selling book A Species In Denial. From that time on, there has not been a day that I haven’t feasted on all the incredible life-changing explanations captured in Jeremy’s work. It simply, rationally and logically gets to the bottom of every aspect of our behaviour, and provides an unbelievably exciting transforming potential for all of human kind.

Understanding the human condition changes everything. Over the last 12 years I have spent countless hours reading, absorbing and discussing these insights and have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the relief and transforming positive effects that it has on people’s lives. But now it’s time to make it really happen.

Until recently, I have been working in NSW and now that I have come back to my hometown of Melbourne, where I have many old friends, some of whom are also greatly appreciative of this workespecially Frank Balamatsias who is sitting here beside mewe have decided we just have to establish a WTM Centre in Melbourne. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling to do than to encourage others to explore and understand these insights, and assist them in any way I can to access the relief that they bring to every individual.

I know from experience that the human condition is an incredibly difficult and confronting subject and has been completely off-limits since time immemorial, but there really is nothing to be scared of. The more you work your way into Jeremy’s explanations, the more you see how relieving, redeeming and uplifting understanding the human condition is.

Dismantling the traditional fear and anxiety associated with the subject, by providing a place to openly talk about and discuss the paradigm is something I think is absolutely exciting. There is no subject in the world that is more deserving of a forum and Centre than this compassionate understanding of ourselves.

What an incredible scientific breakthrough Jeremy Griffith has presented. For me his latest book FREEDOM is the bedrock on which humanity’s now optimistic, exciting and free future will be based. Being here today, and being able to contribute in my small way is more significant than anything else I can think of. In my opinion, nothing provides greater benefit to an individual more than this biological understanding of the causes of oppression, pain and upset, and more importantly, nothing else resolves the psychosis-inducing conflict that has been crippling humans for an extremely long time.

For those that live in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria, please know that Frank and I would love nothing more than to offer our time and support to you in any way we can. The biological work being presented by the WTM on its website at is a triumph for science and for the whole of humanity, and it’s bloody exciting.


Roz Bachl from the United Kingdom WTM Centre


Roz Bachl from the UK holding a copy of FREEDOM and talking about opening the UK WTM Centre


Hi, my name’s Roz Bachl and I’m here to tell you some things about WTM and why you should be investigating this further. My story: I’m 56 years old, I’ve had two children, I’m on my second marriage and ever since I was about 7 I always thought that the world was kind of off. It was like I was on another planet and people weren’t behaving as they should. I always knew from a kind of primal, here [touching her heart] point of view that people were really good but why were they behaving like they were? Why were there wars and why was there famine? And why were people nasty to each other? I really couldn’t understand this. I went through lots of different things looking for the answers until one day I stumbled across, literally stumbled, on the internet, I was looking at things like ‘human condition’, ‘human behaviour’ and I stumbled across this [holding up Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition]. This is Jeremy Griffith who’s an Australian biologist and he’s written this book. He’s collated all the scientific works giving me and you the answer to why the people are like they are, thus solving the problems of the world.

Now, you can tell how much I read it because look at all the little yellow things [Post-It Notes]. I’m, I think gobsmacked is probably the best word to describe it. This has changed the way I see people. I now understand why they are like it. It’s transformed my second marriage, I understand how he ticks and how men tick and why, so that’s a really important one as well. It’s also given me a much better relationship with my children who are now in their 30s.

I can’t stress enough the importance of this. I am so delighted to be able to tell more people about this. For me it’s the truth and this book, FREEDOM, has all the proof.


Pete Sadler from the New Zealand WTM Centre


Pete Sadler from New Zealand talking about opening the WTM New Zealand Centre


Hi, my name is Pete Sadler and I’m very excited to be opening a new centre for the World Transformation Movement in New Zealand. I’ve been a WTM member for many years having first heard about Jeremy and his work in 1992 when Jeremy came to New Zealand for the launch of his earlier book Beyond The Human Condition. I read an article in the New Zealand Herald and thought, ‘I’ve gotta read this book’, so I went to the local book shop and ordered a copy. I was extremely excited when it arrived and set about reading it. Once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down, it all rang so true to me. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Jeremy when he came to Auckland in 1995, and my wife Mary and I took Jeremy for a bit of a tour around some of New Zealand’s more natural sights. I have a folder given to me at that time by another WTM supporter from New Zealand (who is actually a former All Black rugby player) that is packed full of information on Jeremy’s early life and thinking and I have treasured it ever since. When I read FREEDOM, although I expected, having read many of Jeremy’s previous books, to be presented with lots of honesty and understanding, I was completely blown away by the undeniable truths Jeremy has given us all. It absolutely fills me with overwhelming hope for us and everything that lives on this awesome planet. I cannot express strongly enough how extremely grateful I am to Jeremy and all at the WTM. I strongly urge everyone to visit the WTM website at and learn more about these amazing insights, or you can contact me at


James Moffett from the South African WTM Centre


James Moffett on the mountain above his farm in South Africa at dawn, talking about understanding the human condition and commending Jeremy Griffith’s work


Well that’s the sunrise this morning over Lesotho, and my name is James Moffett. I’m on top of the mountain early this morning looking at the beauty surrounding us, it’s absolutely fantastic. And with the sun coming up behind me, usually I’m looking at it watching it come up, it’s heralding in another beautiful, fantastic day. As I said, I’m James Moffett, I grew up on this farm which I’m on top of the mountain of.

Now that’s the thing about this whole world of ourswe’re all relying on some sort of drug or pursuit, or something like that, to keep away that dark side of ourselves. And what is extraordinary is we are now at the pinnacle of our knowledge on what or who we are. This information is now here, it’s scientific, deep, logical truth. And can you believe it, that just understanding these concepts about ourselves, and particularly in my case where I’ve been searching for all my life, since I can remember, for an answer to the question ‘Why?’ Why are we like this? Why are we so full of love? Why at times I can be a phenomenal person and I can see I’m making people happy, and other times I can be a real downright bad ass. Well, it’s something that’s been troubling us a long time, but this book FREEDOM by Jeremy Griffith, who is an extraordinary biologist with such clear, clear thinking, has at last brought together all the work that us humans have been doing, the past and the present, in finding out who we are and what we are and why we are here. And my questions have all been answered. Thank, thank God!

There is an extraordinary way I’m feeling now about the world now that I understand us humans and why we all do things the way we do things, and get you to try to see what I’m seeing, and actually not even try, you’re going to do it, it’s an evolving [gathering support] concept.

Something which is interesting which I find out here is I’ve been trying to figure out the answers to the questions, and trying to find them outside of myself, and, sure, within myself, but it wasn’t about meditating or going on solitary retreats. Those are temporary reliefs. Even being re-born as a Christian was a temporary relief. Why this is extraordinary is because it answers the questions, it’s like it slots into all the missing parts in my brain and in my heart. It just connects the two and makes everything sensible. It’s not just something that I have to have faith in. It actually bloody well works and this is what’s extraordinary about it and what makes me excited all the time now, and seeing that every one of us has that potential. Every person on this planet has got this extraordinary potential to do this, to get this information, to take it in and change the way we are, it’s extraordinary, it’s bloody mind-blowing.

This is the beauty of the farm that I live on. I’m now lower down on the mountain. And I’ve been running along with it a bit to show you this absolute beauty that we have around us and now I know is reflected inside us and permanently, it’s a part of our fixture now. I just had to get rid of that blockage in my mind [our resistance to reading about the human condition], and that blockage is relatively easily overcome but it takes perseverance. You just got to keep at it. And that is the nature of us, if you consider us humans, we’re an extraordinary phenomenally magnificent species on this planet that can do extraordinary beautifully magnificent things. And what we’re doing at the moment is extraordinary, but at the same time in this pursuit of knowledge we are creating havoc in our wake. These are farm cells which farmers work as they are off dealing with the same crisis of the human condition, of wanting to control it, they can’t control their own urges so we will at least control nature, and at the same time we’re really blasting it apart around the world.

And that’s what drove me for the last 25 odd years was to try to heal this place. But for this country of ours the healing has got to happen in our heads. We’ve got to recognise who we are, got to recognise that we’ve got this diverse character, our instinctive, natural, mothering, loving side. And then we have got our intellectual, striving, hard, got-to-find answers side too. Once you reconcile those two, and you understand it, there’s no need for conflict anymore. Then extraordinary things can happen, we can all turn our minds to fixing up this planet and just having an absolute bloody ball.


Olof Österman from the Swedish WTM Centre


Olof Osterman launching the WTM Sweden Centre


Hi! My name is Olof, I’m 27 years old and I work as an accountant in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m very excited to be starting the Swedish World Transformation Movement Centre.

This Centre is based around the book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith which explains and solves the human condition. The explanation is based on there being a conflict between our instincts and our intellect, and answers the question positively of our goodness or meaningfulness as a species.

I came into contact with this information after typing into Google the words ‘freedom and the human condition’ because I was so desperate to be free of it and to understand what was going on in the world. While I didn’t think much of life’s deep questions during my late teenage years, shortly thereafter, at 21, I found myself re-engaging those questions I had when I was younger and felt that I couldn’t give up on finding answers to them. The main question for me was always ‘why were people acting so strange’ and at 21 that question had come to involve myself too.

But when I found the explanation in Jeremy’s book I knew immediately that everything was solved and the world was saved. It saved my life and now after living with it for some three years, I feel very happy to be starting a WTM Centre here in Sweden where we can live with these understandings to help everyone around here.

The conflict between the instincts and the intellect only arose because we didn’t have the understanding we needed, but now that we do, the conflict is put to an end and the world is saved. This book actually ends the basic conflict that’s been oppressing human life and leaves us with an optimistic and free future where we can understand our place in the world to go forward with.

So I encourage anyone and everyone to get involved with the information or simply just check it out. You’ve got the main website,, where you can find the book free to download and other introductory media, which is a good place to visit to get acquainted with the information.


Aggie Seiler from the Brisbane WTM Centre


Aggie Seiler launching the Brisbane WTM Centre


Hello, my name is Aggie Seiler. I live in Queensland, about four hours north-west of Brisbane, on my husband’s family’s cattle farm. I’m the mother of two small children; prior to motherhood I had a career in nursing, and I am a long-standing supporter and World Transformation Movement member.

Since I was 18 years old I have had a copy of one of Jeremy Griffith’s publications with me always. This started with Beyond The Human Condition which travelled through the stock camp in the Gulf of Carpentaria; Free: The End Of The Human Condition which I had with me during my university days in Brisbane where I was studying science; A Species In Denial came with me up to the Northern Territory when I worked on a cattle station and was studying nursing externally. I finished nursing and this [A Species In Denial] came overseas with me in my Europe travels; and Jeremy’s most recent publication and definitive work FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, which was launched in 2016 which is where I picked up this copy at the London Royal Geographical Society when Jeremy was there with Sir Bob Geldof launching this publication.

As outrageous as it sounds, Jeremy Griffith has put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of trying to understand human nature, and he has cracked it! He’s come up with the biological explanation of the human condition. His work does, as I’ve said, put the pieces of all the jigsaw puzzles of all the efforts of human enquiry together, and provides the big picture for why we are the way we are.

These ideas put forward by Jeremy Griffith are self-confronting, but as the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung said, ‘wholeness for humans begins in owning our own shadow’. And while it is self-confronting, it does finally allow us to own our shadow, and understand human behaviour in a way that we’ve really never ever been able to understand before.

So the World Transformation Movement has pioneered a very, very clear path of how we apply this understanding to our life and how we transform our lives. We do this to end the human suffering on the planet; we do this to heal this planet and the devastation that our psychological position, our behaviour, has inflicted on the natural world around us.

This understanding gives us a hope and an excitement that really has, until now, never really truly felt possible.

I guess you’ve got the picture now that after 20 years of carrying these books around with me, living out my 20s and early 30s, all sorts of adventures, and reading lots of thingslooking into all sorts of books and ideas about human nature and how to live a better life, I keep coming back to this idea, and I keep coming back to what Jeremy has put forward. I just encourage you with all my heart to investigate this information for yourself.

So, investigating the information put forward by Jeremy Griffith is as simple as just exploring the websites that we have now, exploring the main World Transformation Movement website (there is an incredible amount of free publications, videos, discussions that you are able to access now), exploring this concept, understanding the human condition, what that really means, and how that applies to yourself, and ultimately how it applies to your role in making the world a better place.

So I urge you to join us in this movement, this World Transformation Movement. Thank you.


Gerry St Onge from the USA East Coast WTM Centre


Gerry St Onge launches the US East Coast WTM Centre


Welcome to the USA East Coast Centre for the World Transformation Movement.

I am absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to open up this Centre, to share this amazing information that I’ve discovered, that has changed my life, and I am convinced is the holy grail for the transformation of the human race on this planetto share this win, finally, in the race between our self-destruction and self-understanding.

My name is Gerry St Onge and I live in the Delaware River Valley, which is in the eastern part of the United States. It’s a beautiful, rural river community on the Delaware River, which borders Hunterdon County, New Jersey and the river community of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

My personal journey has been that after a career in corporate America and raising two children, a daughter and a son now 19 and 18, I found myself increasingly aware and concerned about what was happening in the world; that we seem to be careening out of control, the crises seem to be getting worse and worse. Something is terribly wrong and deep down inside I had this knowing that this is not a reflection of who we really are as human beings.

So, I launched on a self-directed exploration into the questions of: What’s going on? Who are we? Who am I? And what can we do, what can I do? How can I find the handle, such that I can make the most massive contribution I can possibly muster to us turning this thing around. And on that journey I sought out individuals and groups of individuals past and present, who had answered these questions; who had dedicated their lives to examining and investigating these questions and had come up with some answers. And in those answers, I found some amazing pockets of wisdom. But no one was able to put the whole thing together until I discovered the work of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith and his notion of the human condition [see F. Essay 3 for Jeremy’s explanation]. And really it wasn’t the first time this notion has surfaced: the great philosopher Plato, hundreds of years before Christ, had come up with this notion, articulated beautifully in his allegory of the cave which is very much worth looking at because it really does describe exactly what we’re going through as human beings today [see F. Essay 11]. But Jeremy, 40 years ago, uncovered this idea of the human condition and brought a biological, scientific explanation to why we are creating this crazywhat I call a crazy, stupid, upside-down, ‘bizarro’world.

Basically, Jeremy has identified that some two million years ago when we had our first conscious thought as human beings (evolving from a pure, instinctual, genetic-based physiological mechanism), this first conscious thought (which is a nervous system-based physiological process), was focused on understanding (conscious thinking is understanding through looking at cause and effect and so forth), which was in contrast to instinctual ‘thinking’ (which is very rudimentary, we do it the way we’ve always done it across generations, with very little adjustment generationally). And that first conscious thought was so different that there was an inherent conflict with our instinctual ‘thinking’. It was the nervous system vs. the genetic system. The conscious mind was, by its nature, trying to understand things, but it couldn’t make any sense out of this conflict caused by the resistance of the instinctual pull to this conscious idea of wonder and wanting to explore. And so I invite you to look at the website and this incredible book, FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition, where Jeremy describes a story called Adam Stork that explains the whole thing.

But for me, understanding that from this moment of our first conscious thought we’ve had this conflict that we’ve never resolved is critical. It’s created this upset because the conscious mind couldn’t understand why it was getting this flack from our instincts, our instinctual self; and not being able to reconcile it in our psyche, we repressed and denied, deep, deep, deep-down into our psyche, the very question about a conflict. And because of that inner conflict, we then created these personas, these masks, and these behaviours to defend ourselves from the instinctual criticism; and in that defiance there is some anger; we felt alienation; and we created this very egocentric behaviour. And from that core inner conflict, all this dysfunctional behaviour coming out of a species-wide psychosis basically projects into the behaviours that create this crazy, stupid, upside-down, ‘bizarro’ world, as I called it.

Now I’m not sure if I did justice to that explanation but I guarantee you, on the website, and in this book FREEDOM that Jeremy has written, is the most complete, thorough examination of human nature, human behaviour and a full explanation of why we created this crazy world, based on this very simple ideait’s a radical but simple idea! And in it, there is nothing really to fix, there is nothing to oppose. If you’re concerned about all the craziness in the world, it’s not about opposing anything out there: it is very simply (radically simple!) that we need to understand the human condition in our own psyche, each one of us individually. That is our primary responsibility. And I can tell you, that if you examine the information on the website and get through this bookit’s not thin but I devoured it and I carry it with me and I’ve marked it up and every time I look at it I find something newyou will understand the human condition. Jeremy takes us through this process of examining and understanding the human condition and it is a liberating process.

A fundamental concept here that Jeremy provides the biological scientific explanation of, is what is our true nature. Our whole society and our whole culture is based on this idea around Social Darwinism. This idea that we operate as animalistic, competitive beings, it’s about survival of the fittest. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and apparently that is our natureour nature is apparently competitive. And what Jeremy uncovers and provides the proofsbiologically, physiologically, psychologicallyis that that is not true. Our true nature is loving, nurturing, collaborative, cooperative, contributive and compassionate. So it’s the opposite of what basic science and current normal thought assumes is our nature. So when that understanding takes root in each one of us individually, which it now can with the human condition explained and our psychologically upset angry, egocentric and alienated state at last defended, everything changes. So that’s how beautifully simple, radical, simple this understanding of the human condition is. And it is that you can feel the transformative leverage in that understanding. There’s so much more; I won’t be able to go through it all and I don’t need to because no one does it better than Jeremy.

So I invite you to dive into this website. There are plenty of videos, there are essays, there are testimonials, and inhale this book. The book is available free online, on the website or you can buy it on Amazon, it’s not expensive. This isn’t a profiteering initiative, it’s a non-profit enterprise with the focusthe primary, dedicated focused objectiveto share this information with the world, to change the world, to transform human beings on this planet and create a new world that is reflective of our true essence.

So, welcome to the World Transformation Movement. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. There is plenty of information on the WTM’s website as I said. The book is there. There are other books as well, but FREEDOM is a great place to dive into and I guarantee you, if you get through that book, it will change your life. And welcome to this community of people who are standing on very solid ground, dedicated to transforming the human race and this planet. And again, it’s not a complicated thing; although I can tell you that when you go on this journey it will rock your inner world because that’s where the work is done. Once we resolve this inner conflict, finallyand I’m in the process of doing thiseverything changes. It has changed my life; I am experiencing more calm and more peace and more clarity than I ever have. And while I’ve lived a life of learning how to master setting goals and building strategies and tactical plans and then executing them, I’ve realised now that linear approach is a very fear-based approach. That all I have to do, and all I am doing, is understanding this information, and in that I stand up now on solid ground in this really amazing, solid community of members of this movement around the world. And now there is plenty to do but it comes out of love and inspiration. And we can do it with ease, grace, joy and a whole lot of fun. So welcome to this movement and welcome to the New World!


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You can watch Jeremy Griffith present the breakthrough redeeming explanation of the human condition in Video/​F. Essay 3, or read chapter 1 of FREEDOM.


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