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This is explanatory Freedom Essay 11


Ending the stalled state of biology


The crux, central, all-important issue that had to be explained for there to be a future for the human race is the human condition the issue of why we are so selfish, competitive and aggressive when the ideals of life are to be selfless, cooperative and loving. And since biology is the study of behaviour, ultimately that was a task that fell to biology.


In 1859 the great biologist Charles Darwin wrote The Origin of Species in which he shed light on the origin of the variety of life. It is a seminal work that has been voted the most influential book in history, but even so it stops short of tackling the ‘origin’ of the one species we really needed to understand: us humans. At the end of Origin, Darwin alluded to this omission, writing:


In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches … Light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history.


Darwin’s reluctance to tackle “the origin of man and his history” was an understandable and honest response to what in truth has been an unbearably self-confronting and depressing subject. The human condition brings into focus our less-than-ideal behaviour, and with it, the shattering possibility that we might be a blight on the planet, and so it has been a terrifying subject for all humans including scientists to even acknowledge, let alone think about at a profound level.


Not all biologists, however, have been as scrupulous as Darwin. Despite not being able to confront the human condition, they have contrived excuses for just about every aspect of human behaviour the main one being the ‘savage animal instincts’ excuse for our selfish and aggressive behaviour that was described in explanatory F. Essay 3. But beyond that, dishonest theories now abound for all aspects of life; for religion, politics, sex, the relationship between men and women… you name it.


It’s only now, with biologist Jeremy Griffith’s discovery of the fully accountable, truthful explanation of the human condition (see F. Essay 5), that all the lying can end. Indeed, this long-dreamt-of breakthrough sets all of us free from the dishonest state of denial we have been living in.


In summary, this information, this book, this website, is the only place in the world where you will find any truth, any real answers. Indeed, this is the only place that offers the human race a future. That is how fundamental and critical the understanding Jeremy presents is.


Watch WTM Member Tony Gowing expose the stalled state of biology here:




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The Transcript of this video


In my first video introducing this website, I talked about how our hope, faith and trust has finally been realised that someone would one day go ‘up river’, basically get to the bottom of the well of what it means to be human explain the human condition, our less-than-ideal state and it is that great world-saving insight that is presented in FREEDOM, and summarised in this little booklet, Transform Your Life And Save The World. (F. Essay 5 provides a concise presentation of Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition.)


Okay, so biology is the study of behaviour, which means this great breakthrough in understanding human behaviour is a biological breakthrough. Now, Charles Darwin is regarded as one of the greatest biologists, but even though his famous 1859 book was titled The Origin of Species it failed to explain the origin of the one species we really wanted to know the origins of, namely us humans. In fact, humans are hardly mentioned in The Origin of Species and Darwin readily admitted this shortfall because at the end of Origin he said, ‘In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches. Psychology will be based on a new foundation, that of the necessary acquirement of each mental power and capacity by gradation. Light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history.’


So the great problem, even for Darwin, was having to confront the fearful subject of the human condition as the Cambridge scholar Jane Ellen Harrison has written, Darwin ‘foresaw that his doctrine must have, for the history of man’s mental evolution, issues wider than those with which he was prepared personally to deal’ (‘The Influence of Darwinism on the Study of Religions’, Darwin and Modern Science, ed. A.C. Seward, 1909, ch.25). So Darwin personally didn’t feel capable of dealing with the human condition. (See paragraphs 188-189 in FREEDOM for a more detailed description of Darwin’s avoidance of the human condition.)


It’s true that many theories have been put forward over the years to explain our competitive and aggressive behaviour, but it turns out that what they are all doing is not explaining, but avoiding, the fearful subject of the human condition. At least Darwin didn’t pretend to be able to confront and explain the human condition which, amazingly enough, is what Jeremy Griffith has actually managed to do in FREEDOM.


In my previous talk I described how the problem of our human condition underlies all our thoughts, all our actions, all our behaviours, and that the truth is we have spent our whole lives working out and perfecting how to avoid it and how to work around it and make it even appear as though we aren’t affected by it. We smile, we joke, we put on a brave face, but underneath it all, the distress, doubts and insecurity caused by our horribly flawed condition are always there.


And that’s been the case for scientists as well because, after all, they too are just humans living in fear of the human condition. Scientists haven’t been able to confront the human condition, and if you can’t confront a subject you’re in no position to think truthfully and effectively about it. As a result, biology especially has been putting forward all manner of dishonest, supposed biological explanations for human behaviour, such as the savage animal instincts excuse for the human condition, and these supposed explanations are all patently untrue. We humans have all these dishonest excuses for everything. It’s all a great pack of lies the way we try to explain all the great issues about human life, such as religion, and politics, and men and women and sex, and so on. (Human-condition-avoiding, dishonest, so-called mechanistic or reductionist science is explained in F. Essay 37, and more fully in chapter 2:4 of FREEDOM, while the obvious truth of Jeremy’s ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation is evidenced in F. Essay 52.)


It’s only now that we can truthfully explain the human condition that all this dishonest lying about human life can end, and as I have said, it’s this wonderful truth in FREEDOM that finally sets us free that allows us to leave the horrible dark, dishonest cave of denial where we have been hiding (see F. Essay 15).


Of course, all the truthful explanations we now have in FREEDOM will cause some people to become defensive and angry and want to retreat back into the cave of denial well, as George Bernard Shaw said, ‘All great truths begin as blasphemies’ (Annajanska, 1919) but there is a very easy and, in fact, incredibly exciting way to cope with the arrival of the truth about ourselves; I mean, after all, the truth about ourselves defends us, it’s redeeming and rehabilitating. (For a description of how the explanation of the human condition redeems and thus transforms everyone’s lives, see F. Essay 17.)


Cover of ‘Transform Your Life and Save The World’


So the great beauty of this small booklet Transform Your Life And Save The World, which as I’ve said, is a condensation of FREEDOM, is that it summarises the three great issues that I’ve now talked about.


Part 1 presents a summary of all the dishonest biology that’s been burying humans deeper and deeper into the dishonest cave of darkness.


Part 2 presents the honest biology; the fully accountable, truthful explanation of the human condition that’s been so desperately needed.


And Part 3 describes how we can easily cope with the exposing truth about ourselves and by so doing enter a fabulous world free of the human condition.


So I encourage everyone to read Transform Your Life, because it’s only a few pages long, and what it explains will, as its title says, transform your life and save the world. And it’s freely available on our website so you can read or print out a copy for yourself right now. (‘The genius of Transform Your Life is the subject of F. Essay 16.)


Also, I encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list because it’s also free and it doesn’t require any interaction from you, but it gives you access to many more presentations like these about the wonderful liberation of humanity from the human condition.


In summary, this website is the only place in the world where you will find any truth, any real answers, which is actually the real love the world needs.


It’s a big statement but it’s actually true that this is the only place that offers the human race a future, because solving the human condition is that fundamental and critical. So we do hope you will Subscribe to our Mailing List and eventually progress to becoming a Member of the World Transformation Movement, because this is the only place that you can really make a difference to the frightening situation the world is in (see F. Essay 51 for analysis of the terrifying endgame situation humanity has arrived at). So join and help us become part of the sunshine army on the sunshine highway to the world in sunshine!

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For further reading on the stalled state of biology, we recommend you read Part 1 of Transform Your Life And Save The World, or for a more comprehensive treatment, chapter 2 and chapter 6 of FREEDOM.


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