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The great hope, faith and trust of the human race has been that one day all our tireless efforts of thought and enquiry would deliver the redeeming, reconciling and psychologically rehabilitating understanding of our species’ ‘good and evil’-conflicted so-called human condition. And as the Freedom Essays series has demonstrated, that dreamed-of understanding and the real transformation of your, and every other human’s life that it makes possible, has finally arrived!


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The WTM’s Transformation Page details the two steps to this fabulous, world-saving transformation of your, and every other human’s life that has finally become possible:


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Step 1: Verify for yourself that this is the long sought-after redeeming explanation of the human condition.



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Step 2: Take up the Transformed Way of Living that understanding of the human condition finally makes immediately possible for all humansindeed, it is the only responsible way to live now.



The WTM’s Transformation Page also provides access to terrific instructional videos on the Transformed State, as well as news from the ever-expanding global network of WTM Centresincluding highlights from meetings that are held online to enable our international members to discuss the new human-condition-free world and assist each other with their, and the world’s, transformation.

The relief, excitement, fellowship and meaning that is now available is so spectacularly wonderful that every human from every corner of the world will, in the not too distant future, want to become a World Transformation Movement member. Love has come to the world in its purest form, namely as relieving biological understanding of the human condition! So become a member and join us now!!




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With lots of encouragement from everyone at the Sydney WTM Centre, and the global network of WTM Centres!


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These essays were created in 2017-2021 by Jeremy Griffith, Damon Isherwood, Fiona
Cullen-Ward, Brony FitzGerald & Lee Jones of the Sydney WTM Centre. All filming and
editing of the videos was carried out by Sydney WTM members James Press & Tess Watson
during 2017-2021. Other members of the Sydney WTM Centre are responsible for the
distribution and marketing of the videos/​essays, and for providing subscriber support.



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