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Our FAQ facility provides concise
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To make it as easy as possible to access this fabulous new world where all aspects of human existence can be understood, we have created a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on the World Transformation Movement website.


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Located in the menu (as shown in the image above), the FAQs are divided into the following subjects:


1. About the Human Condition and its Resolution


2. About biologist Jeremy Griffith


3. About the World Transformation Movement


4. About the Transformed State


5. The Great Scientific Questions


6. About Religion and the New Age Movement


7. About Politics


8. About Men & Women


9. About Racism


This new FAQ facility means you can now access 3 levels of explanation of all aspects of the human condition:


the short version in the FAQs


the medium version in the Freedom Essays


and the full version in Jeremy Griffith’s definitive presentation, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition


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As a sample, we have included below answers to two of the most fundamental FAQs: What is the human condition? and What is biologist Jeremy Griffith’s ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation of the human condition?


WTM FAQ 1.1  What is the human condition?

While it’s undeniable that humans are capable of great love, we also have an unspeakable history of brutality, rape, torture, murder and war. Despite all our marvellous accomplishments, we humans have been the most ferocious and destructive force that has ever lived on Earthand the eternal question has been ‘why?’ Even in our everyday behaviour, why have we humans been so competitive, selfish and aggressive when clearly the ideals of life are to be the complete opposite, namely cooperative, selfless and loving? In fact, why are we so ruthlessly competitive, selfish and brutal that human life has become all but unbearable and we have nearly destroyed our own planet?!

The agony of being unable to truthfully answer this fundamental question of why we are the way we aredivisively instead of cooperatively behavedhas been the particular burden of human life. It has been our species’ particular affliction or conditionour ‘human condition’.


WTM FAQ 1.3  What is biologist Jeremy Griffith’s ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation of the human condition?

Finding understanding of the human conditionour species’ capacity for ‘good and evil’is of incalculable importance; in fact, it has been described as the holy grail of the whole human journey of conscious thought and enquiry. And it is this longed-for breakthrough explanation of the human condition that biologist Jeremy Griffith has found.

Key to Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition is an understanding of the difference between our instincts and intellect, and the effect that difference has had on our behaviour. He explains that when we humans developed a conscious mind some two million years ago, a battle unavoidably developed between it and our already established instincts. Natural selection of genes gives species’ instinctive orientations, such as to a migratory flight path for birds, but a nerve-based conscious mind needs understanding to operate, so when a fully conscious mind emerges and begins experimenting in understanding it unavoidably comes into conflict with the already established instinctive orientations that are in effect intolerant of these deviating experiments in self-management.

The result of this conflict between our instinct and intellect was an undeserved sense of guilt and insecurity that caused us to become psychologically defensive, angry, alienated and egocentric, the upset state we refer to as the human conditiona state we sought to alleviate through a competitive, selfish and aggressive bid for the reinforcement we could gain from winning power, fame, fortune and glory. But now that we can explain and understand this conflict and the guilt it produced, all those insecure, defensive behaviours are obsoleted, brought to an end, and we free ourselves from the human condition.

In short, this explanation represents the fulfilment of the human race’s great hope, faith and trust that one day this psychologically redeeming and transforming understanding of our ‘good and evil’-stricken human condition would be found.


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We very much hope this FAQ facility is of assistance to you. If you still have any unanswered questions after going through the contents, please let us know and we will answer it directly. We want to help, and we are always looking for new FAQs to add to our list, so let us know what’s on your mind!


And as always, we encourage you to get involved and become a WTM member to help transform the worldbecause at last we really can!



Discussion or comment on this email is welcomedsee below.




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  • Eugénio Lisboa on August 31, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    I’m afraid not be able of understand all this in english.

    • Susan on September 2, 2018 at 4:05 pm

      Hi Eugénio. Thank you for your interest in the WTM. This will probably unfortunately be of no help to you but the Austrian WTM Centre is in the process of translating, into German, the Freedom Essay series, ‘FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition’, and its condensation, ‘Transform Your Life And Save The World’ — and has already translated Jeremy’s online publication ‘The Rising Sun’. You can access this on their website Also, if you happen to speak Swedish you might like to visit our Swedish WTM Centre website where Olof Österman speaks about why he opened a Centre in Sweden in both English and Swedish — go to

      Until we have translations available you can go to our YouTube channel to watch our videos using subtitles translated into your native language. You may be aware of this YouTube function but if you aren’t I have included instructions below. Even though the translation isn’t 100% accurate it does allow you to watch all our videos, especially our Homepage Video Series. The first 4 videos of this series have received excellent feedback as being key presentations so they are a must-watch. The new Video 4 is particularly important in making it completely clear that the instinct vs intellect explanation is the true explanation of the human condition, and in the process reveals where the core insecurity of our condition, that has been driving all our upset behaviour, has been coming from.
      For YouTube subtitles
      Go to the WTM YouTube channel
      Select the video you wish to watch
      At the bottom right of the video player there are 4 icons
      Click on the ‘Subtitles/closed captions’ icon to turn the subtitles on
      Then click on the ‘Settings’ icon and select ‘Subtitles/cc’, then ‘Auto-translate’ and then select the language

  • rita on September 1, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Adoro o vosso movimento por acha-lo espiritualmente elevadissimo.
    Se pensarmos em grandes personalidades como Jesus, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela e outros, submetidos a grandes injustiças e mesmo assim com uma enorme capacidade de perdão e de amor, fico tentada a pensar se essas personalidades serão a excepcao à regra?!
    Ou serão eles uma esperança para a humanidade?
    Se a humanidade está em transformação positiva, quantos milhares de anos ainda vamos precisar para controlar nossos instintos?
    Segundo Loren Cordain, o nosso genoma apenas se alterou 0,02% desde o paleolitico? Segundo, ele, “Nada na biologia faz sentido a não ser à luz da evolução.”
    Será que a humanidade pode dar um salto quantico e mais rapidamente caminhar para comportamentos mais eticos e morais?

    • Tommy on September 3, 2018 at 10:32 am

      I translated your comment Rita and wanted to add that I think you will find a few of the other essays really helpful as I did. I’ve learnt that we are all born innocent but variously suffer from the human condition so there are huge differences in levels of soundness in humans today and the essays on resignation (no.30) and Christ (39) are very enlightening on this. Also a big piece of the puzzle for all of us in terms of understanding human behaviour is that we don’t have savage instincts, but moral, loving ones – we suffer from a psychological human condition which can be healed and this is all the subject of essay no.2. So thanks to this biological understanding of ourselves, the answer is, yes, humanity can return to our original loving and moral behaviour (this time consciously) and it will be the biggest quantum leap the Earth has ever seen!

  • David on September 19, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    I’ve been educating myself about trauma for about a year now and aside from natural disasters(including predatory animals), trauma is caused by other humans. Things like emotional abuse, humiliation, resignation, shame, physical abuse, bullying, war, accidents, and all the rest, can and do, leave permanent marks on our psyche. I was thinking, how can we be so fragile? I mean, look what we have overcome, how strong and resilient we are and yet, an incident of public ridicule can devastate a person’s world, for the rest of their lives… It occurred to me that, we humans never developed(evolved) a defense or immunity to this kind of trauma, because, as Jeremy Griffith has suggested, our natural state is cooperative, loving, and altruistic. It is completely unnatural for humans to hurt each other(on purpose). Our natural state is to help each other, not tear each other down. For me, this explains our vulnerability to malevolence.

  • MARIA LUIZA DE SOUSA GOMES PEDRO GOMES PEDRO on November 5, 2018 at 6:32 am


  • Luis Prenda on May 29, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    Gosto de conhecer e ler os vossos comentários sobre “Human condition”, embora o meu inglês é regular mas faço
    tradução via net sobre os vossos temas….Thank you (Obrigado)

  • Polly on March 26, 2020 at 6:29 am

    Such a fantastic resource, thank you

  • Hameed on February 26, 2021 at 11:00 pm

    Definitely a holy grail. Jeremy’s simple and succinct explanation of our Instinct versus Intellect that created the human condition which, when fully understood, will enable us to transform our life, enabling us to live a happy selfless, intergrating and enduring existence.
    This is an herculian task of spreading this information to the world, particularly in the remotest part of Africa. It won’t the easy, but will definitely happen, not necessarily in our lifetime.
    This idea of serialising the Frequently asked Question and Answers is very good for people, like me, who are not used to reading long scripts. It will enable me to grasp these information easily.
    I am looking forward to reading in short pieces answers to the above Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Sean Palframan on May 6, 2021 at 3:27 pm

    Thanks to Jeremy and the WTM for this very thorough, well presented programme. Do you have an office in South Africa?