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This is inspirational WTM Email 6


“This is the real liberation of women”


Men and Women, War and Peace, by Michael Leunig

Men and Women, War and Peace, by Michael Leunig



This explanation brings about the true liberation of women and the reconciliation of the sexes, which is truly extraordinary.”


In the following video, scientist Dr Anna Fitzgerald describes how Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition brings desperately needed reconciling understanding to the relationship between men and women an issue which has been a source of great trauma and suffering for humankind.




This video of Dr Fitzgerald discussing her experience with this understanding appears on the WTM homepage. The following is its transcript:


“I came across these explanations 15 years ago whilst I was in the middle of finishing my PhD in biological sciences in New Zealand I’m now a Science Program Strategist, I coordinate large molecular science collaborations in Australia.

When I heard this explanation of our human behaviour all those years ago, its power to explain the world was just SO totally accountable, it captivated me so I moved to Australia to help promote these critically important understandings.

As a woman, this explanation was both very arresting and confronting, because it’s fearlessly honest about humans’ contradictory nature. It makes sense of what it means to be a woman our nurturing instincts and compassion, as well as our neuroses and vanity and emotionality it goes so far as to make sense of why we have developed our feminist streak, to counter the baffling and oppressive egocentricity of men. But what’s really astonishing is that we can now understand why this egocentricity in men was actually necessary.

Until we could explain the human condition we couldn’t acknowledge the differences between men and women because it only led to prejudices, so all we could ask for, or in fact even demand, was equality. But because Griffith’s work establishes the equal worth or goodness of all humans we can now understand the different roles that men and women have traditionally played in the human journey and this is actually the unlocking point, this is what brings about deep empathy for each other, it heals the divide. As a scientist, I find the evolutionary biology underpinning the explanation of these roles absolutely fascinating.

There’s a powerful quote about women’s plight in Griffith’s book FREEDOM from the South African writer Olive Schreiner [see par 798 of FREEDOM] and this encapsulates every woman’s hope and that is to be born a woman in the future is not to be born branded, but to be valued, loved for their real self and that’s essentially what can happen now that the human condition has been explained. This explanation brings about the true liberation of women and the reconciliation of the sexes, which is truly extraordinary.

I really implore everyone, especially women to look into this because to be able to understand why men and women have behaved the way they have behaved was nothing short of life-changing for me.”


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Read more about Jeremy’s breakthrough explanation of the human condition in Chapter 1 of FREEDOM; and his insights into the fraught yet magnificent relationship between men and women under the duress of the human condition in Chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM.


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  1. Aman me too on April 28, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Thanks for allowing me to express myself. Is a decent video’d perspestive of an intellectually gifted woman. I have hope that the forum you’ve established be a blessing to your subscribers

  2. Liam on April 21, 2017 at 10:00 am

    I first watched this presentation of Dr Fitzgerald a while ago. As a male in mid-life I was deeply moved and it has taken me some time to collect my thoughts. I have now watched it a few times since and so much is communicated in this short 3 minute video clip. As a man, it is staggering to hear a woman, in this day and age talk about “understanding why egocentricity in men was necessary”, realising a “deep empathy” for men and “women being valued for their real self”. Here is a clearly highly intelligent, articulate and capable women speaking with sincerity and emotion, and her point of view cannot be conveniently pigeon-holed in some stereotyped category. This is something new and unique. She is working in a new landscape of comprehending the human situation using WTM information.

    When you happen upon the WTM website some big claims are made. When you start to engage the content and watch a presentation like this it is where the rubber meets the road as they say. It is the paradigm shift in progress in real time before your eyes. It is mind bending to see how (this) information, explanation and knowledge can produce such a fundamental and tangible change in the human mind and our outlook.

    Hi Bill, I had the same thought when reading your comments above. Your head-on candour about living with the Human Condition, your spot-on statement about “becoming egocentric is a very poor but inevitable coping mechanism”, and the resulting peace and meaning that is growing with digestion of WTM information. This is the recipe at work of how all humans will come to realise the human condition is solved. These are big cogs that are being moved in each one of us by Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the Human Condition.

    Seeing this process in action is why I keep coming back to this website. It is such a beacon of hope in an otherwise desolate outlook. An oasis in a barren desert of human thought. There is so much that is true, of value and meaning flowing to the surface here.

  3. Willow on April 20, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    Wow, what powerful comments Bill and Tommy, thank you for sharing, and of course to everyone else who has commented in response to this incredible video. I’m a middle-aged woman who, like most of us I’m sure, has spent most of my life confused and frustrated by not being able to understand the world, in particular why men oppress women, to the point of anger, which just further compounded my confusion and frustration and left me feeling completely overwhelmed with guilt that I could behave like that, so to that point Bill I relate to your words ‘Knowing how much this has been apparent in my life was a source of great torment and depression, as it it left me with nowhere to go but always adrift.’ So you can imagine what a thrill it has been for me, as it seems it has been for you, to come across Jeremy Griffith’s work and to be able to finally understand the world and how the human condition is the source of all the pain, suffering, confusion and frustration that everyone experiences, including me. And more than that, what an incredible relief it has been to finally be able to understand men and that there was a very good reason why they had to oppress women and that they are in fact the heroes of the human story not the villains that I had always thought they were – when I think about the ‘plight’ of men that you explain so well Bill and what they have had to endure, I am in awe at their courage for so bravely continuing to search for the knowledge that all humans have so desperately needed and wanted and now as a result of that courage we have available to us. And I’ve seen in the men in my life just how horrible it has been for them to live out their egocentricity and then recoil at the impact that’s had on their loved ones – as you’ve so beautifully articulated above, ‘I am referring to the almost invisible and bewildering trauma of men who have a highly sensitive feminine nature and understanding but who find themselves psychologically dominating and controlling their wives/ partners without being able to understand why, and who feel massive guilt and confusion as a result, but are unable to avoid doing so.’ I love your quote from Freedom Tommy about the virtues of men – not far after this, at paragraph 798 is chapter 8:11B, titled ‘Men and women’s relationship after the emergence of the human condition’, which, like everything Jeremy Griffith writes, is so illuminating of an issue that I never thought could ever be explained and resolved. In this paragraph, Jeremy writes: ‘Thank goodness with the battle to defeat the ignorance of our instinctive moral soul now won, the horror of both men’s and women’s existence can end, and this dreamed-of ‘new time’ where society will be neither matriarchal or patriarchal but gender neutral and peace can begin.’ How wonderful is that, and that we can experience that peace right here, right now and that in doing so, but living in support of this biological explanation of the human condition, children in the future will grow up free of the human condition.

  4. Tommy on April 20, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    What a wonderful comment Bill, I was really moved by it and how beautifully you describe your ‘pathway to peace’ with this information. I agree with your comment that ‘Becoming egocentric is a very poor but inevitable coping mechanism’. It is just amazing to me, and so deeply relieving, that we can finally understand and make sense of that, and all of our upset, using this biological understanding. Born without understanding we took on all sorts of strategies to help us survive and while yes, we are all variously upset but we are absolutely 100% defended now, even the heroes of life on Earth. Our old ways can be confronting but it really is all so looked after by the umbrella of humanity’s amazing story, how else could we be but torn and tattered after such a long journey! And just as you quote Jeremy, it doesn’t matter how long the suffering of our condition has gone on or how deep it goes, we can change because it is a psychological condition. ALL humans have a pathway to peace now as you beautifully put it!! What I have discovered is that using this new solution-based framework to defend me, rather than my defensive strategy, I can be free of the effects of the human condition, of my particular victimised lot in life. I have gone from being a victim ‘in the deep, dark cave’ to a manager of my life. To quote the most recent video on the WTM’s website by James M, ‘it gives you your brain back’! So yes ‘life changing’ for sure, it’s so incredibly exciting and empowering! I completely love my journey on this planet as upset as it’s made me, and I love that I’m free of that now, and even more so that the whole human race is free now, the future is so bright and glorious for everyone!

    I also wanted to say how touched I was when you talked of the ‘plight of men’. It reminded me of the quote in Freedom, para 773, ‘One of the reasons that men have been so quiet for the past two decades, as the feminist movement has blossomed, is that we do not have the vocabulary or the concept to defend ourselves as men. We do not know how to define the virtues of being male, but virtues there are’ (Asa Baber, Playboy, Jul. 1983). Thank God men are finally understood on this planet. Along with some of the transformed testimonials, I also was reminded of this blog from last year on the WTM website which I have recently read. I thought you might enjoy it:

    Anyway thank you for your comment Bill, it really inspired me!

  5. Bill on April 18, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    It is wonderful for me to hear such clarity and concise understanding in such a short talk. There is another aspect to this topic that has barely, if at all, been mentioned anywhere, not just in these forums, and that is the “plight” of men who know they have had such a part of the male egocentric world but in very different ways to the traditional power models we all know so well- the recent “Trump effect”” being one of the more visible examples people are talking about. I am referring to the almost invisible and bewildering trauma of men who have a highly sensitive feminine nature and understanding but who find themselves psychologically dominating and controlling their wives/ partners without being able to understand why, and who feel massive guilt and confusion as a result, but are unable to avoid doing so. Becoming egocentric is a very poor but inevitable coping mechanism which only compounds the whole issue. Knowing how much this has been apparent in my life was a source of great torment and depression, as it it left me with nowhere to go but always adrift. Only now, with the understanding of why this has been a major negative driving force for so long have I been able to start a healing process, which while slow and uncertain at first, is becoming easier and is showing increasing glimpses of being a new state of normality. If there are any men reading this, or women who can see this dynamic in their lives, and for both it gives an understanding of how the Human Condition has produced such depressed confusion, I would offer the sincere hope that you can start to find as I have a pathway to peace. No matter how long the suffering, because it is as Jeremy Griffith says, a psychological condition, it can change. My firm belief is that these understandings can be life changing for most of us, as they already have been for me, although I do agree with the caution that changing lifelong habits can be confronting, but with help from the wonderful WTM people it can be managed adequately. So thank you to Jeremy for helping to save me. It is not too much to hope that the rest of the world will find the immense truth and reconciliation sorely needed.

  6. AliceW on January 31, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Very impacting video. I’ve sent the link to my friends. It is just extraordinary that men’s egocentricity turns out to be justified! What woman would have thought that could be true, but it is. It has taken some soul searching to come to grips with this new understanding of our condition, in particular that of men and women, but once I did I could see its power to transform our world.

    • Aman me too on April 28, 2017 at 2:19 pm

      Egocentrices of men? Common to the liberated perspective of the futuristic feminine gender of present society. I am convinced increased freedoms require greater responsibility and the premise of the human condition evolving into male egocentricies is ludicrous. Both sexes are equally egocentric. Explaining or understanding the human condition is simple and sure. Establish truth,protect the truth and practice truth! Adifficult proposition for a world popalated with so many “egocentric” people, especially leaders. Just one man’s opinion

  7. Sally on January 29, 2017 at 9:17 am

    What a truly incredible, powerful and moving account from Anna of the veracity of Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition, and how it finally brings the peace we’ve all been seeking to the divide between men and women, and extrapolating beyond that how it heals all the pain and suffering humans experience in all facets of their lives across the world – the human condition really is THE underlying issue in all human affairs, as Jeremy says. As Professor Harry Prosen, former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, says on the front cover of Jeremy’s wonderful book ‘Freedom: The End Of The Human Condition’: ‘THIS IS THE BOOK THAT SAVES THE WORLD’!

  8. Lydia on January 27, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    The human condition and the complex relationship between men & women starts with the ancestral ingrained celular memory which needs healing, (good specialist therapists exist). We carry that emotional/mental imprint into every incarnation until we learn to break the pattern. Our cultural & educational conditioning. at home, at school, in Work, socially, etc. Hence homosexuality & the eternal: who Am I? Spiritually we are axesual: I do believe that a profound & active conscious spirituality practiced in our daily lives will heal, resolve our past ‘baggage’, bring understanding, thus harmony & empathy which are components of Love, between male-female relationships. It may take a lifetime.We are spirit in a physical body, we are One from the same Original Divine Source & that is our ultimate highest destiny.

  9. Janey on January 27, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    It blows my mind to have such a huge and difficult issue spoken about with such clarity and security, all the pain just dissolves with understanding… and ALL women can have that now! I love that Schreiner quote and this whole video. Thank you Dr Anna!!!